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Where Your Heart Is, There Is Also Your Mind
11,April, 2008, 1:18 am
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I have lately become aware of a number of news articles which detail a
surprising phenomenon, at least to Western scientists, where the recipient of
human organs begins to take on the personality of the donor. Here are some

Reported from the United States:

“A man who received a heart transplant 12 years ago and later married the
donor’s widow died the same way the donor did, authorities said: of a self-
inflicted gunshot wound.”

Link: {” }

Reported from the United Kingdom:

“A woman claims to have undergone a complete “personality transplant” after
receiving a new kidney.

Cheryl Johnson, 37, says she has changed completely since receiving the
organ in May. She believes that she must have picked up her new
characteristics from the donor, a 59-year-old man who died from an

Now, not only has her personality changed, the single mother also claims that
her tastes in literature have taken a dramatic turn. Whereas she only used to
read low-brow novels, Dostoevsky has become her author of choice since the

{” }

Reported from the United Kingdom:

“…can elements of a person’s character – or even their soul – be transplanted
along with a heart?

One woman who believes this to be the case is CLAIRE SYLVIA, a divorced
mother of one.

She was 47 and dying from a disease called primary pulmonary hypertension
when, in 1988, she had a pioneering heartlung transplant in America.

She was given the organs of an 18-year-old boy who had been killed in a
motorcycle accident near his home in Maine.

Claire, a former professional dancer, then made an astonishing discovery:
she seemed to be acquiring the characteristics, and cravings, of the donor.”
{″ }

My main interest in these reports are how they correlate with my 2006 book,
“The True Knowledge Of The Three Minds: When The Three Become One”
[Link:  {” } ], wherein I
detailed the historic-biological link showing that all human beings have
residing within themselves three distinct brains, one in the head, one in the
heart, one in the stomach.

Though the knowledge of the ‘three brains’ within every person is well
known by Western scientists, their remains an almost complete lacking of
studies to explain how they work in concert with one another.

With this being so, those of us today are left with discovering, for ourselves,
through some of our most ancient texts, how our three minds are meant to
work in concert, and harmony, within ourselves, in our relationships with
other people, and, most importantly, with every other living thing.

Most people don’t even realize this most basic of facts about themselves and
continue to lead their lives separated from themselves, and which, perhaps,
explains the descent into mental illness many who live in the West are
experiencing in our troubled times.

But, it is one of the most important facts about human beings that needs to be
realized in order to achieve all that is possible in the few short decades
allotted to each of us.

In all of the World’s ancient religious texts, including the Christian Bible, the
‘three-part’ nature of our human existence, to include the Christian Trinity
(God-Jesus-Holy Spirit) explain in great detail that the truest majesty of our
existence lies in our combining the power of our Three Minds.

To live a life with only the use of one mind truly denies anyone seeking the
greatest truths of our life the most valuable asset they possess, themselves.

As our Three Minds book remains to this day the only one of our works that
has never had refund requested for it, or a return, I remain convinced that it
provides the most complete understanding of these ancient facts available

And, as our World continues its rapid plunge towards the abyss, it is my
greatest hope for you that you acquire this knowledge as without it one is
truly blind and sightless to the many dangers seeking to destroy us all.

Sorcha Faal
Dublin, Ireland
11April 2008


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A program called Matrix gone mad?
Is life come to an end?
Is the soul or its physiognomy the whole matter behind the curtain called reality?
All seven churches and its counterparts await the last final countdown.
Are we now entering the final phase with wonders telling a lie and a purpose of its own?
Now as ET’s have trying to form contact and its counterparts telling them to back off will the final showdown be displayed. Yes, it will. Back in halls of knowledge do the seven evil ghosts of human suppression await an answer but in the end did their question leave them without hope. They tried so hard to lead humanity over the edge that they missed the final countdown line. They missed their destiny and so do they now fear to be left behind as all beside them will be caught up in the airs of the incoming Matrix. Death will be rampant but for those who had to live these hundreds of years to witness God to come- will be that they maybe will be left behind to populate what once was an isle called incoming Atlantis. What destiny not to die- always to know that life is only for those with a soul and love to feel. That is why they were so angered by the Almighty Archangel called Michael- he had them to pay the highest price. To be without soul and hope for redemption as whereas they sought to revenge with pure evilness all little children called homo sapiens. Nothing is more of evilness not to die with the hope of redemption- that is why they have been trying to exalt themselves above the Almighty one HIMSELF! And by doing so did they betray themselves- them was given the powers to help God’s children through maturity but they chose to exalt themselves and to haunt HIS children with their hatred against HIM!
Once did HE tell the Creator that His choice to give human the free will was His greatest mistake and so did the evil shape shifters act.
That is the mistake- the Matrix as such was a mistake. Sitting in the white linen at the desk with hatred in His eyes can only tell His mistake- after all did His mistake lead the humanity into slavery and Judgement. Now as the axe will surely fall if nothing will persuade Him to decide in favour for HIS children can an actor say that it was wonderful rehearsals that lead humanity into their captivity! Now peoples of Israel it is time to prepare the last supper- the lamb will surely come. At least is that what His words tell through his usual channels called stars and signs!

Comment by samuel

Gosh- my oh my, they just lost some minor subterranean space stations in USA!

This was unexpected. The rattling and rumbling are cornerstones falling into Nirvana!
US of America have so many fault lines that counting would never stop- even with Cray Computers. Deep Thought at Florida thinks way too short.
The subduction zones are converging- it is yet time.
Meanwhile at the surface are politicians trying to reinvent Marxism and global Nazi-reich. They are all awaiting its savour- it is time for peace. It is to end- that peace equals death. Darkness will engulf the cities of USA. Many countries will fall to shambles- it is time for the peace called death and utter destruction.
Not so long ago did Madrid Fault go- its subduction zone is at present Florida with Washington. Next subduction zone will be called Atlantis! Its inhabitants can only be six- one will have the ticket for salvation. But who? For humans will nothing be- peace will be. A hand of will is going to stretch over the lands- calling for humans to gather. Is this peace or just an excuse for having failed to come!
Many will awake and many will tell that something is calling them. Mothers will shed tears- their children will tell them:
“Mother I will go, you must wait. He will come later!”
Men will stand firm- just woman will wait. They know to follow them who will be caught up at first. Just days of pain and then is nothing that will tell that humans had been living on earth. What a shame- what a loss. This is what I see- these are the impending days that will bring one solution alone. There is another escape route though but I cannot see it to be real anymore. Peace is called- and so will peace be put in effect. Just as desired- a flash of brief pain and suffering will end for those to be caught up. The Soul has given up- the Soul is not desired on earth anymore. As whereas the peace from a warring Soul will be given- its inhabitants do not wish to have the Soul in their bosoms. That is why so many change character when organs are changed. There is always a sign before the event will be played out. Just these explosions- the last sign has been given. It will soon start to dim- even minds do get lost in that process. The dumming down of humanity is on the verge to set a sign of its own. Even the Matrix and GOD’s deep thought will end.

Comment by Saul

Hi there, just finishing the download and timelines are coming into fruition!

Is this not interesting how the New Deal Project is being played out.
I am very saddened by the prospect that the last experiment at CERN and Haiti-HHARP had such an effect. USA is being ripped apart. Can they do anything that works? Did they not try to destroy the east coast or was it meant to be the west of USA! Now is the middle being torn apart and no one seems to admit their failure. Someone should really have explained physics! Even the basics about CERN did they miss- now that is evil. Is there a hidden Agenda called Islamo-Fascist Sharia at work. I would really think so- some 52000 years ago did a Neanderthal leader at USA destroy its own homeland. That same mistake and at the East did the survivors happily rejoice- God did really love them. Hadn’t some days ago a religious leader in the world of homo sapiens tell Rocko’s wife and his trusted former pupil that only a God who loves the black community by destroying all white males and their children proving them (the newly founded islamofascist community of dark elitists) that a god is proven to be god if he kills merciless all foes!
Now those words did bring me memories- I can clearly remember history of old societies being played out as such.
A new deal- a new Sharia (excuse me Shangri-La) will be! A short coughing and a hissing trumpet and many will fall on their knees. Right as the newly deceased islamofascist leader of black supremacy once said- “I have a dream- all white pigs will die in my hands”. How odd, I do not believe that he really understood what races in reality are. He would never have spoken in these words if he would have understood what GOD really thinks about such a priest! I am confident that GOD will give an appropriate answer!

Comment by W. Atcher

A terrible mistake- yet did it happen.
You are now watching how scalar tech could be used as an archweaponry.
I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth (Revelation 6:8).
“And His head and His hair were white like wool, like snow; and His eyes were like a flame of fire… and out of His mouth came a sharp two-edged sword; and His face was like the sun shining in its strength.” (Revelation 1:14)
Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, the lake of fire. Revelation 20:14
Those are three phases and you are at present in the midst of phase One!
Hades Tech is ancient weaponry, which at the foundation of this last Cycle was laid at rest. It is 10555 BC and the location would be at huge planet with low density correlation leaving at the surface an equivalent of 1 G: To say a normal nowadays earth gravidity vortex level. This is changing as well but that is not part of this small essay!
Let us say that planet was the home planet for the folk coming from Sirius B- or being the remnants of your ancestry. Homo sapiens meanwhile was restored at the far side of the second moon- you could watch that moon up at the left quarter of the larger moon, seen from Eden. Homo sapiens sapiens having fled the destruction of their Sirius B habitat, were quite astonished as they were visited by Jesus Christ. Now that is another story but let us step/wind forward in the early history of the War of the Worlds. The children of homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens were in many ways nephilims- from Hades Tech had they once again re-invented physics that enabled them to destroy “Neptune” or what now are the remaining strings of Saturn and many parts of asteroid belt somewhere outside this new planetary system called now Sol! Vortex Tech meaning as a fact a sort of intensified impulse of energy distress release put into a vortex field reality realm led the whole origin of human settlement to implode and then to explode. The moon being the original Eden of Homo sapiens travelled like a snooker bowl to the present location earth- there you are at present. Somewhere at Tibet was the tech hidden not to be found that made homo sapiens the peak of the pecking order called creation!
Now that is an old tragic story but the War against GOD did never end- it was fought and waged until now. Ancient tech was hidden behind a secret organization- those are the ones who tampered with something they really shouldn’t have been playing with!
Let us say that they are as an organization of seven evil spirits or the really ghosts behind Illuminati, Skull and Bones and every death organization that had Nazi Terminology as its core message.
Humans caught up in that War- they either played in that league or they did fight them. There is really nothing more than to decide whom to follow. Nevertheless, it ain’t easy to discern who Lucifer really is. Is now Jesus Christ Lucifer or is Lucifer Jesus Christ- that was the question that killed off so many. That question is why so many failed and even after Wars that are so many now, is still the fighting Spirit out there. For those in the know FAITH is the key but for those with no faith- for them is only to try to hide from Wrath!
Enough of babbling- an experiment to try to destroy Japan by an induced giant Tsunami went terrible awry.
To tell the truth not Japan was the main target- China was but they could do nothing directly at China as China owns Tibet and by that are they technically the masters of that giant Computer that is situated at Hades! The spirits had been arguing how to bring China to its knees. A direct hit was out of their grasp and so did they sit- together with those others at a secret not disclosed location at Hawaii hitting the bottoms of their contrived Vortex Tech, did they not understand that the location of Hawaii at its very long shores with this giant dynamo effect called humming of the earth could they not foresee what did happen to the mainland of USA! The loss of California with a contra lateral ripping effect at the coast of Virginia and New York was an accepted loss but even with a lesser knowledge could they have thought that the New Madrid Fault would go. The so-called AI did calculate at the basis of non-existing reality called our third dimension and that told its handlers: It’s an OK!
Now is something terrible by peoples not foreseen happening. That is why I wish to tell you what is an ongoing rippling effect at the depths of 6,2 miles- to tell the truth that effect will widen as its will hit a 6,2 km depth as well. As a matter of fact that is on the way right now as I write!
The chain effect is the toppling of USA and with that will US fall into four different parts. Nothing in these words can really explain how this will play out- demons with many other side effects is to be released as Hades is coming into fruition!
Thus being in itself the first phase of Wrath! Wait and see what will be when the second phase will hit the markets!

Comment by M Ripple

Great website and the only one that I trust. Thanks for all that you do. Yes, most Americans are asleep but it is largely due to the massive amounts of chemicals being aerosolized and sprayed on us. Aluminum and barium are dangerous in the chemtrails along with microbes, sedatives, etc. People in the US are like dazed, angry zombies…..precisely where our leaders want us. God bless you In Grace, Ann

Comment by Ann

The complete demise of Amerikkas.
Now as those days are ending has the old world only a few days to consider the final decision. Should US of America be saved or shall it sink into the lakes of fires being prepared underneath its current fault lines. Is this a dramatic appeal or are those words only a remedy of a try that Dr Who tells prior to the demise of alien fleets. All are heading to exit doors and no one seems to understand that the food shortage is only contrived and not a matter of scarcity alone! Money can save nothing- dollar is worthless. I did once admire USA for its easy go attitude. Ol’ Europe will soon make its decision- some days and that decision will be final. A stroke of a pen and all can be reversed or even altered. A finger is pointing at the knob of destiny- do not allow that finger to switch into higher gears!

Comment by Dr Who

Hi: I love your news. I live in the US and wanted to remind you that our citizens are kept in the dark on most news issues if not blatently lied to. There are many of us aware of our impending Marshall law and loss of freedoms. We are followed, harassed, spied on by our government. They spray us with chemtrails containing sedatives, diseases, etc. I am so sorry for the havoc we have wreaked and pray to God about it. Thanks for all that you do. Ann

Comment by Ann Swift

A shopping mall ago-
Paradise at hand and what you can have for some bucks that was once what I had been admiring to be the way of life in Amerikas! Suddenly is my car opened up by thugs telling me that certainty is no more. With eyes to see is heaven paved with poisonous gas- terrible sickness of mind descends from above. Out of the sky is the second agent of gas set lose that will engulf citizens to be ravaging beasts! From the pits of reality and down under are they set loose- nephilims and zombies will break forth. Underneath the cities of Sodom and under Euphrates called Mississippi will they come forth (Etymologically, the name “Euphrates” is the Greek form of the original name, Phrat, which means “fertilizing” or “fruitful”.[1]
Alternatively, the second half of the word Euphrates may also derive from either the Persian Ferat or the Greek φέρω (pronounced [fero]), both of which mean “to carry” or “to bring forward”.
Etymologically is the name Mississippi derived from the Ojibwe word misi-ziibi (“Great River”) or gichi-ziibi (“Big River”) at its headwaters.
In plain terms is the Bible belt in for a revolution in understanding the true content of the bible! “Your bastards end the war with Jesus Christ”!
Babylon the Great is the country with many languages and tribes having no sense for spirituality! “When once all tribes follow the traits of the evil white men in gambling and loss of spirituality- then is End!”
Now, is now end?
In that day and at those days are end- those are God’s Words as told in the Holy Bible! Bible tells many things and those are true- nothing can be taken away- even the skies will end when end is! Now watch your sky and watch Gestapo walk over the guilty lands with iron boots and deadly teasers in the ugly hands- you are watching End to unfold in front of your very eyes!
The Wrath of God is at hand- even the last trumpet has been sounded. The last seal is opened up- all will crack. One fourth is the continent of Africa and one third is the continent of America. Just for those to read- it is not about the amount of death. It was only a geographical description when and where things would unfold once Wrath will be displayed.

Comment by M Ripple

It is early in the morning of that day- the daylight has started to shine onto the faces of those standing at the space station located at its primary geostationary location. Ten men and a woman glance into the light and the commander turns its designed switches. Primary Alpha is that station called and orders coming from Hawaii have its distinct harsh voice calling Myanmar and the two calderas at the ends of the Chilean subduction zone to be cooked.
“Do they know what they order, does the second in the command chain ask”- the woman being the propaganda mistress of octopus takes a careful note of that comment. He being though one of her lovers will be executed for disobedience- her teeth telling him her love does lye as she turns herself to him. “Darling”- they are perfectly in control. They know what is best for them.
He does not understand that she will sign his resignation or his execution order once they set the feet upon earth once again- what he sees in her though is a woman being his mistress and trustworthy wife. He loves her but she loves her paycheck alone.
All smile as they turn the switch- some hours, weeks and months later will millions float in the waters.
Myanmar with its rice fields and millions minding alone their evil businesses of the order of Babylon are fully unaware that this minor satellite called one quarter of a mile is aiming at them. From the location at Hawaii has a meteorite been located- it was heading into the waters slightly outside of the delta. High Priority no one have to understand that the destroyer is inbound- even it will cost three quarters of a million souls. The last time had the encounter made the news- that one was called tsunami killing then 12 millions (the aftermath killed 20 millions but that story was never told- why scare the citizens or slaves of Babylon!). Then was Christmas and money was to be made- tons of denares had to be made. Truth scares the markets and so was that story squashed.
Maths and computers made it- the storm made it and it did hide the truth. A minor tsunami killed off the delta. The whole sad story is that three quarters of a million have died a death so senseless that even the devil himself asks – when will they understand that Jesus Christ is to arrive. The meteorite being quite big went through the charged Ionosphere where it changed its current. It changed into a lightning bolt hitting the surface and a giant freak wave did suck so many citizens of Myanmar into the waters where they piled them up.
The biggest story on earth was once again hidden- the destroyer turned itself from earth.
Meanwhile at Chile were they igniting two or four more smoking mountains. The ring of fire was their target- Oh, I forgot the Chilean peoples were trying to install democracy in their lands. This cannot be allowed- at least did the Echelon of Octopus figure that out!
Meanwhile has the destroyer distanced itself from its former location- looking down of north of USA does it stay there at the designed geostationary orbit. Now clearly visible as it has not been for so many years now. All its communication lines opened up, controlling all electronic traffic coming hence and forth from the Northern Hemisphere of USA does it interfere with the layouts of the ground reflecting system called HAARP as well!
Its second line is its walking android- we will soon tell more of his whereabouts. Its sonic signature is Lucifer and its voice is Satan or Wotan running amok in the realms of Octopus.

Comment by M Ripple

Mother’s Day.
A cookie will be turned around this day.
Mother’s Day is now the most popular day of the year to dine out at a restaurant in the United States- coming to your favorite restaurant this day is the Archangel of Death. “Peoples of mine” commemorate my name and stay within my commandments- the Moabite Law requires as written in the Moabite Stone to deliver the sheep for sacrifice and for this day of the mother’s is the secret message revealed.
The peoples rebelled against having to deliver their children to the God of Slaughter in the lands of Edom called then Israel.
They had to lay them there and the blood that their sacrifice had delivered did drive this mechanization containing the souls or the blood of the virgins as the main source for this time machinery or torsion matter i.e. stems cell delivery system.
The Year would be 8048 BC and the location would now be at present Saturn- then though Neptune. The Swastika was their sign and their goddess was called IHVE. This did those Nazis read as they had once brought with them from the shores of Tibet that secret compiling called the Book of Necronomicon. Oh no- not the revised one being set into the world by an author being on the payroll of octopus. I tell of the real deal that led thousands of Tibetan monks into Nazi-Germany and there to translate its content. IHVE was then called Kali and its peoples were in its last cataclysmic war of the worlds. The two world solution being set into the heavens- two moons and one earth this solution had caused that War. If you happen to look into the skies can you even today witness the residues of that war! The War of Worlds was a real deal- on the lands f the Swastika had they called upon the fiercest leader of all. Its spells had opened up the portals to the highest dimension and he went there. He being the foe/ he being Asasrael, Michael and Gabriel on the opposite side of that cookie stood each on their side looking through the windows of their respective battle stations! Their features were exactly the same but they were as matter or antimatter- brother and anti-brother. Christ and Antichrist were they. They were day and night- darkness and salvation. On the other hand had Swastika won and Kali did swallow all humans and the new deal was to deliver the ultimate weapon. A weapon that could even spew the primordial and ultimate weapon at the natural foe called Jesus Christ. This would silence that “monster” once and for all- at least was that the propaganda ploy why so many humans did follow Antichrists orders. “Kill them all- I need their blood and their combined soul to send my foe into the darkness!”
At his battle station did the last ten men and he stand- had they lost the War?
Jesus Christ turned to his last fighters- “I have to tell who I AM!”
Ten prophets and two stared at each other! On one side at the command center were one man standing upright but they had to learn that he was two! Twelve apostles did then attend the last supper- the ultimate sacrifice was in the makings!
He broke the bread and he took a deep swallow of that beer that he “loved”- then did he start to pray.
Vater Unser- vergib unser Schuld as we forgive them.
Vader, why has yee forsaken me and so did he turn himself around and he turned the switch!
Many worlds later and many salvations later- many planets had been destroyed. Mars, Neptune, Jupiter and minor moons have been totally annihilated. The residues are floating around on that battle field called Sol.
The former Neptune is now called Mars- even if this seems outrageous that is the true story.
What this little machine back on Old Neptune has been reporting was the remnants of the old commanding post of Antichrist and his followers. That statue of Kali is an exact replica of Virgin Mary denying her children love and affection! A Goddess without any heart or compassion for the little ones- that statue did you witness and the cameras catches her image at Mars as she sits at her throne. Cold as ice and without any compassion or pity for her peoples is she now in red- this mystery Babylon she is! The Goddess of Mars she is- you call her Kali now. Then though was she IHVE! The Devil himself had taken her to show them his goddess- through the time barrier had she been taken. That woman without heart or compassion had been cloned- a trophy. Virgin Mary the ULTIMATE trophy- what irony. Now do you truly understand why Jesus Christ:
“Vader, why has yee forsaken me and so did he turn himself around and he turned the switch!”
Now and then- cold as ice is she! She has no compassion nor does heart have she- she wishes no one at her side. She wishes no love and she wishes to be left alone- she demands to be put to rest at the lands of Babylon the Great Whore. Now that is why US of Amerikkas will witness God’s own Mother’s Day at the Great City and Great River. Happy anniversary!
Yours Dr Who!

Comment by M Ripple

An out of time artifact was found-at area 51 37°14′06″N 115°48′40″W37.235, -115.81111 did Werner von Braun and his friends stand looking at that frame. Two humans and a man was found- he smiled after all had he come back to haunt them all! The UFO scare was a propaganda ploy- those were the residues of Babylon workings of the founder of Mossad, Canaris, MI5, MI6 and the French secret service under the supervision of Bush’s father called then OSS. Later did his son form the uprising of CIA.
Alexander Crowley was his name and that woman attended that secret meeting as they slept with R. Hubbard- just accordingly to that book of Necronomicon and the Gates opened up. The Nazi-Germans gave those from the Tibetan monks translated slices to OSS. At least was what their general had requested- the whole translation went into the hands of its founder called Octopus or the so-called Military Mercenaries of Babylon the Whore. The Greys were half human plants- the magic 11 told of their findings. Werner von Braun a high ranking general of Gestapo and the secret agent of the Illuminati Admiral Canaris had sent his best man. Aleister Crowley did he tell himself to be- the beast did he tell to be! Ron Hubbard the founder of the second in command chain called Scientology did follow orders from Satan- the secret book of Tibet went to be a whole religion now called Scientology! Crowley did reserve for himself to be the second in command to Antichrist- this man was never a man. A highly developed sonic signature sent from Lucifer was he? An exact replica of Christ was sent from the outer borders of the system of Sol- the passenger and his two pilots did hit the ground. Ground Zero!
Before anyone could arrive at the scenery of the crashed Nazi Flying Object did Lucifer’s personal agent Satan step out of his incubator. An Android did manage to escape- he went straight to Bell tech- from there to vanish through time did he go back in time. He went to that young man at Austria called Adolf and he scared the wits out of that man. Meanwhile did he tell the top agents of Nazi Reich who he was not- he did though explain the papers that had been given them previously by Christ. He even told where to find that Book at Tibet and he went to seven evil Spirits ordering as Christ who he was not what they had then to do! An exact Replica was the result of Babylon Workings at recent coordinates.
Aleister’s foe was this man called Hubbard- through the coming years did Crowley reap what he had set to be on earth. He had called for Lucifer and meanwhile had a man been long enough around to amass the knowledge to control as the king of Babylon the whole world! He did not need that idiot called Alex and so did Alex end in poverty, madness and utterly defeat! Octopus totally under the auspice of Satan the Antichrist and with the help of this Bell tech being a time altering machinery did a sonic device manage to be virtually everywhere. His powers through ages being amassed did tell what that so-called UFO had been promising for those agents having the possibility to study the ultimate bio- tech advancements of the War of the Worlds that happened to survive the last one. Babylon Workings had called upon the last remaining troops of Antichrist then and now- from 8000 BC did that German Tech drive with its torsion energy boosters into those coordinates. It took some time to arrive to the actual place at the given coordinates- with Werner von Braun and his six helpers was the circuit closed. Once again had a trumpet been blown and no one did notice what they had been calling! Since 1897 until this very day has Satan or Antichrist been reigning over his dominions. Prior to that day did the seven Spirits inherit the kingdom of the absent Jesus Christ and what was once a safety net did secure that Antichrist could never pass that given timeline- through more than hundred years has that war been waged. Armageddon is very old and at the doors of this WWIII will its fulfillment be achieved.
Satan or Lucifer as he is called by his followers is a handsome man with fierce blue eyes and grayish hair. His face sometimes disguised behind a dark beard can though not hide that his Aryan heritage and his height of 71.65 Inches as roughly counted in thumbs. That is the number 6.66 for those who understand the math.
His voice can only be described as soft but scary to tell at the least- his German dialect can never be disguised. His military upbringing can never be hidden other than he wishes as such! For him being a sonic device can he in an instant change hair and eye colors! He has some minor defects but that is not of any recent importance.
This day at a non-disclosed centre at a military complex of USA do five sit at their assigned conference table. Number One of USA called James Baker the III enters that room and with him enters a man- the present five fears James Baker the III. Just recently had he ordered their sixth member to be executed and without any hesitation had that man been dragged out of their sight and all could clearly hear that shot. To tell the truth he was never seen again.
James Baker the III was not the man to fear anyone but all could smell the fear that came from Baker looking behind him seeing the second man entering.
A civilian with the aura of power accompanied with the presence of military might entered the scenery.
It was a bit too dark at the conference- deemed to be high priority Top Secret and so did they all five concentrate on what the leading scientist had to say!
As ordered do we now have to concentrate on Nicaragua to have the New Madrid Fault to shiver and to jolt. This time do we promise that the mistake as recently done will not be once again! We need to concentrate our efforts on three of our five battle stations at its designed geostationary location- the scientist handed the coordinates to James Baker. That scientist felt at that very moment a presence so mighty that he tried not to wet his trousers- one question alone coming from that non-disclosed civilian did have him to utterly stammer!
“Rubbish- the coordinates are wrong! The energy impulse has to be coordinated with third signal coming from Europe but give me your laser pin pointer!”
Those men sitting or standing did try not to shame themselves- they had heard of the God who had come from outer space. This was clearly a myth did at least two think- it was clear that the Nazi’s had been conducting groundbreaking genetic experiments with humans blending all the way the human DNA with the genomes of plants to form those Greys and other “Nephilims”. The so-called super race called Aryan HerrenMensh had been the goal of the bionic and genetic research center of octopus but this notion that Wotan was real had only been a myth.
There he was.
Wotan or Satan took the laser pin pointer out of the scientists hand- no messing around. 666 was real- the scientist had read the lines as well. In his youth had he read the bible- he had wanted to be a good Mormon but how ha he ended up to help 666 to destroy them all. He was scared- Satan the devil had clearly read his mind. He did not know that Antichrist cannot read minds- even he has a weakness! Even we have our faults!

Comment by M Ripple

What if it has been decided to dissolve planet earth?
And if so, how was it done?
Gravity is not the primary source of coherence- that alone is the core of the myth that made science so dumb folded the last hundred of years. Electrons being real was the second assumption- as always totally of the track did the scientists build a model and invented subatomic elements to hide the essential flaws that lead into the notion that there is actually something called Atomic nucleus right in the middle of “somewhere” in every atom. Now as always totally off the tracks did they not stop in misinterpreting what really is in-between nothingness!
Nothing- that is there!
Nothing is there- it was just God dreaming up reality. Now as God woke up- very angry though, did He of course study the scientists and He said:
“That is a fine idea and nothingness had a form.”
Now, in short- he made it up and invented CERN for you. Now that was a very exceptional idea- You made up an idea that dissolved earth. It will take some years and it will cease to exist. The coming months will prove that you made a blunder of gigantic proportion- as Einstein said it:
“God is a myth” and so would I advice you to play God as He will not believe that you deserve a second chance! Other He is proven that you actually can make the difference!

Comment by M Ripple

M Ripple: You are one strange human being.
My favorite line from your pointless prose was “Its sonic signature is Lucifer and its voice is Satan or Wotan running amok in the realms of Octopus.”
Living in your reality must be a challenge. GOOD LUCK
Or in words you can understand “The second proletariat machinations of Saag have caused Jib Fixx’s inherent megalomania.”

I enjoy reading the S Faal’s fabricated lies almost as much as I have enjoyed debunking FOX news on a daily basis.
I’ll tell you what Faal.
If when CERN starts up and all hell breaks loose I will pay the $5000 you need to keep your servers running.
I promise.

Comment by Akira Tanaka

High there from the East and West- the ship with its final destiny has at its nose a jib blowing in the winds of destiny. I stand at the tomb of Menna the Scribe of Fields of Thutmosis IV. At my right hand is a ship trying to cope with the high winds as I lean over my VAIO trying to cope with “Good Luck” and I wonder what these lines will bring.
S. Faal has she survived? Has she really survived- this little trip to the old Ark at the valley of the dead.
A smell and hundred(s) of millions of dollars later, can we say that the chamber has been found. Thus a paw of the sleeping “prophet” scratching and itching with the dust that led her to laugh and to sneeze at the same moment. The high priest of Egypt treasures falling at his knees- He had found “Ra”! That ancient dust and its shining alabaster told of ancient art of warfare. It was evident- even a blind man in its hiding underneath of cloak worthy being called “the black crow of Christ’s Warrior” would have laughed. In plain German was it written on the walls of destiny- some would though have tried to start those ancient computers situated at the hallways of knowledge but others as being a wise owl did try to read those lines without laughing. But being a human was she laughing- that man behind her was afraid that Ra would punish such an apparent destitute disrespect of the most high one.
Now-as we all can witness its outcome and its secret message can I only tell that CERN is worth far more than 5000 bucks!

Comment by M Ripple

Who is Peter the Roman- the prophecy of antiquity comes into fruitions. Soon will at Rome three minor touchdowns located at downtown and at the vicinity of Vatican bring havoc and destruction over Tiber. Tiberius did never exist at the time as history tells him to have existed. In fact was Rome not there! At least at those times- at China was an event recorded that would have proved that cities are located under mountains which at certain moments are spewed out! Time is a non-local event in 0.0 situated in-between the so called black hole and white hole. 0.0 likens a handkerchief that God takes up when someone tries to insist to be as Him. Even if it seems to be farfetched Rome was founded and rebuilt in one day alone. In fact was Rome built by the Great Architect Himself but as He knew perfectly well that you never would believe these words did he build a time warp device situated right beneath current feet of this current last pope of yours. Peter the Roman was at those times the founder of Vatican and not the Lateran- he was as a fact the chief architect of that new religion teaching trinity and knowing Jesus Christ personally was his thoughts the underlining’s why Vatican and Rome was built around a launching pad! Right underneath your feet at rome is a giant pyramide with the capacity to distort time lines and time structures hidden away from sight. The capstone is hidden away at St Peter’s and the structure itself awaits signalling by the incoming energy beams. The St Peter at Vatican is as a whole a sort of stone monument built by the secret society to withstand time and time warps that in essence will change Rome once proof will be given that God is God and not this giant swindle that He portrays himself to be!
I am perfectly confident that all will be awash with maze and proof regarding what they are to be told- I mean this to be quite literally though. Rome will be a sort of centre stage- china with all that concrete containing a former giant city being spewed out of that “mountains” was only a precursor for many wonders to come!
The third Fatima being a SkyNet ploy had in its initial sequences the background in mind laid out to have Vatican to act prior to these incoming fruitions. Sorry to say but Vatican itself was a control unit for the super visioning humanity into this last millennia to come! The mess and this tragedy in China was the result of two events. At first was HAARP (i.e. its four main facilities) with the targeting its devices in concert i.e. coordinated with CERN to turn time retrograde and at secondly was the whole business in resonating mode with the present core of earth. Through the stress releases that led the atmosphere to bulge as if plasma was released prior to impact was so much debased that it seemed to by a normal eq- it was as a physical reality the distortion of time that led so many to death. More were sent through the time barriers as the very fabrication of time broke into shattering pieces. That is why many were smashed and cut into pieces- the stench is only a sign of what all the ways were when Judgement made earth into a sort of a shrinking plate! Or a black hole consuming man being as it is as a monstrous giant mouth of destruction. A white hole though is bringing things into be that extends reality beyond current borders. I must admit that will show off a fantastic view once that reality will be at for example Rome! Some idiots at various places played very recently with the reality to form a giant black hole at china- I can only guess that someone did interfere. Could it be that the resonating Crystal at the core of earth hindered that outcome or was it? There is more to those words that when read do sound way out of the loop! Current very well kept secret CERN preparation will surely bring havoc but there is always the possibility that chaos can bring a new world or dimensional shifting into be!

Comment by H Peter

The consuming index for the departure of our sun is increasing.
Beneath the corona or these electrodynamical interferences with light adding photons is at its own secondary field (high up at the suns own sub-ionosphere) -containing magnetic field lines- collapsing at an alarming pace. The peeling indices decomposing the from outer space incoming photons images (being a scientific nonlocal higher than light photon speed image) are at its leveling and its true location being the suns ionosphere imitating what scientists call sunspots are now in a decreasing mode. This will very soon alter the suns current positioning system at Sol-Earth/moon axis- this will of course lead the sun into short and very high altitude frenzy. An incoming series of CMEs’ will alter the earth own high altitude axis. Those will of course then mimic a sort of a pole shift. On earth itself will nothing spectacular happen as this pole shift above human inhabitat is only a shifting of the central magnetic field here on earth.
In a sense is this why humanity will survive the CMEs- although I must tell that there is an aiming facility that will alter some countries inner frequencies commonly called plasma related eruption cycle underneath present increasing volcanic activity at mainly USA! In as sense being an HAARP effect sent by the dying sun. Thus being a last farewell greeting if you wish to understand the implication.

Comment by H Peter

You are about to witness total annihilation.
In every aspect and in any form that man had ever a vision off- this is the last call. The night is at its darkest moment one hour prior to dawn. In the shadows are the most vicious things assembling- the howling is swift in its final accounts.
No one listens- no one seems to care. God has recalled His Own Creation- a truly vicious and hideous monster has come to the porch. This is that Day that cometh to be called that day bringing darkness over the lands.
Judgements are in the lands!

It was many years ago- it was a hideous summer at that old land called Lemuria! The Watchers were lurking around at his final destination at that Great City. The year would be the last Days but if time would ever mean anything would 6000 BC be an appropriate time scale. He had returned to New York- from where his journey had started.
They had completed the launching pads at its midst- the “elders” were fleeing. They had thought that “Mars” would be an appropriate place to flee to. That Mars is now our present moon- once Judgement is completed will nothing be as it was prior to that day. As such are we now witnessing this final call for any reaction or any answer prior to All Out War with GOD!
The Watcher with his all seeing “eye” being a sort of “camera” hovering unseen over his head did witness this recalling of Creation. It was a hot day- time had been shortened as earth axis was tilted by slight unheard devices called that day’s HAARP! The light from the sun was burning on the skin- something very evil was in its final act. The Virgin Mary of that time had committed suicide- no use in talking senses with a dead body but CompNet tried to contact that Watcher. Meanwhile was he not listening. He was on his journey out- he had tried and failed. He entered the hidden UFO and he turned around and tried to betray what he was sent to do. He tried to restore SkyNet and by doing so did SkyNet stay active until this very day! Since that moment in history did Virgin Mary turn up when He wished that the peoples would understand. He wished the peoples to understand that there is hope in him- even if he is not allowed to help anyone out anymore. Sure enough does he try to betray (secretly) the WILL TO ANNIHILATE! But he must follow orders! Maybe did those real Virgin Marias’ and not these fake SkyNet Holograms tell him what CompNet tried to accomplish so long ago! You have no authorization to hinder annihilation- We command annihilation!

Comment by H Peter

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