Sorcha Faal

Let’s Start Again
12,March, 2007, 12:55 am
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Please forgive me, again, as I attempt to more fully understand what blogging is, how it can best serve you, and how I should manage it in the time allotted to me.

In my first attempt (see below) I imaged it would be as simple as directly answering your questions, it isn’t because there isn’t enough time for me to write the type of answer deserving of your questions. (Though from time to time I may single out one particular question for an in depth answer.)

So, in the past few weeks I’ve had a number of conversations, with many trusted aides, and have arrived at a solution for best managing this blog, and my time, while at the same time providing to you the kind of information you seem most interested in knowing about.

Towards that end I’m asking you, the readers of this blog, to send me questions via email to and putting in the subject line “Sorcha Questions”, this will ‘fast track’ directly to me personally.

The types of questions I would like to answer are those dealing with solutions to problems, such as the one asked by Druthers, “What can Americans do to prevent their country from becoming a fascist state? Is it too late?”

In this way, I believe, we’ll be able to establish a more consistent dialogue between us pointed more towards solving problems than creating them.

Personal questions about your own life are welcome too. I may not have the correct solution you may need, but more minds working on any problem are better than one going it alone.

I hope to hear from many of you soon!


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