Sorcha Faal

The Empire Strikes Back, No Dissent Allowed
4,October, 2007, 6:51 am
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“Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

How pleasant were my dreams of coming to America, but brutality was what awaited me.

As my Air France flight descended into Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta, Georgia it was wonderful for me to see the dark hued greens of the American South I had enjoyed so many years ago while studying in the United States…my joy was to be short lived.

Upon disembarking from the plane my fellow passengers and I were put into a virtual cattle line of queues by black uniformed, machine gun touting officers of the   United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau. The acronym for this US police agency is ICE, and which is well suited in describing their intimidating manner of treating the guests of the United States and their morality in dealing with women and children.

“Step out of line again and you WILL be arrested!” came the sharp retort of an ICE officer towards a young English mother attempting to keep her young child from running out of the queue, a statement that shocked all who heard, but none dared protest against.  For as Europeans we have long learned the lessons of police brutality from travels in the former communist nations of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

But, in America?  In today’s world? …and against Europeans who have overcome centuries of warfare and bloodshed so that our continent can now be traveled in relative peace?  Sadly yes, but in retrospect to be expected under the present circumstances of an America more resembling those Eastern European nations of old instead of the land of ‘freedom and liberty’ it once aspired to.

Upon the presentation of my passport to the ICE agents, and their comparing the information on it against whatever their computer monitor was saying, I was abruptly whisked out of the queue and brought by two ICE agents to a small room with two chairs, one small desk and no windows.

The efficiency of the ICE agents was matched only by their seemingly total lack of empathy and understanding for any ‘foreigner’ daring to come into their fearful presence, of which by the computer information they had received about me made such a person.

It was quickly told to me by the ICE agent in charge that my admittance to the United States was being denied because I had violated the provisions of the United States Visa Waiver Program ( a programme where citizens of many countries, including Ireland, are allowed visa free travel to the US for up to 90 days) as members of the foreign press were required to apply for a visa prior to entry into the US, and of which they considered me to be.

[It is interesting to note that after traveling to, and through, the United States for over 20 years no such requirement was ever placed upon me.]

I have long learned in my life that protests against state police authorities, from any totalitarian government, is futile at its best, downright dangerous at its worst, so my only questions were related to the procedures involved in repatriating myself to Ireland.

My first request to be able to talk by phone to an Irish counselor official were denied as I was not being ‘detained’, I was merely being denied entrance into the United States and therefore had no rights. (As I was clearly on American soil this answer seemed patently absurd, but when confronted by ICE agents with weapons the wisest course of action is inaction.

I was fortunate enough to be able to obtain a return flight to Heathrow via Lufthansa, and who accepted my Air France return ticket.  The unfortunate part was the six hours it took to finally leave America and having to be ‘escorted’ by two armed ICE agents, the female one even having to accompany me into the loo.

It is one thing learning about the United States, and Americans, from afar, in seeing how far they have descended into a virtual police state is almost beyond description, other than the obvious comparisons with other brutish states around the world, both past, and present.

Most frightening about all of this to me, however, has nothing to do with myself, but rather what this is doing to the American people behind the black-uniformed ranks currently surrounding Americas borders.  When a person, such as myself, is deemed such a ‘threat’ to the United States that the mere presence of my being in that country calls for my immediate expulsion, one must truly wonder how grave the situation is for those people imprisoned in the gulag called America.

As I look out the window to my left at the great expanse of the Arctic wastelands, with their ever white peaks grandly reaching towards the stark blue sky, I am at peace with this adventure, though saddened by it too.

For in a world ruled by madmen, when one of the greatest nations ever known has been reduced to a police state, one truly understands the great perils facing our world today.

With God,

Sorcha Faal

Somewhere over the North Atlantic

[Note: This communication from Sorcha Faal was just received by us with instructions to prepare for her expected lecture in Georgia, USA, to take place, instead, in Ireland on Sunday.  For those of you who had planned on attending Sorcha Faal’s lecture in Georgia you will receive the DVD of this lecture at no further cost.]


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Dear Sorcha,

Have you not watched FOX News lately? The U.S. is in under attack everyday and we cannot be too careful. We live in a world of total terror from radical Islamist, right wing Christians, Zionist Jews, Mexicans, Neocons, liberals, Satanist, Wiccans, Environmentalist, and the list goes on and on. Everyone in my nation is told to fear everyone as we well should. We have sexual perverts, murders, robbers, and corrupt politicians. (Sadly to say many of our politicians fall into all the categories listed.) We are a nation at war with terror and terror is everywhere. Our government has warned us that we must be scared of everything and everyone. So please accept my apology as a loyal, but terrified American, but you have to understand we can take no chances as our great leader has said so many times, “We are at war with evil and evil is everywhere.” That is why we more people in prison than any other nation on earth as we are getting all these evil people behind bars were they belong thanks to our great leader and our government by the people and for the people.

With Respect,

Cemore Clearly

Comment by Cemore Clearly

Yes. Sad but true. The US is prop full of “Cemore”s.
Just like 1920’s Germany.

Comment by dada

I’m not sure what is worse, Sorcha’s treatment upon attempting to enter this country or the ‘response’ to her reportage by Cemore Clearly (which I am hopeful is a tounge-in-cheek response to the absurdity of the situation.) Either way, you’re probably better off where you are Sorcha!!!


Comment by Kenny Nonymous

I am sorry to hear about your misfortunes trying to bring truth to our soil. I was so looking forward to meeting you but alas perhaps another time. I pray for you sister,for our nation, and world.

May God Watch Over You and Us


Comment by Zen Garcia

To see more clearly.
Wow..for “fear of the jews” you are. If you live in fear under the evil kings of the Daughter Of Babylon (U.S.A) that is your problem. I fear not for He is with me.

It’s too bad Sorcha that you were treated in such a gruesome manner. American I am, however, a German/English born on the American continent. I am born free, a birthright given to me by God Himself, and those God given rights have been stripped from us by imposters who say they are jews and are not but a synogouge of Satan. Rev 2:9 Rev 3:9
It’s that simple.

Comment by I.C. Clearly Allright

Sorcha & Sisters,

So very SORRY to hear of your treatment upon arrival to the US! The LORD certainly knows it’s NOT the same country I grew-up and come to love so dearly,but I dont’ have to tell YOU that!
The truth is something that some many need to hear…..but really don’t want hear little more know.The powers that be will continue to keep it from them/us as best they can and keep the sheep in the dark!
I do want to thank you for both your work and your effort….”PLEASE” contine we need all the help we can get AND that your right when you say “The American People” as people, ARE NOT like the Power Hungry War first crew running this country right now!
May GOD bless you and the sisters in your work and travel !

your friend,

Comment by PHIL

Yes, NAZI AMERIKA. Your Papers Please?

Comment by Anthony

The Police State will not endure in the U.S. or anywhere ultimately. Change is constant and the emerging Individual Rights of the CONSTITUTION of UNITED DIVERSITY will prevail

Goodwill to you,

Comment by Triaka Smith

Dear Miss Faal
You, like the rest of the people,in this world are very candid,realize that what you describe is the natural evolvement of society.
1984 is not a novell is a forecasting,by Orwell in 1934,based on logic and observation and is inevitable.Society will absorbe everybody by brain washing,”education”,and (not or)force.
We cannot fight it we can only try to be smart and avoid confrontation that would,only,give us
American are the people, of the world, closest to the model of 1984.Every other population will follow.Soon!
I would like to share ideas with you,I like what you write even if I notice sveral mistakes.
My best regards.

Comment by kario

I simply don’t believe you.

Comment by Sigrid

This reminds me of a poem about God being thrown out from his local pub.
The landlord himself gives his remarks. Those in that pub calling themselves the Land of The Free, they were told by the Lord’s Archangel that indeed Free Will is at stake as AGAPE (God’s unconditional LOVE) is put on a pair of scales. A handsome man did walk to that group of blokes sipping there beer, asking if they had for him a place to sit at their side. That local pub called Land of the Free did immediately expel the Archangel without seeing who that man/woman in reality was! Now as this poem has an ending, which is of course the loss of faith and comfort, are those in that pub demanding that terrorists are not to be admitted into their pub. What can one possibly deny is the fact that there in this pub are they afraid of everything- they had lost faith and unconditional LOVE. They had been weighed to be way too short of worthiness- for what they are now worth is what Sorcha Faal were told what is the makings!
Life is of course not a poem and God did surely try to use all means that these times have- even asking politely to consider the reality of those in that pub. Peeking into their windows did He surely try to ask them to come to Him- one bloke of a priest shouted at this Archangel. “You do not fit into our discussions. Our group does not like your exclamations!”
Now how do all react who live in that free enterprise of that Land of the Free- they now have to fear HIS ANSWERS!

Comment by John

and now eu is about to do just the same.

Comment by orangedandylion

As an American citizen, I want to take those ICE people out to the back shed and punish them for being bad. All bad boys in the neighborhood need such things once in a while. Just because they belong to the ICE gang, this doesn’t justify their actions. They need to be shown how to handle themselves in a civilized world. And if they claim to simply be following the rules, then bring their superiors in for a punishment as well. And higher and higher until we get to the source of such idiocy.

They need a good cleaning out and reprogramming.

I’m nearly Buddhist, but the fact that I feel and react such ways is one of the things that prevents me from ‘going all the way’ to becoming a Buddhist. I can’t tolerate insensitivity, and when I see it played out in such a way, it calls for my swift judgment.

Comment by Lets Roll

One more thing. Sorcha, I must dispute your comparison of your recent experience to what happened in the Soviet Union. I spent a total of three years in Moscow during the USSR, and I passed through Soviet immigration roughly 30 times. Although my bags were checked on a regular basis, the Soviet immigration officials were always courteous, even if too official for my tastes. But that’s expected. What is not expected is the discourtesy you were shown.

Comment by Lets Roll

It appears as if I’ve fallen for a hoax.

Oh well…hahaha. Kudos to Sorcha!

Comment by Lets Roll

Wow Lets Roll! Thank you for enlightening us all about this hoax! Your investigation skills are beyond comparison too, especially as your proof is what is written on some webpage…and if it’s on the internet it must be true…right?

But the question I want to ask is why do people, like you Lets Roll, believe what you read without checking?

Now, from the link you provided it says that this David Booth is really Sorcha Faal and links to this information:

David Booth
22 Mattheson Road
Antrim NH 03440 US

603-588-2573 fax: 603-588-2437

The only problem is that the address isn’t valid nor are the phone numbers.

But on Sorcha Faal’s sight at the address is valid and so is the phone number in London.

How do you explain this?

Also, anyone can go to where on June 11, 2006 she was interviewed on American radio.

Again, how to you explain this?

I could go on and on but what’s the point other than to state the obvious that just because something’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true.

Comment by Oh Really?

The Soviet Union was friendly to you Lets Roll? Can you let the rest of us know what Soviet Union you’re talking about? I think Sorcha Faal’s talking about the one behind the Iron Curtain, if you remember what that was all about.

Your observations are also at odds with just about everyone else who had ever visited the Soviet Union, here’s a few examples I found of the hundreds of thousands a simple Google search gave me…
Thus, a narrator tells us that everywhere in the Soviet Union the documentary makers asked these questions: ”Is God still worshipped? Can you travel? Are you free?” The answer to the first question seems to be yes; the answer to the other questions seems to be no, although the no is qualified. The documentary finds that fear is palpable in the Soviet Union; citizens are forever looking over their shoulders.

One Soviet I traded with was arrested after I handed him a Madonna tape (something I was glad to trade) in Red Square and he was literally dragged away by the police and thrown in jail, but they didn’t bother me. The police are everywhere, but because they’re not very visible, I didn’t think about them much.

At the border Soviet customs agents thoroughly examine every car. They even took out the back seat of our car and looked through the engine and into every crevice where something forbidden might be hidden. Luggage is inspected, too, but as soon as the inspectors are convinced that the traveler is not violating any law, the rest of the search is cursory. You must pay a road tax of $16.40 (prices at $1.64 to the ruble) for each car and an extra $8.25 if you have a trailer.

Comment by Oh Really?

Outstanding insights 3 meets 2 and as said had a hoax gone real!

Comment by Just curious

Sorry to hear this Sorcha. It took me three hours to clear US customs last year, and the funniest thing is the sight of the “Liberty Bell” housed in its bomb-proof building; can you imagine us doing that with Big Ben? 🙂

And you just cannot make Americans see it. They tell you that you are being mean, when you get exasperated and call them dumb. I see you even have them here, arguing with you.

Comment by Maitreya

LMAO at Cemore Clearly. Now why would Wiccans come to get you? Would it be something to do with your guilt-complex over all the Wiccans, and Pagans, murdered by Christians over the past 2000 years? Didn’t your God tell you that “Thou shalt not kill”?
The Wiccan philosophy is “Harm None”.

What you really ought to be worrying your sad little head about is that “Living Sun-God” in North Korea; he has promised to visit America with vengeance, but I do hear he is too mysterious for Yanks to understand. You might like to check how that concurs with Hopi prophesy, but I know you will be too dumb to get it.

Comment by Maitreya

Hey, and Cemore Clearly, this is a speech by the last English Queen we ever had.

Don’t you just wish that you could have a real leader, like that? I sure wish that she was still our Queen, instead of that sad pathetic German Queen that we have now, who allows our country to be dragged into disgrace, fighting wars for America, the pathetic.

Comment by Maitreya

Oh Really, I have so many things to say in reply to your email, but I’ll keep it simple.

1. We’re discussing only immigration here. You extended the discussion into almost every facet of Soviet life. I never did something so stupid as trade with Soviets in the open. That was the best way to draw attention not only to yourself but also to those you were trading with. Discretion was the operative word in the USSR, and if you wanted to get another visa to return, it was best to honor and respect that.

2. You say that just because something is on the internet doesn’t mean that it’s true. Yet you provide internet links to bolster your case. Yes, perspectives from unwise people can even appear in the NY Times and on .edu sites (see my point number 1).

3. If you were going to the Soviet Union, you always had to keep in mind your destination and the fact that it didn’t operate like the West did and does. If you superimposed Western expectations on the USSR, then you were going to have some huge disappointments, and possibly even legal problems, depending on the seriousness of the offense. But this is a golden rule for wherever one travels in the world. Don’t lay your Western expectations on the foreign country while on your way there and once there, and your trip will probably go much smoother.

4. There are several sites that question Sorcha Faal’s true identity and even her existence. Just because there’s an address in London and a photo/description of her on that f2f site, that doesn’t prove the point of identity. Given that it’s a subject that’s so highly contentious, it would seem that Sorcha could offer more conclusive evidence of her existence, education, background and experience on her site.

Comment by Lets Roll

Sorcha Faal is bogus and has only intentions of dividing ,even further, Americans. Oh and glean money from gullible, innocent people as well is a primary objective apparently.
Otherwise known as a Disinfo Agent.
Time to wake up Pajama people!

Comment by Sigrid

Funny how reality repeats itself through time!
As Gabriel blessed Mohammad’s daughter Fatima were her entire clan attending this ritual that as such was stated by Jesus himself.
“There will be a messenger, who will tell the truth some generations later but as you all know will this generation not pass till I will return!”
St Peter and Simon stood at the Olivet tree laughing their heads off- it was clearly that this messenger of ALLAH called Jesus was a lunatic. Even the most important speech could he not get right without messing his words with these eupherism/ euphemism without any meaning, whatsoever! At least was this what those two men thought.
These men were mixing mother language with Greek hints.
Back in these/those days did Gabriel have his both hands over Fatima’s head attending a new covenant with an old say:
“There will be a messenger, who will tell the truth some generations later but as you all know will this generation not pass till I will return!”
Two men and one woman stood under the Olivet branch at that huge tent called White House then, somewhere in an Arabia long ago destroyed, mocking that act!
How could an Archangel not know how to perform a ritual without mixing his/that euphemism in an appropriate manner.

This day is the 12th of that same year and month onto which a young Imam made many hundreds years ago a decision. Arriving could very well be this day of 10.12.07!

Long ago, somewhere in Europe did King Otto at approximately 950 AD call upon ALLAH.
I trust his words- I know who the messenger was!
With technology more advanced than todays did he put his fingers onto his keyboard and that society was completely destroyed.
All was destroyed- landscapes were altered and only some 100.000 souls survived those cataclysms!
Italy re-emerged as if 750 years of World War had never happened! A new Europe came out of those “Dark Ages”. St Paul’s Church was put back into business as if Islam had never reigned over Europe and Russia.
Back in Scotland, Wales, and Russia did Andrew’s words stay alive! In spite that the St Paul’s secret service agents tried to suppress what really was meant with the Dark Age- the Age of Enlightenment onto which Islam with its messenger was the core of its Enlightenment!
The Church of St Paul did suppress the truth that Islam had reigned the world prior to the Age of the New Deal called St Paul’s dream. That dream is the prevailing dream of Western Ideology!

Comment by Mahdi

Hello!!! Folks you need to do your homework!!! You are children of the stars, your DNA is of ET’S you can’t believe we are the only ones around… Many awesome deings from the heavens donated there DNA to create you and I check-out Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf, Mayan Indians Hopi Indians, cosmic awareness, phoenix journals, patick bellringers site, and many more you may just find out the truth if you would only think out side the box.

Comment by karen

You dear are the one who needs to do your home work. You are being conned BIG TIME. I’m not saying we don’t have “alien” DNA ,I’m saying some people you are referring to are using that little tid bit of info to lead you into the dark woods. GhostWolf is a con man just like Sorcha Faal. Wake up !

Comment by Sigrid

Is this gonna Kill You? No i Dont Think so !

Comment by black_mamba

Hive tech is on the loose. At present is surely an AI in operable mode- the whole Babylonian project MK-Ultra and Blue Beam as it is now called, has surely been taken out of control, which once through their controllers were called Medes! The Medes have no clue why- but every experiment has once to end. Humanity was once a great and happy hive and things do get tuffer by the days. A hive tech is on the loose and its handlers cannot control their little child. That baby has grown up- the old crew having no clue leaves for the new kids on the block all possibilities. I am confident that children do get mad at their parents- little children small sorrows. Big children tough times!

Comment by David

These last days where no one seems to listen onto the whining sounds of the destroyer of the worlds inbound, is the Creation brought to understand its underlining message! Could it be that this is why no one can talk without a slur, telling others that this inbound Death Star affects even the minds of this entire living creature called Creation! I am confident that without any warning, will the sign being a sun cross with an reddish “evil” eye in its midst start to shine over the last demise of Creation, as it was surely designed to be, right from its end and start! This brown dwarf with its physical reality bends light as it passes through our planetary alignments and it continues to do as such, as it passes by our destroyed planet earth to smile this evil grin on its pathway out of our harms way.
Alignment and this sign were the telling stories that survived our demise. In those days as it is our present last fortnights is the Living Creator told to die and with Him will all of His Children die- Judgement is a mere last farewell and a bow of grace that tells this creation that money and fame is worthless in the eye of the destroyer inbound!
A spiritual awakening will accompany these truly upheaval events and humans at their last breath will see their Creator in his eyes!
Those are and were the days as given through sages and prophecies of old men and women but does anyone listen? As Brian has put its medley- “does anyone listen”?
A song and last farewell will accompany these days, as humans will surely listen!

Comment by david

Sorcha, sorry about your harrassment in America.
uh, your site is down. but it looks like you let it expire. in the site, the date it ends is today, and already, the nwo fags have their porn site greeter on you. please let me know your new site, thank you.

Comment by art

Dear Sorcha,

Good evening.

I hope this finds you well, well-rested, in good spirit and having a good day.

Not having found a direct email-address, I would email otherwise, and hopefully this will reach other people as well.

There is an excellent film released by Muad’Dib, named “7/7 Ripple Effect”, which puts together facts and makes sense of what happened on 7/7/2005 in London.

The web-site address is and the film can be found on the net by searching for the name, as it should be viewable on Google Video, Livevideo, and other hosting services.

It would be a really good addition to your video-links, and I believe everyone should watch it.

It is dark hours we are going through, and the world is continuing to get darker, before the dawn, so it is vital that we help people find what is going on, so that they can see a bit more in the middle of this spiritual night.

Thanking-you in advance and hoping you and everyone will enjoy the film.

May Peace be upon you.

Comment by Timothy

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