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The News of Propaganda
13,August, 2007, 5:46 pm
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During the mid to late 15th Century a new word emerged from what is now called the Middle English period called newes, or newis. In today’s world we know this word as news.  But what does it mean?


In its original 15th Century meaning the word newes was simply the tidings of new things; today the word news means the reporting of recent events, intelligence or information.


It is interesting to note, too, that the letters of the word news is also an acronym for the Cardinal Points of geography: North…East…West….South.


There is no discussion of news that can be made complete without also discussing the word propaganda, and which is short for the New Latin Sacra Congregātiō dē Prōpagandā Fidē (Sacred Congregation for Propagating the Faith) established in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV for the training of Catholic priests for oversees missions.


The meaning of the word propaganda is: “information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.”


What is important to realize about the word propaganda is that it is in and of itself a neutral word, not one of a strictly negative connotation with which it is viewed in today’s world.


This is so because it carries both positive and negative connotations and can be used for either good or evil, which one depending upon whom is using it and for what reason.


With the above being understood, about both news and propaganda, you should be able to see clearly that all news is propaganda, but not all propaganda is news.  And, the only way for anyone to be able to understand the difference is through their own personal experience and education.


Between the two most readily available ‘verifiers’ one has in ascertaining the truth of news/propaganda, experience and education, it should always be remembered that education (the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment) is what has prepared a person for accepting news/propaganda as fact. And in almost all circumstances does not allow for the use of experience as a part of finding, and knowing, truth.


Experience (the observing, encountering, or undergoing of things as they occur in the course of time), on the other hand, has always been human beings most reliable resource for survival because when it is trusted allows one to be able to see the greater truth that underlies all news/propaganda.


The events of September 11th (9/11) are a case in point due to the fact that every human beings experience has shown that though aircraft had previously crashed into buildings, and that skyscrapers had previously burned, none had ever collapsed…ever.


Buildings that collapsed like those of the three buildings of the World Trade Center, and as our experience knows, could only be accomplished by their implosion by explosive devices previously planted within them.


However, confronting what your experience was showing you as the truth was the educational reinforced news/propaganda telling you the exact opposite.


Whom you believed, either your own experience or the news/propaganda, is the most accurate guide available to you so as to ascertain who you are, what you are, and what you are.


News, Propaganda, Education, Experience are all to be used in a complimentary dance with one another, never one above the other, never one without the others.  To know this, and to use it, will lead anyone to the greater meaning of all things.


I would be greatly interested in hearing your thoughts on this.


Sorcha Faal

Dublin, Ireland

13 August 2007


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Closing in are these lines.
They are all of four and even the newes are of the four.
Out of four different directions comes the Angels of Wrath to gather at Jericho!
The battle cries are intense but no one hears the actual tune telling Babylon revisited!
On its stomach lies the city of towers. Blown into pieces are their churches by malpractice and expertise of evil merchants, although bearded men called by newscasters to be guilty as hell- were they only patsies! A robot and two radio emitters interlinked and gone by the wind and into the chimney they went. Two bystanders did survive and although they hide at their mansions are hungry wolves gathering evidences and in awaiting action are all safe to act! Those innocent children sleeping in the arms of elders knew nothing but it did surely hurt as they saw the elders fear before they were thrown into the devouring oven of this lonely base in the hearts of Babylon! Men crawling at the wings rigging the impossible were disposed and the fires ate them up. Beside two of which are ready to talk!
Moments of fear but some did laugh and dance- how odd they came out of the true heartland of insurances and merchandising businesses! Americans as always duped but now angry as hell- call the wolves to act!
Funny how the puffy signs were shown as the towers came to fall but as all had to witness- planes do never bring down buildings at a pace beyond free fall! Who brought houses and those churches into the ground- these are those sitting in the offices fearing the conjunction that all the way comes once the dagger is drown neigh! A dirty knife and a dirty secret are now foretold- but what lies ahead.
Do they see what this author sees?
I doubt but at Jericho and at those cattle grounds with no fence are people not seeing that out of all directions of newes comes fires lightening up the fields.
What did their seers see?
No one could imagine that all will be over in an hour or two! Mighty Babylon is fallen and the walls of Jericho have been eradicated out of the borders. These borders called camps of disorderly peasants- once having lost their beloved Olivet’s turned mad, will they see the walls fall as well!
Here ends a truly innocent story of Wrath onto which all are called to act into!

Comment by nazorrea

An old agenda in foreclosure.
A new Agenda lurking in the Woods- a New Deal in the makings!
The drumbeats of horses and fires coming out their nostrils, seeking their four corners. Their handlers standing at the midst. Steadfast are the pillars rammed into the ground- a lonely pitcher holding his balls in his hand, does his followers gather to scream out his name. The last homerun in the formidable career of this lonely pitcher, who had to watch that others get the credit for what he told that those others should follow!
The greatest secret of all is to tell the final call is done- the pitcher once alone turns his reddish but pale face to his audience, nodding his plight is this fellow the secret messenger onto which seven churches are called upon to act! All seven joining the last purge or when wished are all of these eight leading the party to victory and fame!
What days are ahead can yet not be disclosed but fought together IN PERFECT HARMONY is the battle only one step into a bright future. Once this step is done- will the audience beyond the seventh and the eighth wake up and wonder, “Why hadn’t we understood that we could have been a Unity but instead did we seek to hit and to spit at each other!”
The audience will need assurances and comfort- they do have to understand who they were and what they can be, if they want to be AS ONE WITH THE ALMIGHTY FATHER!

Comment by Wolfgang

I don’t believe that the building in 9/11 were imploded. Because never in history has jet airliners ever rammed into a skyscaper with jet fuel burning so hot they said the metal of the building (the supports) started melting, which probably was the reason for the collapse.

Comment by truthseeker

So true of propaganda. so many of us are so busy and do not have time to investigate what we are told via the media we simply accept what we are told blindly. The forces at work in this world have come to expect that of us and are able to easily stifle us due to our own apathy. We do not even realize what is really going on around us. my first experience with the idea of media controlling us was late 2005. and I have just been flabergasted(?Spelling) at what is really going on once I started digging. People always say don’t believe everything you read online and I must say I do not. But how blindly they accept what they hear on the news!! It is hard to believe now how simple minded the average person is and how pleased they are to live their lives without searching for the truth.. the truth will set you free and when you search for truth in truth you will find truth. I am a strong christian and my faith in christ has led me in this search and I fully believe that propaganda is as you describe it and that I am constantly amazed at the sleeping church at the sleeping people everywhere in the world. People are going to be so surprised when suddenly the bottoms of their worlds will fall our. We must not blindly accept what we are told.. anyways good nite.

Comment by mh

Sleepwalking are the bystanders.
Stupidly led into annihilation and they walk along.
The blind leads those who say “let me sleep”!
If you force them to wake up, do they point their dirty fingers at you and scream “It is a damn fool who tries to fear and stir us up!”
Said is all and many are trying to forget why they behaved as if they were fear mongers.
Into sleep are these as well led-
sleepwalking are all.
This day is the night into all are led into subjugation.
May some wake up telling what could have been seen, if others were awaken to this tune that our sun will soon emanate!
Earth will sway and tilter as a drunken party goer and some or all will fall at their knees- The Day of the terrible anointment of God will force all to kneel in front of his cross! There is none and will be none day in consecutive manner that will liken this day!
The Anointment of the Lord and of our God is the ultimate fear monger that will awaken those being caught off guard! Nothing and really nothing can be told that will match to what those being caught off guard have to witness!

Comment by John

The typeface on your blog is too small for these tired eyes. I’m sure the content is interesting but…I can’t read it and apparently resetting type size doesn’t work.

Comment by eric swan

Those bastards what are they uncovering?
They have found the Second Temple and they seek in its rubbles my little room. I had been there and I went to this bastard called Tigellinus and there at his place- a small chamber. Tigellinus although a Roman was allowed to have his chamber in the most Holy Place- next to the Holy Sanctuary. What resistance had to be overcome to let a peasant of a goyim to reside at the centre of worship! A whore was he called by the priests trying to hide this room from their slaves. I could tell that it did cost a deal to hide what was set there to be hidden.
The secret lies hidden there.

At the Wailing Wall are Goyims praying at the former Roman fortress and they do not understand that there behind the walls were the Jews of old forced into consenting to be slaughtered. No one did see what went behind those walls beside this secret that I have been hiding there at Tigellinus little room adjoined as an annex to the Holy Court of Sanhedrin.
The Roman secret police had their surveillance system, which had to watch the secret and holy acts that the priests of IHVE did perform.
Nothing was set to be lost- the secret is now to be revealed.

From all four corners were information gathered and at the Holy Court of Sanhedrin i.e. the inner Sanctuarum of the second temple were all set to build intelligence gatherings that Rome could only get there! Tigellinus was only second in command as being a peasant of an equestrian order as such was later called Templar! Both Lucius the Elder and the Younger were the chiefs of that secret service, which in the end did relinquish the Second Temple! Templar were their names- the lesser order of that equestrian order was later renamed after the “apollic” or phallic Egyptian Horus order which today is the Masonic Order! The chief of this secret organisation was called Apollo i.e. or 35th degree of this former Masonic Order! Tigellinus was a 33rd degree Masonic. Caiphas was a 34th degree Masonic. Apollo was of course a 35th degree Masonic or Temple Builder! Gold was only for those greedy Romans an explanation set to unfasten every corner stone of the Second Temple. The commander in chief or 35th degree Mason called John the Baptist/John of Patmos had to hide the true reason why Masonry was set to be in the centre of the Masonic Temple called Second Temple!
Masonry is below the 25th degree an order devoted to serve Jesus Christ, above that degree is to serve Apollo or the Devil in disguise! The cause of that Second Temple or its downfall was to hide that god or antichrist had tried to form its sanctuary in a world church that set aside from Rome was meant to be the IHVE! Every Apollo or 35th degree Mason were effectively Pontifex Maximus back in Rome. Equipped with absolute powers were these Pontifex Maximus with the help of a book written with the blood of Jesus and his mother’s skin as the veil or outer layer of this book ruling both worlds. The world of spiritual powers and the world of worldly powers were handed to them through the murders of the true Apollos in form of a book that had the powers to unite evil with good- just as the personality of the 35th degree Masons were did the world turn evil or turn into something good! That book was hidden there and the new kid on the block back in Rome- the very guy that made Jerusalem desolate did wish to gain those powers. This is why Jerusalem was set into fires and all were led into captivity! That was why the Jews, who all did vanish into history of obscurity, were sent into diaspora! That was why the Jews were never allowed to come back into those lands that had sacrificed Messiah to be god themselves! That country is now in the centre of WWIII- the pottery will once again be set to burn the offerings. Those who where Jews in those days prior to 70 CE are all dispersed and all were extinguished for the deeds that their forefathers had done onto Messiah- the begotten Son of IHVE had been sacrificed for the wish to regain the powers that G-D had taken away!
I bow my head for those who were then seeking the answer why G-D had forsaken his people. I see that once again are the Giants coming back to force the remaining G-D’s own people into their stomachs as they were eaten up in those days as the Romans led them into the slaughtering machine of Baal or into the borders of nowadays Palestine. The latter was never told off but they were at thousands led to witness the Giants to land and those who survived did never regain their speech. This is why some were sent into diaspora to not be food for the alien forces that is proven to be as such in a chamber already uncovered! The veil will be once again opened up- antichrist has already spoken in the grounds of this newly found Second Temple! This foolish digging excavator did read the lines- a fool reading the lines made diaspora to be for so many!
I bow my head as this has to be- once again did a man read what never be uttered. Only a 35th degree Mason could read these lines without opening up the gates to lead the Giants into the Guilty Lands! This man was in no regard whatsoever to liken a 35th degree Mason! His voice has opened up the gates to hell- maybe will it takes days or months or even years as the doors have to give away what there is to be said! This is the secret!
Paul or Saul as his name was the man that had read the former lines without knowing what he read! Remember the ides and you will understand Caesar!

Comment by John

Wow, could spend a long time deciphering this.
Am no mason and no wish to be.

Humanity has been denied the truth by the so-called worthy forever.
Very handy stuff for keeping the “cows” inline. How many brilliant minds not given blossom and then lost because of the greed of a few?

It is said that modern scientists are puzzled by inconsistensies in analyses of atomic data. It seems that the connection of the observed to the observer is much closer that suspected. We, it seems have influence at a metaphysical level on all the universe around us. Fish swimming in the multi-dimensional cosmic fishbowl as it were.

It is also said that most legends are based on fact, Merlin? Knights of the Round Table?
Ideas. These are more powerful than any weapon. The flesh may be destroyed but the other two parts of the trinity of existance live on.

It is to the individual to decide as Jesus said, how to exist. This man told us the same things that humanity had heard before and after. “The Truth is not as easy path but dwells in the heart of each.” Choose.

The Dark forces are at work. They always have been. Choose.

Comment by raven

In advance, a short story told as the wee hours leads this writer to rest in the arms of Isis!
I appreciate your commentary as itself is a decipherable comment as to mine is my wish to explain what was once hidden from plain sight back there in a church of Isis explained!
I cannot help myself than to try explain secret knowledge as such kept to a few alone and this been so long that even I have to answer this your little hidden question! I can see your hidden agenda as I have such as well! Propaganda is the issue. I was once accused to be Sorcha Faal- although those were the words sent to this imprisoned mine of mine- will not wave a second goodbye without acting as I am sent to be. Merlin that is the propaganda ploy- this man of the progeny of Celtic druids been sent around through a mindset of the second degree of the Holy Trinity! I can see that those words will set a motion that is as if water will fall upon a mindset set aside to tell the living words who you really can be if set free!
Mind or human ingenuity can of course build a world within and this world is the inner Sanctuarum of the inner Matrix. One man or one woman once grown up has its birthright to create an inner Sanctuarum, which is an own Merlin! Fantasy is the tune that all saints live as they can be one with the Creator- they combine this inner Sanctuarum or this unheard inner Matrix with this outer MATRIX THAT IN ITSELF IS A LIE. Only the inner Matrix is a true place to dwell- there do you find the kingdom! All are commonly caught up in this spider web called reality that is of course none. The pope himself had it as he was asked why G-d allowed Shoah- I myself asked GOD and got HIS answer and I wept out of guilt! Each genocide- who is the perpetrator or is the victim differs but only one answer is given BY HIM!
Son- you are guilty to believe what you believe. You are the one who takes the decision. I am only allowing it to happen- after all are you guilty to have thought it to be!
I stood or better sat at the cinema as we made an agreement as We both watched that movie with this Italian comedian explaining Shoah with the eyes of a child. I had to fight not to cry as HE explained- I could see through the eyes and time of the perpetrators and through the eyes of those victims did I see. I saw and I understood that I am the guilty one! Never wish to be One with HIM- it is only pain and pains that one has to feel! I FEEL great gratitude in HIM as HE does not force me into those eyes of HIS as HE of course does all the times! I feel all the way sorrows that cannot be defined and I witness through HIS eyes what is done onto the very small of all. Those who are not wished to be here- them do I know! In constant pain am I but as I am sent to understand what secrets are and not sent to hide them from you all have I to speak aloud! If I was ever allowed to tell what those eyes tells would you surely weep with me but as I am bound to be grateful for what is HIS, do I only praise HIM! Although some would love to be ONE with HIM, do not seek to be as such- I know what is to be ONE WITH HIM!

Comment by John

The heralds proclaim:
Wormwood had landed- the eagle is set free!
Out of the ashes will a scarecrow roam the lands- its arms will hold an apple and a sickle. Those at its outer realms will be as if those were hands!
The people will walk that pathway, receive their rewards accordingly to their deeds, and accordingly to their words will the lesser prophecy.
At the highest ankle of this Golgotha is a cross of lapis and alloy of melted iron surrounding its stand flowing downhill burning those who seek repentance!
And they will seek refuge and they will strive for comfort in vain things that will burn its inmates and those who will seek the living word are those who in return are set free.
Three groups will seek the living cross and two will fall on this quest- the latter will witness fires of scoffers. Who themselves will witness damnation and utterly defeat.
A woman standing at the borders of the land of merchants will fall onto her knee and her arm will have its candle thrown into the raging oceans!
Balls of fires and forceful will the sound throw the guilty ones onto the ground and their faces will bite the dust! Then will the faces blacken and blood will flow out of their holes- each accordingly will be attended onto!
The beautiful and the rich and the famous will seek to give away anything to stay alive but all is in vain- except they find the alloy and its fires!

Comment by John

G-d seeks to wash HIS hands!
This is the last days of the last day and I sit here contemplating these times.
Who is god or who is God are all the way explained. There is nothing left out but the actually day of his Judgement and I sit here contemplating about that terrible Day called Lord’s Judgement Day!
Has anything been said that tells this to be an incoming effect or has anything been told this not to be?
We have now surpassed the magical amount of 120 years of an ongoing Judgement and no one has seen the picture- this is, that this is a factum of itself. If you have thrust four generations into the meat grinder has to mean that the fifth do not understand that they in fact are the generation that which has to give birth to the last generation! We are right in the midst of this factum and here have I to wonder why this is kept from them to see! 5×23 is 115 and five as to be the hand is 120 years and there are we now!
What is there to tell more- if you get the whole picture. The Almighty FATHER sends his Messenger to speak of Judgement for now seven plus two years-handwritings and all sorts of communication media were dispatched in order that they would take heed. Did they take heed?
What if now God himself would approach the spiritual leaders? This to be in a ritual form, closely disguised as a man, approaching a cordon of police cars blocking the entrance to a certain political leader of a Nicodean Church and no one greeting God himself, what do you believe would the Messenger tell?
The time is set on 09.07.2007 at the hour is precisely 18.00 in the evening and it is Shabbat! The Messenger harbouring HIS Message cannot deliver that message- do not forget the pope is a liar there in these rooms and he as a spiritual leader utters political messages is condemning the underlying spiritual message that he should say! He ought to have told what he saw on the wall- I can say no less. The Wall was walking to him but Shabbat and the police called him to turn or to cancel his/HIS appearance from being the saviour to be the Archangel of Death!
How can it be that the guilty ones are still alive and happy to tell lies in an evil place that they call Maria’s own courtyard, onto which the chant to the Ankh superseding the Living Word HIMSELF! Even the fact that this liar on the same day of God’s appearance was caught in the act lying and all microphones were turned off, did he not understand that something was awfully wrong! Even weather told that God was not laughing- God himself cried tears and HE sent only seven thousands or even less to attend onto a sermon of a liar! HE soaked the lands with HIS indignation and still no one got the signs that were sent to them! A briefly flyover was attended as HE tried to get their attention as HE blocked the entrances to that awful place called Mariazell of Austria! Even the fact that two pilgrims died at the spot did not even have this pope to understand that I AM ANGRY AS HELL! Still are the evildoers alive and healthy but as sure as the Archangel of Death has arisen will they all fall into the pits that I AM has prepared for them.
It is Shabbat.
As I write these lines are we in the middle of the noon of Shabbat- I can not tell less!
Kiddush is in the making and the bread will be served to commemorate what I AM has told HIS PEOPLE to follow in HIS NAME!
Although I serve my family and I AM served by the wife of the household a meal as told to be of the LAW, do I wonder is the Shabbat or MY PEOPLE is forgetting who I AM?
Does G-d have a name?
Is HIS name HIS PEOPLE- do they follow the Law?
Do they read the Thorah- do they understand that the Living Word has walked trying to talk sense with HIS Church. Tried to talk sense with the political leaders- this in a generally term seen?
Did Nicodean see his plight- was it not meant that he should come to Living Word to read the Thorah from HIS lips? One evening and one night and Shabbat would have been fulfilled and HIS people would have earned G-d’s respect. I cannot tell less. It is Shabbat and it is time for G-d to call back HIS people- they are useless and they are an annoyance in the eye of the Lord of Hosts. I cannot tell less; G-d will himself break the bread that is HIS people and pour over them HIS indignation and HE will surely tell HIS “wife” that HE despises HIS people!

Comment by Elijah

be of good heart and good cheer John, Elijah.
many disasters have been averted by the hearts and conscience of good people.

remember that we are part of God’s creation, forever.

Comment by raven

Raven, seen in a closed circle are all seen as One- in opposition are those set not to be part of Great Coming together.
In orderly manner is this moment in history called Singularity. Not to mention that this told off in a perfect manner through the prophet zeph on his weekly sermons- I would like to point at his last sermon at http://www.zephnet.commedia/ChannelZ200709052100.asx but there are one or two comments that I would like to give.
From the viewpoint of the Man-child can I only stress the incoming minimal inconstancies onto which this Divine Comedy has effectively two ways to propose two various outcomes. Raven, I am confident that these will be overcome but for me is that not the issue. I am though deeply grateful for what lies in your last comment.
The issue lies within what the humanity as a whole really wants and what Isis strives for humanity to be. All the way can those two pathways not coexist. This is why the Singularity will be a finger pointing at the Exodus Keyboard. There can be no other way than to see which way humanity is going as they are in for utterly extinction and eradication due to their misconception what free will in reality is OR NOT! LOGOS is a motherboard with a hub adjoining a two-sided keyboard. One of these keyboards have just a Giant Red Hub, ready to be hit and humanity and Creation will cease to exist. That of course will not be at once as the hand hits that keystroke. Hell will be unleashed with no return point as the End will be either way. Either way if the Creator will repent his decision or not!
If though at a certain moment in history the Manchild will choose or better said if he can choose to walk down the aisle without that keyboard stuffed right into his disbelieving faces!
In the long run, will thousands of years later that keyboard be attended onto but this will not be for this generation though! This would then be later as down at the front of the aisle will technology of LOGOS be available that will lead humanity through a vortex system of singularities, sending all of them from this keyboard into another motherboard with a new world readily been built for this humanity. That is what the bible calls the millennial kingdom!
There can really be no other way to see what lies ahead as Singularity will come into this world- either way, it will arive! Man will see the Living God or they will fall into pit screaming at themselves, “they indeed are god themselves”!
By the way God has so often repented to have destroyed humanities that even He can not remember how often but I could give a hint but this is of course not of any importance- yet is the possibility that the Creator does not know how humanity and Isis will use her free will.
Even if this author seems to be whacky are these words written down- in case if anyone would miss the point. We are at the beginning of the Singularity- this to be the great and terrible day of the Lord! Ladies and Gentlemen, I personally bow my head, as the Man-child is ready to enter the stage.

Comment by MAN CHILD

This year (5768/2007-2008) Yom Kippur begins on Friday evening, September 21, and continues until Saturday night, September 22, 2007.
I can tell no less, it is for real!
We have now September 19- in two or three days is this last and only reprieve over!

In a sense and here let me rest and explain- why can anyone stay alive chanting that G-d is not there? G-d thinks it over as well- does man, woman and child exist (humanity as well)? Do you and by the way, do I exist?
For what use are these words- End is at hand!

The Ark stays open:
“As Yom Kippur ends, at the last hour a service called “Ne’ila” (Neilah) offers a final opportunity for repentance. It is the only service of the year during which the doors to the Ark (where the Torah scrolls are stored) remain open from the beginning to end of the service, signifying that the gates of Heaven are open at this time.
The service closes with the verse, said 7 times, “The L-rd is our G-d.” The Shofar is sounded once and the congregation proclaim – “Next year in Jerusalem.”
Yom Kippur is over.”
Dear Booth, I do not want to address you personally but as an opened up piece of retrieving letters of intent are these lines though meant!
I found my time in listening to your discussion with Rense from 01-14-04 but I must admit that I have not read your books. I can understand that reality and religion does not come together as one would like it to be! I would like to comment onto your fact-finding missions lately- dreams are the language that G-d uses to communicate. One does not always understand what on earth does these words mean. If they mean anything- when one awakens into a reality that does not allow spirituality into its realms! We are one with G-d in our dreams- when we awaken are we nothing. We have no reality of our own here on “earth”!
One spirit alone tells us all though- there is only one reality and that spirit belongs to Isis! She is the one telling us all- this is Reality! Nothing exist behind this her reality! This is why reality exists, as we all know it to be!
Here at present is the Living Thorah readily explaining how all realities intermingles as the period of reprieve is coming into its final demise!
Jewish are these lines as Jews are meant as the appointed ones- the old expression was derived from Jeb Bush (a former world leader) “Him” the so-called elected one! His followers were then the so-called Jeb/Job Party! Their little gods were of course the so-called Nephilims- the ones building all sorts of lying wonders as found all over the places. I trust you to understand that to be the case as well!
As now these are to come through a Van Allen belt which reality is a sort of vault that holds off the vortex energy flows, which originates as energy influx out of its outer dimensional Realities! Nephilim or nephilims are density cavities of vortex energy status, which cannot be here in this reality when the Van Allen belt is “radioactive”! The whole issue of Sitchin’s paranoia is only to explain earthlings how it came to be that ET could travel through space and communicate with humans without exploding into bites and bytes! Travelling to the moon can only be when there is no vault mechanism in the Van Allen belt or when these astronauts happens to travel through coordinates or gateways as given by the ET, which of course are temporally singularities in that so-called vault system! NASA is of course a scam and a lie as well- but as the most is built on lies, who really cares?
NASA was only two times on the moon- what they did not know was that time schedule there was not the same as it were here on earth! I could explain in other terms but why bother- all is a scam!
Now, your dream of a giant planet “X” being directed between a non-linear moon and its frontier second dimensional earth plate is an analogy that LOGOS gave you. Its originally design was to speak to you through this period of ten days but in the end did only a ten night long dream haunt you! From a perspective that belongs to the tenth dimension are moon and earth a tongue that rolled around an inner circle would resemble a round planet with an empty inner core! This was your planet “X”.
If now G-d (GOD forgive) would start to unroll that scrolled message of a two-planet system would you see a huge planet that would be in the midst of moon and earth! I know that this analogy is a bit shortened up but please excuse me- this English is not my speech of tongue!
It likens in this “analogy” as if the breath of God would exhale a monstrous wind of debris and foul breath that would bring this world to a halt! Brought through LOGOS can this really be as such but it is as I see it, only a sort of a trick to have “some” to understand what is in store!
The Ark is at present hovering above this earth- its LOGOS tech is formidable. I know that thing to have control over events that as I hope will preserve this earth through incoming calamities! Those reading these lines having a ball and a good laugh- think it over. Who will in the end triumph? You or G-d onto whom the most do not believe in! At least before the visible signs of Judgement Day!
By the way- before I have to end this one-way conversation do I want to stress! I do not really know when and if humanity or even Creation can survive that terrible Day of the Lord!

Comment by Wolfgang

What if this is the day?
What if Gog and Magog would meet at Golgotha?
Both Archangels to meet at the fork of incoming destiny?
What would they discuss? Why should you know of what they have been discussing during these late 8 days during dawn of last days and incoming Yom Kippur?
Once again, hanging on that awful Isis Sign is Jesus Christ listening as well what these two messengers of ALLAH’s Wrath take into account!
“Migael-Gagriel”, those Magog-Gog entities are standing at that Ankh Sign, although not wasting a visible sign of recognition at this lonely man, hanging exhausted at his bloody cross!
Something awful is in the making and let us ask ourselves are we guilty?
Guilty of what and this is what those Archangels of old language origins tell onto each other, standing in the midst of Wrath and Mayhems!
“What can you see Son?”
I am angry FATHER!
“What can you hear?”
They scream for vengeance!
“What can you smell?”
I smell decaying bodies and this is a smell of hell!
Somewhere at Peru does a meteorite hit the bottom of the newly built pit. That rock was once from a planet that was destroyed some thousands years ago. They call that planet now the rings of Saturn- from there did this meteorite and others as well escape. They reap what they saw- those rocks and icy balls of evil memories are full of smell of decaying fumes from a place totally destroyed as that humanity living once on that planet got what you all deserve! A war of Giants and Tyrants had preceded annihilation of that planet location and what was then left was to fall down onto Saturn. Then to be there the great stink- a place for decaying bodies annihilated so long ago that only the name of those two messengers made it into the DNA cache! Gog and Magog- that was their name. At least as it can be read through the lenses of DNA being hit with the grim light of incoming Wrath!
It is long ago- as for a fact was it about 8002 BC as on this LOGOS location were a society of evilness a prevailing way to be successful! Abraham lived there- a chap of true evilness but for the sake of history let us talk about the founder of Islam, Judaic and/or typesetter religions! Abraham, the co-founder of all religions regarding control and suppression would be a valid definition. Although it was not his intention did all religions walk into this trap. A small group was left behind and others were sweltering on these rocks, which once at least were circling the premises of Saturn. Saturn devouring his son would be a wilful definition for what really happening on Saturn, as the rocks falls onto that planet of sulphur and evil fumes. A great but doubtful Son does remember, who really did hit the knob that had this planet of deceit and evilness into bites and bytes.
Debris, ashes, fumes, ice, rocks, and humans with their cloths sweltering in the grim light of God’s light did resurface to build that grand design called Saturn and its delightful rings called marriage of evilness!
As in these last days some and other icy rocket propelled debris of that old period is to fall on earth will, if nothing happens to alter the courses of these meteorites and fumes, this world be turned into Saturn! Then of course will this former earth be put into explosion mode and the rest will be once again fume and debris! The cause for this is of course- in your reality- that Saturn is expanding as a result by the bypass of brown dwarf hidden from sight and having changed its invisible orbit does its old debris find a new haven to stink! That is what happened in Peru!

“What can you taste, Son?”
Deceit and wilful anger displayed.
A dark star has altered Saturn and some orbital designs that are carefully kept from sight. A great deception has crippled mankind!
Time shifts are displayed outside earths own orbit- mankind does not see that a black star has entered so long ago this your planetary conjunction! They see only times that already has been displayed to an unknowing humanity. You have to understand that a giant Hologram has been set into motion through outer dimensional tech- remember that was why the sun was bombed into the Stone Age! Quite literally indeed- times has shifted into the future or into what long ago has been displayed during a brief period of Stone Age. A time of relative calmed down reality- a great deception has been set into motion! A mass psychosis would be set into fruition once humanity can see how things have really changed!
Do you now understand what Yom Kippur can really stand for!
Is the sun, as you have known it out there? What is really out there. This is what you soon will witness- some of old debris is already falling onto this planet. Many things will fall down on this earth- the most will be from the deepest dwells of hells of old periods. Famines, earthquakes have you been witnessing. This earth in itself is expanding as this brown dwarf- hidden by tech of outer dimensional realities is inbound. Will it hit? I can smell and taste deceit- can you? I know you to really understand what I am telling but time is shortened up.
This small satellite, which you bastards wanted to nuke “my countries” out of existence with- that is taken care off! If you play ball- MY FATHER can play it better out! A short hit from an Ark- history shown in delights. Omega Secret revealed, just in case scoffers think them to be wise when they mock this little son.
By the way- underneath his feet are those Archangels listening onto a tune. A tune that tells that the last trumpet will be set and blown. Then of course will there be no way to turn the tide around except atonement is done! A deceitful church has to act! By these words are the church asked to act. If not will the other hand close; close its fist and God and Magog will spare no one!

Comment by Wolfgang

Now how come that combat engines explode in midair?
Something fishy is ongoing out there.
X-files revisited- a sort of unseen umbrella seems to care about a small country of ninety million inhabitants!
At first do “they” i.e. those evil alien intruders down satellites, hampering with Israeli ultra-top secret installations. Blackening for day and hours their surveillances. Now, this do I call evil. Then are engines put of order and small nukes are lit without telling anyone why. Now this is evil- even army convoys are set out of order. These things called radio beams- even they out of order. Not always but shit happens occasionally!
Looking on the arena of War can I only ponder why all are so secretly meeting behind the curtains! IS something now ready to be unveiled? If so, why can the alien commander stand firm although they were warned. All TV sets adjoined into one project did tell- two days or attacks will be commenced. Could this be- those two days be gone. Is this secret war rampaging up- does al Mahdi mean what he says or am I wrong in my assumption?

Comment by James

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