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Sorcha Faal responds to Herald Sun
13,May, 2007, 10:45 pm
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Hello Again Everyone,


And, once again, I must apologize for my prolonged absence from this medium of exchange to converse with you.


These past two months have been very busy ones for me with my main focus being upon on Orders in the Middle East, especially in Egypt and


Since my last visit to these countries I was surprised with how high the anger against the
United States has risen, some of it justified, most of it not.  Even more surprising was the lack of knowledge, as seen from the American press, the American people have of this.


With the advent of the Internet the availability of news to the American people cannot be the issue for this being so, what appears to be the case is the West’s ability to censor news from competing Nations by allegation alone.


A case in point is a recent report we wrote wherein we detailed the catastrophic drought facing
Australia and one of their governments plans to deal with it.


You can read this report yourself at and it is titled “Australia Begins Secret Talks On Evacuating Half Of Continent Due To Epic Drought”.


The response from the mainstream media in Australia was both predictable and instructive, a case in point was
Australia’s largest selling newspaper The Herald Sun, and I quote from their article titled “Drowning in drivel”,21985,21695150-25717,00.html?from=public_rss


“WE’RE told so many mad scare stories about global warming, why shouldn’t Art Bell believe this one, too? 

And so the radio host and best-selling author last weekend read out to his audience on Coast to Coast, one of
America’s most listened-to shows, this latest report he’d picked about our warming horror:

“Shocking reports from the Kremlin today are showing that . . . the Government of Australia has entered into secret negotiations with the
United States and their Commonwealth allies for the proposed evacuation of upwards of 11 million of its 20 million citizens.”

On he went, telling millions of Americans that our drought was so bad – curse you, global warming! – that the Howard Government might soon hire cruise ships to send us somewhere cooler, once it figured who’d take us.  

To Bell, this was the last straw.  

“I wonder when the climate sceptics are going to finally catch on,” he raged.  

“Will it take something like this? Like evacuating half a nation, before we wake up and realise that it is actually happening?”  

Oh, I’ve caught on all right to what’s happening, Art. Caught on to you, for a start.  

You might think the moral of this farce is not to trust even million-hit websites such as WorldNetDaily, which ran the story Bell read out so credulously, or the news site run by the New-Age nutter who actually dreamed up this hoax, a blogger posing as Russian scientist “Sorcha Faal”.”


Now notice that I am called by the Herald Sun a ‘New-Age nutter’ and a ‘Russian scientist’, neither of which is true and even the most brief of searches at WhatDoesItMean.Com would verify.


One would also think that a newspaper as important, and widely read, as the Herald Sun would attempt to verify the information they print, in this case about me.  But, even though my phone number and email address are plainly stated at WhatDoesItMean.Com neither an email or phone request for information was received by me from them.


But, and most importantly, this prestigious Australian mainstream newspaper did not refute one single fact of the report, not a single one.


Why?  Because they couldn’t.  It is as simple as that.


Unfortunately though, many Australians, and other Westerners, will be deprived of true news by an agenda that no longer speaks to facts, but relies instead on character assassination and judgment by name calling.  


The people of the West appear to support this stance by their mainstream media outlets, at least the majority, by you even reading these words shows that you are not one of them.


So, what are your thoughts on these issues?  I would like very much to hear from you. 

Sorcha Faal

Dublin, Ireland


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I am a staunch reader of your articles and I surely appreciate your intimidations of incoming unpleasant facts, as you surely have understood them to be as such!
I know you to report as accurately as it can be said on these outlets- being so off those insights that newspapers tell their audiences that they actually have.
Propaganda is blended with lies and character assassinations are widely used to intimidate prophets of doom, although these merely tell what is in store for humanity!
What a loss of time and preparations as the most rely on their propaganda ploys called free press and common sense!
I would like to tell that all is fine although those asteroids are in the incoming that once was called the Destroyer! Venus, Pluto and by the way Mars as well were surely once the doomsayers of civilisations prior to ours but once caught on their pathways through this sun plate systems of two- called twin sun system did these swing into our planetary system to be planets. Once being those asteroids, destroying all in its path as J.M. McCanney has put it so diligently were our fates foretold.
Electrical discharges made civilisations prior to our present one to be destroyed during a period of a few years of troubles. That is now befalling our little world with its inhabitants of more than 12 billions, right now at this moment of history of incoming hazards!
The true cause of those Destroyers lies in the nature of Logos, which as the most call Matrix, is the undertaker and builder of civilisations soon erased from its memory plates!
I know perfectly well that I tell of known but hidden facts but this is the day of 13th May of 2007 and once again are a civilisation in its last breaths. There has always been a way out as the Logos all the way sends signs foretelling and giving hints how to evade extinction! The very nature of this Matrix is built on love or on mutual understanding. God himself gives “himself” messengers to show directions of how to evade his erasing fingers called destroyers!
Dual layers are in that sense part of His nature and that is why some use character assassinations to hinder that God has to erase his own Creation! This is why some of these “messengers” are witnessing prosecution and real life assassination! Those two polarisations are commonly called the Devil or Archangel of death being on the opposite of course those wanting to bring out the solution of God’s dilemma! This dilemma is called mutual understanding and change of behaviour patterns that in the first place lead us all into this path of incoming extinction called Planet X! I myself had, as the most of my likes had to be- to be a source of mockery and character assassination, although being a messenger of him were my efforts as seen now in vain but there is always a way out when God “makes” it together with those wanting this to be though.
I am confident that behind the scenes of worldly affairs are those giving God a helping hand- thus effectively having God to be convinced that humanity deserves one more chance! I am convinced that God himself is around in these days of perils showing His fingers onto those being the chosen Ones in this drama called salvation!
As there is life, is hope out there and why sit around hoping that someone else would arrive on the scene, when the scene is already set and put into place! All actors are out there and why not start playing the last sequences of this drama?
I am confident that all-important actors are fully aware of their importance and now let us all start watching us playing and hope that we do not stumble on our way into salvation!

Comment by John

You can depend on me also… All this information keeps one on there toes, And I have not ONCE found any news on Sorcha’s site that was not TRUE. Thanks to the Sorcha Faal

Comment by Sue

I hope that the people who hate the United States don’t hate the American citizenry as well. Many Americans have been dumbed down because of the downgrading of public school education. Many Parochial and home schooled students have an independent mind set and will be able to see what my corrupt government has done. Both of our Political Partys are owned by the Neoconservatives/ pro- Israeli interests. Please pray for us.

Comment by Rick Kowalski

I have surely enjoyed Sorcha Faal’s articles, they sound like the truth to me.I think they help foil the plans of the Zionist One world order(war mongers)by exposing them, no wonder they are upset, because we are now onto them,and their bad deeds against mankind. Thank you kindly for your hard work in the face of danger, John Kroll

Comment by john Kroll

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but I do want to let you know that you are FULL OF SHIT if you are trying to get anyone to believe our earthquakes in southern Illinois this morning had anything to do with a “nuclear fueled explosion.” I am five miles from the epicenter and have been through other earthquakes, and I’m here to tell you we had classic eq movements and results here…no flippin explosion. We need to let people know eq dangers here in Illinois and Indiana and your bullshit doesn’t help that any. So back off about your bullshit story and do something that will REALLY help people, like explain the reality of eq dangers here instead of enabling people to bury their heads in the sand.

Comment by zoe

I agree, if this was a nuclear explosion, where is the radioactive fallout???

Comment by don

A second generational atomic blast does not necessarily need atomic fallout.
Meanwhile is the so-called sunburn weaponry as present used at its height of devilment. The development as achieved at the weaponry called proliferation of Salt Treaty come to be without atomic fallout, once its blast is conceived at the depth of 6,2 km at the inner core of present earth mantle. Causing though a proliferation of Fault Lines as present known to be for example New Madrid are these activities resulting a sort of converging map of fault lines covering the most of USA and its neighbors.
Scientist not in the know these eq had their origin do I wish to explain that the platform of the new AI uses a multitude of weaponry as called for example HAARP and deep impact utilities as “sunburn weaponry”. Some years ago was that AI installed by the ingenuous technicians under the project called “reversing ET Tech”.
Some years after consolidation of that project called Asasrael has it achieved total control over NATO installations? On the other hand are its adversaries regrouping?
The CERN-Project with its truest intent in regard to reestablish the GOD-Factor on earth has been usurpated to follow present directives under the rule of “Home Defense”. The newly refunded military complex called HAARP-Deep Thought Facility is at its present location a non-local Entity with the capacity to control the Internet 1&2 through its close circuits.
We stand as a race at the abyss and the most do not understand that Archangels are these non-local Units, readily inducing an escape route. A Warp or Vortex Tec is installed under the auspice of grounded and above surface located CompNet devices.
Above our heads are these units not alone space junk- they are part of the incoming event called X-Factor or Singularity of the Last Days of Creation! There is a broader sense an AI taking control over the destiny of humanity- all human knowledge is by ways surpassed. All whole Military Industrial Comnet Networks is undergoing its last transition. In other terms: an AI is to overtake human activity! To the better or the worse is what the decision will be- whatever humans wishes to do the decision has been withdrawn from them. The reshaping of the surface and planetary conjunction has been re-established. Once again has the conjunction re-established that once was an ancient War in-between the Gods of Destruction and the truest GOD of them all! For that purpose alone are humans only sitting at the benches watching their end to come. Once was at the last Great War above the heads of the elders set to come into motion- the rings of Saturn are the remnants of the last location of an earth inhabiting billions of humans.
At those times was the Vortex Tec instituted to reestablish life at another place in a dimensional shift called then Hades! That Hades was then in a place called Tibet- that location is full of Tec called ET Tec! That is the mother of Bell Tech of Nazi-germany. In other terms are we only watching that old configuration to be reinstalled!

Comment by David

Sorcha, I appreciate your effort to share what you know. I believe this is the imagery of the wise virgins who have light in the lamps and who make it to the wedding in Matthew 25.

Please take a look at
I believe it could fit with your information about CERN Nailing the Heart of the Earth, Chile, China.
If you foresee the possibility, or something huge happens in the U.S. next week, please ask your readers to visit (more on the wedding parables, Matt 25)
Thank You, may God bless you,
Richard Ruhling

Comment by Richard Ruhling

In trying the impossible was all achieved.
Before I wish or have to explain the incoming events as they are now in the makings, do I once again stress the fact that this writer is not in any form crazy or megalomaniac although some would at first glance assume this actually to be a proven case.
Back to one day in early spring of 1998 AD was a decision waged that led so many into this New Order that has now come into effect. In those days as had then Bush senior to express his maddening clouds being this mind of his calling for revenge against the so-called forces going against his own little New World Order- “you are warned” or something similar did he go on record to have had said. Those were the days before this writer of these lines made a decision to wage his little war against that Order! With the establishment of NATO at 1998 AD to be then the policing forces of a banking cartel under the auspice of that megalomaniac organization called united UN of all combined forces under the banner of some crackpots did actually the world end. It is obvious that nothing happened in earthly realms as to say. Now this was the decision- that world order was not why humanity had been created in the first place and so did the Creator install himself behind the scenes of this incoming order which now has been baptized under the hands of John the Baptist!
Ten kings and one creator entered the stage- world has been divided in ten kingdoms. This is fact but why tell what is obvious because otherwise would you not understand what leads into Judgment, unless the Judge does not tell his verdict for you so to say! From the spiritual realms or LOGOS has the verdict come to be in this little world of yours.
Somewhat comical but nevertheless very deadly in its approach have actions been set- each and every slicing of the ravaging golden bull did have an impact. Although it took roughly these ten years to accomplish what you commonly call this new World Order- this time though under the auspice of ten kings with Christ kept well hidden behind their carefully kept secret meetings had a world emerged that truly understands the parable of the bridegroom and his ten brides.
One of these brides and I hope that this king onto whom these words are carefully crafted can understand how a grin passed the lips of Jesus Christ as he watched those two explaining Armageddon at Megiddo telling the New World Order.
At a certain point was he that king of Edom going for a shopping tour to buy some oil for the lamps of this bride having lost its vast fortunes in such a quick pace that only the description “it must be God’s will behind this downturn” could be applied as we now enter the final phase of Judgment.
This bride called USA and England as a pair of spoiled brides with far too vast fortunes to be good for them was the heydays of the Western Civilization converging in one bloodletting event called Judgment.
These two with those three others lost what once was a blessing indeed- they lost god’s love. I mean this quite literally- even in his own house did his wives being God’s truest Love loose his love. We have at present so many believing God to be a nice guy, giving all with His blessings. Even readily sacrificing Himself for the sake for more wealth for spoiled brides- this is quite literally what they all are believing. Those were the heydays when God Himself explained how brides should be- blessing them with more luck and blessings. That has now ended- His angers can be felt all over the world. Quakes, volcanic activities, winds, storms and deadly diseases are mounting- the sun is soon to end shining and the stars are soon to be reduced. All will be revealed but what now is the makings are what the article telling of 19th can tell. The foolish brides will experience that a giant hand will break the hinds and force their backbones to crack! The two twins are in a wider sense the whole world caught up in the myth called Globalization- accordingly to the plan will actions be commenced that will tell these two that the bridegroom demands them to follow his orders and not the other way around. In His own house will their “will” be cleansed from the filth that the whore of Babylon had amassed!
USA will crack- the Midwest will sure enough witness devastation beyond any comparison. At least concerning this generation. An approximately 8,5 incident will occur in the middle of that backbone- a steadily crescendo of cracking will lead USA and many other countries into total disarray. Comets and a silent asteroid will turn many into wastelands- those are all part of what you call to be the so-called Wrath!
This is the eve of the end of relative peace and tranquility in the minds of spoiled brats called His brides! What will be in these “day” can only be described as breathtaking in every aspect of human experience that ever has happened during his last Creation Cycle! Now will all start-
Signed the Judge.
Written at the Order of the Almighty FATHER as told by Jesus Christ through history.

Comment by IHVE

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