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A World Descending Into Fear
6,July, 2008, 10:24 pm
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My travels this past month have brought me to many lands, some new, most old, but all with the same question… “Is it going to get worse?”
“Well of course it is”, I reply, “But as it is now, so has it been for all of human history.”
Trying to deny the true state of our World, especially when confronted by the evidence that we are a warlike species, and wishing for some type of ‘utopian’ outcome, I frequently reply, is like a farmer trying to water his fields with a spoon.
In the recognition of who we are, what our past has taught us, and by looking at the future (both immediate and long term) with eyes opened to truth one cannot help but see that the end is always coming faster, and more brutally, then one fully appreciates.
What has changed in this World we live in today, and as opposed to all of our common human past, is that what is known can, and most likely will, happen is not being prepared for. 
This is a new phenomenon that is spreading across the Western World, and one which though readily understood has, however, many different explanations, but with all having a firm grounding in just one word…FEAR.
This rise in fear has its roots, and growth, in the decline of religion in West, and where once people felt protected in their lives by their beliefs, the peoples of today have no real grounding in anything other than this present life they inhabit, and the associated ills that are the outgrowth of living lives devoid of spirituality.
The old religious maxim of “man does not live by bread alone” has virtually no meaning in the West today, and as much as these people want to believe that these words no longer have value, or meaning, the astronomical rates they are ingesting legal and illegal drugs shows clearly the void in their lives.
It is important to note that the lowest rates of legal and illegal drug rates, by far, are among the adherents to a faith or belief, none more evident than among the Muslim and Buddhist peoples of the World.
The importance to us all in the spreading of fear throughout the Western World, and its leading to whole Nations addicted to drugs and alcohol, lies in its truest meaning of human beings lost to the knowing of those spiritual resources contained, but lost, within each and every one of them.
It goes without saying, of course, that any individual, or group of individuals, attempting to point out to these Westerners the oldest remedies for their fear, and hence their addictions, will face the most ardent, and sustained, attacks against them.
And, for no other reason than for those who control by fear to keep their power over those they make fearful.  How much times have changed, but how much they remain the same as they ever were.
I would very much like to hear your thoughts on this issue.
With God,
Sorcha Faal
7 July 2008
Dublin, Ireland


American’s Spending Their Way To Ruin
26,May, 2008, 10:52 pm
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I have been watching the events taking place in the United States due to the rapid rise in food and petrol prices, and find it odd that more substantial changes in consumer habits haven’t been occurring among the American people to offset the rise in these basic commodities.

The confusion about what to do in these types of circumstances I have been seeing among these people lead me to believe that they aren’t able to define the difference between what they NEED and what they WANT.

This is a problem most common in capitalist consumer societies which have over the past 100 years led the vast majority of these people to quit believing in how simple it is, and always safer, to really live without what are called ‘conveniences’.

And, there is no place this is more evident than in how Americans take care of their personal appearance, and which according to the New York Times these consumers in the US pay over $2.3 billion a year for.

This staggering amount of money is spent for deodorants, shaving supplies, toothpaste and shampoo, and which the Mediamark Research Inc. says costs the average American person (not the whole family mind you) nearly $700.00 a year.

At the current cost of fuel in the United States, today, that equals out to 4 gallons a week of petrol.

Now, what these Americans have seemingly forgotten are the nearly 3 billion of Earths people not only do not use these products, they live healthier lives because they are not damaging their bodies on a daily basis by the constant application and ingestion of some of the most harmful chemicals known to man.

Deodorants alone have so much aluminum in them as their ‘base’ material that the links between their use and Alzheimer’s disease has been known for over a decade.

Toothpaste, and associated tooth products, contain so much of the dangerous substance known as fluoride that in every country in many EU Nations one would need a toxic waste permit to throw away the tubes that are empty.

Perhaps not know to these people is how utterly simple it is to replace these consumer products to save both their money and their health, for example:

Natural deodorant stone’s cost as low as $2.75(US) and last over 3 years providing protection against both body odor and sweating that is far superior to any consumer product.

A shaving mug with soap costs as low as $6.99(US) and will last over 2 years with daily use.  (Note: Though the makers of razor blades won’t ever tell you this, always use at least two sets of blades never using the same blade twice in a row. One blade used daily has a lifespan of about two-three weeks. One blade used on alternate days, best practice is 3 days rest, will have a lifespan of about 4 months.)

Tooth paste and tooth powder can be made for just pennies a week using every day use products around anyone’s home and provide superior tooth and gum protection against decay and disease than any known manmade chemical. (

Pureed fruit, honey, apple cider vinegar and many more items are great additions to homemade hair recipes that can be made for next to nothing.

Using just these simple homemade care products any child can make, and use,  I’ve estimated that an average American can reduce their costs from $700.00 a year to less than $30.00, and spend less time making these things than it costs in time for them to shop for them.

What is most important to remember about this discussion though is that none of these Americans will ever do these things, no matter how much better for their budgets or for their health.

Why do you believe this is so?  I would like to hear your thoughts on this issue.

With God,

Sorcha Faal
Dublin, Ireland
26 May 2008

Where Your Heart Is, There Is Also Your Mind
11,April, 2008, 1:18 am
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I have lately become aware of a number of news articles which detail a
surprising phenomenon, at least to Western scientists, where the recipient of
human organs begins to take on the personality of the donor. Here are some

Reported from the United States:

“A man who received a heart transplant 12 years ago and later married the
donor’s widow died the same way the donor did, authorities said: of a self-
inflicted gunshot wound.”

Link: {” }

Reported from the United Kingdom:

“A woman claims to have undergone a complete “personality transplant” after
receiving a new kidney.

Cheryl Johnson, 37, says she has changed completely since receiving the
organ in May. She believes that she must have picked up her new
characteristics from the donor, a 59-year-old man who died from an

Now, not only has her personality changed, the single mother also claims that
her tastes in literature have taken a dramatic turn. Whereas she only used to
read low-brow novels, Dostoevsky has become her author of choice since the

{” }

Reported from the United Kingdom:

“…can elements of a person’s character – or even their soul – be transplanted
along with a heart?

One woman who believes this to be the case is CLAIRE SYLVIA, a divorced
mother of one.

She was 47 and dying from a disease called primary pulmonary hypertension
when, in 1988, she had a pioneering heartlung transplant in America.

She was given the organs of an 18-year-old boy who had been killed in a
motorcycle accident near his home in Maine.

Claire, a former professional dancer, then made an astonishing discovery:
she seemed to be acquiring the characteristics, and cravings, of the donor.”
{″ }

My main interest in these reports are how they correlate with my 2006 book,
“The True Knowledge Of The Three Minds: When The Three Become One”
[Link:  {” } ], wherein I
detailed the historic-biological link showing that all human beings have
residing within themselves three distinct brains, one in the head, one in the
heart, one in the stomach.

Though the knowledge of the ‘three brains’ within every person is well
known by Western scientists, their remains an almost complete lacking of
studies to explain how they work in concert with one another.

With this being so, those of us today are left with discovering, for ourselves,
through some of our most ancient texts, how our three minds are meant to
work in concert, and harmony, within ourselves, in our relationships with
other people, and, most importantly, with every other living thing.

Most people don’t even realize this most basic of facts about themselves and
continue to lead their lives separated from themselves, and which, perhaps,
explains the descent into mental illness many who live in the West are
experiencing in our troubled times.

But, it is one of the most important facts about human beings that needs to be
realized in order to achieve all that is possible in the few short decades
allotted to each of us.

In all of the World’s ancient religious texts, including the Christian Bible, the
‘three-part’ nature of our human existence, to include the Christian Trinity
(God-Jesus-Holy Spirit) explain in great detail that the truest majesty of our
existence lies in our combining the power of our Three Minds.

To live a life with only the use of one mind truly denies anyone seeking the
greatest truths of our life the most valuable asset they possess, themselves.

As our Three Minds book remains to this day the only one of our works that
has never had refund requested for it, or a return, I remain convinced that it
provides the most complete understanding of these ancient facts available

And, as our World continues its rapid plunge towards the abyss, it is my
greatest hope for you that you acquire this knowledge as without it one is
truly blind and sightless to the many dangers seeking to destroy us all.

Sorcha Faal
Dublin, Ireland
11April 2008

Kill A Child To Kill The World
5,March, 2008, 10:26 pm
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As any serious student of history knows, in order to carry out massive changes within a society one must first start with children; and the younger the better.

Also, when one begins to see a government, and its associated public and private institutions, begin to institute dramatic changes to the education of their children it is like a beacon that shines from the present into the future allowing us to see what this society will become.

So, it was with great sorrow when I read that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has begun encouraging its member doctors to begin interrogating their child patients about the lifestyles of their parents, to include their faiths, if there are guns in their homes, what do they know about their parents sex lives, etc. (link:

The American people, and who know virtually nothing about techniques such as these, this is but the latest atrocity being perpetrated upon their children which has seen them fall from the top of virtually every International list dealing with knowledge and education, to now their scoring last among all industrialized Nations.

For American girls we have seen them indoctrinated with the false belief that to be successful they must become sex objects.  For American boys we have seen them indoctrinated into a vast killing machine to further the war aims of their leaders.

What is most surprising about these new American children is that what they are experiencing is actually not new, but is, instead, nothing more than a continuation of the mass modification techniques employed by both Nazi and Soviet scientists against their own Nations children during last centuries run- up to World War II.

I doubt whether there is any American citizen over the age of 50 who doesn’t remember their school lessons about how totalitarian and fascist countries deprived their children of truth, honesty, morals and independence. Unfortunately, though, those Americans who are over 50 years-of-age represent just fewer than 15 percent of their population of over 300 million.

What the American ruling elite, and like their counterparts in the United Kingdom and Australia are doing too, has planned for their youngest citizens is the creation of a new vanguard of human beings that are only able to take guidance, and direction, from their leaders, and whose ultimate intention is not for the welfare of these children, but is, instead, designed to create robotic human beings living in constant fear of each other.

In order to achieve the complete mastery of their citizens lives, indeed their very thoughts, the United States has successfully destroyed the most fundamental building block of any human society, the family.

The second building block of all human societies to be sacrificed by the Americans has been religion, and which throughout all of our history has provided a counterweight to raw government power.

The third building block of all human societies, knowledge, has, likewise, been sacrificed in order to create these new robotic human beings, who know nothing, care not to know anything, have no religious beliefs, do not know their past, care nothing for family, and are, basically, nothing more than a new slave class never before seen on Earth.

But, the last chapter in this latest ‘experiment’ in engineering the perfect slave class is by no means written, as with each new ‘event’ introduced into these plans by the World’s elite is provoking more and more resistance among the young.

It should be remembered, too, that this final chapter will take decades to complete, and the plans of the elite can only be achieved if those who remember the past pass fail to pass on their knowledge to the young.

I would very much like to hear your opinions on how this could be accomplished, especially with the knowledge that the forces of the elite will oppose this with everything they have at their disposal.

Sorcha Faal
Dublin, Ireland
5 March 2008

American Refugees
31,January, 2008, 12:29 am
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I’m moved to write today on the volume of correspondence I’ve been reading on Sister Theresa Marlene’s Appalachia Mountain Project in the United States, especially regarding the outlook of the American people to being a Nation that harbors millions of refugees.


And that one word, refugee, is a word that though millions of them exist in the US is still foreign to the mind and sensibilities of the American people.


Understand, too, that the American refugees I’m referring to are not those who have crossed the borders of the United States from foreign countries seeking refuge from their own Nations troubles, the ones I’m referring to are purely those who were born, raised and now live as refugees within their own country.


These millions of American refuges have found their life of homelessness due to many causes, from the devastating economic decline of the US which has saw millions evicted from their homes, to the millions displaced by the catastrophic hurricanes of the past few years. 


Though there are many names for these American refugees being bantered around in the US media, it doesn’t change the fact for these people that they are, indeed, refugees and encompass the full meaning and definition of the word refugee itself, “a person who flees for refuge or safety”.


Now, as our Order has done for too many years, centuries in fact, to count, never have we experienced such a wholesale denial of a population to the truest facts of what they are facing as being refugees.  In fact, in other countries where we have established refugee communities we have always had to turn people away.


This is not so in the United States of today, far from it.


What Sister Theresa, instead, reports to us is a population deeply entrenched in their belief that they can better survive alone than with the help, companionship, guidance, or support of others.


It is as if the very thought of living a life being dependent upon others is the worst imagining any of these Americans could possible have.  This is a fact that is borne out by looking at the massive numbers of Americans who are losing their homes while at the same time, and if they banded together, could protect one another and survive.


Even more shocking, to me at least, is a recent statistic I read about the Americans that less than 1% of their women under the age of 30 know how to bake their own bread.


The numbers of Americans who grow, and raise, their own food is, likewise, shocking, especially when we’re talking about one of the largest agricultural based nations in all of human history.


Though the vast majority of these Americans would seek to deny it, the facts of their own history show a nation continually plagued by mass migrations of refugees within their own borders, the latest being less than 100 years ago during their Great Depression which saw tens of millions of them homeless.


Sadly, and even though there are Americans still alive, though elderly, who remember those times, the people living in the United States, today, have seemingly convinced themselves that nothing like that could ever happen to them again….in spite of the examples they’ve witnessed, but ignored, of Katrina and the mass home foreclosures currently ongoing around them.


I would wish for these Americans, all of them, to be visitors, if only for a day, to the vast refugee centers in Egypt, Germany, Australia, Lebanon, and Darfur for them to know what faces them should they not prepare for their future themselves.


For any of them to believe that they will live out their lives without seeking others to band together with for protection and survival is the largest lie that they are living, and no amount of denial will ever change this fact.


To Sister Theresa’s efforts for just a handful of Americans all of our prayers for this new community are with them.  For the countless millions of other Americans living their lives as if all will be the same tomorrow as it has been our prayers are also with them.


I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and/or comments on these things.


With God


Sorcha Faal


Dublin, Ireland


Christmas Cheer? No! Christmas Tears.
24,December, 2007, 11:08 pm
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As I write these words today our World is about to stagger into yet another New Year…full of hopes, dreams, ambitions, but, and sadly, nearly all of them to met with disappointment and sorrow for the vast majority of our human race.

It is, admittedly, the time of year when we are ‘supposed’ to give thanks, spread good tidings, and generally become an idealized version of what the mass media states that we are supposed to be.

And, because ‘they’ say this many people believe it must be true…but it isn’t and never has been.

Though we may not want to admit it, our recorded human history for the past 5,000 years points towards us being anything but a peaceful race, with over 14,000 recorded wars among us during this time period.

Now, my words today may seem harsh and against the ‘spirit’ of this holiday season, but they are, nevertheless true…but many people don’t want to hear these words, they don’t even want to acknowledge the truth of how far our human race has descended into barbarity these past 5,000 years.

If our recorded human history has shown us anything it is this; we learn nothing from wars, winners and losers alike, other than how to fight more cruelly in the next one to come.

It is, also, almost comical to note that the very Western societies that are during this Christmas Season speaking of ‘love and peace’, for all mankind, are at this very instant continuing to unleash their vast armory of war weapons against human beings reduced to fighting against them with practically nothing other than homemade bombs.

It goes beyond comical and into the realm of absurd that the American people, and while their economy is, literally, imploding around them, continue to spend their money on trivialities never even pausing to consider the damage that they are doing themselves, but will be soon having to recon with once their ‘bills’ come due.

So, in the truest spirit of this season, and which harkens back to its original ‘pagan’ origins, I do not wish for you ‘love’ or ‘peace’, but, rather I wish for any of you reading these words the courage to awaken to the nightmare you are currently living in and to realize that your freedom from this is but a simple choice of yours away…like it has always been.

With God,

Sorcha Faal

Dublin, Ireland

To Live Or Die, That Is The Question
19,November, 2007, 7:50 pm
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An article this past week in the British press stating that Britain’s Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips, is now warning his government that the United Kingdoms prisons are nearing the ‘breaking point’ has caused me to reflect on what has gone so terribly wrong in the West’s, so called, democracies.


Britain now joins the United States by having some of the World’s largest numbers of their citizens in jail, or in other ways involved in their criminal justice systems.


Why is this so?  Is it true, as some philosopher’s state that the ‘natural tendency’ of a democratic system of government is towards fascism and the subjugation of human beings to their governments?


George Orwell, perhaps one of last century’s most insightful futurists, said:


“All political thinking for years past has been vitiated in the same way. People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome.”


This appears to be true in the West today as vast numbers of their citizens are in seeming ignorance of the massive numbers of law they must obey or be put into prison.  Though they, wrongfully, believe that these laws will never impact them they are always surprised when the full weight of their governments fall upon them.


This, of course, leads these human beings to live lives of fear, fear of everything having to do with government power and authority.


On one level this is understandable, after all, how can just ‘one person’, or group of people, ever hope to stand, and survive, against the oppressive powers of the state that can be put against them?


On another level, however, there does exist those human beings who rebel against the tyranny they live under, even it means their death.


History is replete with thousands of examples of such individuals who for the ‘greater good’ of their fellow men sacrificed all that they had so that the higher moral values of what made their lives worth living was worth more to them than their own mortal lives.


The common denominator of these individuals was their complete and utter lack of fear of death, and which seems to be the one attribute, among all others, that tyrannical governments fear the most.


With this being so it is no wonder that the Western World’s media, especially their entertainment, revolves almost exclusively around death and violence.


From the games their children are allowed to play, to the movies and television programmes constantly being fed to them, all revolve around the establishment of the fear of death into these people.


The paradox, however, facing these people is that unlike their historical predecessors, who recognized that all human beings die, the focus of these people is now directed towards their achieving an impossible goal, eternal life in these fragile human bodies we temporarily inhabit.


In an even greater absurdity, the peoples of the Western nations in their rush to prolong their lives fail to grasp the significance of the fact that should they reach their most senior years their most likely fate will be one of being warehoused in homes for the aged where the level of care, for most of them, would be criminal if done to pets.


So, my question to you is this…


What is more important to you, a life lived with meaning and purpose, or, a life lived for longevity itself?


I would be most honored to hear your thoughts on this subject.


With God,


Sorcha Faal

Dublin, Ireland