Sorcha Faal

A World Descending Into Fear
6,July, 2008, 10:24 pm
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My travels this past month have brought me to many lands, some new, most old, but all with the same question… “Is it going to get worse?”
“Well of course it is”, I reply, “But as it is now, so has it been for all of human history.”
Trying to deny the true state of our World, especially when confronted by the evidence that we are a warlike species, and wishing for some type of ‘utopian’ outcome, I frequently reply, is like a farmer trying to water his fields with a spoon.
In the recognition of who we are, what our past has taught us, and by looking at the future (both immediate and long term) with eyes opened to truth one cannot help but see that the end is always coming faster, and more brutally, then one fully appreciates.
What has changed in this World we live in today, and as opposed to all of our common human past, is that what is known can, and most likely will, happen is not being prepared for. 
This is a new phenomenon that is spreading across the Western World, and one which though readily understood has, however, many different explanations, but with all having a firm grounding in just one word…FEAR.
This rise in fear has its roots, and growth, in the decline of religion in West, and where once people felt protected in their lives by their beliefs, the peoples of today have no real grounding in anything other than this present life they inhabit, and the associated ills that are the outgrowth of living lives devoid of spirituality.
The old religious maxim of “man does not live by bread alone” has virtually no meaning in the West today, and as much as these people want to believe that these words no longer have value, or meaning, the astronomical rates they are ingesting legal and illegal drugs shows clearly the void in their lives.
It is important to note that the lowest rates of legal and illegal drug rates, by far, are among the adherents to a faith or belief, none more evident than among the Muslim and Buddhist peoples of the World.
The importance to us all in the spreading of fear throughout the Western World, and its leading to whole Nations addicted to drugs and alcohol, lies in its truest meaning of human beings lost to the knowing of those spiritual resources contained, but lost, within each and every one of them.
It goes without saying, of course, that any individual, or group of individuals, attempting to point out to these Westerners the oldest remedies for their fear, and hence their addictions, will face the most ardent, and sustained, attacks against them.
And, for no other reason than for those who control by fear to keep their power over those they make fearful.  How much times have changed, but how much they remain the same as they ever were.
I would very much like to hear your thoughts on this issue.
With God,
Sorcha Faal
7 July 2008
Dublin, Ireland


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