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Is It To Late?
12,March, 2007, 1:00 am
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“What can Americans do to prevent their country from becoming a fascist state? Is it too late?” From: Druthers on 22/2/2007

Thank you for this question Druthers, let me try to answer if first by asking you to read and understand the following definitions:

Fascism: A governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

Capitalism: An economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations

Socialism: A theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

Communism: A theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state

Monarchy: Supreme power or sovereignty held by a single person.

Now I’d like you to read and ‘really’ understand the following:

U.S. Army Training Manual TM2000-05, 1928

Democracy, n. “A government of the masses. Authority derived through mass meeting or any form of “direct” expression. Results in mobocracy. Attitude toward property is communistic – negating property rights. Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it be based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences. Results in demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy.”

From the preceding you, or anyone, should be able to see that it is not that easy to ‘lump’ governments, any government, into one neat and concise ‘package’. 

This is so because all governments are made up of people; and with that being understood any government will have as part of its characteristic the personality of its leader, or leaders.

Since the beginning of our history the management, and rule, of vast numbers of human beings has vexed even the most noble of leaders, with the main paradigm for controlling human beings being a centralized government led by ruthless people.

You are not take from my words, either, that by saying ruthless I am using it in a negative connotation, which I’m not, but rather in its correct form of being  ‘without pity or compassion’, and which to some extent everyone of us has to be at times.

In its most correct form, your country, the United States, is a Capitalist Democracy, or in other words; “A system of human control managed by corporations for profit above the welfare of its citizens utilizing mob rule.”

This is neither a good system of government, nor a bad one, as it has within its matrix those mechanisms necessary to correct imbalances, and as your history has shown for over 200 years.

Viewed in its proper perspective, the present day United States is no more authoritative and manipulative of its citizens than at any other prior time in its existence, and this can also be said of many other governments of long standing.

For you, or anyone in America, to believe that the system of government you have is the worst your Nation has ever seen is to deny your entire history. 

It is important to remember that the very founding of your Nation, and its rapid ascent to World dominance, was first based upon the extermination of the indigenous peoples of North America to steal their land, and which can be correctly called genocide.

The 19th Century saw the mass exploitation of the entire population of the United States by its capitalists (Robber Barons) and those they had put into positions of power, including the Presidents.

In the middle of the 19th Century saw the most brutal war in American history called the Civil War, and which had nothing to do with slavery and everything to do with the capitalists needing a stronger centralized government for their continued rapid expansion.

It must be remembered that prior to the Civil War there was no such thing as American money as the excepted exchange medium (currency) was privately issued bank notes, and of which there were thousands.

In order to finance the Civil War the eventual winners (both ideological an economically) created for the first time in your history a unified currency called the Green Back.

A further consolidation of the capitalists expanding power occurred in the early 20th Century with the creation of a Central Bank, and which you know now as the Federal Reserve System.

Now, I could on in this line, for thousands of pages in fact, but let’s suffice it say that your type of government cannot be separated from its currency or from your currencies creators and backers, the capitalists.

 You should also note that in a capitalistic system such as yours everyone is a capitalist, even you yourself, should you supply the right product and/or idea to your fellow citizens you too would be awash in wealth.  In other systems of government this is not possible.

Also to note is that with a capitalist system, such as yours, the methods of controlling the masses are severe in that at any given moment (The Great Depression of the 1930’s is but one example.) the people are likely to rebel against what they see are the inherent injustices in the system.

This is important to note because in a capitalist system the forces of the state (Police, Judiciary, and Military) are all designed to protect and support the capitalists, not the people as a whole.

As to the survival of the United States it is without doubt that it will because over the past 200 years it has proved adept, and sometimes ruthlessly so, at protecting what it has gained and its power to expand its base, and as we are seeing today in its reaching every corner of the World.

What the average American citizen is failing to understand is that the very term ‘United States’ no longer represents a Nation, or a people alone, but rather it is today a term used to describe a capitalist power bloc that has transcended traditional physical borders and lies outside the ability of any single nations government to either control or regulate.

How the World will adapt to this new force is open for debate only to those who do not understand history, but to those of us who do the ONLY outcome of the ‘battle’ between the outmoded Nation/State and Capitalist/Democracy is a two tiered system of control, one for the corporations, the other for human beings.

The only functional way this two tired system can exist, however, is on a Global basis…that’s right, a One World Government.

To fully understand how this works you need only look at the European Union (EU) where there is one system of government for its citizens (locally made but under the ‘guidelines’ of the EU), and another for its corporations (which are able to make their own laws to the extent that the EU framework allows).

You will see this also occur in the United States; in fact it is happening now with the creation of what is called the North American Union, and which will comprise the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Once the ‘major’ World confederations are made (EU, North American Union, ASIAN Trade Block, etc.) then you will see the melding of these units into a single unifying structure.

As to your question of it being ‘too late’, of course it is!


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I see one Roman Empire and one more greedy Emperor. Nero was a nasty fellow- Hitler was a nasty fellow and a thief as well. Hitler’s legacy outlines that of Stalin although Stalin did hit the bottom as his fellow generals had him outwitted and at gunpoint did Stalin decide that siding with Hitler was not a good idea at all.
That together with from the American paid generals had Communism prolonged. This did neither Hitler or Stalin want as they both bragged to be the Deciders- are there anyone seeing the parts and bits of history come together?
To answer a hidden question this is the third time that the One World Government is to be restored during some 120 years now.
Although these lines of Sorcha seems to imply the notion that this idea is an invention dated back into the days way before Mdm Blavatsky made her her comments available for the masses, was these thoughts told through her.
The man behind Blavatsky was of course a renegate Habsburg- an direct relative to the current Emperor in that baby Roman Empire based on faith and intermingling through marriages.
That Habsburg fellow had it with the English Crown and he thought better to have a dual citizenship in Great Britain than a fruitless conquest of the Austrian Crown.
Why do I tell these lines because somewhere in these lines are the explanataion why Hitler and Stalin didn’t hit the pot.
These two guys had been planning to conquer Great Britain and those in Great Britain would have agreed if there had not been these greedy White Collar Aryans out the Boston Connection and American Mafiastyle called White House.
There is always this notion that history tends to haunt those trying to hide behind lies and I agree fully.
There had never been a free America and the land of the free was a propaganda ploy that had Europe into major wars onto which this time is surely to be a WWIII but that to be this time on the soil of Americas.
Why this would some ask?
Because there is something not solved- all lies in these lines. Someone was the boss in US and he was the Wizzard of Ozz of that time having all to wage wars in Europe. For him to have fortunes and true wealth back there- so many were complicit with that gangster that there can be only one answer.
He was the Black Pope i.e. the devil and mastermind of Nazi’sm and all -ism onto which the whole world has been turned into the reign of the living devil called humanity.
The answer is the extintion of a mindset set into motion by one man alone. His name is to my knowledge of a man onto which a Hollywood director made a man of honour. That director played in the catacombs of Habsburgs “The third man” with its music telling the death curse to befall these guilty ones. Guilty before this generation was born and guilty before the one before that was born.
Beside those crackpots that tell that there is a Black Pope out there, am i one as well- only that my Black Pope died in the early fifthees.
TO END THIS EXPOSEE, do I want to thank those eager to know the name of that devil. You can visit his mansion back in the Americas and his vast exposees that he stole and bought from those impoverished Europeans that he had personaly impoverished!

Comment by John of Patmos

Thank you for your illuminating comments. I agree with your analysis that this is how things are progressing. But surely there must be something people can do to prevent it.

No matter how brilliant or devious the plan for absolute power, there are always unforeseen complications.

One man — Gandhi — changed the course of history by disobeying an empire. Same with people like Mandela, and even Mohammed and Jesus.

I think your comments on the American form of government are exceptionally insightful. But even now Alliances are being formed to counter the weight of America, especially with Russia, and China.

There will be war, that much is certain.

If there is nothing that can be done to prevent all of this, then what is the best way to prepare? How can we — the average person — protect the memory of liberty and truth?

Also, I would very much like if you could post an excerpt from your book “picking up the pieces,” perhaps the introduction and first chapter. I am interested in buying it but would like some more information about it.


Comment by Druthers

Is it too late?
Or do we have enough time?
Is time issue or are the policians behind these thriving forces in control of what soon is to happen?
Lately has the Arab World joined ranks for the first time in their history as it seems that one voice is behind all these divergent voices having prevaeiled all these years after Great Britain had lost its stand in Palestine. Had the Secret Service really lost in Judah or is this a myth carefully crafted with the Saudis?
It is surely that Great Britain had never lost its grip over USA but had Chamberlain told the truth as he said victory had been “deceived” over Europe?
If this is truth, who is then in charge as the troops are amassing somewhere in the Middle East beyond these lines that are drawn in Western Media.
Why are they in Israel afraid, has someone told them the true history beyond Begin- who surely had his hands into many pockets. Am I here wrong or are these hints an excuse why all seems so awry in the Middle East and elsewhere?
And now let me end these lines with a question- why are no one telling that al Mahdi is around?

Comment by John

I can’t disagree with this analysis, only with its conclusion. There is a lot of evidence to support the one world government scenario, both in terms of speech – such as Henry Kissinger, and in empiricism around us – such as the instantaneous flow of money across borders, globalization, and the EU examples noted above. However, I don’t think it is too late for peoples to do osmething about it. Human activity afterall, is non-linear. A lever can move the earth – provided there is a place to set the fulcrum!

Please see some of my essays on

I would like to see more publicly available information/credentials for the author of this blog – who is this person?

Thank you.

Comment by Project Humanbeingsfirst

Take a bite.
Take a short brake and think it over.
It might end with disaster.
Bees flying around do not find their hives- solar storms forming “magnetic” fields could disrupt the common order in the floating hives. Take a nosedive and look underneath and maybe will holes suck in what tries to flee judgement in these short and brief hive disorder malaises.
Buzzing bees cannot sting when it stinks in their hives- no queen around to cherish. Fluctuations in earth quantum fields could disrupt the reality of bees leaving their dragon behind.
Back in healthy colonies will they surely tell- see I told you so. Those queens stinks do secret agents tell- who is to tell when life unleashes the hard reality of disorder in the house of the queen of bees.
A commandment has been broken- the first born will die. A defiant queen stands on the shores with filth and with perfume of stench in her open hands. In an instant are all riches once in her name alone openly traded, in the hand of the new hives. These new healthy hives tell outright- see I told you so.
The sun dark with the ashes and the shores bared from dancing outright naked queens and desolation visible seen. This very soon foretells a prophesy from Egypt being already now the land of barren fruit and healthy hives. Flattened hives all around in Egypt and dark faces with itching pustules sending out stench and fear this will be around at a once brave hive when it will swallow defeat. A bite and all could very well be lost!

Comment by John

Many thanks for your insights. I would like to comment onto your articles.
I have been in the business of Warfare lately and thus had led me to read your columns as they come frequently and on a weekly basis.
I could add though due to my military training and thoroughly studying Westerner War Authorities stretching back from Perseus, Sallust, Caesar, Clausewitz, and of course to Bismarck was only the issue that Will alone reaches its climax in War and politics.
As once again the Morning Star has on broad border breached an on-going fight with the Kurds can I only say that Rubicon has once again been overshadowed with men littering the premises.
As the last War in Lebanon started with a total failure and a secret service night abduction had in that very same night some officers in the Sabathean Community to rush their assets onto secret offshore accounts. Politicians as lately belonging to the West are being clueless- once again had they then to have to give appropriate orders onto which I would shortly refer as classical mishaps.
Thus had then Olmert to put forth that the whole War is a moral issue- acknowledging that they had lost it before they even got it off the ground. I am here quite frank but they admitted that the spiritual option was hitting and spitting at the whole war machine in the West. Even that of USA and they got the blame to have lost it.
Its technological achievements rely only on alien technology. They had even put an AI into their airplanes and into the circuits of rocket propelled devices. They have lost the War and this have I to say as it would not be right not to point it out:
This moral issue will have the whole alien technology not to work!
All brothers in arm, I say that they have lost the War even before they have started it off!
That is why all around the world are their fighters shot down even by second grade insurgents!
No tank came back unharmed in the Lebanon war and what is more, they were given an opportunity not to loose their face as they retreated- outright naked and stricken off uniforms did some get the possibility to come back to their relatives. One to ten was the number and that one man had ten soldiers cornered and nearly killed in the fields.
A lot more than 500.000 thousands of US civil and military personal are serving currently in Iraq and every one of them is in jeopardy. That War is lost as well. No green zone or anything could have them saved other than to surrender to moral agenda!
This very night will surely orders be commenced and on all war fronts unseen and visibly seen will the God of War start His War and all those feminized and crazed Westerners are at every level to be subdued- that am I sure of.
I am surely not calling for extermination- a corrective has to be.

Comment by al Mahdi

Is a perfect storm forming in USA?
The tipping point has at last arrived- surely as the Prince of the Airs had lost his post revealing a dire secret.
I would like to comment onto your excellent article once again.
These are surey one of the last days of the new but old Roman Empire as they even go after their most cherrished figures.
The Prince of the airways is a whole community behind these warmongers being on radio, TV, and Internet and now do they go after each other. This is now the first and last sign showing off that the War Faction is headless and clueless.
I am convinced that this is a sure sign of an in-bound defeat. The old boys in New World Order are fleeing their posts, trying to regroup behind the new ONE’s on the block. Happy to tell this but do they in USA understand that their masters are abonding their posts by the thousands? No and this seems a bit odd but as these are the days prior to the perfect storm will old heads be decapitated and clueless will be the anathema of a society sent into the ditches of a world coming now into fruition.
Even if the fat cats try to secure their pensions will this be regarded as an attempt to secure them death. Sorry to tell this but if even the highest bankers have to resign their posts due to holes in their shoes- as recently shown off on TV can the only one way out be for them as they seek to outlive this perfect storm.
Telling the astonished community that others than themselves were once their masters. A hefty price but as the WWIII has to have one outcome alone, will security for them be in telling that life saving truth. In simply terms: they will confess on life sessions as on radio and TV and so on, who were behind 9-11. Nothing will be compared as in one stroke the High Winds of God’s Fist will have a whole continent on the brink of desruction. Two boys alone will then surely decide the likelyhood of survival.

Comment by Drudge

Sorcha, Don’t think to much. It makes you look like a fool. Take up gardening instead.

Comment by US Captialist pig in San Fran

Envy is a very destructive thing and prevents people from improving their lives. Millions of people who aren’t afraid of hard work, who recognize the opportunities America offers are clamoring to get into this great country. How many people are trying to get into Russia? Furthermore, hundreds of our citizens criticize our leaders everyday. And not a single one of them has been poisoned or pushed out a window yet!

Comment by ab

Too bad there always seems to be hidden agenda behind what most do. Someday perhaps, if we get a chance to grow up, humanity may pride itself in “straight talk” as in its vaunted religious ideals.
Imagine all those that have died, brilliant minds lost before that flower given a chance to bloom. And why? For greed and lust of power over fellow citizens, nothing more worthy than that.
Imagine then where humanity might be if it had been reversed. We could have been citizens of the stars a long time ago.
What inner hatred drives those men and women to ravage our “could be”?
I welcome any who might question them and postulate their motives.
Any who deny the atrocities committed further the cause of the thieves of liberty and delay the chance for humanity’s greater glory.
And to the thieves themselves, “We are all the Chosen!”

Comment by raven

It is now too late. “The sudden star, though seen by all of the Earth, does not elicit the fear it should even as fire begin to stain the Northern skies. But, when Mars retreats from Ophiuchus, and the blue light separates from the green, know that war and sudden destruction is at as the Black Sun rises once again.”

The Black Sun is also known as Nemesis, and Nemesis is the Goddess of Divine retribution. Now the Amerikkkans shall really pay for their hubris.

Comment by Maitrya

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