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16,November, 2006, 7:42 pm
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Hi Sorcha,

Please do not publish my name for obvious reasons. Question: Is the secret ritual that George Bush was involved in have anything to do with “Skull and Bones” society of which he became a member during his college years at Yale. It is reputed to be a secret satanic society that idolizes death of the spirit and soul. The initiation involves homosexual acts which are photographed for later blackmail use.

Comment by roadrunner

At one:
To knowledge has Bush never engaged in homosexual acts.
At two:
Are skull and bones initiations referring onto masturbating in front of a hidden mirror.
At three:
Those are kids there at Yale exercising an initiation rite, which is commonly called divination or to call divine presence to have them in this group to act as one body.
At four:
The secret rite as referred onto in Babylon calls onto an Entity commonly called the DEVIL! This Devil is an Entity that forms then those present and their followers into one body of true and evil knowledge. Onto this and that knowledge will two different aspects commence them into engaging an all out war with God i.e. the Entity that was behind the culprit why the NWO-boys had been so long in the defence.
The two different aspects are
1.) The summoning of an alien body or Abaddon i.e. opening up the portal that will “give” life onto a celestial creature that to their believe lives in the underground.
2.) The return of the awaited black priest i.e. Antichrist!
The possible involvement of the mightiest person on earth would have a possible effect on the summoning rites.
His involvement could lead (but there is no referable proof of his involvement into these affairs) that the magical summoned up portal would stay stay open till the star of the bull will stand in the conjugation of Saturn leading the alliance to set forces into motion that would open up a time lock somewhere in the mountains of Tibet!
This are to my knowledge as such but there is a hidden Agenda beyond these commence actions- the unleashing of hidden demons that would befall all humans. This Agenda is commonly called The Black Awakening.
Why they think as such is not to my knowledge but they think that after a short period will there be only a remnant left that will have survived!
Who is behind these actions do I not know but there are various factions onto which would fit this description!
A precious little time is left and I urge that forces should gather having this portal never to be opened up!
There had been three different summoning there- all alike to open up a lock on this visible gate.
Three locks are visible- onto the last one will be turned around. The first was opened up 1941.
If this is commenced is the “Werk” started during WWII put into motion.
Onto their belief system will this world never be the same after the last lock is opened up.

Comment by Curiosity does matter

One trip to a Museum will confirm that empires rise and fall and that civilisations come and go-and as long as one can hunt,live off the land and provide for those they love and care about in good times and bad what does one care of such things.The machinations of man and his demented Gods who in their right minds would care of such things.

Personally I have been pursued from one end of this earth to the other by earths ‘Gods’ and suffered their tortures and visions-visions of war and conflict with technologies beyond your imagination.I have seen the matrix over the top of it all in operation- sorry your average citizen does not even know his own head -I have had gym classes where all are held in the’ zone’ whilst I am tortured- no-one even noticed,I’ve been in road games ,seen fire and brimstone-(a holographic trick backed up by others burning circles in fields) too much to detail but we are all in a prison and for the most part mindless manipulateable sheep.Tired is all I am but I do know this there is nothing out there in the spirit world bar for sociopaths and psychopaths with few rare exceptions your Jesus is not coming,nor is Buddha heck don’t even expect a

Comment by Robert

One trip to a Museum will confirm that empires rise and fall and that civilisations come and go-and as long as one can hunt,live off the land and provide for those they love and care about in good times and bad what does one care of such things.The machinations of man and his demented Gods who in their right minds would care of such things.

Personally I have been pursued from one end of this earth to the other by earths ‘Gods’ and suffered their tortures and visions-visions of war and conflict with technologies beyond your imagination.I have seen the matrix over the top of it all in operation- sorry your average citizen does not even know his own head -I have had gym classes where all are held in the’ zone’ whilst I am tortured- no-one even noticed,I’ve been in road games ,seen fire and brimstone-(a holographic trick backed up by others burning circles in fields) too much to detail but we are all in a prison and for the most part mindless manipulateable sheep.Tired is all I am but I do know this there is nothing out there in the spirit world bar for sociopaths and psychopaths with few rare exceptions your Jesus is not coming,nor is Buddha heck don’t even expect a Ghandi.Only when man assumes responsibility for himself will things improve.

Comment by Robert

In this responsibility lies the fate of man.
Why should one not seek to find fate in the scripture of old and ancient wisdom. foretelling the concept of looming deception so that man would not be ensnared in lack of knowledge. For this were a hidden story told- those events that ensnared humanity since the rise of Adam Weishaupt should in the end be a new world beyond what those ensnared men thought for humanity to be.
They, Weishaupts men and highest orders of freemasonry had envisioned a totalitarian world of depopulation and evilness but they had not understood why secrets had been brought to them to understand. If not heeded would the world as all know be brought to standstill but they thought that the standstill would be only for those not willingly to go along with evilness. All being in a boat but no one understanding this to be a fact- had history been kept a secret that when a Cycle comes to an end are all to be brought to a standstill!
Only a decision could have time to tick as standstill and evil fortune for this time period seems to have prevailed but as a decision has now been will surely a new world be born. This world now to emerge is surely not that Weishaupt had envisioned and this a pure coincidence that it likens his vision of a New World Order. As to the vision that the bible had been foretelling will this world now be.
As to my understanding will man have more part in this new world as they had ever imagined to be as such- the prince of Persia had failed to emerge. This corner stone was the missing stone that would have Lucifer to have been.
This not to have been put into motion i.e. the point where the forces of pure evil had not been summoned up in Babylon has these plans of Satan failed. The vault in Tibet will stay closed- next opportunity will only be a thousand years from now. once again.
Forces were though put into motion that will lead our this world from its standstill into a transgression period. As I understand will these birth contractions be harsh times but after this new world will have been born and brought out into the opening will a new prosperity of God’s Will truly be.
There were men, whose name will not be mentioned who had this last phase of Lucifer’s reign there in Irak of Old Babylon not to be- for their sake do I write down these mystic lines.
A hidden war had been waged and those evil men, who had set out to have Satan to rule are all on the run- let us all hope that the victorious will have mercy with them.
After all will they pay a price and this price can we all read off when we read in the papers called news.
This transgression period of what I had mentioned is a time where an old dying world will be reignited to life once again- those periods has always been harsh.
As I have understood is now hope out there- let wise men and women prevail through this period. Let us all hope that HE will emerge- He who was foretold to emerge to come.
After all will HE judge!

Comment by The warrior and Wizard of Ozz

Hello Socha Faal!!

I want to buy your book “THE CHILDREN OF WINTER”, but I do not want to use credit card. I want to pay for it by Money Order.

Please email me instructions on how I can purchase your by Money Order.

Thank you.

Comment by Tom

This is a video that everyone should see.

Comment by Jack McCoy


Is this new law for all churches and convents? Was wondering if the govt. was trying to keep an eye on radical islamists or the Isreali govt. moving back into Russia thru its temples.

Please do not post this.

Comment by roadrunner


It has been reported by Joe Vialls that Vladimir Putin has installed Sunburn nuclear missiles in Iran and Syria. These missiles each carry a 200 kiloton thermonuclear warhead, and will be fired on Israel if Iran or Syria is attacked by Israel or US. Wiping out Israel would almost certainly start WW3.

Your recent article ‘Putin withdraws naval and merchant ships from US shores in event of Iran attack’ seems a preparation for war. You can read Joe Viall’s article ‘Russia ready to vaporize Jewish state’, and if you have any news about the Sunburn missiles and Russia’s intentions, perhaps you could produce an updated article for the world.

Thank you,


Comment by Anthony Cousins

there are three different options out there.
At one wipe out US-
At second stop this madness.
At three let it all happen.

Comment by H

How do we donate anonymously?

Is there a bank account we can put cash into?

We have global banking?
Can we use this?
Paypal is traceable and non-secure.

Could you give some information on the website?

i want to donate but would like it to be anonymous.

Comment by peoples

Wonders are approaching.
This world is prone to experience its final demise.
World War III is reality the War that is fought in the skies above the heads of almost indifferent humans.
Due to the black outs in media has none of these dogfights in the airs and space beyond sun and moon been told off, which are displayed by these two forces of his Evilness and his dominions and those forces that Michael has been summoning up.
At present are in the far sight of the sun special energy bombs implemented to scorch the sun into to be a black star. The upcoming vicious circle of sunspots could very well be the last stage of our sun before it turns into a white dwarf.
There are no news or media telling this to be truth as on earth some institutions believes to participate in knowledge coming through ET’s having made themselves at home under the surface of our all planet earth. These aliens are not friendly they have their interests to serve their masters and humans are not their masters. Humans are to be their prey- believe it or not, they are real and they are demons. They cannot be told not to hunt humans as they are as grashoppers from other dimensions with the intention to conquer and harvest.
Lately have some of their space ships been shot down- at present are those forces underneath and above our heads.
A war is implemented- on earth is World Was III in its last stage. This to be a mirror of that war older than this humanity, which has been waging after the Dragon was cast out of the heavens.
All heavenly hosts are out to be a part of this war and humanity is caught in this war that now has been on and go since 130 years.
Mind controlling is implemented and political leaders are falling prey to their own technology, which is based on alien tech.
Our universe is multidimensional and this is why this last border being the basis of knowledge has come into be, once again.
Many civilisations has been destroyed prior to this as once this war had made itself back into this dimensíon.
Your ancestors have been erased every time but there were pockets of survivors that were sent into safety and other dimensions there to hide.
Once all of your ancestors had died were these your ancestors sent back to inhabit the world once again.
This world of your had only pockets or islands of archeology that had the proof of this to be of truth. All your myths have all told this story of Elohims or angels having been sent to rescue you and your ancestors as well. The fight for souls had led into a misinterpreation, who to be the culprit. The Dragon of Old or his dominionists.
Or his adversary as told in the bible to be Christ- after this outerdimensional war always up till now has ended in misery had a new civilisation to be built on the notion of old. This old do you call for example Mu, La, even those who built the pyramids all over the world. All this to be legends of Gods coming to earth and to show humanity knowledge as for example the legends of Sumaria and so on had a new civilisation to rise, which in its end sought through its own death wish a calling for the Dragon of Old or the Devil to come and end a society of lawness. A priest then to be called antichrist onto whom was the power to call the forces out of outer space to be once again on earth. This has passed once again- your antichrist being an actor has been revealed. A man searching for love and powers has been proclaimed- in the city of Rome was he married with the spouse given to him through the church of Antichrist. You had not understood who this man was but nevertheless is he this time his devils envoy and your antichrist. Believe it or not- this to be truth do I know.
What a pity dominionists once again proclaiming their christ and even the press telling this to be truth- what can one tell off a humanity that not understands what is to be if not heeded. By the way all antichrists were in the end eaten up- just for the records. this was always the case.
What is scaring- this at the least. Even the remnants in US had missed this to be the case. In Europe are all blind and everywhere are all in the dark but light will be.
Wonders will be and Christ will come forth- not the phony one though!
A decision has been taken- let us hope that there is hope out there!
FAITH WILL OVERCOME. That is sure enough what will be!
Christ and of this am I sure, asks his Church to come forth and take a stand as Christ has taken a stand!

Comment by Christ will overcome

Post this on your news.

Comment by John

Many thanks onto the sisters and her followers, as to those whose work will never be disclosed beyond those who are in the knowing of what is and has been.
I personally do want to stress my apology to those who feel themselves betrayed by the notion that my origin is kept a secret. However, would I want to stress that this man called the Red Dragon is merely the culmination of bloodlines intertwined through a long journey through times.
Understandably and due to the makings of the Red Dragon- that man to be the linkage with these two forces that you commonly, call the war in the heavens with two Archangels at either side striving for world domination- is he a token for that War that took billions of years to resolve!
In that man and please note that I have to write these lines down- as I feel myself asked to take a stand- in this man are these two forces in the makings!
Just for the scientific notion- if this man was the grandson of Schicklgruber, so what! A.H. his “grandfather”, why bother history. The runaway Nazis, having escaped into USA where in the knowing that there had to be a son- not those fake ones that were scientific inseminated into women unfortunately being forced into that undertaking of forces beyond their knowledge- So what do I ask myself, why stress the makings of that War as managed to be here on earth.
Those who read these lines are surely capable to understand these undertakings that those black magicians of the military leaders of US-A are in the makings to do. I do not want to stress why they are so keen in killing and raping the scientific offspring of Schicklgruber progeny. Although their traits are into the core sickening are these black masteries only a truly sick alternative displayed by these true idiots not having understood what that art of black mastery is off!
I am not angered by these military leaders but they do not understand that trait of magic and the true origin of the Dragon of Old onto which I am in the knowing- and this applies surely NOT to those who understand these lines!
Nevertheless, is in this world “things” in the making and this leads on many levels a whole organisation to be. On the other side are those who will loose what they have dear- heaps of money, blood, and powers beyond any imagination! In this reality and to this my regards to John is the fight as fierce as anything could be.
I had honestly been thinking to repair those intermingling with to hard and software system beyond the third dimension without revealing who did this!
The sisters made it though clear that a shake-up had to be- and to this do I understand that many are readily sacrificing personal wellbeing, even their lives for that trait. A War has to be resolved and this do I understand that even I had to take a stand. This is why I understand why some feel themselves betrayed that this Red Dragon did not want to tell too much in order not to confuse origin with coming traits!
Although one never can be sure whose father you have- as to that are Jews only Jews if their mothers are Jews. This to tell a sideline alone!
This leads one level into the other- here on earth will the War come into be.
The financial catastrophe should be revoked in that sense only that these powers should be put into the hands of a new “Oligarchy”. Not the old ones as these are of the Dragon of the Old!

Comment by Wizard of Ozz

MR President G .W .Bush is much much smarter than most people credit him.His goofyness is a hoax, contrary to what people may believe this guy is very very inteligent he has furthered the goals of the rich more than any other president he has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes and remains a star player for the dark side.
there are plans to exterminate 9/10ths of humanity hatched by the elites which will weather the holocaust in under ground shelters stocked with supplies for 10 years or more
the intention is to actually start world war 3 with it’s epicenter in the middleeast
The American administration doesn’t care about Isreal or russia or it’s own citizens even
The world in the view of the Elite can not withstand the current population and the great cull will soon be upon us
there will be no place to hide they will make sure that all of us perish and only the selected few will remain hidden in shelters untill the world outside is silent and the grass is once a green
the new world order is coming and those that enter into it will be few and far between
there is a prevailing wind it will blow us all over the whole middle east is slated for extermination in the first salvo
india ,China, Russia will respond in kind when they see the fall out reach their respective capitols there is no population that they want to spare not even their own the world is poisoned earth, air ,wind to many people to much truth untold
rather than cede empire to China they have this plan and this will happen very shortly not one american nuclear missle will be spared all will be launched this is coming as sure as I am writing this The American elites and their puppet govt. will never allow china to supercede it they will fire every missle they will not allow US hegemony to fall to the euro
when Iraq started to sell oil in euros it was that which sealed their fate
now iran says it will follow it is domed and we hear Russia saying that they want to sell oil in euros and rubles and recently China has started the wave of dumping USA debt bonds
America’s elite will not allow this to happen
fear not though we walk in the valley of evil
the redeemer will watch over the lambs in this time of trouble though many of us will die there will be a day of redemption

Comment by David

Is there a real American elite in USA left. Watching the degrading of USA during Oscar has me to wonder. The money borrowers as you would call the elite of USA are completely obsessed with beauty parlours and their posh villas. They are so decadent that they even would not find their way into their hiding points underneath their feet. By the way there is no food left that would have them to outlive ten years, let alone five months. Reading the secret figures of food storage- at the point that they had been storing old food. i love this to be true- they had actually sold off the good food for some extra bucks- changing the good stock for the old stock from china, former DDR and so on! They did only put that old stock into the packages in US telling them to be OK!
I know perfectly well that there are myths regarding safe havens for the rich and mighty. But someone had forgotten to check if these safe havens are actually safe. Someone had been paying some trillions to bribe all those supervising these safe havens. If it would not be so funny would I laugh but if they would actually close the doors behind them and these facilities would the oxygen stop as well and they would suffocate. As to my knowledge had there been some of these inspections that told this to be the case. I would not count that these reports made it to those who would benefit.
I would advise you to look carefully onto them, who actually built the electrical hardware for these intercontinental missiles. These systems are as a fact nearly out of order. On the contrary some of the old foes of USA had made it to have rocket propelled missiles stationed on that motherland- they will surely work if USA would start hitting the bottoms.
There we are, USA had been paying trillions over thousands of these dollars to wage wars- and foes built the whole system. Ain’t that funny- say?
These are the final days of this 4th Roman empire- really bitter will it be when things start off.
Let me see:
There are little left of manpower to defend the beauties of women in US, when foreign totally crazed men will turn their attention onto them.
The slaves that live at a rate of 55 millions in Northern America alone had till now no women to have their pleasures with. That is no joke!
Nearly 75 million Chinese have never the pleasure to enjoy love and affection back in China. They need no invitation- this do I assure.
My first estimate alone could 100 million men invade Northern America in the course of six years- to kill then every living male in USA!
The only thing that these women in US understand is the market- this would be the perfect explanation how Globalization works.
Of course many of the male citizens could survive as male hookers- an interesting way to understand destiny?
Let me stop the sexual implications- there is a hard core into the whole mess.
Money makes the world go around- America has none!
Someone had been planning this to be- oh my Goodness, it took years to realize this plan of the descendant roman empire once again.
If you believe that the elites had wanted this to be- Oh No! They went along earning bucks- betting their world to be destroyed as they understood the direction. These men did only earn with their greediness more bucks going alone with the grand plan.
Of course have they paid a ticket into their so-called safe havens. Oh boy- will they be disappointed!
i know that a lot of US-citizens believes that US is great. They built their world in their minds forgotting that billions and trillions of dollars do not make the tune.
US has lost the touch- and the easy thing is to call others the bad guy! It is surely easy to tell your president an idiot but we all know that this is surely NOT the case!
to tell the truth- I do hope for US that the world will have them NOT to pay what they had the whole world into.
But if US would play the tune of the happy trigger would they surely in some months cease to exist!

Comment by John

Oh my goodness- I forgot telling of the grand plan.
It is a hand with five fingers alone. A hand from a left arm- the other hand is well hidden.
One finger is already been told off.
The other four fingers- oh boy they are really evil!
2)Genetic disorder. Humans turning into for example plants- for example Morgollon disease (ingenuity of US scientists meant to help bacteria perform better in sewages):
3)Environment disorder.For example honey bees and so on. Just wait and see!
4)Mind control systems out of order- loss of nearly all orders of humanity in a five to six days- thank goodness for HAARP and so on.
5)No food- what so ever, where so ever. This has to be explained- I really hope that that cup will pass you.
then will the hand crush into the lands- leaving not a rock let alone any humans alive in the lands.
5)… there are more into that plan to see. All could be if someone would hit HIS triggers.

Comment by John

yes AMerica is finished 100 % true they have died the cruel death of greed gluttony and all the rest of the sins of man
but you fail to understand the arrogance and the insanity that will prevail

not only are they doomed so is everyone else
China eu russia all will succomb when the botton is pushed

Comment by David

I recently just found your site and am enjoying it very much. I hope all is well with you all. I will keep you in my prayers and thank you so much for all your hard work putting all this info together for everyone.

Comment by Michelle Housden

About the tobaco.My mother it is 80 years old and still smoking tobaco.I smoke for allmost 40 years(55 years old) and recent xray and cat scan do not show any damage to my lungs.I am 55 years old.
Millions of people smoke tobaco without any sign of damage.Milions of people who do not smoke – die of lung cancer.What it is wron with this picture?. The answer lies in car industry and it is not the most obvious – smoke emission.
The main reason for lung cancer it is inhale fine dust of asbestos from car brakes.The brown stain on your wheels it is the brake dust.Every time you hit the breakes you are creating a asbestos dust.It goes into air and ground.As a truck driver – I am guilty of creating a asbestos dust in large quanity.In addition to asbestos is the metal particle and toxic glue.This is the real reason of lung cancer.While some company are selling non-asbestos brake the trucks still are using asbestos brakes and they are large.I am using as much as I can the “engine brakes” but that create a loud noise and are forbiden in some citites.For a years I am trying to explain some people about danger of asbestos brakes, but not much effect. You have impact on large amount of readers and mybe people will stat listen and realize that as long as we have asbestos brakes – no air it is safe to breath.
My best advise- do not walk a streets where it is a large traffic.Do not drive with windowes open.
Smoke if you like, but stay away from asbestos dust.

Comment by Janusz E. Starkel

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