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Let’s Answer Some Questions!
20,February, 2007, 2:52 am
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I want you all to be patient with me as I’m getting used to my new schedule, my new duties, and most important for here, how best to answer all of your questions.


I’ll start off with posting the questions for the previous post and giving my answer (in Bold print) below them.


Let’s begin!


“Dear Sorcha Faal-Which goals and traits do you follow?What immediate assumptions have the sisters in order to achieve these at beforehand- if this Galactic Dimensional Shift is to be due in the fall of 2012.Is your order only listening onto a female Sorcha Faal? Is there a male counterpart to accomplish a male view of reflecting into human destiny.Are you a Christian Order?Or, please excuse these words- are these questions indiscret? If so are these questions not meant as such!I know you not to be of the daughters of
Isis, nor the followers of Kali but I can not see at present that there is a male view behind your Agenda!

Once again, excuse me if these lines seems to offend but I do want to know if you are an Order of Christ?”


Your comment begins with a pretty tall, and lengthy, request from me in detailing our goals and traits and what/whom we follow, so forgive me for being brief as there is not enough time to fully answer this.


It would be correct to say that our Order follows along a path laid down for us a long, long time ago, and to which we still adhere to.  We are not alone in doing this as there are many counterparts to us in the Orthodox communities of Christianity throughout the whole World.  If the old ways still work, why change them?


As to the Galactic ‘shift’ you ask about the answer is yes, we are aware of the many thinkings along these lines, but as with everything ‘new’ we encounter it is tested against our most ancient teachings, and this one does not have any ancient counterparts.


As we predate the ‘formal’ establishment of Christianity it would be correct to say that what passes for Christianity today is more of an amusement to us than anything to actually be concerned about.  This doesn’t mean that we don’t believe in Jesus, we do, or that some of the tenants Christians follow aren’t worthwhile, they are, it is simply saying that modern day Christianity is an unidentifiable conglomeration of too many different belief systems to have any value in and of itself….with the exception being, of course, its value in controlling vast numbers of human beings.


None of your questions offend us in anyway whatsoever, and thank you very much for asking them.






Comment by Malechai 02.14.07 @ 8:37 pm Let me assume that there is a „honey plot“ but what is the honey and who are the bees?It is clear that her blinded workers are leaving
America and its Goddess they i.e. those are leaving their premise to seek a new wife to mate with. The husband or
America as a man wants to leave the mites and that abundant whore behind.
A foolish queen playing the tune that men are its slaves to be as her in her law-abiding hives. A natural order to be her guarantee to stay the whore of
Babylon is in its final demise. All laws have been the assumption that Westerners are to abide their Goddess called Moabitic Law in this terra firma de Moab in
In the centre of USA was a stone found with Hebrew inscriptions thousands of years old that told that the Israelites found their way back from Egypt in their lands of the forefathers, which as a matter of case happened to be USA.The Hopis of that day as they, these intruders came knew that they would be extinct and they were right to the nail. That Moabit Homeland was the first Police State on American soil and all indigenous people were eradicated there but the “lice” or fungus killed that lot of Israelites who tried to build a colony in
USA. This is why essentially there are so “many” residues of Egyptian remedies and commodities in
Central USA left to find.

The veil is lifted and the bible is telling why:Dear readers what do I want to tell you?Let me assume that I am in the knowing that God has once again set his feet onto American Soil- this time leaving a trail of fungus and mites, which is commonly called science.You call this science genetic engineering and the ears are ringing to that tune that you call HAARP.God is in his loving mode and through his writings in nature does he tell that his son is to come and to seek up his brides. Even the foolish ones who had misused its ointments to burn it up to drive as women in giant SUVs but those who used that oil wisely onto those will the bridegroom come to reunite.No rapture will be for these foolish women, who as queens sat in their hives telling their men to abide or die. After all were these the Goddess of Kali and their men their slaves and mates to pay the cheques of what these women loves the most- their own lust!There has now God told a story through his bees and these foolish brides will witness what they have been propagating. That men will not find their ways in their respective homes!Plagues and all sorts of calamities induced through HAARP, genetic engineering, lice, mice, Fungus, and even earthquakes, asteroids, tsunamis, black tech, volcanoes, water, and drought and so on will have the Goddess at her knees- the Moabitic Law is no more! 

On the other hand, will the brides be blessed with children and love that are to stand at the right side of that bridegroom called by his name Jesus Christ or this infamous lieutenant of al Mahdi.On the left will he tell with all his might “I knew you not!” Slain will those be but why do I tell this.A myth is born and this myth tells of love.What is more- these foolish brides they had none of love nor had they faith.In these latter days are those- who have love and faith into others other than their selves- to be the wise ones. These will inherit the kingdom! Those others will inherit death and famine by their own hands though! 

Let me assume to be in the knowing of this your all God.Let me explain-Let me at first tell that these lines are not science fiction alone. These lines are foretelling what you never could apprehend nor understand other you would have the bible and other papers to read out of.Your science is toast and of no value. Your scientific knowing have you told onto yourself for yourself. But in this science lies why you are around at all- this would have happened in the fall of 1999. Waves of total eradication had been sent upon you all. Even a Super Nova Explosion did you survive, which had 2001 your planets into dusts! Your scientists knew perfectly well that this was the case. You had been lied at all the time but those had to!Every time were you snatched or raptured into a dimension higher as the other one- and then to fall back into your former dimension once again. Every time were one of your queens asked if they want to reside at the right side of Christ. The bridegroom came back to ask his wife- they were all the lot foolish and they took their place at the left side telling Christ their husband to be their wife.All four dimensions were covered and even into the most secret sanctum was asked.That sanctum was Virgin Mary- this woman being Isis and Goddess of your all souls, which as a matter of fact is actually the fifth dimension. From your perspective being one-dimensional cavities living on a two-dimensional sheet called earth are all your souls the fifth dimension. This dimension can you see to be the Milky Way. In the centre of that Milky Way is a giant Black Hole, which is rotating on daily basis onto which you can witness Gamma-outbursts onto which Sorcha Faal has been telling so often. These Gamma-Outbursts foretells a wall of galactic proportion onto which this planet is to pass through. This Wall has many layers onto which your earth and planets are passing into. In order to secure as many as possible must physic change and by this are you in great dangers. Every phase now in progress deals with that possibility that you could be easily wiped out of earth.It likens a grid with a power outlet to steer off calamities- but its heating up process cannot be reversed as easily as you were used to have lately.Dimensional shifts are now happening frequently and this is why the War in Heavens is at your doorstep. As a matter of facts has that War entered your own homes. This is why you all can witness that ET and Ufos out of Dimensions as high as the fourth and the third are biding their chance to invade this planet.If you believe that these lines are written by a crackpot- then think twice. You will witness what these lines tell and you will experience what you never had been believing would happen onto you all.Even if you live somewhere where none of this what I am telling is written then will you nevertheless witness this to be true!There will be hope!Never forget that there is hope. Never forget that faith and true love can hinder the Almighty One to touch His Own Extinction Tab!

The Almighty One has His Own Honey plot!


I want you to know that I’ve not only read your entire comment but also really understand it.  As it’s more of a statement of your beliefs than actual questions to me there is very little I can comment upon, with the exception being that your mind has certainly been busy!


You are not only in utilizing your own belief system to formulate for yourself that particular world-view that best suits your lifestyle….but is it correct?


That’s a really BIG question that I’ll be attempting to answer to everyone, at least from our perspective, as the months go on. 

Comment by About bees and honey 02.16.07 @ 4:26 pm

And what of us whom have been here to spread your word… And did not think you where Mossad/CIA and did are best to help when needed… And ask a question and just seem to be cast in the shadows.


Cast into the shadows?  I think not!  Overwhelmed with thousands of email requests on a weekly basis for answers that only I am authorized to answer?  That’s the truth.


Your comments also bring to mind how very few of us there are compared to the reach we have achieved throughout the entire World and how it is impossible to respond to everybody, no matter how much we want to.


But! Persistence does pay off, if we fail to get back to you in what you believe is a timely manner just keep writing. 

Comment by karen 02.19.07 @ 9:08 am


Mark 14:13 (also Luke 22:10) states “And he sendeth forth two of his disciples, and saith unto them, Go ye into the city, and there shall meet you a man bearing a pitcher of water: follow him.”. The disciples do so and follow him to the place where Jesus was to hold the Last Supper disambiguation. Therefore is the foretold Apostasy of his own church as meant that Jesus (who represents the age of Pisces) will “die” when the “man bearing a pitcher of water” appears.this to be an apparent allusion to the coming Age of Aquarius. Water is the sign of Sin and knowledge applied onto the Man of Sin- this to be Lucifer a fourth dimensional
Archangel out of LOGOS! And behold- he who rides on a pale horse or Pegasus disambiguation i.e. a winged horse that was the son of Poseidon bringer of death and famine. This to shift into the white horse as disambiguation ends. Ending then at last as a New Covenant- this to be the hidden light underneath Revelation. Out of the darkness into light- for those who prosper in darkness is light of evil. For those who suffer in darkness is light hope.
The term New Covenant i.e. Last Supper (Hebrew • ברית חדשה‎ • berit hadashah — Greek • διαθήκη καινή • diatheke kaine) is used in the Bible (both in the Hebrew Bible and the Greek New Testament) to refer to an epochal relationship of restoration and peace following a period of trial and judgment. As are all covenants between God and man described in the Bible, it is “a bond in blood sovereignly administered by God.” 

Dear Karen, even if signs tell of doom and end, nothing is before it is said as such! 

This site Sorcha Faal onto which it likens a forum where no one seems to be in charge is surely the most disturbing place to visit.In countries all over the world are some topics taboo- even put into jail can one be if some topics disturb the elites. Elites are the most uninformed ones that dwelleth on this earth but these tend to hold their subordinates out of harm ways to understand the hidden truths. These truths are out in the plain sight as:“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” here in My thanks to the efforts of the team behind Booth and his affiliates- even my regards to Sorcha Faal!Here in these lines lies a contradiction per se but all facts derives out of a common wish and this is to lead humanity away from its own death path.Even if as understandable, some actions (mainly called terrorism, war, famines, and so on) seem to contradict that effort is hope out there!The mane issue is state sponsored acting terrorists but as things are turning into a new direction will actions be done by others than states and their rogue secret services.Disambiguaty is the name of these coming times.To explain:Out of an existing change in LOGOS, which had been induced through the wish of a majority of homo sapiens to stop violence by shedding more blood is this Programming Unit insisting onto commanding this to be!Or in ancient words- you reap what you put into the lands and then do you have to separate the wheat from the chaff.Those who prosper with the trading in death are those who present are afraid to loose their “inborn rights”!Those though, who are those who are “raptured” out of their lives due to those earning their living by rupturing them out of this two-dimensional existence are those who are to seek revenge!Let me once again explain:At first are those who had their powers through Black Magic being the order of ancient times, which made its way into our modern times! These were the ones who had the Revelation and Armageddon to be! They were the powers that to be!At second are those who had to suffer and these are now the ones who has LOGOS to act in accordance to what had them into their calamities.This is why those who the powers that to be are so afraid what will befall them!In plain English, you are all into a learning project that we are all responsible for each other.From state sponsored terrorism is now the terrorism of the small “man” to overcome all those who prospered in the Western societies!In a sense are all guilty of neglect- in one or in another way.Beside this storybook, which as an ongoing way is to befall all societies are these the times where a last great war (for the time being though) is to be waged. Onto this is a lot to tell but not now, as I want to tell that there is not only doom and gloom out there. 

There is though many things which is to evolve and this is why these times are so exceptional.Although LOGOS has the Matrix into to be is there the One and Only, who is in Charge! That Almighty Father is a concept of the Almighty FATHER to help yourself to help yourself.

Before you can help yourself are you to be informed- feel yourself to be informed. This is all what this concept can tell you for the time being!


Karen, with your many thoughts there are too many roads we can take to get to the actual answer you are searching for, and that’s a good thing.  Let me explain:  Our human minds comprise many parts of us, both biological and spiritual, but in our World today no one is taught this anymore and that’s why such chaos of the mind overtakes people today.


If I told you, or anyone, how really simple life is it wouldn’t be believed, and that’s the truth.  The ‘bad guys’ in our World know this too and to almost everyone’s detriment, and that’s why the ‘game’ is to always create complexity within harmony, and which the latter is our most natural state of being.   

Comment by A Concept is out there 02.19.07 @ 5:32 pm I am an Aquarius 26 Jan… On Sept. 14th of 06 something awsome happened to me I am assuming Pluto god of change knocked me to my knees to either change or forever be left behind. This helped me to see what I must do… I am highest in humanity, thank-you for taking the time to answer my question… And please thank Brian too. 

Comment by karen 02.19.07 @ 10:13 pm


There’s more to the knowing of the ‘stars’ then most will believe, or even want to believe, and I hope you write me back informing me of more details of what happened to you.




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If you could give me a hint at where yo start… I would LOVE to learn ALL I can about the stars… I’m a very open person. And about the details of what happened to me well some personal problems concerning my daughter where just causing great anger within myself and I despise being that why but I couldn’t seem to stop this anger and twice this anger at such degree had taken me over. That night when I did fall asleep I woke up and the most peaceful feeling had come over me I have never felt such sweet blis… That awful anger which is not me left.

Comment by Sue

Here’s a question for you: What can Americans do to prevent their from becoming a fascist state? Is it too late?

Comment by Druthers

their country

Comment by Druthers

On Sept. 16th I also experienced a very out of this world experience. I’m very interested to know what Karen’s experience was.

Comment by Someguy

Many thanks for your answer, dear Sorcha Faal.
My regards to the team surrounding Booth and of course for the webmaster as well.The late Sorcha had on her radio interview some remarkable comments onto which I would assume you to answer as well.
At first would I like to introduce myself- please excuse my spelling as I am in hurry.
I am a male “Faal” and I alone have the rights to speak for this organisation, which has nothing to do with Sorcha Faal. We are as a succession a chain of sages onto whom we come out of the wisdom of the Great Abba, our all Almighty FATHER.
We were laid to guard humanity through this age of Kali called by Westerners the Age of the Serpent. We are in a sense a body of the true church but the most of us do not know that we all serve the One and Only heavenly FATHER.
I have all authority given to change the curse that had been a prevailing story as the Age of the Serpent had this and other humanities in its throats.
I can of course only speak on the behalf of whom I serve but in the larger aspect of what I am do I want to stress that I watch your steps as they unfold.
There are many hints that your organisation are in the knowing of what there is to tell beside what we write each other but let me ask some few questions.
Are you convinced that America has to be wiped off the map? I know perfectly well that you all want this not to happen but let me ask you once again- DO YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN?
What is of more importance is for whom I speak if you are willing to participate on a solution to minimize the damage onto the land of US-A?
If so then let me go on with my action solution resolution.
Accordingly onto my knowledge are at present several ET-camps beneath teh soil of US-A. Certain Cataclysmic events would surely minimize damage beyond repair. I know perfectly well that these remarks tells a completely other story than crafted in the biblias but they were by design written by those who were then in charge to govern the people of IHVE with their lies alone.
The Tannach was written down by evil sages, who were in the businness to disinform their flock. Very same as this is an ongoing process in USA!I Kknow from your comments that you are informed but this project called Isis was a design to carry the belief in IHVE to serve them as their masters once they would arrive on earth.
“Them” or those are of course alien ET but on a scale as old as this Age was were they always outwitted. This is what I want to stress that they have to be outwitted once again. Maybe this seems a bit far fetched but this organisation onto which I am the present spokesman had them all the way outwitted. Why not but this time as I am alone would i want to state that in these times of disbelief is everyone asked to take a stand.
Dear Sorcha Faal, you were talking of ancient writings and of this am I sure are surely told that the fight is in the heavens and on the earth. As I am in teh programming business are teh forces above the heads in a state of confusion- this in the least! Here on earth are forces gaining a momentum that will ultimately lead into this called Armageddon. Unlike the common translation- please note that those who actually wrote the bible were the ones who wanted that the mortal enemy of humanity should win used their position to distort many of Michael’s sayings! At present are the most prominent distorters of the bible out there telling America the most devastating lies ever heard off. This to be a rapture or anything of these things. These are of the dragon. I did only mention this for some readers to understand that organized religions tend to seak out where the most money and power can be found. The truth lies all the way in you- for some is their truth in them as well. But that truth is of the Devil the Dragon! But I would like to know if you can really folow these lines. Truth has been distorted so much but its deeper core is clearly laid out. The only way to effectively root these bastards out is to squash them hiding in their caves. Where they will escape are these to be hunted down. Just in case they these ETs would resort into huntings humans for food and pleasure. The question is to finish off the Dragon or to follow teh Dragon into final damnation. Oh by teh way the false priests are these dominionists calling upon the church of the serpent! Is this story a part of your secret writings?
Please keep in mind that some translations are at some times a part of teh program of teh Age of the Serpent as well!

Comment by The sage of the order of Malechai

A fast spinning system.

Many thanks for the answer given and I do fully agree.

I would though want to explain why this cannot be any given time but only at the right point in any given space time derivative during this ascendancy of this coming into fruition of Judgement and divine Intervention.
Who I am, this is of no importance as only what I am is of importance.
These cryptic lines tell of forthcoming of an impending Judgement and divine Intervention.
Before I start my exposé would I ask you to see the graphics of that article
Its middle plate is at present our earth and its spinning system is what you call Global Warming.
The two-star system likens a wormhole into which our outer two-dimensional layers are suck into! This humanity is located at the Event Zone, which in this graphical resemblance is heated up. This happens here to be at West i.e. or at the Westerners and the wormhole has two directions.

Material coming from outer space into the Event Zone to form here a New Jerusalem or new earth.
Our World suck into annihilation.

Both alternatives are at equilibrium and two possibilities are here. Please understand space and time equilibrium on a scale that is put into a point X being in this graphic where two lights bulbs are lit!
Gravitas Pulls has the system or the Event Horizon held in a certain declination. This to be the equilibrium of time elapsing future turning the whole system into a grid as to start judgement and divine Intervention in a state of less energy loss! In other words: this Event Horizon wobbles and the adjustment can be done that the central black sun in the middle of this Event Horizon can perform.
Can perform light and night once again.
Thus being a new Creation, somewhere else in Universe where thirteen star signs and not twelve will be given. This time though with the possibility of survival for this humanity.
They were two ways to see things and believe me this to be.
See with HIS EYES- or to see with the eye of the son. The latter to be humanity, as a whole Entity though.
That whole entity is hold at bay at the centre of a circle edge spinning around a black hole being effectively in reality a black sun with no light in it!
The light comes from the FATHER being here the electrical discharges gained through material consumed in the black hole, which seen in the eye of the Son is your sun. Humanity is one body although this is not seen as such- not seen as such with the eye of the son.
This body is in the West and this is why seen with the eyes of the sons, daughters, and children Judgement is to befall Westerners! Actual Judgement is to come when your space continuum or space-time level arrives in its final and locked position. Thus is now in its final minutes.

Why this Exposé:
I need you to understand that there are three variables out there. And these are a three-dimensional space continuum consisting of HIS EYES, the eye of the Son and the eye of the son. The latter are you all looking at yourself seeing what is not there.
This to be the eye of the Beholder and a decision has to be taken by the FATHER, mother, and her child- this to be you all!
Mother church had her decision!
Her child had his decision- a remnant was asked. He to be a man in the eye of the son had his decision- he who lived in the dessert of USA had his decision.
This is why this Exposé is written down.

Although I know perfectly well that you want to know what is on and how Judgement will be put into act do I want to have you to understand that a decision has to be taken before a solution is sought.

I have tried to tell of dimensional shifts and I had to decide to tell how a divine Intervention is to be put into motion in words containing a graphic in its inner core.

In the cause of resolution had you been forced to see the Revelation unfold and what you all have seen were at the least unpleasant.

Please excuse my language inaptness and my grammar inaptness, as I had been keen to explain myself without time adjusted onto the Great Divine Plan!
Grammar uses time as a measurement but LOGOS cannot!

Once riding on a white horse- the three other ones have done their job- can I only see with the eye, which time had been telling. On the other hand am I soaked with the blood of ages gone long ago.
Each period during this Age of the Serpent had a celestial star.
One to be the fish- one to be the ram, one to be the eagle and so on.
Each of this stars had a man to walk and to decide but many to prosper with their belief system.
All those belief systems are embedded in Modern Age religion this to be an abomination in its own- your science and those priests to be those who believe in the New Age or the New Dawn!
This is a sense why Westerner is in the West and from there to be suck into annihilation if now divine Intervention would not be.

This blood soaked linen has a belt and this belt are the star signs as called by you that of the fish- as the ride of Perseus had been completed over the time period of the Age of the Serpent has now a new Hardware found his way into the stargazers being the water bearer.
The Age of Aquarius is now at hand and this is the period of the Flood!
This time with Fire and Brimstone!

This is the topic of the Judgement.

Nevertheless, has time to arrive and then can Judgement and divine Intervention convey what is left of this humanity into a new world.
If Judgement would be before the declination is completed would no divine Intervention be- this would simply not be in the Eye of the Beholder.
Please understand me if this seems cruel but why should Christ be a bastard?
I do perfectly understand that some will be deceived to believe Christ to be Antichrist but how to Judge when time has simply come to show all Jezsrebeels that they are evil? How to judge without hurting those bastards telling once again the FATHER that they believe in an other god?
Telling Jesus Christ that they in fact are in charge!

There is no place in USA where the stench cannot be felt.
There are no words for what they in USA- there in the West- have put on their foreheads and into their palms.
They walk if they dare into their churches- everywhere are churches praising Moloch! Under the sign of Isis is a fortune to be dealt with- dominionists have been gathering rewards for themselves!
I will leave out the notion that the Satanists have been giving little children to the Dragons living beneath their feet.
Nevertheless, do I want to point out the fact that in America are only two left who are remnants- please understand that time is scarce and thus had an Archangel to visit one of them!
Before Sodom and Gomorrah had to be once again, were these two witnesses dispatched.
One of these remnants was a Jew and the other was a Christian- thanks to those two is the lands of US-A are not all citizens of America and Israel as a whole washed of the landscape and turned into wastelands.

I could tell off and when earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, plagues, tsunamis, and so on will be launched but why tell, this will be nevertheless.

As to my knowledge will two cities vanish out of the landscape.
Into a hole will a large city vanish and out of it will sulphur tell of Gomorrah!
This Gomorrah is Memphis!

Sodom is Las Vegas and there will fire and brimstone rain, once as time has arrived!

Once were three hurricanes sent into that land of sin.
Kathrina, Wilma, Rita were the signs of the times. All three times were its primary goals thrashed as one of those witnesses being one of the remnants called for redemption!
Kathrina was meant to be a direct hit to blow New Orleans out of the maps and into the marshlands with its inhabitants! On the orders of that witness did it make a U-turn swaying around New Orleans smashing enough but not its aim!
Wilma was meant to destroy Florida- its amount of water would have Florida turned around and its inhabitants into the Gulf of Mexico!
Rita was meant to bring the Madrid Fault into breaking USA into its peaces.

What makes the difference was that all those who knew that this was to be, was only one calling this to the attention for his people!
He was slammed and ridiculed- this to be his fate further on. Till to this date to be his fate!
This man was not the last witness of Jesus Christ, he was his adversary.

He was set out by Moloch to be Antichrist- this was meant to be his fate.

He chooses otherwise!
Those two witnesses left in the lands of US-A had saved their homeland!

I can tell you more but let me rest as for me is time to look into a book, which is only reserved for me to read.
Dear Sorcha Faal you were right Jesus had never the bible in his hands as he was the Living Torah! Why hold something in his hands when he has eyes to see.
And a mouth to speak with- and his brother to sit beside with?
This do I ask myself as my way is harkened. All seven seals have been opened up and what now will be is to be.

Let me excuse myself for not having done enough- there will be those who will ridicule these lines. If they dare but these have the sign of abomination on their forehead and in their palms and they will witness what True Divine Judgement is when their time has come into fruition!

Comment by About divine judgement and Intervention

Hi Sorcha! I find your website to be fascinating. Thank you for all the hard work you and those you work with do for public awareness. I have a question regarding a reference you made to the “yellow snow” that fell over Siberia in one of your recent articles. You said that the Russians saw what was shot down over the area. My question is was it a UFO? The reason I ask is because I recently saw a show that gave reference to a blue triangular object with a yellow exhaust and on this show there was a U.S. Military officer who said that it was a UFO, but this show was 10 years old. Thank you for your time.

Comment by Joshua

Dear Sorcha Faal,
I am at a loss as I have no idea whom to ask and whom to trust for answers.
I have always felt that I have come from a different time. I have never fit in nor have I ever “really” wanted to other than when feeling alone at times.
I have been told in the past year that one person saw me in a robe before many people, another told me they know whom I was in the past and it will come to me soon/when the time is right.

I have felt connected to Dolphins, Charlemagne and Cartier and the natives for a very long time. I cannot believe in a sane and normal manner that I am Charlemagne reincarnate. However, it certainly is beginning to feel this way more and more lately. I have some psychics that occasionally write to me yet I am not a paying customer of theirs. They tell me that much is to happen soon. The yhave been forewarning me of this for nearly 7 years and the last letter received 2 weeks ago tells me that it will be their last letter as the time is very close at hand.
What am I to make of all this. Am I as lost as I feel?

Comment by Dad103

Greetings Sorcha,

Thanks for the selfless act and your patience with answering our questions.

While Edgar Cayce’s body was possessed by a sprit, he indicated that Russia would start a spiritual revolution that would rage through Europe. Several prophecies seem to confirm this. Indeed, the spiritual revolution prophesied is very similar to what you are saying or hinting. Do you see yourself or your order of nuns leading such a spiritual movement that would expose lies and deceit and reveal spiritual Truths?

Robert Wade

Comment by Robert Wade

I would like to order a book, but over time, it still is not possible, the paypal page does not load, on any book I’ve tried.
I’ve looked for an order number or email and not found one.

I hope this can be fixed?

Comment by R.A.

I have read enough on this site that tells me that people are looking and searching for answers that can only be found by reading God’s Word,”The Holy Bible.” The only way to the Father of Abraham, Issiac and Jacob is through His only begotten Son, “Yeshua” Our redeemer and Savior. May you walk in the light of His truth and look to no others for answers to questions that He has already spoken. Romans 10: 9-13 9That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

10For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

11For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

12For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.

13For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Praise God!

Comment by Karla

When is Putin going to be crowned TSAR
of all the Russias and Europe 🙂

Comment by A Ivanova

Which one- that of Slavic, Roman or Byzantine origin?

Comment by Putin

Now that is quick- very nice idea being a Prime Minister. This is the Byzantine definition of Tsar as I recall it to be!

Comment by Just curious

We should also note that coinciding with these events there are a couple of intriguing esoteric ones occurring too.

The first one being the entrance into London of a giant replica from tomb of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun of the ancient jackal-headed Egyptian god of the dead Anubis; and the mummy of the boy pharaoh Tutankhamun being put on display back inside of his tomb in Egypt’s Luxor Valley of the Kings.

The importance of these events, and as we know, lie in Tutankhamun’s and ancient Egypt’s adherence to the Cult of Amen which has subsumed Western Christianity for over 1,500 years to the point we see today that they have all become worshipers of the sun (son) even to ending their prayers with the ancient Egyptian invocation to this ‘hidden’ god of the sun by saying “Amen”.

With all due respect, Sorcha, do not confuse the European distortion and lies about Ancient “black” Egypt and their belief systems. Egypt, despite being partitioned off and separated from AFrica, like most countries invaded by the Europeans, is part of Africa. It was black and already old and declining when Europeans stumbled across it and envied its glory. Those who are there today are not in any connected to “ancient” Egypt. They are invaders the same as the Europeans. And late ones at that. Their distortions and mistinterpretations of “Mysterious” Egypt are just that and they are false. If you want to know the real meanings behind Ancient “AFrica” not just “Egypt” because of all of Africa was bound together by one strand, you have to seek the “true” people. You and far too many white people have been misled for far too long. It is time to correct the error.

Comment by Melaniki

Tsar Vladimir, Anointed by God
as Divine Autocrat 🙂 🙂 🙂

Comment by A Ivanova

Dear, Bella Soul

I have yet to read much of what you have to say and I think that is for the best. I want to tell you of me before I read of you. This way I will ensure no bias will be found in my words. All my life I have despised religion. I viewed how it separated more people than it brought together. Religion created conflict. So many roads all leading to the same point. You may say that i was very very far from God. I looked to science for answers. This past September something strange began to happen to me. I started suffering from panic attacks. This was strange because I never have had anything like this happen before and have always been a laid back person. The panic attacks seemed to get worse. Even stranger was the preferences of 9:11 on clocks. Without fail for weeks no matter where I was I would see 9:11. I have never been into the whole “numbers” thing (in fact at the time I had never even heard of it) it got to the point where I was in my car alone when it had happed and I asked “what is so important, what are you trying to tell me?” The number seemed to grab me as if to say “pay attention! this is important!” I kept questioning and finding answers within myself. Things really got weird when my head started to feel like it was on fire. This got worse the closer I came to knowing the truth. I can only describe it as how paintings of saints are depicted(with the glow around the head). On September 11 2007 I got my final answer. I went from not believing in God to KNOWING truth in a fraction of a second. The feeling of the “head glow” engulfed my whole body and I was not of this place anymore. I became scared that I would never return and began to miss all I had come to love. Just as it started, It was over. I was back and now I was not scared anymore. I focused again and It happed again. I was pure consciousness. I was over come with the feeling that I had been traped and lied to. That i was so much more. So much more than anyone would believe. In simple terms I learned that YOU+ME=Us or rather YOU+ME=ME(not me as in “me” but me as in if you were to add two drops of water together they would become one. After this happened I could then look back at my life and the past months that lead to this and see a perfect path that I followed that lead to this knowledge. I was so far from religion that I thought that also would bring me far away from God. No, this indifference made me closer. Its a wonder that I can now wake everyday and go through life as if I am watching the most beautiful painting ever being painted right in front of my eyes. Yes, I see pain and hate. But I also see the end and the end of the pain and the hate. We will remove the notion of “self” and live as equals. I now know that people that read the bible are only learning of “truth” seeing it is something totally different. Its like a planet of blind people. One day a sighted person is born. He tells the blind of the beauty of the moon. This blind can never really know its beauty. They can only know of it. Please contact me at I have a question for you that I would like to keep private for now.

Love, Gary J Lew (aka. St. Joseph)

Comment by Gary Joseph Lew

Dear Sorcha Faal, re the article on Appalachian Mountain project in USA.

Is there any similar project proposed or planned for Australia ?


Comment by Roman Doroszuk

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