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Putin Orders 10 Russian Military Divisions To ‘Full Alert’ Over Georgia Crisis, US Imminent Attack Upon Iran Feared
15,November, 2006, 9:24 am
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I know that this is not exactly the right place to put this comment.
But I wanted to tell this thoughts of mine to a trusted friend of mine.
All is in the numbers.
It took 50 minutes for Olmert to speak with Bush. It takes days to travel to Rome.
It takes years to understand why we are here.
It stands in front of your heads- times are out!

There was once a small but dirty secret:
The third prophecy of Fatima foretold this to be.
Not the officially revised version- the true version told that times would be brought to halt!
The clocks are put on hold and your TIME is now reversing (note- times are brought to halt; NOT TIME!).
On this day of 15.11.2006 at exactly 9:24 am have times ended to be.
What do these non-compliant lines want to tell.
In this secret war between various factions of churchgoers and fractional idiots were they and those telling that, God does not exist. Telling that science proves as a fact that God is not here and never was here- do I tell that all possibilities of an universe of quantum physics tells to be true (beside this reality of ours though) are abolished.
Whom do you believe had the powers to delete other realities formed by your decisions alone- but a fractional idiot is someone believing in nonsense, who tells all others that they are dangerous if they believe in God.
Your world had been such a mess due to the fact that realities switched, leaving many confounded how decisions were being conducted or not.
There was once to tell a world in which Bush won days ago a victory in his House of Commons and there was then a world where he lost his majority. All conflicting images came out of the act that Bush for example really did not know had he lost or not!
Mind can only perceive what it is allowed to perceive- this will you surely understand in these coming weeks and months!
Your mind dwells in a quantum soap opera. You see there in this reality TV-show what you commonly refer to be your world and reality what you are meant to see. This is such as simple but times was out there to confuse your mind that you cannot see that this was true.
The veil has broken- one corner of the world is loosened up. The prince of Persia has taken his decision. This means nothing for those who does either understands common laws of physics nor understands the common laws of LOGOS! However, there are the myths of times being many cities of Chronos out there telling how times really functions.
One generation last 24 years. One period of destruction is 11 years, a second phase of possible destructions occurs every fifth year alternative every tenth year. All combined times curves form a Sick-Sinus-curve to lead a world into calamities or not. Stretched over the world being a sort of a sheet are at several places on earth these knot points interfering with your reality forming then there a possible reality. This reality is commonly referred to be destiny of purpose.
In your reality is there at these points Tsunamis, earthquakes, and common disasters being a lesser degree of evilness, famines, and wars waged there! This is how zodiacs, prophecy, astrology, astronomy, visions comes together to tell your fate. Your subconscious forms these knots to hit at these places, behind these time curves are your wishes alone. This is why all tell of destiny when these calamities happen.
In a sense are at present these small cycles not here and this is why you have to see God out there in the opening. The Chief maintainer of times will show off his powers and this is why time will reverse. You have really not much of a time left- this for a starter to understand what happens when time reverses.
You will surely see that politicians will decide in reverse- what was appropriate earlier will now cease to be and what was thought to be impossible will be!
Scientists will for example stop telling lies- artefacts will resurface telling them to have been outrageous liars.
Facts as commonly known will reverse leaving billions baffled! What was commonly seen to be moral was in reality immoral and this will resurface to haunt them, who advocated these lies!
Politicians, elites, power shakers will loose their clothes and all will see this to be a fact!
Those who were used that lies could not be seen in their faces will see that their faces and bodies will alter to tell that they in fact were deliberately telling lies and committing evil things!
This time rehearsal is in a sense the breaking of the veil- leaving humanity no other choice than to see whom they in reality were!

All of all will form a time sequence as no other ever been as such in the Creation!
There will be no stone left that had not been turned around!

Knowledge will prevail and common sense will stand as such- these are interesting times for those who were hoping them to be!
For some will this be not so a happy period- as to them will be that all will see who they in reality had been!

In this reality, will there be revelations that tell about all secrets but time is short and let us hopes that all will have common sense when this all will eventually have ended happily!

Wars and pestilences will be but not as such as it has been seen as soon as yesterday!

Comment by Wizard of Ozz

As I have understood it to be has Russia concluded that its power basis had been dwindling to that extent that there has to be a backlash.
Ten divisions are likely to be enough to have its satellite states to remember old times. Politically seen is this the Clausewitz doctrine but there are more to this actions that were commenced there in the backwaters of mother Russia.
Secret services had their say and this will probably lead that this crisis is already over.
There is though the urgency to form a new alliance with China and Mongolia. The succession wars there in Mongolia had been truly unnoticed but this is surely discussed in Kremlin. As China has its own interest to fuel wars beyond their borders will the war scenario alter the course of politics in India and the Korean Peninsula.
There are at present those forming an alliance with Russia, as there is real wealth in peace and these corners of the world.
The allied forces in Persia are on the verge of defeat- only one option is at present out there. Retreat or to be extinguished in that encircled area.
The other would to be to nuke 1,5 billion Muslims to death. This is no option and now will surely the attention be to survive the coming 40 days.
The greater Eszrael is the future battle scene- and not Russia or China!

Comment by Caesar the politician


1) Lay off booze.
2) Replace Dollar with Amero. Dick says they won’t notice.
3) Annex Canada and Mexico to boost economy and frighten China.
4) Finish the winning in Iraq already.
5) Announce Afghanistan Mission Accomplished and have a party.
6) Rub Iran. The new General says it’s a no-brainer.
7) Rub Syria or Lebanon. I don’t know. Both!
8) Be proactive. Rub Saudi Arabia before they go Euro.
9) Rub UAE for having gone Euro.
10) Ditto on Qatar and the rest of the pesky peninsula.
11) Rub North Korea for laughing at me with them fireworks.
12) Rub Venezuela for calling me “donkey” and “Satan”.
13) Look up Kazakhstan so that I can rub it for kicking us out.
14) Joyfly the AF-1 with Condi. Doing it over New Orleans is fun.
15) Arm FEMA.
16) Rub China. Dick says have Taiwan do it. Must look up what’s that.
17) Don’t ramble. Stick to what’s in the earpiece.
18) Rub Russia. Daddy and Dick say they’re just in our way.
19) Rather don’t go hunting with Dick though.
20) Lay off booze

Comment by commentary

Jesus Christ ten wishes:

1) Do not hate mankind
2) Replace dollar with Euro
3) Save as much of Mexico and Canada as even possible- take care for the remnants left in US-A
4) Take my US-A forces and run away from Iraq, and by the way bring them back home. After all does US need its little children
5) Pray at the mosque for the sins committed in the name of Jesus Christ
6) Find my wife and mate- take care of my loved ones.
7) Ask for forgiveness for being evil
8) Squeeze all scoffers and shake them violently so that they understand
9) Find peace and aim thoroughly
10) Form a new brave world where the old new world order has nothing to say onto the little children

Comment by Comment on Comment

Thank you for sharing all of your information, we find it very informative and interesting.

Is it possible to possible to purchase the Legend of Atlantis videos from you for private viewings?


Comment by Edwin

As to this time are we now entering a phase of reunion.
Three pillars have fallen- military arm of old Zion probably broken.
The forces coming together in Megiddo and there to sit are now Elijah, Moses and Christ to form the new Zion.
Zion is actually not a place in Rome of Old as it is now a reunion of powers being scattered around the world for so long.
Three keys were set to be as one key to unlock a riddle, which some want to understand.
This world and the underworld have been reunited but this time was another direction taken rather than to unleash the forces which goes with alien intruders.
Atlantis vanished without trace because that planetary system was situated in the eye of Cerberus. Their knowledge managed to be around in spite of ages being passed without leaving any trace to be found on earth as well.
Its technology based in essence on the capability to use outer dimensional free-floating energy, which as matter and solid stones materializes in our world.
Watching the Legends of Atlantis had me to laugh but at the same time, me into despair as the secret knowledge passed through ages had been distorted into that extent that these villains were idolized and not addressed as destroyers of their worlds and planetary systems.
I want to stress that Akasha can be read but not in that extent, that anyone understands what went on then. A spaceship was built to save these humans from being destroyed through their own space gates transporting the free-floating energy out of space onto their world of rocks and stones. This space ship was sent on a mission- its inhabitant was a computer of higher Eschelon, which steered into our planetary system. A fight evolved and some planets in our planetary systems were destroyed and this debris formed comets, asteroids, some moons, some larger planets and last and not least the Oort Cloud onto which some meteorites with their precursors are now hitting planet earth.
The problem is that the technology that had these worlds into peaces is from outer dimension as it used free-floating energy to destroy. This is why these stones from former worlds behave as energy reservoirs- thus having these light phenomena that you call fire balls and particles hitting the ground as if these potential free-floating energy are stones and not free-floating energy.
The meteorite in Tungusk was in reality something that you call a black-hole or a peace of space hole resembling matter as well.
Your physic here on earth had made the assumption that matter is universal- that is utterly wrong. Matter can equally be as matter could be equally pure energy- no living person can leave this physical reality other than they get to be energy as well.
Physics is only a way for the Creator to see you- astronauts were the first to be beamed out of our orbital physical reality. Your cameras could only “see” humans walk around on the moon but those were as well flee-floating energy. This is why you on earth can use extra-terrestrial technology without having aliens to help you out.
The underworld technology uses the technology that has space to be pure energy- the technology of the world based only on matter that could be torn apart. The atom bombs unleashed by you are the perfect examples how matter can be torn apart.
Since humanity went to the moon can humanity use two forms of technology- this is why 9/11 was such a “success”.
The space gate technology is already in use but this is kept secret- those small countries with those in use could be wiped out and suck into higher dimension as that technology had that effect onto the Atlanteans.
This is a warning as the specialists in physics understand so little off how the world goes round.
As to my understanding are you on the brink of destruction- only due to the effect that your reality could vanish into those space gates. Your specialists have formed black-holes without the knowing how to put off a reverse effect- this effect that out of this physical realm could suck all matter back into free-floating energy. Of higher physical dimensional reality though.
Your world is only stabilized through a space ship hovering above your heads hindering the brake through of that reality that would suck your world into annihilation.
I want only to stress this fact as physical proof has been found that tells this to be accurate.
What can I more tell than that you stand on the brink of total annihilation or on the brink of total enlightment soon to come.
In a sense are your planets and you heating up due to the effect that two realities coexist- energy floating around free and material being bombarded by these excessive energy in-puts deriving out outer-dimensions.
Earthquakes and plagues and so on are the answer that you got due to the effect that you choose to conquer space. You conquered though not space- you did only let in that your physical reality would be dissolved and onto this have I now explained for you to understand why in the orbit a space ship is hovering around.
This space ship keeps you alive and healthy- its AI asks you to understand that it is not an act of War to be there.
Elijah being an Avatar asks you to understand that there is only one way out of these impending disasters- this is to form an alliance. Not War is the issue although ultimately wars will be here on earth- the issue is to be as one. To form unity as the Avatar has enough off sifting through the Akasha and there to see that all its pleading for humanities before you had been in vain- as their physics had their worlds and realities into free-floating energy.
Then on orders to repair the gates, being opened up by those former realities and to form on orders of the All Almighty One a world anew.
This world could be Garden Eden but this lies as now told in your hands- this is why the old new world order is sent into the dustbin.
This is for you to have the possibility to form a reality not to fall into the trap that had your ancestors onto annihilation and total destruction without leaving any traces of their existence.
Proof has been given onto the decision takers and wage your decision carefully as to my knowing the Avatar can not stay here any longer then some weeks- the free-floating energy is tearing the components apart there in its physical appearance.
The old new world order is sent away but at beforehand has a new one to be born-
Yours sincerely Elijah

Comment by Elijah?

Hi Sorcha: (off subject a little)

I used to write this column that got translated around. It’s a nation by nation slice of
news on weekly or so basis. The site I wrote it for is down and I like yours, I think
the column feature complements the news arrangement on your site quite well. Let me know
if you’d be up for posting it on as an ongoing feature. Thanks!

Comment by P H

This idea of such a column is a very good one.
To crack down current events into only weakly events would cut short the ongoing story evolving at present.
If there would be there some who indeed were interested into the knowing would I want to contribute as well.
As to this:
Egypt is in the south of political Israel- to put it bluntly would I want to address these countries south of US-A.
The tiny faction within the old German forces worshipping Isis back in US and probably Israel are in the retreat but alive and happy distracting the worldwide secret service organisation.
I would not pay so much attention onto these ongoing events but there are real dangers for the Allies of Isis ahead.
This platform is surely not the right place to enact the sayings that led to Armageddon but to stick to the facts do I want to lead you into current affairs that has nearly engulfed the whole world.
The American block has tried to redo those mistakes that had their allies into the mayhem in the Far East and in those countries of Mesopotamia.
The current unhappy build-up is sadly enough doomed but there are some potentials onto which I would refer onto.
Some of the new Commanders in field are excellent tacticians at least their credentials are as such.
The old Warsaw Pact lacked the possibility to fend off all three and fifth generations warfare movements- thus was especially the case back in USA. Their command changes had not the true definition for four and fifth generation warfare and this led them into Vietnam and even into Iraq- right into the knives of its true foe.
I know this not to be known as such but the fourth generation warfare was an invention that had the political Israel to be.
The new commanders in chief are familiar with necessity to combat with fourth and third dimensional warfare but there is no apprehension of this fifth generational warfare that al Mahdi truly is an expert in.
Reading the theoretical papers of combat that some of the new military leaders in US-A has developed has to me shiver as the risk to prepare the ground for the biggest defeat ever in known human history is now to unfold. Propaganda tells a different story but the forces of US-A are broken and scattered by design so this would surely lead US-A into a military disaster of truly unheard proportions.
There was once back in Rome a politician that had “Cartaginem delendam esse” on his clear agenda. US-A has nearly completed its own destruction- reading the papers of al Mahdi as I have understood them to be, leads me to see what surely will be ahead; if they accept defeat and in understanding the principals of this fifth generational warfare will allies stay intact. Propaganda is the turning point- if US-A believes their own lies then will defeat truly be in a grand scale- in even unheard grand scale though.
The turfs in Iraq and possibly Iran (I personally cannot believe that US-A has the capacity to run a ground-to-ground offensive in Iran) would be the killing fields that the world would watch in dismay- a high-tech army destroyed that has never been heard off yet!
To pave Iran with Clusters of atomic warheads would lead into a massive extinction of life in about approx 2500 km radial from its centre if there will be no divine intervention.
I would rather not comment onto the probability this to happen.
I would rather prefer to tell that physics as known has been gradually changing in these five or four weeks- war with atomic clusters are in that sense not feasible! I know that there are theories why this is to be but here is not the place to tell of up to date reality of physics.
Such an attack- or a sneak attack from US-A would eventually lead these forces into the battlegrounds of the true forces of the 313! This would be wise to understand what these lines mean!
To Russia with its foes lined up- pretending to be their foes do I only want to tell:
All stays in the politics and there shall it stay!
Onto China and North-Korean peninsula will soon disasters of unheard proportions be- sadly enough are the preparations inapt or cut to short! Stockpiling of food and other commodities for the period of two months would be wise!
Japan has the political means and military powers to bring North Korea onto its knees but that would lead their homeland defenceless!
Vietnam and adjoining islands prepare for giant Tsunamis.
Australia will soon witness wild extinctions as the sun will scorch this land!
The military preparations are not enough in these lands- food and accommodations for three months are essential!
Africa will soon witness real changes- not to the worse though. Current wars will lead upheaval and forces will be driven away!
The current affairs in US will lead this country into extinction but with the help of EU and NATO will total extinction be stalled off!
The main battlefield will soon be right in the heart of US-A!

Comment by H

The current situation is a third possibility onto which the Report of Iron Mountain has given the answer.
Wars are to to be waged and then suddenly to end.
That leaves the rich men of the world only one possibility left and onto that is the report of Iron Mountain its answers.
To shorten up these my lines, are beside that of that report two other possibilities.
To destroy US-
Or to stop this madness.
destruction will be swiftly but there is one other alternative left- TO STOP THIS MADNESS!
In this time of the purposed ascendancy of al Mahdi and Jesus Christ his brother in arms will this third possibility not be allowed!
The third possibility is Antichrist and what you have witnessed is sure enough the Antichrist System.
The fall of Antichrist and its System will be swiftly but these now approx. two months will be crucial onto whom is then to be left to seek humanity as surely no one will survive when all atomic forces will be released to finish up humanity.
Two options are up-
At one: To keep the role of al Mahdi and his brother in armour a secret
At two: To unveil their identity in order to secure transition period.

Comment by H

Two options are up-
At one: To keep the role of al Mahdi and his brother in armour a secret
At two: To unveil their identity in order to secure transition period.

Is there a man on earth the ‘Christians’ would follow? It would appear that the muslims have been indocratinated better in what to expect with al Mahdi. Most western people believe their governments to be god, As an American I see everyday the apathy,

Comment by Someguy

Monthly bulletin on the makings of the Dragons of old:

USA is in dear conditions as two or three key players are in custody.
Diversity is on the run and knowledge has increased- tactics are at its low as commissions of the Dragon are disregarded. Political issues are drummed down to secure the rise of Antichrist and its dominionists to be in its final preparations and then to secure its final disembodiments.
The ongoing “Reichskristallnacht” has arrived its final conclusion. 9/11 was its precursor but as these perpetrators are now to be arrested and thrown into jail has a second unknown group i.e. the latter group of those Trotskyites being of the tribe of Wahhabit (please read: infiltrated security organisations and there to unleash nuclear incidents. An important key figure of this tribe has been in South Texas although the counter forces were seeking him in Pakistan or alternatively in Afghanistan has he slipped into his old identity living in US unharmed and undeterred as well.

Its Agenda is that of the Illuminaty to destroy the bloodlines of Jesus Christ- after they had diversified, shortly after being ousted out of US had they found a new stronghold:
Islam. The Hajj and a whole religion were hijacked- their “Sharia” i.e. The Law of the Counter Tannach and total misread Koran being their agenda led Islam into a religion of death and mayhem. Through a history of deception and money laundering were US-A the long awaited Esrael. Through its vast powers of secrecy and outrageous circle of shame (child molestations, homosexuality, and adultery against Gods Will) was the System of Antichrist put into motion and the rise of their Messiah or the Antichrist had under the auspice of UN all religions emerged into a feast of the blood. The Agenda of Iron Mountain had been put into motion but to their dismay had God put counter forces into being to have them to stumble.
A pillar has been failing although propaganda told that Shiites or the Sunnites to be the culprit- leading billions into agony was an embassy built in vain.
The Old New World Order had lost its grip but in US are as these lines are written down an Islamic sect based on deception trying to install their Antichrist but that individual false Mahdi is the last who was set to lie before the real al Mahdi ascended into powers.
As the revelations tell that false Mahdis’ are although being liars convinced in their minds to be in fact the Imam Mahdi is this man living in US convinced to serve his god- this to be shaitan though!
The unholy axis stretching from US, some minor parts of the City of London, political Israel, Arabia and Pakistan effectively worshiping an idol are preparing a final blow onto the powers of the counter forces in USA!
This idol being the living Nephilim of Shaitan’s will is the giant Antichrist System with its priests being the dominionist of the Church of England i.e. the old church of the Dragon are being dragged into the world. That church is commonly known as Nazism is calling all around in the worlds of Gods fearing children to “armed to we get these villains” being though effectively innocent victims of an old war between the two forces that had been fighting in the heavens and on the earth for the souls of Gods own children.
On one side in the disguise of Gabriel, Elohims, and Daniel i.e. archangel Michael were prophets fending off those counter forces of shaitan and his dominionist priest!
Those two last prophets Jesus i.e. Lucius Vitellius and Mohammed i.e. God’s last messenger were both killed and since then in the disguise of three religions was the spirit kept alive to be channelled into the latter days into one person. From there in a one-man show displayed all around to be the history of these latter days.
On the other side were the forces of evilness channelled into a world system i.e. the Antichrist System or the beast system. Its prophets are false prophets. Its priest being the dominionist of the Church of Baal or the old Church of England had with the murder of Diana under the auspice of its Illuminaty leader of England effectively declared war on the world. The sorrows of those days marked the sorrows of the real Imam Mahdi, who through his powers called the world into repentance!
Jesus Christ and the twelve Imam were activated- the War of all Wars had started. God had on all channels- even through His Channel i.e. through the Son of Man- told that the End was near.
This ends the first chapter of the makings of the Dragon of old.

The political sceneries are in US-A the beings of the axis of the new Nazi-Reich stretching all over the world in its last woes. All its prominent figures are known and the unveiling of their deeds is to be disclosed.
During that period will surely counter measures been conducted as for example:
The notion that Jesus Christ is Antichrist- the true Antichrist now dying as his role has been outdated leaves scores of believers seeing in Christ the devil.
His priests of levis are then surely the false prophets as for this brief moment in times those priests of Nazi-reich have their places all around the globe. Standing at their pulpits putting their sheep and flock into apathy will the Judgement of the Living God punish these deceivers accordingly.
In the beginning will the priests of Baal see judgement in its end- their god to rapture them from their agony do they tell in US-A. Those “villains” onto which the atom bombs and cutter daises i.e. cluster bombs will teach the living hells of the world are those who these priests and politicians has called the world to “armed to we get them”. This is the meaning of Armageddon- the world is witnessing now Gods own Armageddon but blinded through the eyes of their science are those woes only man made- the answer is only to hunt terrorists down. Even if there are none of these terrorists has Orwell his answers- these are the times of derailment and birth pangs of the coming new world
What now can be witnessed are surely the ways of these dying and decaying of secret actions commenced by the remnants of the Dragon of old- set into motion are these though set out of order through a secret society of the One and Only God! This society is and will grow to be stretched over billions of humans and onto these can one only refer as the visualising of the World WAR III.
Through the grace of counter forces of US had an all out atomic war not been commenced through the political forces of US-A. Four of these attempts have been deterred as in the last four weeks visitations of aliens of the World War III of the old Dragons had been deterred as well. Those aliens had been trying to conquer the worlds of countries as of England, Iran, US, and Israel- not the faked ones as told in the Report of the Iron Mountain. The coming invasion of the aliens has to be deterred- these would then build strongholds there in these conquered countries. Even if this seems far-fetched is this but LOGOS uses these forces to end a Minor or a Great Cycle as this is to be the end of this The Noah Cycle.
This likens a science fiction movie where no one knows this to be a giant movie screen laid out to deceive the humanity to accept its own death sentence and utterly annihilation.
A giant script is laid out but the ending is yet unclear- although the bible and Koran tells otherwise, please understand this to be true nothing is said until it is said!
The mother of all churches has to understand its obligation and the Father HIS plight. Even the mighty ones on earth have to understand that these are the latter times and that all is at stake. Humanity needs to know- otherwise will God answer for you and this answer likens a dead end not a birth pang.
Although I doubt these lines to be understood as they are meant am I sincere as to my knowing these lines to be the political manifesto of al Mahdi and Jesus Christ.
Meanwhile is the system or the alignment of physics changing in a fast pace to secure the mother’s life and she is now in her birth pangs.
Through a period of destabilizing believes and physics can only one answer be given. All what is an ongoing fact in this decaying world is a part of that answer- this is why I want to write these bulletins.
Maybe can I give some answers but hopefully are there some who are ready to give the right questions to answer onto.

Comment by H

Strange are these times- a whole world on the brink of destruction and God weeping as a child.
A man a child- what a mess.
The old man of Sinai sitting at his desk, planning a last supper. His church blinded with fear where as all know no fear ought to be but what’s up: There is fear in the lands of Sinai.
Zion is of course not beneath a holy site of Islam but nevertheless do they dig tunnels to find Messiah there.
Who is this elusive fellow that they call Antichrist- they seek him here and seek him there but what they cannot see is that their mind is of filth and of the beast. They even look into their mirrors and there do they not see this elusive Antichrist.
What a somber moment in history as antichrist told them all to back off but all those great in their middle were in fact angered. After all who could not want to be the antichrist- money and fame for that chap would have surely been for him though.
Those lies going around- those who is the ENEMY, down right outragious lies are told. This is clear but who is the liar- who is behind the scene blaiming whom?
Israel pretending to be a strong country with steadfast politicians getting humiliated by the weeks and hours.
Foes behind every corner is told but behind the curtain are those called foes true friends.
What a mess- the very nature of our earth is telling of doom and glory for those who are in the willing to die without armours. Those with armies marching are surely those, which this planet is about to put to death.
Everywhere are specialists digging and telling their masters this to be a safe haven- what a damn lie but their money is wellcomed though.
Those Westerners onto which Sorcha Faal is refering onto are so blind that they even would deny that Christ and God exist. What a mess- surely will their pains match those who are now blamed to be the culprit. Religions are why the world is in mess do their specialists tell. even on TV are shows shown that tells that their plight is to deny God.
How will they see themselves once God shows his outragious Wrath- I wonder.
I wonder if the church should have told more of what to come. Politicians know already but there lies an obstacle- whom to trust?
All four horses are now on the loose and their master is angry this can I tell- seeing that this has to be is to see on TV what humans do to each other.
Maybe has God his own TV, watching on all channels simultaniously what calamities has been bestowed upon his children. Why not do I ask myself.
This notion that God is indifferent onto his people suffering what a damn lie!
Yet is this world soon to be turned around- meteorites, an asteroid, earthquakes, plagues, death, and all sorts of intruders could be here.
UFO’s and aliens around and lurking- those are demons this as an explanation but some believe them to be their saviours, What a mess but what if all could be put on hold? What world would we live in then?
I do believe that in a moment in time this world will be no more but in a blink of an eye could all be saved. Would this not be nice?
The alternative is annihilation- fair enough have some said. Even remnants of God’s Will has told so.
A monthly bulletin would be nice but I do not know if the time frame leaves this world that amount of time.
Take your choices today and HE will surely see how sincere you are. I do believe that how you decide at a certain moment soon to come makes the difference if you die or live.
Doom and hope are those two choices- someone is waiting this for sure.
An Arch is out there- built to host Noah. Did you believe that Noah is gone and dead?
No he is not- in fact does he live now and God tells him surely that he will send him into His Arch and then to close behind His door.
I see this man standing at his Arch- the door opened up pleading his last friends to join him. After all is hope in faith- this is the Arch and I ask you to understand that even if gloom and death is, could faith be a key. But if this door is closed are a lot of explanations to give.
I know to read the bible is outdated but all is written to tell you all that this is the time for what the bible was told in the first place.
In a sense are times scary but as a philosopher once told the only fear that we have, is that the heavens could fall upon our heads.
Fear will be if fear is not overcome- faith to be the key to the morals of the Arch. Once closed could faith open it up- why not hope, nothing is decided yet. Other you decide as such!

Comment by Comment on Comment

I guess Sorcha Faal either doesn’t read her own forum or don’t care
for the column feature. Screw that then! It’s funny, everyone’s
using the world coming at the seams for their own silly little
political platform.
Most of the anti-mainstream websites are run by total psychotic
egoistic fiends, accusing the mainstream and Bush of spying,
censorship, lying, being arrogant, etc, while they themselves
adhere to no democratic ideas whatsoever.

The biggest censorship happy people are running all the anti-war
blogs. In fact, I see more censorhip there then I figure is done
by Bush and boys.

It’s a very diseased world

Comment by P H

My regards to P. H.
I am not in the name dropping business, bashing peoples or even trying to hide things- this is why I in these last hours of this decaying world I am allowed to speak out openly of a secret wisely kept out of public notion.
Bush “Junior” is in reality a hero in accepting his fate.
In public opinion is this man a “maniac and a monstrous” public decoy but he was put into office to fulfil a duty for his country.
I would as well express my opinion that the bible is clear in retrospect upon leaders failing what GOD had been planning into to be.
A country has a bad leader and it rightly deserves this to have if they have no watchmen and remnants telling to repent. In the old Jerusalem was there only ONE watchman screaming of repentance- this is the dividing line!
Please understand the hints in these lines- if there are two or even more of these then has this part of the world not to witness Armageddon, Sodom, and Gomorrah!
USA had prior to this president Bush three men, who had the right to exercise adjustment of Judgement bestowing the lands.
I am the leader of the tribe of the thirteen- a hidden “sect”, which members are chosen to steer destiny according to GOD’s Will alone. We are a bloodline of 13th, which to the contrast of the leading twelve families of the world are faceless and nameless. Some had the audacity to reveal their names (Nostredamus, Alexander the Great, Herakleios, Eliphas Levi, etc) but the lot kept their silence.
As to the reading in the Waters of Sin are names and dates revealed.
Predictions come through knowledge of the True Art and through servility onto the One and Only GOD.
A path of pains and remembrance of gone and coming events- all to be at hands. As foretold through history of humanity is this the days of End.
As to me my Father had told what He knew and to me was to help humanity- and to this am I around.
There was a Holy Book given to the upcoming presidents of God’s own people- into that book was a secret spell posed onto- which when watchmen call for repentance will their president rise to unprecedented powers. If not succumbed by the dark forces will he then steer these days through rough waters or other ways put his lands into ruins never to be found once again.
Bush is the fourth onto which this book was given to serve.
I am now watching amazed and in dismay, what this land is to be.
All these powers given into one man’s hands- this is the secret why God had chosen this country to have this man to decide!
In the Waters of Sin can I read the names of those ready to act on the orders of Antichrist- even to blow up atom bombs. To poison the waters with radioactive waters and to kill scores of millions and more millions with diseases invented by specialists following the will of the church of Antichrist. With the eye to see into the Waters of Sin is the name of antichrist and the Church of Antichrist revealed- this church to be the remnant of Thule and Nazi-US all around on the globe had to audacity to declare the name of their messiah. The one to be the last of the false ones.

GOD’S WILL is to punish the lands and its false prophet i.e. this church of this antichrist to be sent into the living fires. This antichrist to be fed to the Moloch- once again free to roam if there will be no one to stop this madness.
As to the lands where this church has its stronghold is these living fires surely to be applied if not a man alone in this land takes his right decisions.
This is why I am not in the business to bash Bush Junior.
In an other country is a political leader in his final demise but he too is not to be bashed by me as he as well has to decide if the living fires will bestow his country as well.
In Rome is a leader alone- a prophet alone to decide if the living fires will devour his tiny state and the lands of the devils foothold.
In the lands of Ilumenia is a man and a leader to decide if the Holy Strife for GOD will form a new world or ashes will sink all over the world with no one serving the Lord anymore!
In the lands of China has a great man to decide will his land be toast or only some parts of his reign.
In the lands of the upcoming sun has a man and a leader to decide if this land will be totally consumed by the waters as high as World Trade Center once was.
In the land of the Holy Mother has a leader to decide if his country will be blessed or torn into bits because she that woman of God’s progeny has turned to stay at present the living devil on earth. What this man will decide is crucial to this day.
As to EU- these are the days were judgement will be as well.
Many leaders will fall and many will die- a world turned anew but- the Moloch is ready to land. A feeding frenzy will be if this is to be.
Humanity had fed this Moloch with aborted children- these ghosts are proclaiming when will our blood be avenged. This is why Moloch comes back in form of hungry aliens- this is why cameras are turned out of their incoming trajectory. This is why even if you would survive these coming days could end be nevertheless other than Virgin Mary would beg for mercy.

If these lines posses a threat alone, have you understood nothing.
If you believe this writer to be a whacko have you decided what your fate soon will be but do not forget that these lines are written down- on the commands of the One and Only GOD alone.

This world is sick to its core- its rebellion matches the angers of the Lord of all heavenly hosts.
Once again is the Lord standing up- in his hands are these final preparations done. Yet is there hope as men and women have decided to repent. In the lands are men and women called to step forward to fulfil a godly anointing. Although Sorcha Faal has no comment and no maintenance of this site to be seen are some reading these lines.
All news has been blacked out- not to tell what governments know to be. Adjustments of behaviour patterns can be seen- countries devoting their powers for the cause to save the lot from Wrath. Wealth burnt up to secure their citizens a part of survival kit- even if these do not deserve to be cherished is figures out there trying their best.
Fear mongers tell what has to be said- liars all around. Serving their lord of evilness and I understand that you see me as a fear monger but I do what I can. Even telling in mystic lines what is to be- even not telling what I had to do in order to have you all to be there and not out there.
I could tell so much- even to hinder future events but I am bound to my oath. This oath is not my will- THIS OATH IS HIS WILL!
My destiny is to be although I would have preferred to have been put to sleep. A slumber and your destiny in your hands but HIS WILL WAS THIS NOT!
Both hands are above the head of a little girl and you know surely who.
In my hands lies now a stick- this stick above my head is once again in the lands of the Philistines and I need men to hold with their hands this stick as my arms are tired through pains.
The battle wages and no one sees this battle to be- other than the veil will be broken. Just to show what goes on behind the veil has men, women, and children to fail in their hearts. A slumber and all will be- a mighty warrior stands with his feet dug into the sand. An officer and a high brass comes first to the battlefield has called for the “broken arrow”. After all has his position been overrun by the enemy of humanity. Behind him are his last troops hiding and no one seems to bother. Their number is 313 and their reinforcement of 144.000 are awaiting their orders. I ask you not to kill the lot- the mortal enemy is the enemy! Them to kill are we out now! Aim well commanders- do not forget that friendly fires will not be tolerated! Not His little children are HIS archenemy- those who feast onto the little children are the archenemy.
Do not forget, those who say that they are enemies are the best friends- those who tell to be friends are the true foes. In a world of lies is the lie a lie, when told to be true.
See its fruits and you see whose father is it off!

Comment by Jesus the Magician

…and then there’s fucks who think they’re jesus.
Yes, a very diseased world indeed. And not enough
medication, obviously.

Comment by P H

i have read some of the news from sorca and it is interesting that in the post from the sisters called sorry that they call sorcha the sorcha as tho they look at her as some kind of leader or somethinig like a god. i enjoy reading sorchas info of course filtering it due to her always stating that ohhh the russian government told me or is telling people and i was given the inside scoop. but yet she dosent stop and think that by her saying that russian governments told me and her line of bs that she is putting the russian people in danger of getting the flack from her bogus bs info. she should say well today after drinking my piss and while looking at my terds floating around in the camode i desifered there position in the camode to be this and then tell her bs story.
she posts her sorry folks but we are just so broke that we just cant keep our free site going so we need your money. it cost us soooo much to copy and paste news items from 0one web site to ours ohhhh its so costly to run a web site even tho yahoo has free web sites and free blogs are a dime a dozen but hey we work soooo hard copying and pasting all this daily news that every freaking web site already has. ohhh but its the or THE sorcha the self proclaimed goddess of the news who by the way knows the thoughts and belifes of every western person and she is the only one who can read and and take notes as to whats going on in the world. she is the all knowing. really she is the all full of bs. she would have you belive that drinking your own piss is a healthy thing to do regardless of how many times it is said wash your hands befor making food. why because its nasty. its filthy. hay how about a cup of dickcheese piss. yummmy.
all bow to the sorcha the goddess of piss.

Comment by the piss cup

It is just D-Day once again.
It is the day before the flood that consumed a world BC 2636.
No one could see that Gilgamesh made his way through 12 cities.
Although IHVE had promised never to consume the world through a tidal wave had humanity decided otherwise.
In a sense was this promise a technical one- after all was the tidal wave a water and land Tsunami as high as the towers of Babylon in New York was.
Once again had the world to pass through a veil or a tidal wave out of the core of the fifth dimension as thin as a toe nail but what the heck no one understood the physics behind the Horizon Project of that time. No one could understand that physics is applied on a daily routine of God.
Earth crashed into the wall of a tidal wave, which always is lurking around when Noah walks the lines of destiny.
All knowledge was burried underneath earth and waters of oceans- a tiny fraction of hours was it that took before a cunny society was washed off the shores of our this world.
Some survived and the tables of Gilgamesh told in perfect English what it took before the decision was made. Translation is always the key to apprehend but scientists do only understand what they can see.
What a pity- if evilness prevails will out of the centre of our galaxies a tidal wave be sent to turn this world around and everyone will surely vanish.
At 2636 BC did Noah write these lines down before he went into his Arch.
This time will more surely read these lines- dimensions are closing into one tidal wave but this time will as I hope physics be applied to render humanity one more chance.
If no one sees these lines or no one believes this to be true then what the heck as Noah once said- Why then bother?

Comment by Comment

To shorten up these days of mounting angers in a few lines alone is a Herculean task.
I want though to stress its importance as these are the days of Noah!
Why in the first place bother is an easy task to tell- after all is the Almighty FATHER telling his story through you.
As the both respective Thinite Periods ended, did not only physics alter. With it went a whole planet into destruction but because you are caught in a sort of a Giant overwhelming Matrix did hearts and minds of these surviving predeluvian predominant species resist its destruction. Its predominant multidimensional layout explains the knowledge laid out in the bibles onto which some are scorning now (see:
With 2636 BC was physics based on current cutting edge ET-Tech, which in its essence is the blending of your second dimensional reality with a third dimensional order based on a fourth dimensional hard and software system, which you commonly refer to as LOGOS!
Above your heads and under your feet is at current an old Moloch-System in operable mode, which is a direct reaction or a sort of an allergic reaction onto your evilness. Or put in your terminology are your thoughts fuelling your own death. The killing spree that you call your right to decide- wars, free abortion, all sorts of abominations and evil refusal to be grateful onto your all FATHER repairing your intermingling in HIS LOGOS PROGRAM, has in these last days of “Noah” UFO’s, ET’s and even famines, earthquakes and so on to overtake you all.
Out of your outer dimensional reality are things coming into your lives onto which your ancestors understood nothing off! Although Noah, Gilgamesh, or any of his given names went around telling of impending Judgement did no one pay any attention as the Moloch-System had always its top priority. Just look around and you see Moloch at work. In a sense is the Moloch-System an automated extinction program designed to have your will to kill off yourself to work in this your decided fashion. Ultimately, is its guardian angle a gatekeeper telling you not to walk into this extinction program and this is why all prophets of the FATHER had their say as well. An Archangel (this being a multidimensional higher order of a Program set even above its setting in a fourth dimensional LOGOS) telling prophets (the last having been Muhammed) of the FATHERLY WILL if not heeded.
As finally the second Dynasty of the Thinite Period fell 2636 BC right after victory was proclaimed over all sorts of terrorists, were many of their politicians in the City of Babel of that New York in that USA showing off their assets being “slaves” and decapitated foes held in camps. Without any further warning- warnings had been though- did the planet earth pass through a tidal wave of gravity, which stretches at several places from one end to the other in our galaxies. Earth passes at several points on its journey through space these thresholds but right before this happens does the earthly science or knowledge get weird- there is always a gatekeeper program designed to serve as a dingy boat. This boat do you call in the aftermath Arch! This boat is at present serving as a safety device capable of having some few or hopefully everyone safely onto the other side of this tidal wave. You have now been entering the last days of Noah or the last days of your predeluvian period! What ever you see did others see before you see as well.

As the days of Noah once were, are these the latter days of Noah!
The last “real” predeluvian period was from 2639 to 2636 BC. From New York and Washington of that time were politicians and other survivors sent to Crete or Levka Ori somewhere outside of nowadays Palaiochora with their bare cloths and other useless items- their physics behind the dividing tidal wave was now of no use. These politicians with their former hostages had a hard time to cope but these were the Philistines. The rest is history.
There were as well pockets of civilisations that were sent to Tibet, China, Africa, and into the south somewhere.
I could surely tell of more- more of these amazing stories but your Horizon Project is amassing more details and why solve what they want to solve.

I cannot help myself to “smile” when in US they speculate on rapture- pretribulation or tribulation rapture or any of these definitions. After this fatal year of 2636 BC had a lot of people to know what had them into a totally new world without shopping malls, flat-screen TV sets, Sony-electric phones and so did Noah once again land telling his story. This time did these people listen onto what he had to say!

This time though are physics altered in order to secure a sort of walkthrough this threshold of this tidal wave. On and in all levels are things changing and its changing patterns is speeding up in order to have a new way of thinking installed prior to this fatal short period of hours when this tidal wave is to hit!
In a sense is this a giant experiment designed to safeguard a humanity into a new world behind this veil called dimensional shift.
This veil have you given the name Global Crisis.
This Global Crisis has many aspects as to this is the Global Heating only an aspect which reflects the changing of all planets including the sun in order to have them all together behind this global event called the unveiling of this soon to arrive dimensional shift.
Changing physics and this world as well is a task, which has a whole world at the brink of destruction- the slow pace that was implemented is because no one should be left behind!

I could tell more but why tell too much.
This is to my understanding what is going around in this world. By the way, why not call the Moloch-System the unveiling of the system of the Dragon of Old.
A foe is a foe- why not call him by his name. Once as all has to be unveiled.
This foe is you own subconscious mind telling you how to shut off the program before you will die in a tidal wave smashing into your planet earth.
That subconscious mindset is why you see so much evilness going around- even ET’s and their technology is only you all wishing to be killed prior to this threshold already coming into your all household.

This subconscious mindset is the only obstacle left, which faith, fantasy, knowledge and trust could overcome.
This is “what does it mean” tells and this is why all are called to understand.
The true enemy is within you and not outside you- do not confuse what your dragon within tells you with what faith tries to tell you!

Comment by Comment

All eyes now on the perian
magnetic fields shift inversion
the rich and the famous take another diversion
with greed hate lust and perversion
is there anyone out there that cares

all hands tied the ship is going down
the elders heave a sigh they all wear a frown
the jestures in the corner they wear a thorny crown
people in good standing played like a clown
is there anyone out there that cares

there’s a monster sitting on a blood red steed
it’s not bound for glory it manifests with greed
while the masses huddle the thruth they do not heed
still the black hearts plant another seed
is there anyone out there that cares

people all around in a living hell
sleep walking under burnays spell
when will it end no one can tell
off in the distance they can not hear the bell
is there any one out there that cares

this was written by me it is just a few verses of my song/poem does anyone out there really care

I have come to learn that the

sisters do
do you

Comment by David

Top House Democrats retreated Monday from an attempt to limit President Bush’s authority for taking military action against Iran. War with Iran is surely coming. Another unprovoked war with another oil rich nation. Only this time other super powers like Russia and China won’t allow the US to go into Iran and steal their oil assets. This war is going to be far worse than any we have ever seen – nuclear.

Comment by Paul W Kincaid



Welcome please:


Welcome please:


Comment by Immarce

all of you best be thankful for the United States and the lives it has given to make this earth a better place to live. I doubt that KGB agent Putin would be so generous with Russia’s adventure into freedom for the world. I am proud of being an American and i totally approve of our actions.

Comment by Roger Smith

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