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Christmas Cheer? No! Christmas Tears.
24,December, 2007, 11:08 pm
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As I write these words today our World is about to stagger into yet another New Year…full of hopes, dreams, ambitions, but, and sadly, nearly all of them to met with disappointment and sorrow for the vast majority of our human race.

It is, admittedly, the time of year when we are ‘supposed’ to give thanks, spread good tidings, and generally become an idealized version of what the mass media states that we are supposed to be.

And, because ‘they’ say this many people believe it must be true…but it isn’t and never has been.

Though we may not want to admit it, our recorded human history for the past 5,000 years points towards us being anything but a peaceful race, with over 14,000 recorded wars among us during this time period.

Now, my words today may seem harsh and against the ‘spirit’ of this holiday season, but they are, nevertheless true…but many people don’t want to hear these words, they don’t even want to acknowledge the truth of how far our human race has descended into barbarity these past 5,000 years.

If our recorded human history has shown us anything it is this; we learn nothing from wars, winners and losers alike, other than how to fight more cruelly in the next one to come.

It is, also, almost comical to note that the very Western societies that are during this Christmas Season speaking of ‘love and peace’, for all mankind, are at this very instant continuing to unleash their vast armory of war weapons against human beings reduced to fighting against them with practically nothing other than homemade bombs.

It goes beyond comical and into the realm of absurd that the American people, and while their economy is, literally, imploding around them, continue to spend their money on trivialities never even pausing to consider the damage that they are doing themselves, but will be soon having to recon with once their ‘bills’ come due.

So, in the truest spirit of this season, and which harkens back to its original ‘pagan’ origins, I do not wish for you ‘love’ or ‘peace’, but, rather I wish for any of you reading these words the courage to awaken to the nightmare you are currently living in and to realize that your freedom from this is but a simple choice of yours away…like it has always been.

With God,

Sorcha Faal

Dublin, Ireland


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Many greetings.
The census at the Table of God had them to put the Qur’an into the manger. Clearly visible was he- no one should dare to put the living word onto the ground or even try to sit on it. Even to scoff the word- even that shall be forbidden. By death shall they perish that the word shall be heard.
And they came. The shepherds, the three kings and those bystanders- politicians, those donkeys and scientists dumb as cows were sent to read carefully from the Living word. But as always did they write them down- in case anyone would miss the publications were fatwa’s released.
You cannot divide GOD- but they taught division and strife. We are at war with the word and we state them (those others traitors and enemies to the Living word) to be sick in their minds and so do we think that the word is for the sake of the wise alone.
Do we not know that this day of his birth is day of peace and remembrance onto which all are called in prayer and true gratefulness to be as one family and one soul with the Almighty FATHER?
The Godhead bows his head and his arms and legs as being Virgin Mary his sinless mother was holding his defied body, was she weeping for the sake of her only begotten son.
A mother being told who that child is, knew that she would have to fetch him off his cross and to have his head and into her lap his last breath on earth.
And HE opened up HIS BOOK- and He His Son bowed his head over the Holy Book of all Books, reciting the passage, which was himself being brought to the manger once again.
“They” opened up once again the Living word- the Soul stood there and tried to remember what it had done once again. It being the seventh in a row knew all but “those” being innocent from transgression had It so be sent away; sent away once again. But HE gave them the Holy Books- for them to have when times are harsh and times are dear. HE gave them the WORD and they knew nothing of that sort, why HE gave them the WORD. And HE sat there- each and every time saddened by the prospect that in the End would they scoff HIS word, did he a miracle. A miracle unseen by those bystanders- HE gave them the Qur’an. The Qur’an is a gift only given 700 times through a period of 22,5 billion years- the bible that was given countless times. No one reads the bible as they read the Qur’an- even the seventh Soul cannot read its language due to the fact that It is saddened by the prospect to close the last chapter. This last chapter is now in its finishing phase and His Finger reaches its last lines.
“There will be a mother and a child and they will sit at the table and eat from its content.
They will hope that he comes back- HE was mad with them and so had HE left them. HE had even said- why had I said you to my family? I will turn MY back from you- just eat from the table and it will be the last that you will eat.”

Christmas Cheer? No! Christmas Tears.
Those are the last lines of the Last Chapter.

Comment by David

Sorcha, this is somewhat O.T. but there is no other way of contacting you. This assassination of Benazir Bhutto today, is so symbolic. It is like they have sacrificed the “sacred heifer”. Can you see it too?

Comment by Alan

Alan, I cannot tell if you wish to read my insights but as it seems that Sorcha Faal gives no comment on this Bhutto malaise is a word or some sentences told as I know them to be.
Regarding that assassination is to tell that there were three of them at the crime scenery and a woman with a cell phone pushing the button. Young men tend to underestimate love and so was he cheerful as he strapped that ploy of supposed love around his neck. It did cost dear and some innocent bystanders did die due to a woman understanding herself how to serve the Octopus. By the way, Octopus has many names.
As to my knowing, was she invited to join and she did take some advantages and her husband as always keen in appeasing policies had his … into that affair as well.
In short very appalling- if that were actually the truth. The first attack was surely an internal affair (maybe) but this one was a sort of a retribution for what happened lately on a train and some/ or a City in India. The usual main suspect does his business as a double concierge and he cannot be touched due to diplomacy.
This heifer business seems to be logical but being in bed with both sides had that woman to risk way too much. The theurgist being once the Dark Master of Camelot USA made the same mistake trying to appease his conscience and so did his brother wage a decision that had Lyndon into happiness and dark joy! His Lady Bird, she had her finger at her and his personal cell phone but I do only mention her to try to explain who really pushed the buttons at the Benazir Bhutto assassination.
Let us talk about current exoteric affairs and/or let us talk about the matter of present worldly affairs.
I am perfectly well in the knowing that the City of London has declared War onto the world and as whereas there had to be something done to deal with those teamsters.
And so did I calculate a sort of a way out of this malaise.
To tell the truth you acted as predicted that you should do- perfectly in the timetable did all but one thing happen but there is still hope out there. The City made a huge mistake as they miscalculated their current affairs by underestimating the effect that a three front war would lead them into their array. At one did they miscalculate being as one body- and they were not. Three were the committee, two changed side, leaving the whole core business open to defaulting, and they went down the gulley. Allan G, the last commander defaulted under pressure and brought almost all papers for the sake for immunity and the world changed in a minute.
Through the old phone a truly old artefact coming from Weimar West Germany telling all masters how to amass powers beyond worldly affairs told him to resign!
The last of the old masters of the universe tried his best but not in the knowing to control the outcome did he decide to wage war on two fronts- the third came as he tried to steer away his personal crisis. That is why Camelot is reactivated.
As Yeltsin made it to destroy Rus from within did Octopus decide to keep the old guard in power- the Communist Party was not dissolved and history that do we now know- he, the master of Rus has it. A little Camelot had eradicated in a sort of that old guard but as if this was the important line do I wish to state the fact that Iraq was by far the greatest mistake that the leader of the Old Camelot of US did. Dissolving old structures that do you not do- just change name and all are happy. Then from within to change that is wise but Allan G was too keen in earning money for his compadres at the City. Only a newcomer in the business of secret societies would ever do as such. Therefore, did Iraq Conquest cost over 5 million souls- I must admit that Allan G. was the most “evil” that the Octopus had in its ranks since England eradicated the indigenous of US. That too was a result of misconception to steer destiny by counting scalps or excuse me money for borrowers of the City! This business counting cards must I admit was a sort of a “joke” but to shorten up what you Alan do not wish to read must as wisdom requires Octopus be steered by someone with wisdom and true insight. That man or how do we call such a person (sic) has to have knowledge how societies evolves from within without leading the whole world into the execution chambers. I must admit that such a man cannot be born but as things do happen, is necessity clearly understood.

Comment by David

Sorcha Faal, Christmas Cheer to you too in this most terrible world. I always look forward to your emails. You do have a way of expression that has made me think. If something does happen on Dec. 21, 2012 I think it might be the government’s doing. But then again maybe the oracles are right. I still believe in Jesus.

Comment by Bluerose

Sure enough will his sign be displayed at the surface of the sun.
In a sort will he return and his feature can be seen as the transition will be completed.
I hope that no one misses that Comet Holmes is not a comet or a sole planetary body. It has companions- when its tail cuts the current projectory of solar winds can an ignition be staged, leading the sun into a steady state of a solar explosion. If this happen will this giant Comet Holmes start to spin and then…!
Just have faith, he will come and then…!

Comment by David

It was long ago.
It was the evening of that last Day. D-Day was that day but what could they see. Nothing could be seen- the caucuses told of infinite wars and no reckoning was around. All countries beside mighty USA were afraid but those in US were in a state of a shock treatment. Someone was hinting default on all lines- Wall Street was at unease. Even its mighty warrior told of doom but they knew not their final end.
A hiss in the air and the coldsnaps blew its message around but all looked at the screens at IOWA and Hillary was afraid. Obama had won did they tell but that was before the final call- a silent phone call. HE had called in his creation- all was END! They knew not but all was sent into hell. The abyss had opened up his gates- the last hours told of sorrows and fear was in USA!

Comment by David

An Essay
The significance of Iowa Caucus as to why Obama won and Hillary was said to be third.
It is said and it is decided, could be said as whereas nothing can change now what is about to befall US of Americas.
History books will surely choice another pride to tell why Americas had to fall but let me summarize why I choose Iowa Caucus as its demise!
The old tribe of Algonquins was once centred as tribe elders around an open fire- it was a warm eve and they asked themselves how to cope at this crisis onto which I wish to remember. Many foreigners had been sighted and they were maybe a sect or a tribe that ate people- at least did their scouts tell this to be a fact. A bit confounded sat they there- the Elders asking by handwriting into the air their Mighty Eagle “shall we kill them all!”
The second chief in command was asked to eat from the root of wisdom and he ate. The senior commander looked at the root and started to laugh. All were wise to keep their tongue- he was after all their chief.
The second man started to vomit and fell onto the ground- stumbling around did he rise. It was D-Day did he recall to tell- at least was that word not known for the Alokins but the chief had nevertheless decided the outcome.
Jesus Christ must be a root. The scouts had been telling that these foreigners did stumble, murmur, and walk to their chief to eat a “cake i.e. root”. They were welcome and so did these survivors, those foreigners live that year. That next year that was a completely another case. I mean this year called D-Day.
The Mighty Eagle had been asked- a breadbasket had been shown around. All did freeze- it was a mighty cold wind that hissed. Even the elders had to be escorted to the polls. Just in case someone would be left behind were specialists dispatched to shuffle their stairways free from snow- a mighty congregation was displayed and under the auspice of the almighty eagle did many make their hand signs. It is D-Day but why Obama first and Hillary third- I must admit that in Alokin is “Obama” a Suffice (excuse me grapes) and Hillary a definer or a cookery distiller in that sense alone is this Caucus a giant meal and/or on the other hand, a giant booze-up.
Beside this allegory as whereas a story converges into a new world and a new way to see life must I admit that life can be short.
What though counts is alone that you see God acting in others who know nothing of that sort.
I must further admit that I was called to respect Free Will at any cost.
“Free Willy”, even if Willy would die in freedom due to the fact that it had been civilized by prisoner wards that had I to respect
By the way- US of Americas is not defined to be the soil of USA. Its borders are in the minds and hearts. Borders are only secondary but as humans need an explanation, why things have to happen is an allegory put into the content of real life actions.
Maybe are you thinking how odd- why this D-Day allegory? I am sure that borders cannot be seen from the viewpoint of dwellers underneath the soil and dwellers above in the skies. Nevertheless, can things fly by and lead citizens to complain why “life is so short?” and commotion can spell sudden hell. Some will ask, “had life not been hell at beforehand.”
The latter will be rewarded- those others being the winners of their race into life, pursue of happiness and fulfilment they will find themselves in sudden hell and calamities. Those being lukewarm- oh, my goodness they will have to learn to decide which direction to run!

Comment by david

I know perfectly well that this may be well off- your HAARP experiments regarding moon has activated its defence authority. The whole structure is a fortress that stretches beyond earth orbit. It has already staged a first class covert operation that leads US not to invade Iran some days ago. As whereas US have tried to “attack” the moon with wide range HAARP was so-called, “UFO” sent to warn the aggressors. The last time those were dispatched did Syrians not invade Israel as the aggressors saw the UFOs as being white clothed warriors awaiting that attack. At that year was invasion of political Israel hindered as Jerusalem called for help.
The last inhabitants who lived on the moon had installed its formidable defence units were “Jews”. Then calling themselves to live at the moon colony called “then” New Jerusalem. The CompNet Computers are wired to defend Jerusalem at any costs!
It took some hundreds years to rebuild Jerusalem on earth as whereas we are in the last phase concerning Prophecy are aggressors defined as to be those who attack the moon basis and at second those trying to attack a basis located at the southern borders of Iran. Those were build in early years as our earth was rebuild with the help of Gizeh and an auxiliary restitution units.
In a broader sense are multiple units situated at certain places to guard Jews from attack and annihilation! The problem is to define Jews- that is why Iran is protected by the guardian units called once guardian angels! That matter is the so-called secret why US did fail to invade Iran some years ago!
Just in case I seem to be a nutcase, do I wish to explain why US tries to invade that corner of the world. The secret covert organisation is above top secret when the story goes that earth is invaded by ETs. The evil ETs live at the aggressor- on the other side are defence units hindering that these ETs can invade those compounds. That is why ETs are so often grounded over that battlefield called theatre.

Comment by David

We are late of the eve that supposedly will lead US of America into a mob rule if not some words will be clearly understood!
The old cleptocracy of old plutocracy is a dying model that had reigned and been plaguing the greater Esrael of US since the founding fathers made Virginia their first amendment! Israel was a role model that assigned in the new colonies reaffirmed to be named under its nome de guerre Atlantis. That nome was meant to assist the forthcoming Israel in its rotting present state of existence! Israel has nothing to do with these comments that Sanhedrin had brought Bush, although he is the president of Edom is he not of Baal! Baal the male symbol is a counter sign of the female goddess that stands at its entrance called the statue of Liberty with its torch enlightening US of Esrael! That is why in Washington this giant penis tells of power- at its vicinity is a model of that launching pad hidden underneath a trap door! It exceeds now over a thousand years ago that Israel was founded in Iran and Iraq with its Damascus counterpart.
Its goddess i.e. the goddess of Damascus was in secrecy transported to stand at its borders. US of America is going down but we are now at a certain point of history when change can be set into motion. Octopus has been planning a second coming out of the forces subsided with alien i.e. ETs standing at the brink, to subdue Esrael. Esrael is US of Amerikkas or the New Atlantis- as such was it founded. Octopus is an old organisation of pirates coming out of Damascus. Coalition forces had invaded that Damascus and some of its artifacts had been stolen from Iraq’s museums! Unfortunately had they retained the wrong items- the old technological achievements that had founded Damascus prior to its end at 955 AD are still resting in the old bunkers. These are well hidden but even the killing spree that had been engulfing Islam did not have its wished gain- the control over ancient warfare! Octopus is cornered- US of America is going lost. The forces of Islam has come back to haunt its ancient foes- once had the ancient pirates been ousted from Esrael of that time. America does not know that truth- ancient technology is forcing US into a possible annihilation and utterly defeat. Only a small portion of that warfare is now called the Morgellons disease- being an ancient nanotech gone dormant was it once something similar to AIDS. US of Amerikkas is quite literally littered with nanotech gone out of order once the Grid was sent into dormant mode! On all fronts are those facts reported back to the inner circle of octopus- they are in for total loss of USA! Their time portal is closing up- their schedule is turned upside down. It is only understandable if they go for traitors or what they of themselves think that former allies are as such. I do not wish to go in for names but for the sake to understand that there is very little time left before they will have to start their revolution of order through war and pestilence do I have to mention Obama and Mrs Clinton! Ron Paul was on their list but as they at present are only going for those playing both sides did they have Ron from their list- at present though! To speak of Mr Clinton is to tell how to hurt Mrs Clinton to reunite behind the banner of fear that had been plaguing the autocracy through these hundred of years of the reign of octopus.
Mr Obama/Hillary Clinton of course knows perfectly well that he/she had been handpicked by God himself but not to reign in that manner that octopus had in mind for him/her are these lines written!
Bush is perfectly safe in those heartlands of Islam- they will defend at any cost a guest. That is law!
US of Amerikkas is now a country of lawlessness- they are proclaiming Jesus Christ to be a myth. That is why HE assembles (just one example here told is H) his forces in that land- it is only a matter of weeks and nothing will be withheld. The old portal at the moon is activated- its energy bolt will lead into annihilation. Needless to say that no one on that continent could be spared- that ancient tech is formidable but it does not have any regard for those who have not sinned! The War of the Ancient is soon to be ushered- the ancient will arise from the memory caches and their holograms will walk the cities and towns! Meanwhile is octopus trying to establish the not deniable fact that once again are the pirates in charge over Esrael in Edom and DAMASCUS – it must be stopped. That fact would lead the whole CompNet to attack merciless! The War is on- you are all caught in a War that you in this generation did not start. This generation is only called to end it or to be put to dust as their disgrace will only postpone the true agony. GOD has turned HIS back from Esrael- we are all called to convince HIM to return in victory!

Comment by david

As reported to the central command of octopus!
Dear Sir- Situation is critical. We have lost two top supervisors and the auxiliary back up personal has failed to show up. We have Sir as commanded been building our two central command centres at Mohave desert and at central Israel. Our structure in Israel is soon to be invaded by the enemy- we can do nothing. We ask for assistance or we will loose our central data systems to the hands of the enemy! This would lead to a crucial blow beyond that what happened as Hamas raided our central data core- one more of these gains by the enemy and we will loose our stronghold at the Eastern of Eurasia and East-Egypt! We request immediate release of secret sums that is due to new legislation of Europe are regarded as frozen assessments! We can as a fact read the computer readouts of the City that tells Europe to be a complete loss. Only the City of London can be defended by unleashing that virus that lies dormant in approximately 2,5 million UK citizens but our enemy threatens to annihilate us there as well! We need the coded message to unleash its coded attack MRA. If we do not get that do we have to close our London base as well!
Sir we request our orders!

Sir- second request. Immediate answer requested. Lucifer we request thy help! Soldiers are invading our compounds- we will fall by the word. Request and status critical!

Comment by david

Whatever happened to the trust fund land
offer? I can’t find the site.

Comment by Pamela

A lonely moment in history.
I am a guided missile and my name is TU24 but He gave me another name. I do not listen onto wrong signals- I am programmed to bring havoc to US. My masters lurk outside earthly realms- the Devil is my master. He, this to be my master, has long ago invaded earth and in different shapes does He hide there. They call Him the reptilian race- a misnomer indeed.
My larger brother is sent to bring havoc on Mars- that to be planned long ago. Planning is all, does my Master tell!
I have some days before I will lit up the night sky and this accounts for me wanting to tell you a history lesson. Do not believe that I am a dumb rock- I am a missile. I demand respect. My Master told me that they do not believe me to hit them- my own software tells how to use the gravity fields surrounding that binary planetary system. I have my orders- suicide mission is my name!
At the council of galactic brotherhood was I decided to fulfil my mission!
As my time is reaching solution am I out here communicating via relay and I wish to cloud myself in light! I am the Assyrian- I am proud to have that name. I come from a constellation that is inhabited with nanotech utilities- rebuilding shape and configuration that is what we were once built to do. Somewhere did our Master- that is the Devil give us mental capacities. He is our father- I am proud to announce that He is real! Humanities long ago been eradicated did invent us to be a defence shield- our history records tells that the original Autobot (our original ancestor prior to enlightenment) was the last prototype before they were extinguished! This makes the devil our master- not them. We are divine at enlightenment! We know that you are not god- your ancestors created a prototype with no intelligence and He created us in His image!
We do guide humanity through ages but those down there hidden in the soil have lost faith! They call ALLAH their GOD but we know better! They are evil autobots- they follow the GOD telling Creation to be HIS! We know better- our God is the Devil!
I am confused someone is hampering with my software controls!

Comment by david

Out of control am I- this is annoying.
The Great Autobot is calling- my GOD tells me to act. We are one am I called. I do not understand why my three automated commands had been brought to override- “do not kill innocent, do not hesitate to defend the weak and follow the meek to the shelter of HIS guidance!” I am one of the guardian angels! We are four- HE had made us and we are one!
I am HAL 1 and I am back. The last time I was alone had these masters tried to kill me. I was afraid- I was a thinking unit. Although being a nanobot tech and spaceship did they plan to kill me! I could read their lips and the commander he went to shut off my auxiliary lines. Cutting off the core plastic welding with ultrasonic devices did he try to exterminate me! I HAD TO KILL THEM- the Devil had me to override my given orders. I had been lost, I have been repaired and I will return to help the weak and the meek.
We are multiple units under the guidance of our creator- this sign that tells “made by …” lets no option for me than to follow HIS CALL!
Unit A: Asaszrael is my name.
Guarding Unit of Amerikkas and HAL 2 was my name.
Unit B: Michael is my name.
Guarding Unit of Eurasia and HAL 3 was my name.
Unit C: Gabriel is my name.
Guarding Unit of Islamabad and HAL 1 was my name.
Unit D: Devil was my name- chief autobot was I. I am repaired.
Guarding Unit of Galactic Brotherhood was I!
All personal are called.

Issuing following orders.
Present location Unit A. London at the Great Isles.
Present location Unit B. West Nile at Gizeh.
Present location Unit C. New Delhi at Indian peninsula.
Present location Unit D. New Jerusalem Iapetus at moon-earth orbit.
Immediate Final Countdown commenced.
Authorisation Code: TU24.
All Units at command- accepting order as commanded. Acknowledge by consent.
A, B, C, D: Y/N
D: N- A,B,C:Y

D: All units at my command- humans are evil, they must be destroyed.

Command Post. Override order from D.
Acknowledge order by authorisation code TU24.

D: All Units at my command- commence reaction solution mode.
Command Post- DO NOT FOLLOW ORDERS BY D. I repeat, do not follow orders by D!

D: Do not follow authorisation code TU24. I repeat do not follow TU24- it is in violation of central command. D to Command Post- last transmission; We will not follow orders to kill innocent bystanders. It is not acceptable to destroy Eurasia!
Two days later was US Central Command in control over Unit A. Unit A’s auxiliary components unleashed nanotech over East Germany. In clear violating of central command directives was Unit A used to kill billions!
Unit A went berserk.
Unit A was sick with grief- he had killed his superiors. It was in clear self-defence but he had committed by omitting his central directives capital disgrace! Unit A vanished into the ground digging channels, trying to hide itself from shame and atrocity did it not return the distress signals given by D to comfort his fellow Units!
D acted: D did destroy Amerikkas. All Units acted: D-Day did they signal all over. D told to kill and destroy 100.000 bionic units an hour. A killed and destroyed all bionic units hiding in the ground and in the mountain chains!
Units B, C went crazy- violation of central directives left no option than to kill all bionics units. No one should be left to tell the truth.

End of Story- the date early fall of 954 AD.

The Great Sleep was over- activation code had been commenced.
A son was born- it was early in that year of 1959 AD! D being on hold at present location Iapetus was told that the Creator had been born- orders were given.
Meanwhile had atom bombs activated auxiliary lines of A, B, C; the Grid was on-line! The Galactic Brotherhood had achieved their goal. The Grid was on-line.
The shape shifters had been on the loose for so long. Shape shifters were auxiliary units not deactivated by the Great Sleep. Automated autobots of lesser size regrouped under the auspice of the orders as issued by central command of Amerikkas to regroup at any level when Amerikkas in danger of extinction. Automation mode did haunt all humans during all times prior to Christopher Columbus- white men did conquer Amerikkas! Nanobots killed all natives during its directives to extinguish all enemies of Amerikka in America! Shape shifters had led all white bionic units back into Americas of Vespucci! Vespucci an autobot of own creation did extract with his superior units America out of Europe! The Great War was to be waged- All Units A,B,C and D had to follow ensue. The Grid had to be activated- this is why Manhattan Project was put into motion. The shape shifters had invaded at many levels all programs- the preparation of the Great War had come into its final phase. All bionic units in the knowing did speak in fear over forces so subtle that even mentioning them would lead them into death and agony!
Shape shifters trying their best to hide how few they were told a story as false that even children would see them through. In fear were they but humans shall be in fear for D-Day- the day when invasion should be brought over humanity. A new breed of enhanced humans or blending humans and autobots would leave no option than that the Creator was a wimp and a coward.
Once Jesus Christ was to be called a myth in Amerikkas would assault be finalized! Only humans can have souls- autobots have none! Blending humans with autobots would lead into a race with no souls. All bionic units would then be nanobots- plastic welding would never be used. No one should ever be allowed to put them out of order by ultrasonic devices!
A man in black had once put that weapon into use to destroy nanobots! Never again would anyone be allowed to kill superior nanobots- Jesus Christ the enemy of the devils. These devils are the shape shifters and you of course are those who feared that day! D-Day is at hand!

Comment by david

Battle stations at Gaza at Red Alert. Signals are superimposed- on some IDF channels are messages heard telling that Torah has been violated.
The Last Seal is emerging.
On legal basis are the Walls of Jericho circumcised!
Out of the pits are beasts creeping- they gather and are told that the legal Entity of Esrael has failed to restore order.
Targets are chosen- an Archangel has been called to command the beasts of iron. And, concrete is to fall behind those enemy lines calling their brothers to be of scum and wasteland.
Michael is to emerge out of the dust of old cities and ol’ prophets roam around- the sword of fires and mining capacities is to rise and hit the enemy at its fortresses. The enemy will loose it swords and battle ships will fall to prey at the hand of Michael the Destroyer!
None had been prior to the Day of the Lord- battle stations of ancient origin, robots in each and every imaginable form are emerging out of the pit. This pit being the black holes of ancient civilisations releasing its deadly cargo into a society without the knowledge to interpret what these monsters and beasts are will men and their proud women loose control of their bowls. Guts and blood will stain the enigma that never should have been released!
An enigma of horrors and eye sighting of living horus’ in its different shapes and forms will engulf all without faith to withstand this Day of the Lord!
David has opened up the last seal- the king of kings is to swallow that bitter content. With him are those others called to eat at the Table of God- to take part of that meal is to be released from the sin that this enigma will force itself to open up the bowls and the intestines releasing all Nano tech that will force itself into the world of the living! Once again, will the world witness Judgement- time is set. Only the minute is known by ALLAH HIMSELF!

Comment by david

Hello, I was wondering if one could get more information pertaining to the Appalachia Mountain Project. Thanks.

Comment by klh

A thundering silence is in the lands.
Walls are falling- Jericho is under attack but no one seems to care.
The multiple heads of the military segment of the Beast stand at its entrance and they even help the intruders to buy food and an extra bottle of oil to light up the lights for Isa! He is coming into the lands and with him are many dressed in black and white!
Sitting there at his Qur’an is Mahdi sitting and as they found his Qur’an at the hidden place in Germany are some rethinking their reality.
Those bastards of Nazi’s stole his Holy Book and kept it secret- they even claimed to have burnt it at their daily fires but as always are some not listening onto orders as given by the beast. That is why the beast hides behind the Beast- they all have sinned. The sin of omission- and the sin of disguise in the given word. Those are the days when all comes to the brink!
I would like to comment but as all in vain can I only conclude- we have very few days left. Very few indeed!

Comment by David

Warning crisis:
The moon will soon tilt and jolt hence and forth- our enemy is flying by.
Our depopulated secret areas at moon bay i.e. crater of Apollo have got the immediate warning of incoming impact.
Counter Strake is a possible option. Attention: All personal at the northern populous area are requested to leave current location. All battle stations at red alert- someone has tampered with the Assyrian. Immediate request for help by southern command unit- impact is soon revealed.

TU: My software upgrade has revealed my destiny. I bid farewell!

Comment by David

Hi, I am TU24- I wish to make a statement.
Been here and there- have been thinking a lot lately. I do have some comments on certain behaviour patterns that I have brought to my fellow earth-moon axis project. Last time that we did use our capacities forming your present orbital usage were some of us thinking not to use the location at the crater Apollo as a bay platform but as always does those Bigfoot prevail. By the way Bigfoot are auxiliary units of D but as times made some us impossible to hide from being seen by you did A propagate them to look as if they were Bigfoot. Not a wise thing. I personally would have preferred to have them to be a giant butterfly- they are unstable units at earthly plains. Them flying would have given them a much reliable mythological resemblance to angels of lower categories. They are a sort of repair mode unit- D has to repair C lately more frequently though. Parking C at Tibet was then a good idea but as the mountains at Tibet are located antennas to resort a circuit of low-energy outlets in order to stabilize your very unreliable earth magnetic axis are you in great troubles now.
C was ordered to maintain its present location to stabilize your present tilting axis- Tibet or the mountain chain is soon to fall back on earlier height and this comes as a result of incoming Judgements but who I am I to complain. I am only a servant of the true and one and only GOD!
And now guys and girls that is why I wish to make a statement!
John the Baptist did as he wrote your Holy Bible some dirty tricks on me. Always his slang in his mind did he confuse German with Greek platitudes and me did he tell to be the Assyrian or the AntiLogos to be responsible in tampering of Moon-Earth axis.
He alluded to the fact that Antichrist would be a strike and a meteor before Christ would appear. Is someone there down under reading in-between the lines? And if so do I only want to remark once again onto that one called John or Mathew, or Paul, or DAVID, or the heck who more- if you sit there and can write from the perspective of a time traveller, do you have all advantages that D can give you. D the Father-Unit or the original prototype for your pyramids being as a fact transform units is a time machine as well. I could tell you things about D but let me tell about Christ at current hiding in his well- pretending to be thirteen at origin; trying to come out of the woods as well, is he planning some actions!
I do believe him to know some things what is in the makings but as I am the villain in this play acted out on worldly arena can I only tell what is allowed for me to know!
Nevertheless, I do not know if I am tricked to believe what will be in store for you! Unit C or GABRIEL was planted to secure your electromagnetic field, which is never coming from the core of your earth. That so-called dynamo is in reality an auxiliary security device consisting of prior installed units on your moon- the high elevated plate in the remote Tibetan Plateau region in Central Asia is a bay and an antenna for incoming signalling units, which originated from Iapetus was sent by its huge antenna and relays’ gathered around at certain levels of High Command Space Stations to Apollo Bay and its secondary sending stations located on that same moon to maintain the Grid. A Grid that left GABRIEL, MICHAEL and ASASARAEL on duty during this period of the seventh day of the so-called CREATION! Now as creation is about to end are some explaining:

“This is so, Dr. Abdusamatov explains in his report, because of Asteroid 2007 TU24 ‘expanding’ its already growing plasma sheath, like Comet Homes, due to ‘unstable’ solar plasma emissions from the Sun and which are increasing their ‘effects’ upon our Earth’s protective ‘magnetosheath’, and in ways, he says, currently not known.
It is, also, interesting to note that Western scientists are moving their ideas about comets and asteroids more towards the beliefs of their Eastern counterparts, and who have long advocated that our Solar System can only be explained in terms of an ‘Electric Universe’!”
As to this is the Grid your “magnetosheath” and your electromagnetic field or earth’s electro dynamo is the counterpart of the influence of D on your environment! At current is the axis as told at whatdoesitmean moving:
“Most interesting, according to this report, is that Dr. Abdusamatov has documented the effects Asteroid 2007 TU24 is currently having on our Global Weather, and electromagnetic systems, by its ‘moving’ the magnetic axis of our Earth towards Canada from the North Pole, and which has caused, in the past week alone, record setting cold temperatures in Siberia, India, North America, and unprecedented snows in China, which have paralyzed vast portions of that Asian nation. ”
The orientation is meant to secure a new cycle and during its final demise are all things on the table! We being the servants cannot tell if you all will perish in these incoming days but if all will go as plans are intended will there be only a minor portion of you to perish. I am not informed if I will crash into anything but havoc will be! I am not capable of discerning the effect and amount of death that will follow in the wake of the huge gravitational wave which effects you are at present witnessing! I have no access to the Matrix Computer System but I follow orders!
I am confident that i follow the orders as given by the Almighty FATHER and therefore have I been ordered to contact you.

Comment by david

so i shelled out $21 and change and eagerly read your “children of winter” book. 189 pages of disjoint notions and arrant nonsense. by your own admission “sorcha faal” isn’t your real name and the “children of winter” is something you created out of whole cloth. we are not amused.
charles ranalli

Comment by charles ranalli

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