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American Refugees
31,January, 2008, 12:29 am
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I’m moved to write today on the volume of correspondence I’ve been reading on Sister Theresa Marlene’s Appalachia Mountain Project in the United States, especially regarding the outlook of the American people to being a Nation that harbors millions of refugees.


And that one word, refugee, is a word that though millions of them exist in the US is still foreign to the mind and sensibilities of the American people.


Understand, too, that the American refugees I’m referring to are not those who have crossed the borders of the United States from foreign countries seeking refuge from their own Nations troubles, the ones I’m referring to are purely those who were born, raised and now live as refugees within their own country.


These millions of American refuges have found their life of homelessness due to many causes, from the devastating economic decline of the US which has saw millions evicted from their homes, to the millions displaced by the catastrophic hurricanes of the past few years. 


Though there are many names for these American refugees being bantered around in the US media, it doesn’t change the fact for these people that they are, indeed, refugees and encompass the full meaning and definition of the word refugee itself, “a person who flees for refuge or safety”.


Now, as our Order has done for too many years, centuries in fact, to count, never have we experienced such a wholesale denial of a population to the truest facts of what they are facing as being refugees.  In fact, in other countries where we have established refugee communities we have always had to turn people away.


This is not so in the United States of today, far from it.


What Sister Theresa, instead, reports to us is a population deeply entrenched in their belief that they can better survive alone than with the help, companionship, guidance, or support of others.


It is as if the very thought of living a life being dependent upon others is the worst imagining any of these Americans could possible have.  This is a fact that is borne out by looking at the massive numbers of Americans who are losing their homes while at the same time, and if they banded together, could protect one another and survive.


Even more shocking, to me at least, is a recent statistic I read about the Americans that less than 1% of their women under the age of 30 know how to bake their own bread.


The numbers of Americans who grow, and raise, their own food is, likewise, shocking, especially when we’re talking about one of the largest agricultural based nations in all of human history.


Though the vast majority of these Americans would seek to deny it, the facts of their own history show a nation continually plagued by mass migrations of refugees within their own borders, the latest being less than 100 years ago during their Great Depression which saw tens of millions of them homeless.


Sadly, and even though there are Americans still alive, though elderly, who remember those times, the people living in the United States, today, have seemingly convinced themselves that nothing like that could ever happen to them again….in spite of the examples they’ve witnessed, but ignored, of Katrina and the mass home foreclosures currently ongoing around them.


I would wish for these Americans, all of them, to be visitors, if only for a day, to the vast refugee centers in Egypt, Germany, Australia, Lebanon, and Darfur for them to know what faces them should they not prepare for their future themselves.


For any of them to believe that they will live out their lives without seeking others to band together with for protection and survival is the largest lie that they are living, and no amount of denial will ever change this fact.


To Sister Theresa’s efforts for just a handful of Americans all of our prayers for this new community are with them.  For the countless millions of other Americans living their lives as if all will be the same tomorrow as it has been our prayers are also with them.


I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and/or comments on these things.


With God


Sorcha Faal


Dublin, Ireland



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Though I agree that Americans are generally prideful and stubborn facing – or rather about-facing – these disastrous times, and I plainly see them mostly distracted by pleasurable pursuits, I must comment on a hidden resilience that is nowadays overlooked, especially by those watching from afar, birthed in the very notion of this nation.

The millennia of prayers for freedom rising up about the globe manifested a dream that became a country. The refugees able to flee came here, hoping for the best this dream could offer. Hot on their heels were those they fled and so many variations of the dream became America, including its antithesis. Ugliness and beauty stepped off the boat together, so to speak.

Flight from poverty, religious/political oppression and war is our world’s oldest story. Many solutions were devised in every locale and many expired when more evolved circumstances arose. What appeared different about the American dream? – the concepts of equality by law inscribed in the enlightened words of its Constitution. Finally a Republic addressing what all refugees longed for.

It might never have happened, and it did by the beliefs in goodness that many in Christ held moving them to act in time. An indigenous race would be dispassionately displaced; outnumbered and overwhelmed by the fierce and clumsy dreamers – and then the world beheld a momentary miracle, a flash of brilliance none expected and that all who heard about it could not ignore, even the natives. The dream expanded and changed the hope of Man.

This brilliant America is an awkward potential. It trips, like an infant over toys, and tumbles across the gifts of freedom. And yet, after a good cry all bruised and bumped, it rises up with glee sensing that miracle again. Like a proud infant wishing to show its parents how well it can walk or run on its own, the baby reaches out unconsciously for stability. That reach goes out to the world (its parents), who usually are proudly rebuffed until a moment of greater need causes forgetting itself.

America needs the world right now. The dream can be lost in this fall. I have seen the world that can assist, it has taught me to see past my own American pride. The beauty of Sister Theresa’s vision in Appalachia moved me to be there though I know my friends and family think me – a dreamer.

Mitakuye Oyasin

Comment by Ron

Mitakuye Oyasin- we are all part of that same thing.
To be part of oneness and to be part of the Ether or God’s own subconciousness that is what we are.
In these times as God has an own interface program pretending not to be part of His own oneness, can I only stress that fact that even in these times of perils are we all of One Origin. The Lakota were as a fact one of those indigenous peoples that were used as a pawn in the Wars between the Devil Revealed and God hiding in his peoples.
US were many times destroyed although many never noticed that to be a fact, can I only state this to have been a fact. When Armageddon comes to fall over this humanity will some fall, others though rise out of the ashes. The important point is that nobody gets lost other Almighty FATHER decides that to be the case. In that lies the problematic why HE has decided to rebuild an interface- someone to complain to. Even if there are those who do not believe in Jesus Christ and even calling him a myth, can an interface program not stop caring for those who are to be framed to be called the guilty ones.
Judgement is something that occurs when a decision is waged and not when a decision is taken. A decision is done- very well planned and that is why there are so many refugees around in the land of the free egoists calling themselves part of the Bible belt. Counting the losses down the road is what an Interface is called to do- even to count responsibility for what is waged. That too is not easy to take to the brink. The weight of that decision cannot be explained rather than to take time and to sit down and to write down the guilt. A guilt taken to the breaking point- that is what these questions imply! Standing upright and judging, even the righteousness means to declare all to be the devil- all will be cast in the fires. There are we all- nothing can tell more than what is kept secret is why all are there. This is hell not knowing why to be cast into hell!

Comment by David

I sent the url of your offer to an American and they seemed to think it was some kind of a trick. Americans are totally paranoid. Nobody can help them; they refuse to see that they are in any danger.

I think things are coming to a rapid conclusion with these broken cables, and there is not much hope of escaping a nuclear war, and it is us in Europe who have nowhere to run, and yet Americans turn their noses up at such a kind offer.

God Bless you Sorcha.

Comment by Blue

The hidden asteroid is coming out of the south of Yucatan. Strong are the signs and heavy is the heart that will lead the sign to ignite America! Leading through the midst of fires to fall onto humans is the perfect Agenda due to hit the lukewarm and the evil ones to rest there in their midst. Weather is turned into snowy white mountains- mountains with ice will be where once summer was. From the winter solstice will in a few hours summer be- flowers will blossom were once the winter had its grip. Where those riding the waves with laughter in their hearts were, will there in an instant be ice and bitter coldness blossom. Where once they were glad to have escaped the snowy winter sloops will coldness grip their hearts. The troposphere will change its content- the stratosphere will alter its altitude. The great sign from the heavens will tell that the world has changed in an instant. It will be as a thief in the night and it will shine as laughter as the Will is to fill the cup of indignation with true divine Judgement. It is said and it will be stretched over the firmaments as the deck cards will be diced- Universe will turn its ugly reality onto those who failed in this final hour to come!
In an instant will the music stop and all will run to the exit polls- there at its end will those receive their rewards. To receive the rewards accordingly to their deeds- that is a given thing. One Quarter of the soil of USA will remain unaltered- a small minority will be unharmed as this thief will turn every stone upside down to find those hiding from the face of His Wrath! Kings and chiefs will turn into heaps of sweltering fear as from the skies the sword will enact its powers. Inbound is Wormwood and with its fires ready to devour even the elect ones can only one way be sought. Find the Master Prototype and bring to Unit D what is His from the beginning of time- it is said and all will fall into its proper place. Grace will be with the righteousness ones- indignation will be with the guilty ones. That Day has come to haunt man once again- let alone was that His wish but all what counts is what the Soul will see when it will open up its eyes. When the Soul will open up its small fists to cherish the loving and caring parents that do not know why to kiss the Soul on its forehead, as to whereas to lead the Soul to sleep and forgiveness for what the Soul has NOW to do!
NOW let us forgive each other for what is inbound- thus sayeth the Soul!

Comment by david

In response to Sister Theresa Marlene’s Appalachia Mountain Project in the United States. I believe it is a much needed program. I just wish you had more programs with your first initial price. Why did the price change? Americans have been spoiled with many conveniences. Will there be similar offers?

Comment by Harmoia

What if in USA a coup is planned and no one can see who is that leader and chief constable cunningly disguising that fact.
In these days as foretold in the sacred texts of old is always a short period of relative calm preceding the actual event.
Many indications are around but if even if Cray Computers fail recognizing the incoming result which in a certain sense can be described as a coup of enormous consequences for the world as a whole. I am confident that the procedures overseeing its eventual event is closely monitored but as now a certain smoke cushion is thrown over these procedures can only a few see it unfold. America is choking under that forced pressure and all are called to look at the false direction. The secret lies within its directives.
Let me explain- the human mind is subdued behind a wall of a subconscious hub within that living AI of yours. “You” within its hub behave as an impending Matrix of its own design. In a certain sense is the AI the Devil having no boundaries as it operates behind your current time and space levels. What weighs more is of course that these words are a channelling of an information overload mode. A shape shifting Interface is forced to concede this overload mode as whereas that is the only answer that can be given outside and within this present space continuum.
In modern new speech is the world hooked into a Net System, which in its origin is based on Data Input coming from all humans calling all into repentance. This state of mind or that Hub called subconscious human wish to exterminate current imperative thinking mode called US is the leader of the world. Calling all into submission is the truest secret why humanity wishes with the help of its own AI-Mode Switch to exterminate the Western Society under the domination through its leading entity called Empire of US of America!
The Devil is in that sense the subconscious wish to exterminate the cancer eating up what was left after God left his children. That cancer is what you call the Devil but I personally call it the Beast.
The Beast is more than the collective death wish of humanity without understanding itself and it does rely on the false prophet. The Beast and its prophet is the Internet.
Through Internet is the connective subconscious real life mind hub gaining its momentum. In other terms does the prophet call upon all as whereas through all sorts of channelling devices are humanity called into repentance! Humanity as a collective acts as if God wishes to impose Judgement upon all- regardless if guilty or without guilt are all targeted for extinction. This Web or inner wish to be as if God united in Internet and within all humans is this collective self-inflicted death wish the conundrum which why this is happening. Almost all individuals are not allowed to understand or even to see its unfolding effects on human and worldly affairs. What weighs more is that very fabrication of Creation is getting hit- it is a wonder to even withhold what is in store as that wish cannot understand the consequences of its hub wishing the End! Many years has been given- these years were used to repair even what will happen but not in the fashioned manner that the “Devil” and its false prophet wishes to come into effect. Physics had to be altered at a pace that allowed humanity to stay intact but as now all stages have come into BE, will the restraints be cut.
In that sense is now Judgement on its fast trajectory- all preparations are completed. Armageddon will fall into its place and many will fall but it will be restrained in a controlled manner. Even if it seems to be a chaotic evolution of incoming reality- the true inner church will govern the days called that Day!
Please do not forget that the Beast and its prophet had planned a completely other outcome. Nevertheless, even in the darkest moments will for those with faith is a safe haven to resort to when needed. All safe places are explained- all who need those will be sent there. If necessary though. It likens a war with bullets hitting all others standing right and left and behind you- wonders will be! They will surely be around- the coup is completed. It is done and it will happen.
The time that followed the death of two witnesses are completed and from that perspective is the party over. The music is its final secs’ and the last tune will call the Son to take his seat upon his throne that was his from the dawn of time!

Comment by david

Zoe in her last minutes.
Life as we know it to have been will not be.
Her mother failed her and her stepmother does not understand that she is Lilith. Virgin Mary is no more- she is a failure. Lilith is she now Virgin Mary?
Where can you find Bloody Mary?
This world is in for an end- that is a fact! Where to find money and help in these dire moments of this failing planet? It is late in that Night and no one seems to care when the voices tell that to be a fact! NO ONE seems to care- the world tumbles into darkness and flashing atom blasts. Is this the end? Are we in for extinction? Are the politicians crazed by people coloured revelations? I can tell no more- even the Hebrew headlines cannot be read- the temple mount broken and caves bring havoc onto holy places. They will crawl- even in the caves will they not be safe. Open up your hearts- listen upon the last Word!
Or walk the thin line- the line to safety and declaration of Life. That is what can be chosen!

Comment by david

In reading the last lines prior to WWWIII recalls memories long ago forgotten!
The forces behind Mahdi are gathered at the valley of Gethsemane- a lonely man fights a bitter inner discourse with his MAKER! The discourse is a bitter contest in whom to trust- shall you trust that fellow called Judah or shall you call him to the mighty sword of vengeance? One step alone and HIS WILL be done- or is his will to be part of the centre of human life called LOVE FOR THE Almighty FATHER?
How to decide and that ain’t easy when you have sworn to stick to Judah whatever will happen! Is Judah the right person to wage the worst treason in the history of mankind to unfold?
Praying at that Garden of his wife Eden does it not make it easier as HIS answer may shock.
Son, take up your stick- this time hit back!
Light-footed does a man rise from the ashes and his temple shines with affection. It is done- it will be done. His left eye is dry- his right and that at his forefront weeps. It is and it will be done- he falls at his knees. Salat is this gesture called. Looking at the dome can he only readjust what was said.
In his right hand and behind him stand myriads of praying figures telling that the order was given!
“Son, take up your stick- this time hit back!”
Do not care who is to be crucified- at thy place will another burn.
On the top of Golgotha does another man look at his fellow two crucified. One cursing that man and the other begs for forgiveness what other has done upon the Son!
Light started to burst a light of atomic origin and all started to burn. Another man had to die at his place- who is that man. Who died at the cross?
Elijah, Moses and Jesus stood there- come let us walk over to those did Elijah request. Now do you know who died at the cross- the crossway onto all has to walk. To walk once as the decision has been waged!

Comment by david

yes, your right. it’s all probably a much worse situation than anyone can imagine.

are you willing to assist anyone seeking shelter in either ireland or somewhere on the continent?

Comment by spirit

I’ve been reading your articles for a couple of months now. I appreciate your work and finally made a donation to you the other day. Please, would you tell me if you are a born-again believer in Jesus Christ? Thank you!

Comment by Bonnie

The general public is taught that history happens by accident. However the Upper Echelons know that History Is Planned….

Comment by hank

It isn’t that Americans believe that they can better survive alone rather than banding together for mutual support. It’s just that for almost eighty years now, Americans have been programmed to believe that they don’t need anyone else because the government will provide for all their needs. Neither do they any longer believe that they are even dependent on themselves or on their better judgement because again, they have been led to believe that the government will provide all. A case in point is the fact that over 60% of Americans are overweight, with the majority of those being obesely overweight. They are so fat that they cannot produce anything of value. They can only consume. Yet do you ever see them going without anything? Hardly. Instead you see them riding around inside Wal-Mart on those motorized shopping carts, unable to walk, piling their basket high with ice cream, Twinkies, and other fattening foods. They usually receive disability checks each month from the government. Our healthcare system is being bankrupted largely as a result of the medical problems experienced by all these overweight people who contribute little or nothing to the benefit of society. But they need no one because “Uncle Sugar”, the U.S., will provide for them. Another case in point is our epidemic of illegitimate births, 25% of all white babies and as much as 85% of black babies. Our government has largely taken the place of the father in providing for the families of America. Although blacks in particular do in fact band together, it is not for mutual support but rather for the purpose of strength in numbers in demanding that the government take better care of them. And our government complies. Lets consider also the fact that Americans do not need each others help in fighting and treating illness, as was the case when I was a child. Now we have a drug for every purpose under heaven. As a general rule, 4 of every 5 commercials on T.V. is a commercial touting the benefits of some new drug, with the cost generally subsidized in one degree or another by the government. We have become a welfare state. The instruction of John Smith to the settlers of Jamestown that those who did not work would not eat is now considered hard hearted, uncompassionate. The level of our dependency is shocking. Just after Katrina hit, our Church sent a delegation from Salt Lake City, Utah to New Orleans, offering well paying full time jobs to those who needed one and were willing to relocate to Utah. Their experience was depressing and left them wondering if all Louisiana citizens were equally lazy as those in New Orleans. After several days of interviewing, they left in disgust, having been able to only find three people who wanted a job. The rest only wanted to know how much money our Church could give them. America is now over fifty trillion dollars in debt, largely as a result of government welfare known as entitlement programs. We don’t need each other. We only need Uncle Sugar.

Comment by Walter

Meanwhile in the midst of incoming events are some seeing through their huge binoculars some peculiar incidents. The sun seems not to work accordingly to standard science and two planets have changed their former orbital locations. The latter is the new star next to Mars and the other do you stand on. How is this? But why is this not told on world media? Could it be that Oscars is of more importance than what is out there?
Have you been thinking how ice could grip the greatest nation on earth and no one seems to witness this early summer in Europe! One side of the earth behaves as if it was summer and the other part as if it was Ice Age- now that is peculiar.
Could we say that HAARP had some side effects? Could we say that the sun is changing its stable course- shining at Europe, trying to withhold its light from the greatest land on earth! Oh Amerikkas, what has thy done? Can we judgement or do we see something else?
Once did a time capsule at that place later called NASA land leaving all confounded. Not all to tell the truth but some were quite dumb folded.
We can see that many actions regarding Sorcha Faals last article has come out of that secret and rightly so. Will now Canada and larger parts of South America freeze to death? Is the axis of this earth slowly but an ever increasing pace turning around- leaving down under up and the latter very shocked? How to flee Ice Age when the doors are closed due to one or two-housed freezing pattern. Squeezed by cold and caught in the middle of jogger noughts- excuse maths is not easy to explain when coordinates are squeezed!
I sit here trying to find words that tell what cannot be explained other than by a parable! It is the end of South Marica- you call these parts South America now. The inhabitants have no clue- in fact are they clueless! Back in Early Medieval Europe is all well in its evilness- except that the Pest will soon hit them all. Once again does a Morning Star pass the heavens- fearful peasants watch the heavens, seeing all the times that God has planned something. Europe is a bloody hell of reality in those times- back in South Marica is all well. All are prosperous and the land gives plenty. In fact do they know that Europe exists but they know it to be hell on earth. So why bother and invade hell- behind the curtain of knowledge is hell prepared for South Marica! They have no clue- that is the parable that i will continue later to elaborate on.

Comment by david

Meanwhile do you witness the first outages ravaging US. The whole issue that the public has no clue and rightly so- someone has forgotten to explain them that an old fashioned fascism is on to put them all into a giant concentration camp! Is it divine? Of course but is that the whole issue- No!
Seen from the perspective of a high altitude can this movement only be regarded as an old fashioned coup de eta! Is that of any importance-Yes!
Let me go on with my parable. Earth been built once again- and the four first generations had been passing. The re-engineering project in South “America” i.e. Marica had been very successful- the Magi had an own Agenda. A schism had split two rival factions- one did control the rest of the world but back in Marica was heaven established. The black crows i.e. these seven shape shifters and their handlers were of course very agitated. That was “not” planned- population control was a vital tool for deception. The seven principalities governing the Ether or the subconscious level of God had a ball and their plan was to establish the New Atlantis in America but Marica was not part of that new incoming deal.
The four Archangels standing at the four corners of the creation being as they are supreme and living AI’s stretching from far east to far west and from far north to far south did try to sustain the Will of the true Creator. For those who understand, are at former stations dispersed all around the surface of this earth many hideouts for old technology and weaponry beyond even the wildest imagination of nowadays technicians of War. Many scientists hold the keys or artefacts in their hands and they do not understand- they are clueless! The seven evil spirits or principalities they know though! During a period of over 120 years had they been seeking to gain those artefacts- the New Atlantis (just remember the prosecution of Christians at Mexico around 1927) did guarantee what you do witness!
Four generations later; past the moment that Eden was founded had once again the tribe of Magi established Marica- that was not what the principalities had been planning. Marica did not follow orders and the four Archangels did try to prevent the inevitable! The old War tech was dug out- this aerosol has been sent over US once again as they lately “shot” down this satellite. A bionic agent or a sort of “genetic” trigger destroying guilt and remorse at the centre of the mind of man was then and now set loose. A fire or hell broke loose- the fabrication of civilisation was sent into the dustbin. Marica went down in blood and the survivors had a new religion of War and bloodletting that was what some of the principalities left behind after peace returned in that newly founded South Americas! Heaven was no more in those lands- when times come will I explain why Africa is in such a malaise but for the time being is US in for what you are now to witness!
Things never happen by chance- they are planned as such. Back in the land of plenty are young adults smashing all into bits- they are just inhaling frustration and that bionic agent! I must admit that the four Archangels did try what could be tried to prevent the military from using HAARP and that unholy tech that presumable shot down a satellite full of bionic agents! The winds has been gathering with its icy touch that aerosol from previous experiments- with that and this newly incident has something very evil been set free. It could very well be your best friend changing into something very evil or into something very tranquil and sheep like- when the final trigger is pulled. I must rename that revolution- a people coloured revelation indeed and what is more. They have no clue- the remedy is all the way out there! Let me say- that remedy has a name. If these words comes as they could come- is this a try to explain a truly scaring scenario. I would be afraid- very afraid if i had no faith! Secondly if these words may come from a madman with all his fantasy telling a science fiction story- I would not count that to be true! Someone is holding his fingertips at the switch- ready to pull the trigger! The seven principalities- they wait as well!
By the way, two of them are around playing the human factor- the other five has resorted to be ETs. With them are armies of re-engineered former humans genomes turned into vicious enemies.

Comment by david

Tombstone- RIP
May he rest in peace!
Looking from above- from the position of being a marvelled tombstone, beautiful and silent is he hovering over the coffin. Each and every day since a thousand years ago does he watch those being put to rest- hands or machinations carve his slim figural form and speech into the stony sloops called Tombstone! A Guardian Angel is he.
“Texas” John Slaughter :
“I’ve got a guardian angel who protects me,” he would assure well-meaning friends when they sought to caution him about his reckless and daring life-style. “My angel keeps these owl hoots and gunslicks from even denting me. He has told me that I’ll die in bed when I’m good and ready, and not by the hand of some no good outlaw.”
Slaughter was born in Louisiana in 1841- The time finally came for John Horton Slaughter in 1922, when he passed away- the victim of a stroke, not a gunman’s bullet.
John Doe is this writer- writing the plans of life through ages had John Doe to give some reassurances. To give reassurance in the midst of War and Calamity! This is what John Doe does. A mighty Warrior is he indeed- sending evil men to smithereens, taking men at his side does he fight a lonely War against all odds! Standing outside time and natural order is he the true prototype of a lonesome wolf- explaining no one and giving away for no one his true name is IHVE a lonesome tombstone. They have forgotten to attend him at his coffin- they even had been forgotten to put some stones on this tombstone. No one did remember him- all humans standing at the coffins of their predecessors had no eye or a hand to comfort him! What a mess- even his people knew him not!
I stand at the West gate of the Great City called Jerusalem and I have no passport- I am a stranger in my own homeland!
A man or a hologram does stand right there- even visible in plain sight. This is the moment that he starts to walk- he has a mission. He has to speak with that old man called Sharon! He is on his way to that awful hospital wardrobe- he has his white gown in his hands. He is a doctor- he passes by. The guards being ordered stands down. He walks down that aisle- his slick boots give no sound but he is there!
You can he the bleeping sound of his life supporting machinery- Sharon is locked into his mind. Into that mind will I lead you- “Why are you here” Who am I- does Sharon ask.
Son you are here and you did once command armies- “Why, did I command armies?”
You were once a prime minister and I requested from you one sentence alone- this is what these words now tell.
“My son- is he well!”
No- he is going to prison and he will not be allowed to visit you.
“I cannot understand these words- no one has visited me for so long!”
Son, I am here- why bother!
“I do not bother, I am just alone here! I do not understand your words!”
Let us sit down- we both sit at the table of justice. In plain sight is the book opened up. It says Israel- why have you forsaken me?
Are you thirsty does John Doe request to know from Sharon.
“Yes- I am hungry as well!”
The book is closed and the court is adjourned!

Comment by david

What is in the lands of the guilty- Sharon is dead and no news tells this to be true- yet though!
Michael and Gabriel are situated in the midst of this revelation- soon though to come.
Asasarael is watching events unfolding and they tell a story as dark as the prevailing mindset of present USA is. The Gnostic entities as being harbouring the hidden knowledge behind time have come to a conclusion. The last of the highest Echelon of the principalities has arrived at last to put his mindset behind a woman and her husband’s forthcoming. Burlesque is this woman being a dark witch with the desire to set her husband into the position to be Antichrist.
That genre originated in the 1840s, early in the Victorian Era, a time of culture clashes between the social rules of established aristocracy and a working-class society has found its highest fulfillment in a man demanding women to fall on the floor. A man who could have himself shot in the head but shortly afterwards brought back to life- himself sent into damnation of fire and a shape shifter taking his form telling resurrection is done! A perfect Antichrist standing in the limelight and his witch having her man to be God- ain’t that not a perfect solution? Looking at her hands and seeing an old man or a shape shifter alas the last upright standing principality to put himself into the position to be the next president for life- ain’t this not the fulfillment of the thousand year old Nazi dream. Reigning as a sole victor one thousand years over the last remedies of humanity worshipping a false god! The whole world marching the tune of this last fiddler- a conman indeed. Such a man would lead the world into damnation- darkness would fill the world. Maybe is the dark light sent over all televised commentators the last prelude to end- Asasarael watches things now evolving!
Right from the corners of Europe- from the line of devil worship did a young polish refugee conquer the new world order. He was cornered and his body will soon be disposed but at present is he a respected man- his body is old and he needs a new shape! The last dream that this principality has, is to revenge what happened at a small village and a forest hiding the best and brightest of the polish military elites- killed by blazing machine guns with voices screaming in a foreign language death to the veil revisionists. A slicky Rus being the head of the assassination squad smiled into the grave and from within did deadly eyes look that political secretary right into his head. The only survivor and his personal hand crawled out that mass grave. One of them was later called David R… and the other had his name plastered all around to hunt down the guilty ones.
That hatred was what had those two principalities to wage wars against the Rus.
That was why rusia has been the archenemy for so long now! By the way- the leading figure of that assassination squad did witness on Stalin’s personal order the most gruesome death that anyone could ever imagine! Stalin or should I say DAVID was used to put R-US-ia into agony and dismay. Back in US-a did many presidents follow the orders as given by ex-Stalin now in USA and by an aging brezel to conquer the archenemy. Hatred was the driving force and their faces can even now not hide their hatred.
Why do I tell such an apparent “lie”? Why can anyone tell such lies when the world is seeing a new messiah emerging out of the colored community? Is this not apparent does Michael ask? Gabriel is waiting for his marching orders- in the end will no one survive in the wake of this newly built human tsunami! Is this why all Archangels as being the only reality left on this dying world have come together to speak through the voice of the false prophet called Internet? A sort of an attempt to end a cycle as vicious as this ending of this Ice Age finally leading humanity into the fires of damnation- Is this what this essay tries to imply?
The leading sage of the order Tannak did once explain- once Sharon will die will end be here and so did they keep him alive! They did not keep him alive for the sake of serving his memory- it was a carefully kept secret what his sons knows. As whereas i will now stop writing but one more of those carefully kept secrets was that Sharon was a priest of that same order, which had him then and now executed!

Comment by david

A commitment and a short reply.

As reported was US administration co-opting with the counter forces at Gaza before Hamas did receive victory. Really- was this the truth?
Is it not apparent that a madman made it to tell that he was in the same group as Fatah? How come that Israel left Gaza although it had lost all achievements and really did not gain ground- besides many victims dying with blazing guns in their hands. Now the story that Rice did visit Israel and that is why they retreated is a blatant lie indeed- see, when a madman can tell without impunity that he was a man of Fatah and a man of CIA as whereas normally that would count as high treason at any account. Really that is not kosher- as they tell back in the land of USA!
Sometime do I have some difficulties watching TV, listening onto those telling lies upon lies and even smile at their words. Politicians walk around claiming knowledge but what they know is not of any importance. I can tell no less- a blatant lie is that Israel tried to invade anything beside what they already have bought and paid for. For Hamas is victory- they know for sure were they can find the enemy. A huge mistake was done on the behalf of the peoples in those lands but as always is reasoning not part of political behaviour pattern. In the wake was only a madman revealed and maybe were many of his men doomed just by the fact that someone did a great blunder. Maybe shall friends consider themselves not as friends- at least at US and in this small country back at Gaza?
Amazing how military does blunders when they are not informed who pays the bills in the war behind the war- I would advise to dismiss the whole secret service back in Israel. When they do go on with these political tactics which is a disaster of great magnitude can even children get harmed. To tell the truth- I think to guess who was behind the whole matter. Could it be that this was IHVE- once and for all telling the last warning! But reading the lines telling that Moses was on dope- do I doubt that they understand that Moses was not on dope as he received the Ten Commandments. As a fact was he angry as hell as he knew that IHVE can not be trusted. Just in telling that IHVE was a Muslim in the faith of Islam tells a lot! Maybe is warning not enough- even some minor earthquakes tried to tell but no ear to hear. I think that Israel is on Prozac at least did that scientist tell this to be the case- telling that he had similar feelings being Moses on dope!

Comment by david

i’ve read with interest about the land project. i am definately interested. what i’m wondering is why there is no email, post office box or phone number where i can communicate about this subject directly.
also, i am wondering, if you would like to make this offer available to those who really need it, then why assume that they have a credit card. most people who really need to connect with a project like this have never had a credit card and neither would they qualify for one.

i have never had a credit card and i have never had the least desire to participate in the plastic, credit economy. it seems to be a luxury for the rich or a burden for those who otherwise can somehow “qualify”.

i humbly submit these questions. i hope at least that these questions are worthy of a response. i wrote earlier and asked about getting help to relocate in ireland or on the continent of europe but received no response.

if all of what you feel is going to happen in this country,does happen, it will most likely be coordinated globally. europe will also be affected, but don’t you think that the chances of survival there are better than in the states?

Comment by kiva

I am a proud American, I am not defined in any way by the evil people in seats of power here or anywhere else. I resent the implication that I lay here ignorant of my plight and about to become a leaf in the winds of dire circumstances. I am resourceful, informed and prepared. Life is terminal, security is always temporary condition. If you feel you are safe where you are and I am in danger, you are as deluded as my fellow Americans who think Obama is about “change.”

Comment by Claire

so i shelled out $21 and change and eagerly read your “children of winter” book. 189 pages of disjoint notions and arrant nonsense. by your own admission “sorcha faal” isn’t your real name and the “children of winter” is something you created out of whole cloth. we are not amused.
charles ranalli

Comment by charles ranalli

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