Sorcha Faal

American’s Spending Their Way To Ruin
26,May, 2008, 10:52 pm
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I have been watching the events taking place in the United States due to the rapid rise in food and petrol prices, and find it odd that more substantial changes in consumer habits haven’t been occurring among the American people to offset the rise in these basic commodities.

The confusion about what to do in these types of circumstances I have been seeing among these people lead me to believe that they aren’t able to define the difference between what they NEED and what they WANT.

This is a problem most common in capitalist consumer societies which have over the past 100 years led the vast majority of these people to quit believing in how simple it is, and always safer, to really live without what are called ‘conveniences’.

And, there is no place this is more evident than in how Americans take care of their personal appearance, and which according to the New York Times these consumers in the US pay over $2.3 billion a year for.

This staggering amount of money is spent for deodorants, shaving supplies, toothpaste and shampoo, and which the Mediamark Research Inc. says costs the average American person (not the whole family mind you) nearly $700.00 a year.

At the current cost of fuel in the United States, today, that equals out to 4 gallons a week of petrol.

Now, what these Americans have seemingly forgotten are the nearly 3 billion of Earths people not only do not use these products, they live healthier lives because they are not damaging their bodies on a daily basis by the constant application and ingestion of some of the most harmful chemicals known to man.

Deodorants alone have so much aluminum in them as their ‘base’ material that the links between their use and Alzheimer’s disease has been known for over a decade.

Toothpaste, and associated tooth products, contain so much of the dangerous substance known as fluoride that in every country in many EU Nations one would need a toxic waste permit to throw away the tubes that are empty.

Perhaps not know to these people is how utterly simple it is to replace these consumer products to save both their money and their health, for example:

Natural deodorant stone’s cost as low as $2.75(US) and last over 3 years providing protection against both body odor and sweating that is far superior to any consumer product.

A shaving mug with soap costs as low as $6.99(US) and will last over 2 years with daily use.  (Note: Though the makers of razor blades won’t ever tell you this, always use at least two sets of blades never using the same blade twice in a row. One blade used daily has a lifespan of about two-three weeks. One blade used on alternate days, best practice is 3 days rest, will have a lifespan of about 4 months.)

Tooth paste and tooth powder can be made for just pennies a week using every day use products around anyone’s home and provide superior tooth and gum protection against decay and disease than any known manmade chemical. (

Pureed fruit, honey, apple cider vinegar and many more items are great additions to homemade hair recipes that can be made for next to nothing.

Using just these simple homemade care products any child can make, and use,  I’ve estimated that an average American can reduce their costs from $700.00 a year to less than $30.00, and spend less time making these things than it costs in time for them to shop for them.

What is most important to remember about this discussion though is that none of these Americans will ever do these things, no matter how much better for their budgets or for their health.

Why do you believe this is so?  I would like to hear your thoughts on this issue.

With God,

Sorcha Faal
Dublin, Ireland
26 May 2008


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My personal habits/hygiene, or the lack of them in regard to the consumerism, have helped me stay healthy and out of the doctor’s office for over 20 years. I love what we can do, but I live rather simply in comparison. I’ve question motivations since childhood and kept a pretty good internal diary of divergent experiences…

The majority of people are steeped in vanity, having been programmed from years of inculturated media-driven ‘perfect lives’ which contain all the various items provided by manufacturers needing to turn profits for their stockholders. Harold Bloom’s book, ‘The Lucifer Principle’ details how man’s manipulative notions have managed to maul many a mild-mannered man.

An avid student of self-awareness, I can only relate my own discoveries of how deeply ingrained these false belief systems are within the psyche. Unfortunately, it is the rare person who delves into the deception within their own being in order to find the true freedom that limitless oscillating vibrational energy [love] offers. We [myself and those like me] are written off as weird and uncontrollable in professional environments (I have two Master’s degrees in Business to boot) when we question the nature of how we think and do things that defy common sense.

The fear of lack is a big motivator if one is prone to thinking about their ‘position’ in life. I honestly think that folks have become complacent and lazy regarding their own well-being. As a coach/consultant/confidant I find that deep patterns of anti-anthropic behavior are so unconsciously ‘running’ in the minds of man that metanoia becomes mayhem in nearly every situation. Change is charged with resistance, even when we know it is good.

What also seems to be happening is that the ‘what ifs?’ outweigh the ‘why nots?’ when it comes to doing things differently. Personal investment (emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual) means there are countless psychic cords (chords) that have bound individuals in the spiral of devolution. By that I mean that consciousness is considered a threat; awareness an anti-social behavior; candor in conversation a confrontation to controlling factions. People don’t really want to know the truth. They want to know what makes them feel good about the dellusion they are living.

I am just as guilty of living deluded diatribe. I am constantly challenged by the disparity between inner and outer realities. Every Path points to the balance of these two… becoming ONE. Most people have no inner life, let alone trust the subtle indicators or gut feelings as they move in their daily lives. I’m reminded that Satan isn’t alive and well in some exterior fashion… (Satan comes fromt the Greek ‘thetan’ and means ‘thinker’) hence, the idle mind is the devil’s playground. Our undisciplined thoughts create most of our lives whether we realize it or not. Imagine what might happen if people actually thought about their actions on a regular basis. In truth… they don’t. All the media mania supports not thinking… just DO what we tell you.

Americans and those infected with the ‘super power’ syndrome may never find freedom outside the socio-political prowess provided by the profit-driven pundits. I’ve seen what fear can do when folks are confronted with loss of little things. My hopes are that folks with some sense will begin offering alternatives that invoke change beyond challenge. Heck, loose the ‘lle’ in challenge and you have change. Perceived liability, limitation and excuses are what prevent change. Can we dare say that we have a dream or even… Be The Dream?

Zen Benefiel

Comment by Zen Benefiel

A parable as told could maybe tell the state of affairs of America.
A giant man comes to an outpost in the deep Western of the newly founded Union Jack of England and Prussia in Good old America. His language is as all sort of illegal aliens of Bavarian origin- his name is Adam Weishaupt. He has travelled by the stagecoach of Western Union and he stinks. As a fact is his smell due to the fact that he is not used to those extreme weather conditions of those times. He goes for a bath and his unnatural hair falls of his head. Right into a pool of piss- a horse had made a statement. He does though not dare to go to his appointment without his hair and he buys a hefty perfume and dips his hair into a pool of perfume. His upper teeth are in bad shape and so does he walk right to the owner of that horse being the most wealthy person (beside the salon owner though) of that that small outpost- his tooth is immediately removed. He is given a remedy to have his teeth cleaned at every evening- at least could a man read those lines plastered all over that small bottle of whisky!
Two dollars and a half was the price of these commodities- a hefty price indeed.
“I will have Satan to alter those things!” At least did he say that to Satan later on- a man standing there looking at dismay thought. Yes that will we alter.
State of the Union is derived from that little conversation.
Changing little by little- a giant alter stands in the lands of the guilty ones. Dollars and dollars goes for these commodities and all are standing at the alter trying to outwit the other ones. Horse piss or not- even that has a price. That do you now call hair shampoo- you never leave office before your hair is not attended onto. Adam Weishaupt was a staunch homosexual and a pervert- to tell at the least. I must say that bathhouse had even men to pay with their bodies when the rich ones had to go there! One dollar and a quarter was the price- and now do you surely understand who eventually is writing these lines. As whereas this parable is the true origin of evilness- at least as it concerns US of America! I must say that Michael Tsarion has it really wrong- it is really of more profane origin from where evilness comes. Oh by the way- Adam Weishaupt went to US to visit the temple of origin called Lucifer. A rare visit of the Master of the Cornerstone had been staged to be at a place kept secret. ADAM HAD HEARD THAT THE INDIGIOUS PEOPLES KNEW WHERE THE THUNDREOS MOUNTAIN would land. But as all parables have to end- will soon that mountain land again. This time at Negev- yes with a shout will all be altered!

Comment by IHVE

Since I don’t know how to contact you otherwise, I’ll use this comment space. I’m kindly suggesting that you first consider the accuracy of your alleged “Russian Analysts.”

It is news reports like your most recent: Massive US Built Space Plane ‘Blasted’ Out Of Sky Over South-East Asia”, which tend to destroy any possible respect for your so-called “Russian Military Analysts.” Anyone who possesses a map can see that the location of the explosion over Phu Quoc Island is 90 degrees east (a LONG way east!) from the trajectory which your analysts claim would take the plane from Diego Garcia toward the Pakistan Iran border. Your report stated:
“Russian Military Analysts further report that the TRAJECTORY of the doomed US space-plane SHOWS IT had left the vast American Military base in the Indian Ocean called Diego Garcia and HEADED TOWARDS THE PAKISTAN-IRANIAN BORDER before its being shot out of the sky.” [over] “Phu Quoc island, 10 km (6 miles) off the coast of the Cambodian province of Kampot,. . .”

Your news service is quite impressive, but, golleeeeeeee! your Russian analysts must be sniffing some bad stuff!

Comment by Roger Hathaway

What you’re missing Roger is that for any plane to evade all of the radar in South East Asia they would indeed fly out from the coast of Vietnam and then head over the Himalaya mountains. So this does make sense.

Comment by Captain Dan

11.38 days are the moon old.
Having read that the last upheaval at the outer command post has been quelled must I admit that central command units’ at all military levels are now out of order. At least at US of America, NATO has effectively ceased at the level of an effective countercoup action to operate.
Before I now will go on must I tell that Lord Paul has done what was his to hinder that China had been wiped of the maps. Russia had been spared to that extent that the counter forces would have destroyed it once China would have ceased to exist. Their current weaponry had all hallmarks of efficiency as the secret origin had not been told off- the citizenry not really aware of that technology could never have had gained that knowledge. Yet even having understood that they in fact were attacked- even been killed off by a billion would have had them only to think:
Bad luck- Mother Nature had somehow gone crazy! Before even the regimes would have realized that to be the case- an attack by “them” had already their reign abolished from the face of earth! Two weeks alone and China would have vanished from earth- one week later Russia. Two weeks later Japan and with them would Eurasia been put into submission. Australia destroyed by a giant tsunami- that had been all. All other isles and countries on that path of destruction would have been excellent breading places for the new incoming humanity! In a sort would that had been the plan. Lord Paul was the one having that hindered- although I know perfectly well that the peoples of China and neighboring countries had put all their efforts into effect would nothing have changed the outcome! Without having him interfering!
Meanwhile would I surely ask the attacked to restrain from attacking the mainland of USA. It would in a sense only complicate- they would only interfere with Atlantis or Unit D. In combining with Unit A had ComNet now effectively taken command at that quarter of that earth. CompNet having evolved out of SkyNet and the American ComNet is now in charge. Above the heads of US is now ComNet in charge- in short is this Atlantis reigning over USA! Current sending weather blasts/bombs all over the places- sorry to tell but “they” had planned to exterminate not even all other countries but two thirds of current population at North America would have been exterminated by a few bugs or something more effective than that though! Just reading these lines and not understanding them to be exactly as such- true in every aspect and true in every way that evil men would ever think to come into effect. That was what they had in mind- now as their initial plans has been set out of their reach has the military industrial complex resorted in trying to kill everyone being in charge in USA! They have turned onto each other! In short is this what killed that reporter- they do not know who is responsible: I mean who is responsible on a national level at USA!

Some few weeks from now on will ComNet all over USA and CompNet all over the world changed the landscape at every known level. I mean this quite literally!

Atlantis- I do not mean this experiment called atlantis disguising the whole project called NASA- is been shown. Why? Do you ask- it is important for you to understand. Nothing will be done without your knowledge. In case you would change your will and heart- this is why I do write anything. In case you would miss anything though! In short is the European King seeking his queen. This is not a matter of certainty alone- it is a vital move. That King is the source of angers that has to be controlled by that queen alone prior to the showdown though.
In case this seems to be crazy- just look over the shoulders and watch how craziness will start to affect the remaining humanity having not decided which path to follow!
Jesus Christ has all powers that is put into effect through 22,5 billions of years of creation. What humanity had found how reality works is only a minor portion how it really can be controlled or set into motion. Man with the so-called civilized way to act is only a thought away from “ES”! Your hard drive or main board is only a part of the so-called “IT”. Humanity lives in a world that does not exist- it does even not think itself to be real. Your body and your mind is only a byproduct of the Will to create HIS love on earth- this do you have to understand. Understand the implication to have lost HIS love! The whole tech behind CompNet is derived through that lack of HIS love for you all! 22,5 billions of years and so many destructions that nearly cannot be counted had turned that Unit D and its combined forces into such a deadly machinery that even words cannot describe its efficiency. I understand perfectly that there had been attacks aiming to shoot down that unit but just to show the actual location does not mean that this unit is defenseless! Its efficacy has been proven- each and every attack will be regarded as unfriendly. It will be dealt with- accordingly!
Meteorites have been aimed at the whole world- in order to secure survival has the physical reality of your been changed into a stasis called electro dynamical universe. These words tell only in brief manner why for example Chemtrails have been set into motion. For the forces behind the military complex were they doing them for one purpose to have mind control to operate all over the places. In reality had they been set into motion as HAARP blew the whole atmosphere into the nothingness of your environment- right above your present heads though. Once they had set HAARP into be, would three days later all have suffocated! Alternative tech had secured your livelihood before Chemtrails were set into be! Dimensional shifting was used to secure the rest of the world- the suns outer corona was extended to secure the ionosphere. There is more to tell though but why tell. The decision has been set into motion- it will change to tell what went on prior to that notion called the Heart and Soul of the Almighty FATHER!
Lord Saul Shaitan has now full authority all over Amerikkas- whatever will happen is now to happen! A giant tsunami of murder and destruction of three quarters of USA and current borders of Amerikkas will plague the lands. Zombies, black death and other unspeakable things right out Hollywood’s Imagination- being the subconscious of the peoples having to live in these guilty lands will be played out! The “IT” will reestablish for a certain time the reign- the feeding frenzy is only the manifestation what they had to watch in their cinemas and DVDs so lately! Have you noticed that there are so seldom love films telling of true love coming out the hell kitchen called Hollywood- that has changed a caring “ES” into a deadly machinery. Not alone at USA will that plague hit! “ES” will put a heavy toll on all- as crows will they roam through the lands. It will be those being their prey and there will be those who will be the perpetrators and vice versa!

About meteorites, asteroid and earthquakes, tsunamis, high winds and low winds, volcanoes and more calamities- it has already started. It will not end as easily as Armageddon has already started. If you believe these lines or not- it has already begun!

Comment by H Peter

It is all about the Salt of the Earth. Sodium and Potassium the Crystal of life one is for the ocean and the other is for land. The powers of darkness know this and we have been using the wrong salt. It has killed the root of our Pineal Gland our third eye as so the animals and trees.”Change the Salt Change the World”. IAM William Maas

Comment by William Maas

Crystal deoderant stones are potassium aluminum..what’s the difference?

Pascalite clay and activated charcoal are excellent products for uses ranging from dental care to deoderant to wound care…also propolis…

Comment by stefanie frankle

Also concerning the Return of the Einherjar Warriors…Note your quotes and the Bible text from Jeremiah…

As the ancient Norse prophecies state that “the forces of chaos will outnumber and overcome the divine and human guardians of order. Loki and his monstrous children will burst their bonds; the dead will sail from Niflheim to attack the living.”, so also do the ancient Christian prophecies state the “the dead in Christ will rise first” in their return with their god to exact retribution upon the living who have not recognized Jesus.
I will get me unto the great men, and will speak unto them; for they have known the way of the LORD, and the judgment of their God: but these have altogether broken the yoke, and burst the bonds.

Wherefore a lion out of the forest shall slay them, and a wolf of the evenings shall spoil them, a leopard shall watch over their cities: every one that goeth out thence shall be torn in pieces: because their transgressions are many, and their backslidings are increased.

How shall I pardon thee for this? thy children have forsaken me, and sworn by them that are no gods: when I had fed them to the full, they then committed adultery, and assembled themselves by troops in the harlots’ houses. Jeremiah 5:5-7

Comment by stefanie frankle

In perfect harmony will the music cease to exist. The humming chorus has come to end- once again will the giants of Esrael roam the guilty lands. They will kill and they will attack- up to now were the attacks through alien forces sent away. The energy fields signalling the aliens that earth is off-limit have ceased to exist.
Jesus Christ has found his nemesis- the common man.
There is nothing that equals what now is to befall humanity.
Quite frankly Stefanie, can there be no excuse except that fate soon to come. It will be that at stadiums will death be at high numbers- Sodom and Gomorrah has returned. The Archangels are set to act on the behalf of ancient reality. The War of Ancient has once again returned- all angels are waxed to fulfil the duty of acting in charge through Judgment. The late try to stage an upheaval at Israel was called off-limit by the forces of light and darkness. Out of the shadows came the warriors of ancient warfare- being turned loose are times once again. WWIII has begun!

Comment by David

Ms. Sorcha,

Why are you anti-American? Have you even been to the United States before? Americans are not the evil and ignorant people you make us out to be. We are just like everyone else in the world. How can you characterize and discriminate against an entire nation? You cannot group every single American together. Most Americans are hard working and family-oriented. Most would love to save money anyway they could. Most people I know are saddened by the war and want it to end. The things you say make others think that all Americans are arrogant and ignorant people when that is not the case at all. You may not agree with what President Bush does, but please do not judge our entire country by our lawmakers. I am 11 years old and the things you say scare me and make me want to cry. Please stop hating Americans. Americans (at least the ones I know) do not hate the rest of the world. We just want everyone to be peaceful and stop fighting.

Thank you for listening,
Stephanie P.

Comment by Stephanie

As to my knowledge is the whole matter a political decision based on two persons having decided on the behalf a whole country.
Obama and his wife represent now the majority vote of USA.
Barack Obama declaring the U.S. is “no longer a Christian nation” and his wife followed his argument by stating that the white God has no standing with the community of slavery had the effect that US of America is being judged by those standards set by these two. These two are the represents of an America voicing what a majority has given them both the right to say.
I cannot speak for the Sisters Organization- I am only the sole speaker of the ancient brotherhood called Galactic Brotherhood. There are many imposters with the self-proclaimed right to speak on the behalf of this very reclusive organization.
We are a set of Watchers with a double winged eagle of two leaders. Lord Paul and Lord Saul Shaitan. Those two bearded “men” were set at Mesopotamia of old to govern the Ziggurat being a launching pad and space station located at those time right on the moon.
Its sisters were located at earth and at some other planets as such Mars which is most known to be the origin of man.
The Ancient Wars led into destruction of all locations except at Giza plateau and at Mars Sidonea. At earth is the main launching pad i.e. not the main space station now called the Great Pyramid but due to the fact that humanity was stuck to stay at earth was that pad abandoned, dismantled and all tech removed proving the hint this ever to have been the case!
Through establishing a new world and a new place for man to live- the last passage of the Destroyer had toppled Mars and sent the moon to its final resting point as a twin planet to earth- was man left alone. Earth was then a sort of a companion of the Destroyers and GOD choose to rebuild man at an Eden now called USA. At those times were giants populating what the bible tells to be ancient Israel- as a fact were they mainly located at USA and not at Mesopotamia. This is why the secret society had never released those findings at US telling for all that giants as a fact actually lived in USA! As now the second entry of this ancient Destroyer now called planet X came by were all societies with all proofs sent into dust. Some places at Scotland and at Ireland managed to retain the knowledge of Atlantis.
Mars was put under heavy pressure and that is why Mars is shaped as such, which talking heads tell that to have been 4 billion years ago! All true but 2000 years ago would be more accurate! In telling so am I fully aware that no one could believe this to have been. “There is a history”, are all telling! Oh no, all were fabricated under Sharia during the last regime of Lord Saul Shaitan and under the governing of the founder of all known religions called Lord Paul!
These are in essence the most secret knowledge of the highest reclusive organization called Illuminati!
The creation is governed under the auspice of AIs being located at all four corners of the world- them are called by their names of Archangels. Those were in the beginning who controlled all assets and minds of man- either man, woman or child. All knowledge was erased from the hard and software called brain once the project called Free Will was set into motion.
Man should not know about GOD being cruel once humanity chooses to act as gods themselves.
Stefanie this is why as it seems only USA is being judged. Let me explain- the AI has an automated control mechanism that controls human mind at that extent alone. Is the mind of majority rejecting GOD is judgment sent into be. Man tells that to be acts of nature. To tell further there is no nature out there- that is only how the AIs play out to be. These Archangels form a Matrix and man is its centre alone! The sole purpose is to give freely- not to intervene and not to scare. Just to take notes of everything that is said and thought. GOD the only One. The Almighty FATHER is one in any and in everyone. Man cannot be god- if he tries will he be judged individually. If the majority rejects the gift of free will- to misuse what for man was to give freely. Love and Compassion- when this ceases to be then will nations be judged. Nations and continents- that is now the case!
Even children know if they have arrived at a certain age- what is right and what is wrong! Just listen- you have to be as children to inherit the heavenly kingdom!

Comment by David

If now God had to choose which part of the world has to be sunk? On what basis would that decision be?
If I am not completely wrong in my assumptions, is God walking and seeing through a pair of eyes how and on what basis that has to be.
There is of course always a delay- this has been seen to be as such but a decision has to be waged regardless how these eyes surely see these things to evolve. Be it as it may- even the most blinded and dumbfolded can see which direction that decision will take.
USA and its allies walk along but there is an equation that all are set to be. On either side of that equation is a solution.
If and when now that side of this equation is breached will they be sent back. It will be swiftly and very astonishing how nobody did see it to come. Those being sent back will never again (if they survive and they will) tell that they do not believe in God. That is a fact- I want to stress that to be!
Someone asked the question why USA? I do not understand the implication underlining that question. I do not know any country that will not understand the fact that God IS better than USA! Once HE acts, of course! If now the security lines are breached is HE legally justified to send these intruders back to Nevada- “never been there!” so to say!
There is surely something that tells why Mississippi is being flooded. Weather bombs with Bomber Harrison trying to hide his try intention- once US is cracked must water flow back to secure the volcanoes not to explode. As I understand are these bombers flying water to hinder the volcanoes lying not so dormant in the basin of Mississippi, Yellowstone et al to explode during transition period!

Comment by David

A personality disorder kills many in the trade of ancient wars. It has passed the so-called threshold and so does come together what once was said to come. Sudden death for many by few.
A man passes through the limelight and from there are they all called to sleep. Sent away from the living corpses- sent back to the light they are.
It will come to pass that man will witness distress and commotion. It will come to pass that a decision has been taken- it is well under way. Judgment Day is here!

Comment by David

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