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Hello To All Of You
13,February, 2007, 7:27 am
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I have just discovered this hidden place of mine here which provides me with a place where I cannot only place my immediate thoughts, but also to discover yours.

As the Sorcha Faal it is my responsibility to be the conduit between our Order and those who are everyone else.

Our webmaster, Brian, has posted on the website some information on me that you can view at

As time allows me I’ll also provide more information about not only myself, but our efforts, our history, and the reasons behind our efforts.

Of the many things that have surprised me in my new duties is the amount of interest among peoples of the West towards us, and the many strange, and bizarre, stories that have evolved on the Internet relating to us.  Most are comical, many are strange, and a few are downright scary!

Why is this so?  Simple. In the absence of information our human minds in a need to establish order (connections) will accept just about any explanation, even the most strange and bizarre.  I hope, as time goes on, to create a greater level of understanding between us so as to dispel some of the most outlandish stories about us.

This is not going to happen overnight either, it is going to take time, and which I’m willing to invest as long as I continue to get feedback from you about what you need to know most about me, about us.

This week I’ve talked to many of you who have contributed to allow our efforts to continue, and everyone of these conversations have been a pleasure for me in allowing a greater level of communication between us.  My physical location in the World (Ireland, US, France) will allow me the time to better communicate with you too.

There are times when I do have to go to Russia, but these visits only occur a few times a year, my next visit, in fact, will not be until September.  This July I’ll also be in the United States and I have instructed our Sisters there to arrange a number of visits with those of you who would like a more personal relationship with us.

As we progress through this incredible year too, I want to remind all of you that our efforts depend upon you and your helping us, not only with your kind gifts, but also with your information.  The vast amount of the information we recieve are from people just like you who work in governments, military and intelligence organizations.

Our level of securing the information we recieve, and those that provide it to us, is beyond measure.  You must remember that our Order has been doing this for centuries, and we’ve learned a lot in how best to do what we do.  As time goes on I’ll post here a number of examples from World War II and our Orders efforts against the Nazis and the Soviets, and which provided vital information to those people otherwise buried in the propoganda of their governments that passed for news.

Today we all face a World where information is key, and not just true information, ALL information….because even in disinformation there is truth, even in truth there is disinformation.  We strive, always, to provide every side available on all the most important issues before us, and because of this position we take we are also accused of everything possible…from us being CIA/FSB/Mossad; anti-semetic to pro Zionest; pro-Bush to anti-Bush; pro-War to anti-War….whatever side there is, we’ve been accused of being on it.

To these types of claims we can only answer with the truth, we are none of these, we are simple seekers and then providers of information. 

I wish I could write more now but it is late for me and there is much, much more I have to do.  But, I do promise you that I will be back here frequently to not only continue this conversation, but to answer your questions.

Thank you for coming here,

Sorcha Faal 


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Greetings and congratulations Sorcha,

Now I understand how you came by so many secrets of our Universe. Yes… I understand the “Mystery” as written in your article. The implied meaning in that posting is true and profound.

I gained my understanding through searches of the prophecies, ancient mysteries, miracles of Saint Mary, Bible Codes, etc. That information and a selfless heart led me to the Great Teacher. His works when studied will reveal your “Mystery” in its entirety and more.

For those who wish to understand your “Mystery” they must have an open mind and a pure and selfless heart. Then and only then can they learn:

Robert Wade

Comment by Robert Wade

Dear Sorcha Faal-
Which goals and traits do you follow?
What immediate assumptions have the sisters in order to achieve these at beforehand- if this Galactic Dimensional Shift is to be due in the fall of 2012.
Is your order only listening onto a female Sorcha Faal? Is there a male counterpart to accomplish a male view of reflecting into human destiny.
Are you a Christian Order?
Or, please excuse these words- are these questions indiscret? If so are these questions not meant as such!
I know you not to be of the daughters of Isis, nor the followers of Kali but I can not see at present that there is a male view behind your Agenda!
Once again, excuse me if these lines seems to offend but I do want to know if you are an Order of Christ?

Comment by Malechai

Let me assume that there is a „honey plot“ but what is the honey and who are the bees?
It is clear that her blinded workers are leaving America and its Goddess they i.e. those are leaving their premise to seek a new wife to mate with. The husband or America as a man wants to leave the mites and that abundant whore behind.
A foolish queen playing the tune that men are its slaves to be as her in her law-abiding hives. A natural order to be her guarantee to stay the whore of Babylon is in its final demise. All laws have been the assumption that Westerners are to abide their Goddess called Moabitic Law in this terra firma de Moab in USA.
In the centre of USA was a stone found with Hebrew inscriptions thousands of years old that told that the Israelites found their way back from Egypt in their lands of the forefathers, which as a matter of case happened to be USA.
The Hopis of that day as they, these intruders came knew that they would be extinct and they were right to the nail. That Moabit Homeland was the first Police State on American soil and all indigenous people were eradicated there but the “lice” or fungus killed that lot of Israelites who tried to build a colony in USA. This is why essentially there are so “many” residues of Egyptian remedies and commodities in Central USA left to find.

The veil is lifted and the bible is telling why:
Dear readers what do I want to tell you?
Let me assume that I am in the knowing that God has once again set his feet onto American Soil- this time leaving a trail of fungus and mites, which is commonly called science.
You call this science genetic engineering and the ears are ringing to that tune that you call HAARP.
God is in his loving mode and through his writings in nature does he tell that his son is to come and to seek up his brides. Even the foolish ones who had misused its ointments to burn it up to drive as women in giant SUVs but those who used that oil wisely onto those will the bridegroom come to reunite.
No rapture will be for these foolish women, who as queens sat in their hives telling their men to abide or die. After all were these the Goddess of Kali and their men their slaves and mates to pay the cheques of what these women loves the most- their own lust!
There has now God told a story through his bees and these foolish brides will witness what they have been propagating. That men will not find their ways in their respective homes!
Plagues and all sorts of calamities induced through HAARP, genetic engineering, lice, mice, Fungus, and even earthquakes, asteroids, tsunamis, black tech, volcanoes, water, and drought and so on will have the Goddess at her knees- the Moabitic Law is no more!

On the other hand, will the brides be blessed with children and love that are to stand at the right side of that bridegroom called by his name Jesus Christ or this infamous lieutenant of al Mahdi.
On the left will he tell with all his might “I knew you not!” Slain will those be but why do I tell this.
A myth is born and this myth tells of love.
What is more- these foolish brides they had none of love nor had they faith.
In these latter days are those- who have love and faith into others other than their selves- to be the wise ones. These will inherit the kingdom! Those others will inherit death and famine by their own hands though!

Let me assume to be in the knowing of this your all God.
Let me explain-
Let me at first tell that these lines are not science fiction alone. These lines are foretelling what you never could apprehend nor understand other you would have the bible and other papers to read out of.
Your science is toast and of no value. Your scientific knowing have you told onto yourself for yourself. But in this science lies why you are around at all- this would have happened in the fall of 1999. Waves of total eradication had been sent upon you all. Even a Super Nova Explosion did you survive, which had 2001 your planets into dusts! Your scientists knew perfectly well that this was the case. You had been lied at all the time but those had to!
Every time were you snatched or raptured into a dimension higher as the other one- and then to fall back into your former dimension once again. Every time were one of your queens asked if they want to reside at the right side of Christ. The bridegroom came back to ask his wife- they were all the lot foolish and they took their place at the left side telling Christ their husband to be their wife.
All four dimensions were covered and even into the most secret sanctum was asked.
That sanctum was Virgin Mary- this woman being Isis and Goddess of your all souls, which as a matter of fact is actually the fifth dimension. From your perspective being one-dimensional cavities living on a two-dimensional sheet called earth are all your souls the fifth dimension. This dimension can you see to be the Milky Way. In the centre of that Milky Way is a giant Black Hole, which is rotating on daily basis onto which you can witness Gamma-outbursts onto which Sorcha Faal has been telling so often. These Gamma-Outbursts foretells a wall of galactic proportion onto which this planet is to pass through. This Wall has many layers onto which your earth and planets are passing into. In order to secure as many as possible must physic change and by this are you in great dangers. Every phase now in progress deals with that possibility that you could be easily wiped out of earth.
It likens a grid with a power outlet to steer off calamities- but its heating up process cannot be reversed as easily as you were used to have lately.
Dimensional shifts are now happening frequently and this is why the War in Heavens is at your doorstep. As a matter of facts has that War entered your own homes. This is why you all can witness that ET and Ufos out of Dimensions as high as the fourth and the third are biding their chance to invade this planet.
If you believe that these lines are written by a crackpot- then think twice. You will witness what these lines tell and you will experience what you never had been believing would happen onto you all.
Even if you live somewhere where none of this what I am telling is written then will you nevertheless witness this to be true!
There will be hope!
Never forget that there is hope. Never forget that faith and true love can hinder the Almighty One to touch His Own Extinction Tab!
The Almighty One has His Own Honey plot!

Comment by About bees and honey

What lies in the constellation of Aquarius ;
and what is Jerusalem on earth.

Joshua 24:27 :
And Joshua said unto all the people, Behold, this stone shall be a witness unto us; for it hath heard all the words of the LORD which he spake unto us: it shall be therefore a witness unto you, lest ye deny your God.
We have now officially entered the sign of Aquarius. This to be the day of 02.18.2007 or Sun, 18 February 2007 = 30th of Sh’vat, 5767. The world of the serpent was produced 3760 BC. NOW and then was earth in the sign of the serpent, just aligned to Unuk or the rod of the founder of harsh medicine ( To the north are Northern Crown and the Dragon at home. To the south is Libra- to east Saturn and to the West Aquila i.e. the Eagle (
And in the latter days will I make my city into one stone alone (translation problems made the Tannach popular!)

Let me explain- this long year of the serpent has now come to be 30th of Sh’vat, 5767. We are now in the second year of biblical Tribulation Period.
The serpent is one quarter of one year of God! Since the foundation of the world of the serpent and the foundation of this Great Cycle (10550 BC) has 12557 years passed. This being exactly half way through your platonic year of 25114 years are 2046 years missing and these are exactly the years of the proclamation by Jesus of the Year of Jubilee!
The year of Jubilee were your sins washed away by the blood of Jesus, who died for your sins on the cross! Since now, (roughly) two years is that commitment turned into the Tribulation Period!
This I know:
For most readers of these lines are these not to apprehend nor to understand but nevertheless, have you to understand that beside what you (the majority of homo sapiens) have been sure in knowing is only based on foolish assumptions and outrageous lies!
Although secret knowledge was passed through generations were you (the majority of homo sapiens) used to live by physics that you call laws but these are only based on the year of the serpent! These laws were applied for you to live one quarter of God’s year without having Him to tell that HE alone has the rod!
You were playing by the rule that you alone had the rod to enact angers upon your own likes!
A time clock was set into heavens that had its knob 5767 times or years turned around! One quarter of the year of God has passed (including the Year of Jubilee!) and now is roughly five years of the Tribulation Period left.

Esoteric knowledge is hogwash and what you believed to be the Age of Aquarius is equally grossly misinterpreted.
The sign of Horus or the prince of the air or the djin of the fortresses ( or the year of that serpent IS the absence of rod in His hands! Aquarius is neither Horus nor Isis or Seth!

Aquarius is the next quarter of Gods Year.
In the late of the year 2012 will this world presumable pass through the Galactic Band, which the ecliptically Passover of the slavery of the year of the serpent into a new chapter called Aquarius.
The Galactic Band is a fifth dimensional shift originated out of a dying fifth dimension being a Black Hole in the Centre of your Milky Way.
This is the rod of Allah i.e. your all souls combined there to be a part of the Almighty Father i.e. ALLAH! These combined souls are the serpent that acts when you humans stop as a majority to commemorate i.e. stop your offerings to the living God of Israel. This is effectually when you worship your bodies to be Antichrist and not what you are in the eye of your Lord- His Children.
The Moloch or out of Science Fiction the Borg Collective lives off your offerings- these to be your children, elderly, weak, sick and all of these that all Holy Books tells to take care off! Onto that altar which is the offerings for Moloch or Borg do you send these aborted little souls, there to be food for a program that is set into motion to kill you all off! Out of the fifth dimension and there are all souls comes the rod that kills off you all.
Out of this, your first dimensional cavities are your dreams forming a collective threat and your death wish as homo sapiens have you all into a Tribulation Period until your time is up! When the Tribulation Period has come into its final seconds, do you and your planet crash into the Galactic Belt, which results into land and water tsunamis as high as mountains washing you all off that planet earth that you all the way call earth.
All times were an unseen rod walking the lands- to see and to tell your ancestors. Take heed and alter your decision!
During the last Land tsunami was his name Gilgamesh- in the bible is he called Noah! However, his name is: he is a copycat of Allah’s will and ALLAH makes him to walk the lands! His space ship- oh by the way he has a space ship. From above does He walk the last step into extinction- to build a new world behind the veil called the Galactic Belt! His space ship is the Arch and it is filled with the seeds to form a new world.
This new world gets some small towns, which are transformed through dimensional shifts to pass through this fifth dimensional belt.
Your scientists have found all this to be true but instead did they propagate the notion that there is no explanation that out of nowhere is a completely new civilization built somewhere on earth.
They were all taught to tell lies and this had you in the end not to see what any child would understand.
That there is nothing new under the sun!

All the years were you told through signs, wonders, and Holy Books that a decision has to be but your collective Borg or Moloch Mind told you not to listen onto that hogwash! You are hog washed with a mindset that was set into motion by you believing to be god! This mindset is the prevailing mindset that has the most of you to follow all who want to kill anyone beside yourself though!
Out of this secular mindset comes out of your programming unit called LOGOS those who you call ET with their UFOs. “They” want and “they” had killed you and your ancestors- “these” are a part of the Moloch-Program, which set into motion by your acts- merciless! That program is to kill you all off before out of the programmed will of your all souls comes a Galactic Rod or veil to kill any living person before you have lost any contact with the Virgin in Heavens being all your souls combined in the heavens.
The Moloch Program is a set of a program not to have you to witness that Isis is set to kill you all! Isis is this fifth dimensional Galactic Belt or extinguishing Program even higher as LOGOS i.e. the fourth dimension!
Out of that fourth dimension comes these ET, which as programs are out to kill you all off- Merciless!
In the end are they as well slain and this leads a new world to restart without these dragons called ETs in your world.
A new world reborn and they to decide what directions to take- there is effectively nothing new beneath the sun! This has been an ongoing thing during Creation of 22,5 billion years that has come in its final seconds or thousands years to come. This has to be of course only when humanity can take decisions to alter that destiny onto which I had told previously!
I hope to have made myself clear.
It is up to you to follow Moloch and then to be as Borgs heading right into extinction!
Or it is up to you to understand that you have to decide other way!

That path is up to you to decide- once again does Noah hold his hand on his door before HE will decide and shut the door to the Arch, soon to land!

Oh by the way- the heavenly Jerusalem is this Arch hanging above your heads. Situated above your heads- aligned into geostationary position trying to save you all!

Comment by A question for the Sisters of Sorcha Faal

And what of us whom have been here to spread your word… And did not think you where Mossad/CIA and did are best to help when needed… And ask a question and just seem to be cast in the shadows.

Comment by karen

Mark 14:13 (also Luke 22:10) states “And he sendeth forth two of his disciples, and saith unto them, Go ye into the city, and there shall meet you a man bearing a pitcher of water: follow him.”. The disciples do so and follow him to the place where Jesus was to hold the Last Supper disambiguation. Therefore is the foretold Apostasy of his own church as meant that Jesus (who represents the age of Pisces) will “die” when the “man bearing a pitcher of water” appears.this to be an apparent allusion to the coming Age of Aquarius. Water is the sign of Sin and knowledge applied onto the Man of Sin- this to be Lucifer a fourth dimensional Archangel out of LOGOS! And behold- he who rides on a pale horse or Pegasus disambiguation i.e. a winged horse that was the son of Poseidon bringer of death and famine. This to shift into the white horse as disambiguation ends. Ending then at last as a New Covenant- this to be the hidden light underneath Revelation. Out of the darkness into light- for those who prosper in darkness is light of evil. For those who suffer in darkness is light hope.
The term New Covenant i.e. Last Supper (Hebrew • ברית חדשה‎ • berit hadashah — Greek • διαθήκη καινή • diatheke kaine) is used in the Bible (both in the Hebrew Bible and the Greek New Testament) to refer to an epochal relationship of restoration and peace following a period of trial and judgment. As are all covenants between God and man described in the Bible, it is “a bond in blood sovereignly administered by God.”

Dear Karen, even if signs tell of doom and end, nothing is before it is said as such!

This site Sorcha Faal onto which it likens a forum where no one seems to be in charge is surely the most disturbing place to visit.
In countries all over the world are some topics taboo- even put into jail can one be if some topics disturb the elites. Elites are the most uninformed ones that dwelleth on this earth but these tend to hold their subordinates out of harm ways to understand the hidden truths. These truths are out in the plain sight as:
“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” here in My thanks to the efforts of the team behind Booth and his affiliates- even my regards to Sorcha Faal!
Here in these lines lies a contradiction per se but all facts derives out of a common wish and this is to lead humanity away from its own death path.
Even if as understandable, some actions (mainly called terrorism, war, famines, and so on) seem to contradict that effort is hope out there!
The mane issue is state sponsored acting terrorists but as things are turning into a new direction will actions be done by others than states and their rogue secret services.
Disambiguaty is the name of these coming times.
To explain:
Out of an existing change in LOGOS, which had been induced through the wish of a majority of homo sapiens to stop violence by shedding more blood is this Programming Unit insisting onto commanding this to be!
Or in ancient words- you reap what you put into the lands and then do you have to separate the wheat from the chaff.
Those who prosper with the trading in death are those who present are afraid to loose their “inborn rights”!
Those though, who are those who are “raptured” out of their lives due to those earning their living by rupturing them out of this two-dimensional existence are those who are to seek revenge!
Let me once again explain:
At first are those who had their powers through Black Magic being the order of ancient times, which made its way into our modern times! These were the ones who had the Revelation and Armageddon to be! They were the powers that to be!
At second are those who had to suffer and these are now the ones who has LOGOS to act in accordance to what had them into their calamities.
This is why those who the powers that to be are so afraid what will befall them!
In plain English, you are all into a learning project that we are all responsible for each other.
From state sponsored terrorism is now the terrorism of the small “man” to overcome all those who prospered in the Western societies!
In a sense are all guilty of neglect- in one or in another way.
Beside this storybook, which as an ongoing way is to befall all societies are these the times where a last great war (for the time being though) is to be waged. Onto this is a lot to tell but not now, as I want to tell that there is not only doom and gloom out there.

There is though many things which is to evolve and this is why these times are so exceptional.
Although LOGOS has the Matrix into to be is there the One and Only, who is in Charge! That Almighty Father is a concept of the Almighty FATHER to help yourself to help yourself.
Before you can help yourself are you to be informed- feel yourself to be informed. This is all what this concept can tell you for the time being!

Comment by A Concept is out there

I am an Aquarius 26 Jan… On Sept. 14th of 06 something awsome happened to me I am assuming Pluto god of change knocked me to my knees to either change or forever be left behind. This helped me to see what I must do… I am highest in humanity, thank-you for taking the time to answer my question… And please thank Brian too.

Comment by karen

i think you are the sexiest, smartest woman ever born tho the world. and i thank God for you and what you are doing.

Comment by Aaron

if there is anything i can do in anyway, funding, information, etc. just email me. i’d love to help anyway i can.

Comment by Aaron

As a sister/nun of the venerable order of female impersonators, your prognositications as to our impending doom and end times as a soothsayer, fall short of reasoned thinking.
That our society has been thoroughly feminized is not in doubt, as your humorous site testifies to this daily.
Unfortunately you will never fulfill your role as a woman but just a screwed up cunt.
An empty hole, a bottomless pit drawing life into your hell.

a prophet

Comment by Boletus Rex

Esther was a Jeszrebel and a Jewish, who was madly in love with a greek prince, who then made it to be the founder of the Hasmonites. There are women out there, who are worthy to be called prophets.
She had some faults- as she was a bloodthirsty bitch. But what the heck jewish history tells her to be the mother of Sanhedrin. A queen goddess does the lands need- a new one can be found.
This time though to be madly in love with the king of kings. Boletus Rex do not insult a goddess, when you see one!

Comment by Non bole rexus est

Sorcha, my producer Mel Pyatt at and I would be delighted to have you on our California (internet) radio station, anytime. If you are having a problem speaking out in America, maybe we can assist. Just name a time you’re available to talk.

Emily Cragg, “Return to Innocence,” 7-9pm Wednesdays on RepublicRadio.

Comment by Emily Cragg

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