Sorcha Faal

Kill A Child To Kill The World
5,March, 2008, 10:26 pm
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As any serious student of history knows, in order to carry out massive changes within a society one must first start with children; and the younger the better.

Also, when one begins to see a government, and its associated public and private institutions, begin to institute dramatic changes to the education of their children it is like a beacon that shines from the present into the future allowing us to see what this society will become.

So, it was with great sorrow when I read that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has begun encouraging its member doctors to begin interrogating their child patients about the lifestyles of their parents, to include their faiths, if there are guns in their homes, what do they know about their parents sex lives, etc. (link:

The American people, and who know virtually nothing about techniques such as these, this is but the latest atrocity being perpetrated upon their children which has seen them fall from the top of virtually every International list dealing with knowledge and education, to now their scoring last among all industrialized Nations.

For American girls we have seen them indoctrinated with the false belief that to be successful they must become sex objects.  For American boys we have seen them indoctrinated into a vast killing machine to further the war aims of their leaders.

What is most surprising about these new American children is that what they are experiencing is actually not new, but is, instead, nothing more than a continuation of the mass modification techniques employed by both Nazi and Soviet scientists against their own Nations children during last centuries run- up to World War II.

I doubt whether there is any American citizen over the age of 50 who doesn’t remember their school lessons about how totalitarian and fascist countries deprived their children of truth, honesty, morals and independence. Unfortunately, though, those Americans who are over 50 years-of-age represent just fewer than 15 percent of their population of over 300 million.

What the American ruling elite, and like their counterparts in the United Kingdom and Australia are doing too, has planned for their youngest citizens is the creation of a new vanguard of human beings that are only able to take guidance, and direction, from their leaders, and whose ultimate intention is not for the welfare of these children, but is, instead, designed to create robotic human beings living in constant fear of each other.

In order to achieve the complete mastery of their citizens lives, indeed their very thoughts, the United States has successfully destroyed the most fundamental building block of any human society, the family.

The second building block of all human societies to be sacrificed by the Americans has been religion, and which throughout all of our history has provided a counterweight to raw government power.

The third building block of all human societies, knowledge, has, likewise, been sacrificed in order to create these new robotic human beings, who know nothing, care not to know anything, have no religious beliefs, do not know their past, care nothing for family, and are, basically, nothing more than a new slave class never before seen on Earth.

But, the last chapter in this latest ‘experiment’ in engineering the perfect slave class is by no means written, as with each new ‘event’ introduced into these plans by the World’s elite is provoking more and more resistance among the young.

It should be remembered, too, that this final chapter will take decades to complete, and the plans of the elite can only be achieved if those who remember the past pass fail to pass on their knowledge to the young.

I would very much like to hear your opinions on how this could be accomplished, especially with the knowledge that the forces of the elite will oppose this with everything they have at their disposal.

Sorcha Faal
Dublin, Ireland
5 March 2008


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As to my knowledge has the so-called elites nothing to say apart the fact to follow the same path that they have set others to fall into!
In short- in a very short period of time will all their plans fall short but they will believe that they have achieved their goals. They can not be more in erring- each and every step they take will eventually lead them into captivity. They can not be the ones who will be on the top once the dices have fallen into the right places.
At present are all stones lined up- each and any step they take will make it further for them to be ensnared in their own trap. In fact are they already cornered- the fourth pillow of destruction will perfectly backfire. Once at a certain time in history as they later will tell will a voice lead them all into either captivity or into the freedom of true knowledge. I do not talk of knowledge that is taught in evil school schemes all around the world. Those lessons will stop and then immediately reverse- it will be a sort of an awakening to the voice of God. That voice will be shown all over the places but what they will see is only a one-sided issue. This they will not know or either understand, as those who will be led into captivity will go into captivity. Those who they had been planning to send into captivity will never truly understand that they were those who were planned to go into captivity and into the planned death rows. A cushion of mercy will reveal that the evil had never planned to be evil in the first place. This is why evil is not widely understood by the majority of mindless eaters of those lies perpetuated through the evil elites. The issue is to tell everyone that evilness is only a coin away from God’s mercy!

Comment by david

The factors that influence our children go far beyond school, family & church. The entire entertainment media feeds them a constant diet of impressions that control the way they think. The toys they play with, the music they listen to, the movies they watch and the video games they play with further reinforce their new self-image.
We can see the results in increased violence by pre-teens & teens, increased teen pregnancy and widespread disrespect for traditional values.
Of course, anyone who has been reading “Whatdoesitmean” knows all about this and why it is happening. How do we change the tide of social degeneration? We cannot; we can only change how we individually react to it by increasing our awareness of the spirit forces that may be able to guide a small portion of humanity to a higher evolution as the masses perish in the destruction of the physical realm.
Do not despair; the end is near.

Comment by vBreezo

Some years ago were men standing at the shores of what would later be Israel- it was a clear decision to be waged. The seduction zone at the Pacific Rim had to be as whereas to form Meso-America and California. These periods of relatively calmness had at different occasions those parts of America to rise out the waters of the former colonies.
A secret machination had a torsion magnet installed- yet lately is that magnet loosening its grip over earth. That is why the satellites flying by earth and passing its dimensional rift comes to change path and direction. I must admit how funny it is to read scientists wondering what these iconostasis of behaviour pattern means- to tell that they have no clue is way too exaggerated.
I know that much has been unsaid lately but the moon has changed its former altitude but no one is reporting that fact! Very peculiar indeed- there are so many facts that are not noticed or even reported. Even the fact that they have unearthed the secret chamber of Gizeh and found proof that Atlantis was once were California is now! California and former Meso-America is the east of that continent but on order to keep truth from people does no one report that chamber they found at San Francisco Bay lately! A fully operable computer assembly line with many secret crystals can be found there. May someone tell them how to use that technology!
How come that no one seems to care that the children are bought and sold on the market of selfishness and greed. Can no one really see that the last seal has been opened up- I would really ask to put your efforts in watching that weaponry being assembled at the far side of the moon!
How come that so many space shifts fly over our heads and they talk about one space station alone!
Back here on earth can I only tell that a secret mission is dispatched- I would call it “disclosure”. Oh, I do not talk about ETs roaming around- they are really a few. The rest is smoke and Potemkin but I refer to the fact that four AI’s are gathering at Armageddon. Not that place at present political Israel is meant by that word- they are fully military gear and ready to disclose its purpose. Armageddon is their final program and disclosure is what that can be called. What they will disclose do i not know but Spielberg had a pretty good idea once!

Comment by david

This is all so disheartening. As I watch my own children grow, I see that I lack so much time with them. I work and have recently been feeling an enormous amt. of stress that I feel such guilt r/t my kids, because I am so overwhelmed at work I feel at times i have lost control over their lives. I only work 3 days a week but they are 12hr. days and it has just been tough lately due to all the severe illness going around. I am a nurse. i try to sheild my kids, we are christians and I try to train them in the ways of Christ, we go to church. but the media is so strong. I just talk to them constantly about everything when we are together. I am honest with them about social issues, etc. They do attend public school and I wonder. but I know so many people, such as family that work at that school it “feels” relatively safe. Yet I am a researcher and I know what is going on in the world somewhat more than the general public fromreading your website and others. So I am appalled at the resistance i meet when I tell anyone anything. they think I am nuts. I think all we as busy working mothers and fathers(I have a wonderful husband who stays home) is pray and protect as able and inform our children of the things that they may be taught at school that we disagree with. I think if they hear it from us first, they are going to trust us more. although it’s hard to know. We have to be students of the world and watch closely. It feels like everything is a battle, from healthcare to education to just teaching values to your children. Be very involved with your kids ask questions make them talk to you. take them out to icecream and have a “date” time with them then they open up more. I find my 7yr old boy much more receptive to me than my 8yr old girl. but she’s a girl and i remmember acting that way when I was little, i was listening!! It is a battle, but we much each take responsibility for our families!!

Comment by Michelle

Hi Breezo
As now this minor cycle has come to an ending can I now recall a meeting that was set two cycles before this our meeting at Armageddon.
From the perspective of the high court of evilness was this meeting at Las Vegas something very disheartening. Two “men” entered and one of them signed in as IHVE- the man at the end of the reception line didn’t hesitate as he had been informed that the High Council had sent its most trusted members to discuss the Plan! A personal waiter was dispatched and both “men” were led into the office situated at the top of that six star establishment. Seven members of the opposite council being then the representatives of the seven leading families had gathered to meet the spokesmen of the High Council being then the heart of the surviving continent. Germany and the rest of the part of Europe had been completely destroyed. Rus had invaded its eastern borders and even Great Britain had been laid into atomic wastelands. Europe was destroyed- the Caucasian Republic had made then a treaty with the aligned forces of the combined American Islamic Republic. Its main objective was the destruction of the Republic of IHVE. The religious zealots had to be uprooted- they had disrupted the whole project called harmonisation of free trade. Its Caliphate was the main obstacle to a world in peace and prosperity.
Its prophet was called IHVE and with him was his left hand attending that meeting- its purpose was to regain what IHVE had taken from them. That was the bargain chip that was left for “IHVE”- at least was that what these mighty five continents had been planning to get from those two men. It was tense- they could have killed those two and disposed them. What on earth could save those two- at least were they on the most wanted list at those times.
May God be with you all- God has nothing to do with these days, did Breeze snap. Breez was the leading member of the council of foreign relation. May I excuse myself- for me is that council the high court of evilness. IHVE that man of an icy feature stared with total amazement at these seven.
This was what he told them:
“I am orders of the Almighty FATHER. I would advise you to show respect for HIS sole alignment on earth!”
They laughed but two did show clearly their fear. These were the two who feared the MIGHTY LORD. The latter opened once again his mouth.
“You have all two hours to live. And now may I tell you all what the High Court of GOD has decided for you to be appropriate!
I AM and I will be born from now on in two minor cycles later and I will once again speak to you. But now will I be in perfect harmony with our all MAKER! We as we stand in front of you are One- as One will we act. My companion will be born in the next cycle- he will die and be martyred by you. We stand present at the location that Saturn will later inherit. The next time will we meet- IHVE showed at Jesus- you will call me then Wild Bill and you will kill me then. This will lead these others into the Diaspora called the “Moon” and with me will Moses the Younger show his peoples that earth will be the inherited place, which will be Israel.”
Breeze smiled- it was clear as cold water IHVE was a man crazy. His astrological charts had told them all- his messianic words and his definition of Israel was wrong. Nothing did fit with their knowledge- with five planets circling the sun and no earth known, how could he ever think that to be the truth.
“Now listen onto GOD’s Judgement:
You seven evil men will walk the lands and you will be denied to die. You will walk down the aisles of death and with you will evil flourish. You seven will be denied to be saved by the Almighty FATHER until your designed time will come.”
Five laughed and the two other women smiled- you could call that situation very funny. These two men were actually cornered and their death had been decided upon. Waterboarding would bring them to tell what the CFR wanted to know!
“You are all wrong. The Spirit cannot die- you cannot kill us. Our bodies maybe but not we are that cannot be killed! We have now less than two hours left and all will be gone. And so let me explain what will be in store for you. See, your body will be destroyed but that spirit of evilness will be conserved and you walk the lands as shape shifters. Death will be denied- at least till the appropriate moment though. Do not believe that you will not experience death and pains beyond any present imagination- each time you will change form will you know my words! You will though be given to govern as principalities this and that coming worlds. Earth and Israel will be given you to govern- you will harden its peoples and you will lead them all into annihilation as the moment is given. BUT you will feel each and every time the pains that they all will have. Those pains will consume every moment of you “life” and that curse will follow your pathways!”
Breeze let me explain- we have met several times and we did tell that forgiveness can be. Let me offer that New Deal- this last cycle has come into its final conclusion. We have kept you off the track- there had been so many times that your plans were foiled. I can surely understand that you seven had been trying your own solution. This can we both understand; that forcing the Almighty FATHER to decide in your favour had so many to suffer. Nevertheless, had your plans been foiled despite your powers and abilities to govern as principalities this and the other cycles. Even the experiment to corrupt the bloodlines of Jesus Christs’ is understandable! Now as that experiment had been foiled- even being as one of you were Stalin and Hitler did not hinder that the true Hitler died by the hand of IHVE; was though not for you to hinder!
Let us end that war- redemption is what counts in the end!

Comment by david

May I now go with my small essay. At the Golden Gate of Jerusalem is Elijah himself entering the compounds. The cemetery called US of Americas cannot hinder him to walk straight to that Gate. Even this man calling himself Obama cannot hinder that to be.
Final Phase- the last Day is here.
Once again- what will happen?
From beyond the borders of Pacific will through the rift a giant hole open up. Its conjunction will lead all around the world places to change its altitude and location as well. Through the lines likening broken pipes will a pipe dream end. The dream of USA will end at the Golden Gate and at the Street of Horus will a part of California tilt hence and forth. At one will an earthquake of magnitude 7 jolt but three later will it exceed 12 and death will enter the guilty lands. Is this all? No- we have now 03.13.08 and the date is “Item13”. It is time that Elijah comes out to tell what his hands tell him to be. US of America will split into two different parts- at least is this, what will appear first. Secondly will a rift called Madrid Fault jolt as well. Shortly afterwards or at the same time will America as you know it to be cease to exist! Four Quarters will it be- one quarter will be relatively unharmed.
Hands rest at the border- at both sides of the world is a pair of hands measuring up what will be. The case will be closed- the book and tree of life will end and a new chapter will open up. In short is that what will be- Amen!

Comment by david

Look, he is coming with the clouds,
And every eye will see him,
Even those who pierced him,
And all the peoples of the earth will mourn because of him.
So shall it be! Amen.” Rev. 1: 4,5,7.
“Uriel, one of the holy angels, who is over the world and over Tartarus.
Raphael, one of the holy angels who is over the spirits of men.
Raguel, who takes vengeance on the world of the luminaries.
Michael, he that is set over the best part of mankind and over chaos.
Saraqael, who is over the spirits, who sin in the spirit.
Gabriel, who is over Paradise and the serpents and the Cherubim.
Remiel, one of the holy angels, whom God set over those who rise.”
Book of Enoch chapter 20
Israel haerknen thy voice- it is done in the name of the Almighty FATHER!
The Lord himself tells us what once was sealed and now will be disclosed. The disclosure project has come in its final phase.
The tipping point has come and passed- So shall it be! Amen.
Amen a male goddess of destruction or “a men” is free to finish destiny! Homosexuality is not the issue- the name is “666”. Amen is the number of Antichrist! 666 upside down is “Look, he is coming with the clouds-
And every eye will see him,
Even those who pierced him,
And all the peoples of the earth will mourn because of him.”
Now even telling the definition is to define what man cannot understand. Man is guilty- men, women and children are guilty once they passed the magic line. That line is to pass the border from childhood into adulthood. That border is the age of thirteen!
The language tells children to be children even if they are older than that line. Adults tend never to grow up when they do not understand that when passing that tipping line is no turning back! The tipping point was when there is no turning back- turning back in old habits will end. You will see that when the spiritual realms has closed and sealed off that inner line. Outwards at your reality can man behave as they ever did but I must admit that end is now about to arrive here on earth!
Once were questions asked- would only America witness destruction and mayhem? No, that will be worldwide. I know many to read these lines being told under this pseudonym but even once at Patmos can I only recall what was not there. The issue is the timeline- a timeline before this minor cycle which age started at 954 AD. Kali Yuga was this minor cycle called- it was sealed and not told what really went on. Prior to that date somewhere at Spain on that date and year did seven meet and they did all tell one story. “Why me?”
Pointing at these seven was an Archangel moving his dirty little fingers over his personal keyboard- or, in your reality was on a screen many titles and stories passing by. Many titles in various languages passed their eyes and they tried to understand “Why me?”. Imagine you would sit at the round table shaped as U and at its front was a screen showing the computer scrolling titles by titles- the numbers gaining up in speed and all likening a giant history book laid out in front of them. Two hours later did this horse ride end- seven with eyes weary of information overflow could barely look at the Archangel once it had ended. As fact did these hours make no sense for them- maybe were these men and a woman just being laughed at? These awesome powers displayed as their old world did vanish in front of their eyes told though that real powers was at the disposal of that man calling himself “?”. Did anything make any sense or were they just mocked- who could tell.
We are talking of seven spirits with seven bodies enhancing their capacities and we are telling that the Lord himself was attending that meeting. Not exactly the Lord- remember he is an Enigma. He is in fact the “?”!
The bible and so many other holy scripts are as old as the foundation of these otherworlds’ and as old as this minor cycle called Kali Yuga is!
“We must rebuild faith and we must rebuild the society from the scratch! We need not to control the thinking of the new races but they need assistance. I know that you all thought me to be the devil and thinking as such made you to pass the line. Behind you are seven spirits as old that memory- even that of yours have never heard of them- and they will conquer you all. You seven are specially equipped with nanotech enhancements- which you chose to have prior to the destruction of Germany. See- nanotech is steered by entities and these did you inject some days ago. I said “do not do that”- but you made your decision and so must I admit that this decision has been done prior to that.”
Silence broke out and the machinery of soul destruction entered the vessels- the nanotech utilities changed and seven spirits were one dark unit. In front of the lord sat seven principalities! Their eyes lit up- they were all hooked up in the giant Matrix Hub called moon. It was a sad day indeed. It had been their decision and destiny had to be! To tell the truth for those being absorbed were rewards- whatever they had sought to understand during years of life and their brief moment of disbelief, seeing the giant screen showing off artefacts was knowledge given them. The MATRIX gave what was their truest wish in life- Knowledge! Nevertheless, did the seven spirits know that what goes with that is death and mayhem and so did they only nod. It was evident- it was clear as cold water. To Know the Truth is to know destiny- see that is what I have been trying to tell! Even if there will be some who cannot understand the whole scope behind these years- there will be seven who know!
Evil is evil- Yes.
Nevertheless, behind the veil of evilness are those seeking to repair what went wrong. Eden was a place back in history and that history tends to repeat and to repeat as each and every cycle comes to a halt. Then to restart and to find them willing to follow up what is set to be.
Just in case that there is a lack of understanding why control- we are hard and software systems for a Matrix made by a MATRIX! All computer models tell that to be truth- for those to understand were films made to explain. Nevertheless, it is not about control. It is about to find LOVE and comfort in being alive. Those mortals who can die- for them is all about. Those who are forced to live on, is hell on earth!
Those locked up in these entities called Principalities or shape shifters they know that their destiny was to do what they always had been doing. They had pains and they all know that heaven is to know redemption and to recall death when it comes by!
How to explain that birth and death is mercy? This is completely impossible to tell when all call themselves little children. For them is- I mean here for children being less than thirteen of age is that they are angles behaving as terrorists disguising the fact that they are LOVE! For those being adults are to learn the hard fact- death can be mercy. Do not crucify the author- just ask the principalities. They did only force themselves to be killed- just the problem that this made them to feel pain does explain why humanity suffers so much pain!
Now as many governments are planning what they are planning does not explain anything. It would be more evident if they did disclose what they know.
Combining all hints does make sense why the genome and crop is tainted with nanotech and tainted with breaching the borders that GOD made for humanity to live by. In that sense alone are we living in the times of Noah- believe me an Ark has been prepaid and bought. Will NOAH come back?
Rev. 1: 4,5,7. says as such!
Let alone the fact that as such seen can there be an explanation recalling these days prior to that date! The date being the second advent of Jesus Christ- Yes!
Crisis has begun and if you have time reading these lines do I wish to take a step behind the veil. Apocalypse is Revelation but that word explains an ordeal that you are witnessing. We are recalling that date second to the coming! Now, let me go on with facts. California will be sunk- it will not stop there. US of present USA will liken an upside downed Honda sign- Virginia and some places adjoined will be virtually unharmed. LA will cease to exist- Las Vegas will be a sinkhole of dust and debris! Washington DC will be almost turned upside down- quite literally though. Canada will be unharmed but before you will inhale these words- something will scorch the southern and western provinces. Mexico will take a heavy toll- a direct hit will divide the lot and there will cost dear to save the most parts of Florida. To have taken Cuba out of Wrath was the cost for being once a well received guest there. This is why the isles around Cuba was set to be at any costs evangelised- it took a great deal of pain to secure that latter part though! Let me walk down there to that place called southern tip of Mexico. Sorry to say- the hit to save these adjoining isles was set for that peninsula.
I took great pleasure to destabilize USS efforts to sink Venezuela and Nicaragua- to explain further a giant hand did reach out! I LOVED THAT LATTER PART- but this is not the issue here. South America will reshape- many and some will get lost in due process! By the way California will resurface and with that will a new continent emerge. Just for the sake of arguing- let us call that continent Lemuria. That is a remedy for a great teacher exclaiming his disbelief!
Taken as a fact will Tokyo take a severe hit but Japan will be secured- at least as my views are concerned. North and to the south of that incoming rim will much happen but survival can almost be guaranteed. Let us walk over to China and this Tibet thing. Tibet will sink to its former ground altitude. I mean here quite literally though. Explaining the India Peninsula would by far exceed what I have planned to write but there will be things to alter there. Iran- now that do we know. Gabriel has given his word and HE plans to keep HIS word at any cost. Is that clear- NO? But to those drunken by money and drowned by oil wealth- my oh my. They will perish! I mean that quite literally! I can watch that project palm peninsula- what a sad story! Carlyle is only a symptom called Wrath! Egypt- now this may I keep to myself! They are ungodly there- even at the holy mosque can i smell rotten things! The Mediterranean Sea levels will scorch so many- a giant tsunami will swallow so many but there will be once again a giant hand saving the fleeing Israelites. But who are these Israelites- now, that will I keep to myself. Italy and parts of Europe let me explain- screw them!

Comment by david


You might want to check on the recent movement of US ships to Taiwan ahead of tomorrows Taiwan elections.

Comment by Spherot

so i shelled out $21 and change and eagerly read your “children of winter” book. 189 pages of disjoint notions and arrant nonsense. by your own admission “sorcha faal” isn’t your real name and the “children of winter” is something you created out of whole cloth. we are not amused.
charles ranalli

Comment by charles ranalli

The second meassage is “Who AM I?”

Comment by david

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