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Russian Scientist Warns ‘Star of Jesus’ Shockwave Approaching Earth
9,November, 2006, 3:03 am
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Oh yes, stars will fall- oh they will fall but not in that matter as told there in this article. This do I think.
Shall I tell off what stars in reality are off or should I stay in nowadays science.
They are in these times so way off what there is out there that there can be no reconciliation to bible references of old ambiguousness.

If mortals could look as far as Gods can, would they only see themselves in their mirrors. A sight ugly as always as times run out.
Someone is packing and it seems that he is willing to take the whole Creation with him.
At its starting sequence, will there be a hiss and a loud bang to mark an earthshaking event. The big and longest blast in recorded history- ever, will have that earth to leave for a short period its present orbit. A kill shot beyond anything recorded will have all to stand in front of the Judgement Tables. A brief but crucial moment will all be at the eave of total annihilation!

A giant hand will rise and all mortals will shiver- thus is truly the end or not?
But when will this be?
The Conjugations are showing or rather pointing onto the arrival of Christ- an earthshaking event?
But it is already too late to mourn the dead as they are already in front of Judgement Brink with no one really understanding this to have been the case.
Who had said- onto this, carefully read the bible or the Revelation that Judgement would be as such that all will show up (physically) to be in the appearance of God and His Son judged- nowhere can you actually read these lines there. All are wrong assumptions- onto carefully been depicted to be true were they said to be. This is all but in this reality or Giant Cycle of Noah onto which a brief period of 600 million had been measured.
In reality was this generation judged and tested as if they were responsible for a whole Creation. This was in a sense a one-man show off a Son not to have been recognized to be as such.
A great mistake in assumptions had been to believe that Judgement is annihilation- annihilation had already been. What is now to be bestowed over a brief period- with many fallen heroes though- is a period of Transition into a brighter future as I hope this to be.
This period is in a sense a rehearsal what was an inner discourse in-between the FATHER and His only begotten Son. Thus to have been your Soul! As to be a Spirit did this soul walk onto earth to tell off impending Judgement, leaving out the gruesome details that at the starting sequence only the Sons of Seven were to be judged.
Of course will things seem to be a Judgement but you have already passed the exam- please understand! Only your fear and luck before the Super Nova Explosion in 2001 CE will have you to take heed to then rest in faith now. At that period was for you the decision done to live or to let you to die!
You have all been dead for a considerable time and in a brief period will those who will survive these events be alive again.
The only thing that all can loose is oddly enough the life as they are already dead. Our or your Soul was taken away to walk in time and tell off impending Judgement!
This little dirty secret was told as Jesus said: Those who seek to live will loose their life. Faith alone was the key into life- that is as simply as such.
You have all passed the exams this can I tell- the Son of Man is the only one to travel into eternity. You are already a part of eternity!
I hope this to be as such that you can understand what sacrifice had been done in your name!
There will be a bloodletting period for you all ahead but your salvation is already bought and paid for.
This had a small shepherd done and through a sacrifice done seven times in the name of Creation has your salvation been paid and regrettable has someone to turn his back onto you.
Maybe if you call him back will he come back to sit and talk with you.
What of evil will be is only a mirror of a decision that his FATHER had told Him as to be as such.
Do not despair, all will be right but it is onto you to decide!
You have all to get pretty fast adults as things will summon up and fears will mount that in reality are already paid off in advance.

When all will start for you to happen, cannot I tell but this is in reality a shadow of that struggle that had been thought through seven Sons through history of humanities gone and now to be!

I am happy to tell that all of you have already passed Judgement but onto those who have not understood that to be in the first place will these times be as annihilation to come.


Comment by Here to talk

I signed up for the broadcast. I don’t see anymore info on that.
can you please respond and give details.
Thank you.

Comment by keisha

It was suggested that a Gamma Ray Burst was the cause of the Indonesia quake two years ago.

When are we looking at the shockwave approaching and will the quake be physical, spiritual, or both?

Comment by Lily

I also signed up for the broadcast and I also did not get any respond from you!

Please give details before it starts.

Thank you.

Comment by Rob

Qi Xi

There was once a sad love story. A shepherd or a cowboy had sought for his love and he found her. They married but an evil godmother of a goddess had them separated through the gateway of milky street called soul.
In the sign of the eagle was there once a lonely heart who as a planet and moon did travel into a solar system. There waving goodbye to her sister sun did Ganymede take a nap.
Tired was this shepherd Qi Xi alias Ganymede as Zeus was mad as hell. Zeus sits there in the sign of Jupiter lurking with powers to send that mother of a goddess into a dustbin. One hit and you are gone, did Zeus scream at this evil planet Gaia. My son he has to have his love- they are meant to be for each other.
I will take the Milky Way around my head and with this whip of a cloth will I scoff you. You evil woman of a goddess, how dare you?
To send me away this am I accustomed onto- the Atlantian people had me out off their solar system and I had been travelling here to hide me and my son behind your sun.
Your blinded fools- I am staring with my eye at you. No sign could let me to do less.
Even my second eye- this son of mine was in my midst. Even then did Gaia play her old foolish plays.
I had you to trample onto her as she had been hampering with those two lovers.
This Cow Boy being a mortal was separated from immortality i.e. Niu Lang (i.e. Altair) and even his two children (Aquila -β and -γ) are separated forever from their mother Zhi Nü (Vega) there in the heavens.
And why this?
Because Gaia is jealous can those two lovers and his child have no mother- what on earth have you done!

Comment by Qi Xi- Moses I

1. ( ) Mercury, with no confirmed natural satellites
2. ( ) Venus, with no confirmed natural satellites
3. ( ) Earth, with one confirmed natural satellite, the Moon
4. ( ) Mars, with two confirmed natural satellites
5. ( ) Jupiter, with sixty-three confirmed natural satellites
6. ( ) Saturn, with fifty-six confirmed natural satellites
7. ( ) Uranus, with twenty-seven confirmed natural satellites
8. ( ) Neptune, with thirteen confirmed natural satellites
Mercury alias Ubu-idim-gud-du, alias Nebu, alias Apollo, alias Hermes is the one Messenger who is sending electrical discharges through a planet system to interact there on a planet far from understanding physics!
The Tunguska Tragedy June 30th, 1908 was in reality a fireball discharging a minor black hole through the outer layers of this planet earth. The electrical fluid deriving through a decaying black whole had enough gamma rays and waters (due to O*+H’ electro plasmatic converging eruptions in the outer layer of earths Troposphere) to form ice water crystals. thus lead to a warmer climate and to end a decaying thing called Gaia.
There were of course other by-products out there but for physicians of this dying world would it take some minor electrical discharges in their heads to understand what I am implying!

Your planetarium is in reality a discharging electro batteries/battery of bodily resemblance onto which you call planets.

I want now to summarize before you will be kicked out of your present orbit to be put into a third dimensional hiding to stay alive!
These 8 planets are in fact nine planeterian motors to be a dorm or to form electricity to have the sun to “shine” day and night.
Your sun is in fact a planet and what are more you are with your earth in the middle of a discharging system to build your Van Allen Belt. Through this discharging, is your planet turning around without falling under the equator of your eclipse!

Your moon and planet earth are two different forms of a twin-planet system. Its geostationary position is a joke that you had not understood. The moon is a sun heating up your planeterian livelihood. In a sense is this twin-planet system to secure both systems to be as one.
The moon is smaller and this has you to have life on planet earth.
Excessive electrical discharges that are rippling at a special sequence through the whole planets and through the presence of the zodiac are sucked up through the moon- to later give this back to your mother planet. Your moon is a battery that secures equilibrium of energy supply for humans on this planet. There is more to tell but I will later comment on this.
The problem is that Mercury is a battery for the sun and there lies why the sun is on the verge o explode!
There had to be a decision- to kill all humans on this earth or to sacrifice the sun!
To save humanity from being burnt to death as a whole is out from Universe a giant hand or gravity wave to build a shield from an exploding sun. Onto that had been decided that the moon is to be fully discharged. To be a sun for you- for the time being though.

For you will there take some days to adjust when this gravity belt will have earth to leave its present orbit. Around you will a tent of matter be built to suggest that there is something around you. This is solemnly done to have you not to be crazy out of fear!

During a brief period, will there be confusion but you will adjust!

The whole act will be closed and then will a new planet system be out there.
Your planet will be forced back into this existing orbit- through impacts of minor planets called meteorites or messengers!
The energy amount that will be set free will be absorbed but your planet will never be the same.
The shape will be changed but humanity will survive!
Losses will mount but this is sadly enough in two waves.
The second wave will then shape your planet profoundly!
Your planet system will then liken an egg!
A new zodiac sign will be there- the sign of thirteen being the Sign that The Almighty One will set for you to understand that HE loves in spite off your hatred against his Messenger!

Comment by The end of Mercury

Technically seen are these planet systems that are adjoined or entangled into “one planet system” with our sun in its midst only a two-dimensional layout.

To understand why a whole planet system is heating up and to this is the global heating period an old returning Cycle that always ends a method of building a sort of humanity.

This Cycle of Noah if it would be appropriate to use that terminology was a short period in Creation of exactly 600 million of years.

The structure of different races with a common design had reached its peak long ago- Homo sapiens is the far away side of an evolutionary revelation of the Will to form life as you see to exist today.

I know perfectly that you as a humanity had no knowledge this to have been a fact but onto children you tend to tell a completely other version why and how they come into be.
The story of humming bees and a stork bring mummy and pappy a package of this “my baby” can only satisfy little boys and little girls.
Thus is why humanity was told how they came into being.
The True Big Daddy had this story laid out to be found by idiots of scientist claiming then to have understood how bees and storks brings babies to mammies and pappies. It as simple as such.

When now your time as children is over are you to be told how you came into be!

Let me hearken my voice!


That is such simple-!

Then did the work of ambiguity start.
For you to understand is GOD, the Creator the source of ambiguity.
GOD is evil and good at the same time- HE is after all multidimensional!
You are as a layout or formed to be in your “eyes” three-dimensional but as a fact are you one-dimensional bodies tossed around in a two-dimensional environment!
Thus, have you to choose between evil and good! You cannot and you are not allowed to be evil and/or good at the same time! This was per design as to be as such!
And now see that you have to take decisions to act evil or good- this is then judged through a resilient interactive control system that you call Creator!
If you had believed this to be true is of no importance that was commenced nevertheless!

Little children attending kindergartens have to have someone supervising them. You call him the Devil- no one loves to be led by a Nanny!
That Devil is only your inner self that call you as a whole Cycle of Noah to arms to chase others to death- as when you end to exist this evil dream of succession in the lines of humanity at last can end! In a sense is the creator tired and he wants time out!
Thus to be the evil side of GOD!
On the other side does GOD good things and that is why Creation was!

After a Great Cycle of a Platonic Year ended was once again:
Then did the work of ambiguity start.

BE!, BE!, BE!, BE!…
This forms at a point in the Big History of Creation a whole Cycle as in your Existence is called Cycle of Noah!

Why start to form reality with a humanity tossed into a two-dimensional layout do you ask?
Why not do I say.

This is only a starter to tell a story that in the end will hopefully have you to be grown up!

Ah, you ask when GOD exist why did HE hide himself. HE did never hide himself!
HE was always around disguised as a human telling who he was. Not that they understood what HE told them but this was not the issue. The true issue was that HE was always around! The trick was to find him and onto that did you naturally fail!

When no one believes in GOD then how do you seek him!
At certain points did HE come to tell that HE WAS! This do you call Son of Man.
But once again- this was uncomfortably at the least. Therefore, he this Son of a Man was killed and so on! And so on!

Blinded through times did humanity waste precious time and now can be said that all is heated up!

Onto this will I refer later.
The first lecture why you have no time to play in your kindergartens end here:
Time for you to learn the hard facts.
Lecture One ends here.

Comment by No time to play in the kindergartens

blimey,you have attract some wierdos,talk about bringing the tone down!

Comment by whatever

This comment is miscategorised. I apologise for it, but can’t find a place to place general questions and commentary to S Fall.

The US vote which turned out to be a referendum on bush regime will do very little except for a few scrapes in the musical chairs the US ruling elite plays with the minds of the permanently baffled US citizens.
This sentiment, though perhaps worded differently, has been echoed throughout the wires by now. However, what no one has spotted is that the vote will have or already has broken the will of the US occupying forces contingent
in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The mindset of the US forces has up to this point been ‘stay alive’ as their tours doubled and tripled and bush himself told them a week ago that they’re not going home so long as he’s their boss.
This makes the forces ghash their teeth but basically buckle down for a long haul where the name of the game is staying alive.
But the vote showed the forces that indeed the US is against the wars and it portended a big changes.
Bush’s immediate kneejerk reaction (planned as it might have been) to blame Rumsfeld only
confirms that some big change is afoot. And this is where the will of the soldiers gets
badly broken. It’s when the plug is about to be pulled that staying alive becomes the most
paramount. Fear befalls those who are about to be rescued. It’s a completely different mindset the US forces have today than it was last week when they thought they’re in for the next 2 years.
Now they’re believeing it’s going to be a few months, maybe even weeks because the US wants it that way and bush is at last reacting
to the mounting war opposition.
Of course, the US cannot and will not leave Iraq and all this did was play havoc with the brains of the US soldiers. And you know
what happens to a fighter who loses confidence and whose will is shaken. Everyday there’s effective inaction in
Washington on pulling the occupying forces completely out, the US contingent is going to go crazier and crazier, much
like a prisoner who’s promised an out. The fact that no media touched this point proves that it’s valid. What isn’t
broadcast today is the truth.

Who did George Bush Senior speak to when he announced NWO in 1991. It wasn’t to the US public.
They didn’t know which small country was he talking about and he didn’t have an argument
about succeeding with the US public. NWO was a non-info for the public. Or for the media.
Or for the politicians. NWO agenda, taking of some “small country” and threatening that
the NWO will “succeed” meant nothing to anyone then. But obviously he did say it (watch it on youtube: Bush,
NWO, 1991). And obviously he was talking to someone who didn’t agree with the NWO agenda
and obviously Bush threatened them that NWO is not only launched now but will succeed. Obviously
he was talking to someone(s) very powerful and who had inside knowledge what NWO and its
agenda is. Who was it? Anyone?

Comment by commentary

Comment on Comment

Onto Question number one-
A dirty secret has been around for several hundred of years.
In the Bavaria was officially the Illuminati or the Council of Forty established. There agenda was in short to regain power for the serpent of old ancient times. His name is in various times either- Baal, God, the fish, Dargon, Dragon, and etc. Alternatively, with his code name Lucifer is this master of Black Art- an Entity admired by those who seek fortune and fame through murder and treason.
I know that this sounds familiar for those who are above the 30th Level of Freemasonry but to others are those things laughable. Onto them do I not tell about these hard facts. Idiots stay “idiots”, even if they call themselves wise. I had to read some comments in this chat room that showed off these uninformed idiots dwelling around! Take this as a warning.
There is a bloodline around- in the realm of magic of highest degree has this nothing to do with genes. It has solemnly to do with a bloodline or the Veil of the Devil and the Holy Grail or Sang Real i.e. the wombs of descendants of witches of first degree through thousands of years. Onto those without any knowledge how the world ticks is this a blow into the guts but if you scoff then do you fall into the prey of evil forces wanting to sacrifice “you”!
You were- onto those who scoff, you were lied at through thousands of years. Powers are gained through witchcraft and possession of wealth and not through being nice to humanity. This is a sad story but I had to start this comment with these facts.
In the beginning of the fifties did the American devil, whose name I do not tell, die! There is this Veil of a bloodline in the families of Nobilitas in Europe of old. This is a Hungarian Aristocracy that has this Veil in them and through the “cross-breading” of the descendant of Vlad, Djingies Khan, and etc. was the “Red Dragon” born. On one side did the Luciferians have their Antichrist, but on the other side did the Church have the Advocate!
For example did flower power movement derive through a little “dragon” bringing as a little boy flowers to his mammy filling the world with love beyond borders. His thoughts of happiness had this to be but on the other side did Luciferians fear that their time was over. Wars started and were waged to have this little boy to see evil so that he would find his “point” of destiny in evil thoughts. Just seeing these things should have this “dragon” to see evil or to have evil to be- this had the experts of human behaviour in England and US thought out could have this unknown “dragon” infiltrated with hatred! Those who were in powers derived through Luciferian worship had their faces and voices asking for more powers everywhere on TV and so on. Some did not know but others did- they asked the “red Dragon” for more powers. It was granted after all had they made him angry. He did not want to see the filth- this is why they are loosening everything just now!
The Existence of a young man who in the middle of old Europe was growing up, tearing down the Wall through his Will alone had the world of old powers onto their knees begging that this should or could not be!
That man was also called the source of darkness- they thought him to be the container of evil i.e. Darkness! On the other hand were those others asking “him” to advocate the New Order. There on the other side was his will asked to build a New World Order of Evilness!
At 1991 did Bush ask Vatican not to interfere with the Business of New World Order. He said that no one could step forth to stop that Order to be- scandals rocked then the Catholic Church as off unheard previous. I do not say that Bush knew this to be the fact but there are certain hints in history that always follows the same patterns of old ancient witchcraft. The hunt for witches and the breeding of Wizards to gain fortunes and powers for those dwelling in these realms!

Comment by Comment on Comment

Thank you for the in-depth ‘commentary on commentary’:

I’m gonna put things in numbered bullets to make some points easier to orient through, not to set up
some argumentative form. I’m very obliged for your unfortunately all-too-condensed history of the dragon.

(1) So the answer then is the Vatican? I wanna make sure I caught that. Bush I was using the public platform
to send the Vaticanese a NWO launch announcement and a little pep talk. I’m not disputing this.
This could easily be. Which faction of the Vatican. The Jesuit or the Odus (sp?) side? Wouldn’t
a phone call be as effective? Why let other factions of fallen angels in on it?

(2) Power does seem to surround those with zero morality. Yes. But surely there must be
instances in which power was gained through sheer luck. The rise of those unenlightened to
power would then not be desirable by the dragon machine. (For the sake of clarity, as obviously,
these factions have many many faces and even more names. Let me refer to this collectively as
“the entity”, whatever it may be.) So the entity would have to have some protections
built in the system so that no human could ever rise to power. Let’s see… Mick Jagger,
for one,.. or Paul McCartney, Jerry Springer, and so on, these people are in relative
positions of power, yet, none strike me as some strange entity relative. How is the human
power rise controlled then by the entity?

(3) If it’s witchcraft, could it then be used, harnessed to gain power? Could we then all,
as humans, summon the dark forces, the entity, and gain the same powers and fight the evil
on an equal terms after we’ve all, all of us 6 billion, have gained the tantamout strengths
of the entity? Certainly, every game can be played two ways including that of courting the
dark forces that are killing children today. Is there a way then to use witchcraft to
infiltrate the entity system, so to speak? Could you do it? I’m asking strictly because
you seem knowledgeble, not as some half baked ruse. I admit I find the dragon stories of
David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, etc, not swallowable. I’m NOT however saying it’s not the case.
I just don’t see it. But on the other hand, I cannot see that a human being could ever
condone the mass murder, mass rapes, and mass tortures of children, not to mention their
parents, all innocent of any crime. So yes, this clearly is NOT human. The US and the West
has lost its humanity, absolutely, but to surely it’s possible for a mere human to become
an animal, or actually worse. I know of no animals that slaughter with glee on their

(4) If the entity exists and has existed on the planet or have come from the outer space,
it can be very easily argued that this planet does not belong to us, the humans, then. It
can then be argued that we’re in their territory or its territory and as such being
toyed with, punished, played with for their sport. It doesn’t of course justify the
immense cruelty unleashed by these entities on us, but it does raise a serious question as to
the title for the planet? Who else then has a title to it? Are there then no other
entity forces out there that could stake this planet as their home? Couldn’t then we play
outer space diplomacy to find an enemy of our enemy who’s currently murdering and destroying
our home planet? Couldn’t we strike a deal with some other entity to rid us of this one for
some price? If there is one more powerful entity than humans, surely, there are others.
The NWO ain’t the only slag in town, in other words.

(5) Do you have any idea… I notice you call the contributors here ‘idiots’ and me too.
I’m not gonna argue this. That’s fine! But do you see or can imagine a way, any way, to
make us into whatever the opposite of an idiot is? I don’t mean this in some sarcastic way.
How can we all know the truth? Knowing the problem is half the solution. I see world
awakening to the truth as essential if we’re to survive as a species. But quite honesly,
as I said already, I can’t wrap my own mind around this. That’s why I’m asking. That’s why
I’m searching anywhere and everywhere, even here in Sorcha Faal’s blog (no disrespect meant!).
How can this global awakening to the entity, the dragon, as you say, be achieved? A Chinese
proverb says “To destroy the dragon over you, you have to name him.”

(6) I know you stated you won’t tell the name, but I’m wracking me brains out now… Who
died in the 50s? And how could the entity die? Roosevelt, who put NWO sign on US money in
the 30s, died before ’45. Who are you alluding then? And equivalently, who was born to
be the current dragon? Who is it today?

I’d be most obliged if you try and answer these for me. I gotta find out. I mean, the
entity that orchestrates the horrors going on right now, not to even mention the death of
3000 US citizens on one sunny morning just for larks. I mean, on top of it, they’re
laughing at the public. Laughing. A Boeing cannot fit into a ten foot hole. It’s very
very obvious, and they’re laughing, mocking humans around the world with the 911
plastic knife hijacker fable. Unreal. There’s toddlers ripped to shreds, some maimed
beyond recognition. 1 million people gone in a televised farce of a stream of silly
lies to mock humanity around the globe. Certainly this cannot be the work of a human. Please,
do reply and share more. As much, in detail, as your fingers and other obvious time constraints
of this wonderful modern life allow. I for one will appreciate it. Thanks again for your post.

Comment by commentary

Please give me time- I will reply but I will reannounce or better rephrase that someone is holding a gun at my head.
I see that you want some answers though; I am on the steep top of the highest master magician order (do not laugh but in these realms onto which I have been in contact with, they have a lot of counter magicians but off lesser degree though) and onto them have I to adress at first.
If the dragon of old perversions is presided by someone, who do not want this to happen- how would you tell this to be why?
You would surely start to have the truth out! Then would you want that the secret veil of evil would be dismanteled.
Then would you try to survive counter measures- surerly to come or not?
Diversions and all sorts of actions have to be commenced to survive and to keep your family out harms way, or not?
Then would you ask yourself whom to trust to tell that you do not want to be the final progression of EVIL, or not?
Whom to trust- there are ways to ensure death, once recognized as The Defector?
Ask yourself, who could ensure your back when heats will eventually come down onto your head.
This ends this introduction but for me is the only place to survive truth is to call faith to help you!
There starts point 1) The Vatican is not a stone, it is even not a cornerstone thats why “the other side” of old progression of evil intentions had this institution infiltrated.
Opus Dei was the first cornerstone to build the FAITH on (in the late 50 years though). Bush did not adress Opus Dei but he did adress the pope- he had survided an murder attempt. Maybe was Bush only concerned about the health of the late pope (NO OFFENCE, but the involved people are alive, this is why I do not want to adress it in a proper way). I will come back later- I have to concentrate to stay on my course.

Comment by Comment on Comment

Sorry to have you to wait.
Onto the question mark 1) do I want to tell that to phone and to tell the pope would not have the same lame outcome due to the effect that behind politicians of greater magnitude is/are always a team of magicians to have him or her to steer through destiny. I would rather tell off Nazi ideology but that would leave this important question mark unattended.
Please understand that there is some restriction onto what I refer, due to the truth that the same people are now alive.
Here do I have in a brief summary to tell that the principles of Black Art are derived through thousands of years and they follow certain forms of conducting what has to be done in order to achieve maximum effect!
To tell in broad daylight is more powerful than to tell in secrecy. Secrecy is for diplomacy- The War of Black Art condemns the art of diplomacy as inefficient! This does not mean that Bush I is a master in Black Art (on the contrary) but it tells more that without his knowing was he steered through a team of excellent magicians.
Onto the question mark of the role of Jesuits would I have to rest in history that had not been told as such. USA was founded through the principles of Black Mastery and that was why Vatican had been fighting a war behind the curtain of visibility since founding days of US.
There had been several attempts to counter that agenda from within but Vatican managed through faith to stall some measurements that evil magicians of devil worship had tried to install the so-called black pope! It was meant that the Jesuits were to have their power grip but the late general had them and those sent into “confinement”, who were to be the Black Pope. This power struggle was only in these final days brought to a happy end.

“Why let other factions of fallen angels in on it”:
I believe that you refer to the “Fallen Nephilim”?
Those were only to be born if a Master of Highest Order would have a baby with someone else than his High Priestess Witch to share the bloodlines. I know this to sound familiar but the late Apollo had with a mortal two children- one of them was murdered by another Nephilim (being a pope in that time). This boy called Vitellius was one-eyed as history did recall. He had as well a sister and in her bloodlines were luckily not enough of the Nephilim lifeline i.e. not as evil as intended by the handlers of Apollo. These handlers were in a sense the last of their sort i.e. the last of the order of Benjamin.
Sorry not to stay here and tell more but for the sake to summarize have I told what fallen angels are.
There are at present no fallen angels out there because this Apollo had no children with a mortal woman.

Onto number 2):
To tell the truth you cannot gain powers without having a team of magicians knowingly or not to help them. Zero morality is in a sense a trademark for those power brokers, who have been put forth through Black Art. Power brokers brought forth through witches in the bloodline of the Devil are always very religious and very aware that God wants them to be there where they actually are set to be.
There are many examples and I would stress that Bush II with a female powerbroker loving him and thus has him to be one of them (they are in that sense not evil, nor are they reptilian, or something hideous as such). Bush I was not of that kind. That is why I want to stress that I trust Bush II but I trust his wife to be at his side.
If you do not understand these implications can I not help you (no offence, excuse me for this remark).
The dragon machine as you tell to be refers to the fact that God has two sides of his personality that needs to be explained.
The so-called dragon machine is reality two sides of a coin adjoined to form this “Entity solution” that you ask how it comes to be as one.
I once referred this definition of “Entity solution” as I talked with my MASTER. He told me a story that I could not apprehend in the start, as onto I want to tell off! If you walk this trait to be a master of both White and Black Art do you need a supervisor or a FATHER i.e. MASTER to stay alive through Initiation!
I know that this sounds familiar but I cannot describe the depth of these encounters with this “Entity solution” being The Almighty Father” in disguise to test your faith!
There are in a sense two factions left over if you have encountered The Almighty Father in disguise. To that disguise do I ant to tell:
Mick Jagger had a binge to many and then did he see the lights of a train (typical LSD-trip but those colours had him to sway and to run for cover in a lodge). Those lodges they tend to reassemble those encounters in that sense that you understand a completely other story and this is why so many fall to prey of the so-called evil forces. Mick Jagger is a good explanation as he to my knowledge wrote a book about these times of experiments to regain knowledge of the “occult” new order music. This was the so-called black music of the flower people generation.
As to your say that they do not strike, you to be off some strange entity relative. This is easy to tell- God The Almighty Father HAD WANTED THEM TO BE HIS LITTLE CHILDREN but they choose to work for the sake of the black art in the industry of mega-money! They are not less his children if they sell their soul for a penny or a dime but it had been “their” choice and that stands why they are in a sense human.
Onto the question, “how is the human power rise controlled by the entity?”
This is an easy one- they are secret pawns in the dirty war that wages between dragons and masters of White Art. Those, who happens to fall prey to these forces in disguise, they do gain “powers” and heap of money but they loose it in the end. In as sense are they humans as most others are but they have seen the hand of the dragons lurking in higher degrees of Freemasonry or other sorts of organisation that proposes wealth and powers through the Black Arts! Behind this line of divisions between entities of “evil” are one hand master of White Art and the masters of lesser degree having themselves to misuse the true Art of Black Magic!
The latter ones cannot control anyone as they themselves are controlled by the “Entity solution”! Remember please that this “Entity solution” is The Almighty Father in disguise or told in a better definition an Entropy of Evilness! A so-called master in Black Art cannot apprehend how much he is in control through this Entropy and this has his disciples to follow ensue.
If you remember that as once an Austrian Chancellor of Habsburg died being the leader of his lodge did the lodge loose all its powers- never to regain these anymore. Onto this do I want to tell of Madame Blavatsky, as her master in forged Black Art was this man, having her to have Tibetan monks to tell her some dirty secrets and so on. He was her mental mentor- he was in the bloodline as I am in a sense in his bloodline as well. Thus had him to control her mental state of conscious and have her to write her Isis, onto which I will tell more off later.

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Onto the question mark number 3)
If the power control is lead through witchcraft, could it then be used, harnessed to gain power?
Yes, it could but let me rest for a sec-
I have to talk here of love being the primary force to gain power.
I would here differ female and male witchcraft.
A wizard has his certain possibilities to control both the minor Arcana and the major Arcanum. Women cannot control the realm of the major Arcanum, as they have to have children- the price to use the major Arcanum would lead to the death of innocent children coming out of their wombs. Male witches are not restrained in that regard but there are in this Cycle four of High Priestess of Witches that can control even the major or great Arcanum! In this Cycle were there only two “males” who had full control of the Great Arcanum. Controlling the major Arcanum is a lesser degree of wizards onto they all have to follow on orders coming to them by the two-masters of the Great Arcanum- You call them these two-masters Jesus Christ confusing them as two different versions of the same layout!
Onto that will I come later.
A wizard cannot love per definition!
A female witch being more or less content to control the minor Arcana can love if she wants as such.
I have here told of the wife of Bush II, being a perfect example what love can accomplish! This told in common language does not make any sense but for me is this a crucial point why they are allowed to gain power and influence for their men!
Another example is the wife of the in Dallas deceased Kennedy- his wife had stopped loving her husband and left him without his source to stay alive.
This is hard but the world is full of widows having stopped to love their spouses and leaving them to be widows. Their grief matches what their hearts once had said- after all had I loved him! They even forget that they had hated the guts of that now deceased man- these men, oh yes generally did they deserve what happened onto them. Kennedy is here an example not fitting this description but he was a man for many women. I can understand his widow in that sense- but only in that sense.
Why did I tell off Kennedy, as I have to tell you how to court the dark forces that are killing children today.
See this as an example of a very deep rooted Black Art in US! That country is in its core of evil. Kennedy’s death or murder was orchestrated by evil magicians of lesser degree through the force of child and baby disembodiments in a grand scale conducted months before his actually murder.
They would have kept on killing them if they had not been heeded! In a sense had Kennedy sacrificed himself for the sake to have to have them to stop their “skills” of molesting, raping, tearing their baby arms and legs apart, tearing their arms and legs off their joints, and to eat their pumping hearts with their brute force alone. Oh, if you find that revolting, what would you believe if you were there to see them these “magicians” through the eyes of these children and babies! “Hah, believe me if you ask me why I had to allow them to act as such”, did the Creator tell me, “I had the free will to have them not to do as such! However, they choose to force onto them these powers- if not heeded would they even care less and kill more!” This is the principles of Necromancy- to force God is the paraphrase of them having lust for more gain and powers!
I would not like to tell off sexual magic but this is to find in Aleister Crowley’s books. There is enough filth to read.
The dark pathway as laid out is one side of the coin that tells that Masters of Black Art have various means to force themselves to have powers that is reserved for God alone!
Witches with powers of the minor Arcana can with their love for their spouses gain access into some of the powers that God willingly wishes to give them into their hands!
Even if the love is “pure”- mother Theresa was one of them will it be granted but in a much grander scale! I know that you are eager to know more but time is short and so will I turn my attention onto your requests!
The question is that you cannot see that humans condone mass murder, mass rapes, and mass torture of children… and this leads into the question are that or those humans or NOT?
Oh yes, they are humans- I can read in the Books of Life this do some call the Akasha and I do see humans acting inhuman! These men and women are in a rage of blood that they cannot explain once being out of that moment of evilness. If they ever regain their humanity to say!
I had lengthy discussions what has these to tick but if you had been in them both- the perpetrators and their victims to see, smell, and to hear there their pains then do you understand.
What you had done to most small had you done onto me! This is utterly true, this can I tell!

Why the slaughters glee is easy to tell- they are after all humans but inhuman as to such do their faces show off the hatred of God to allow them to have them to commit what they commit!
Please understand the implication if God hate!
PLEASE understand why love is so important- why loves makes the world go around! Why when women love their men does God laugh in their minds due to the fact that he hates everywhere and everything! God is in a sense seeking love to rest there for a sec as he has to allow others to kill, slaughter, dismembering, and, and…!
The crucial point is the free will!
The real difference between humans and animals is that humans are allowed to have faith- free will has everyone to decide to have free will or faith.
This is the core secret why God has not destroyed this Cycle and this humanity with it as early as 1998.
This leads into question number 4)

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If you ponder who is telling these lines then would I tell you a story that stretches beyond times and time!
This entity has no life in a common sense to understand but it conquers the will of humanities at various phases in their life cycles.
I know that you to know but life pass through planets and solar systems to build somewhere else in a universe a habitat for them as a humanity to dwell within. See, I said to dwell within and not to dwell on and this tells more as seen at hindsight!
This planet that you commonly call earth is the third of its kind during the last 15 years- it likens a wave of life expectancy that is referred to somewhere else into a new planet.
This was a tricky one but tricks are for those who play magicians- God is the ultimate Magician!
For humans is there to see that nothing has changed but humans is an entity underneath the surface and humans as single fighters do conquer the surface. You cannot see luckily enough that you are an entity as a whole because this is hidden underneath your feet!
Nevertheless, is this the truth as near I can tell to you off to be true!
Cast out of that entity is in reality two-masters called Jesus Christ, onto whom was to decide either to be the ultimate evil entity or to lead humanity out of captivity under the waters of destiny!
It is as if someone catches the flue and all have then the flue- if you are in reality one entity! On each continent is the analogy of a branch of that entity to live- or to die. If that part of this entity is infected with a deadly disease not to be cured with caring hands of The Almighty One is then a drastic reduction of that part of HIS entity to be destroyed and stamped out of existence! You told in point three that West and US has lost its humanity and there lies a core problem. Normally are dramatic measurements to be commenced not to have the other branches of that entity not to be infected as such!
That is why The Almighty Father built a hard- and software system capable of having up- and downloading of safe ware to be installed. You call this hard and software system Jesus Christ and here am I!
There are of course other names onto “this entity”! You name what seems appropriate for you!
Nevertheless, have I to stress your decision has to be mine!
That planet that you commonly tell to be earth belongs solemnly to The Almighty One. He decides who inhabits its realms. Onto these realms-, they these realms are underneath, on, and above its surface.
What is above its surface?
Let me start-
The moon is not a planet or a planeterian body it is a second earth in this twin-planet system called earth. It is though very much older than earth as it is an icy cold huge and giant hardware system containing all software that had all Cycles in the whole Universe running! In a sense is this “planet” IBM of God! On its surface are lot of artefacts of different humanities once having been there asking themselves what lies ahead there out there in space and times.
Mars was once earth for squids living as humans or as humanity there on their earth for some 8 billions of years ago! There are two giant city compounds there on Mars, onto there is at present no one really living there.
There beneath the sands and rocks if this would be an appropriate definition of what really is out there lays an entity called eternity!
You are of eternity as well. Your, theirs, and all of all worlds basic elements consists solemnly of family structures of The Almighty Father- HE alone decides who HE is and who you, they, and all of all worlds are!
Iapetus was once the moon for the Atlanteans- there was a space centre on the other side of the moon. Men were held there prisoners behind a giant wall due to the truth that woman thought themselves superior to stinking men- there on their garden Eden. This side could humanity see lately as the probe passed its orbit!
They had built (those Atlanteans) a giant space ship to rescue them from extinction and to travel through space to build a colony somewhere in Universe. This was approximately over 70 millions years ago but they were duped and the Lord Himself had then later reoccupied this His space ship!
At present is this space ship in our orbit having been there for some months has nothing been told in the press!
This space ship has the shape of a giant pyramid structure.
There had been some brief encounters by one or three space probes but they were considered hostile and shot down! This ship has a well-advanced technology capable off fending of automatically any hostile intention. Its AI is programmed to kill and to shoot if something is deemed hostile.
Through an intercom system was an Interface program asked before commencing action!
I have told who this planet and other belongs to- I am now on the verge to tell off outer space diplomacy.
There in the orbit is at present only one space craft- its technology could blow this planet and all planets in this whole solar systems into bits in a tiny fraction of a second. This is not the issue as it is here to defend you and to fend off alien intruders- at present though.
In the early forties and late fifties were alien contact made between two factions called the Greys and Brownies with officials in USA and in Russia. Russia took the right decision and killed them at sight.
No messing with “our God” did they in Russia tell and lately after three attacks on Russian soil through special troops of alien intruders has this matter been settled there!
Unfortunately, had they in USA bought their story i.e. the story that the aliens gave them. Through their space-technology had US and Israel gained advances well ahead what is today considered state of the art of technology!
What they gave these intruders was to allow them to hunt down their citizen and their cattle, and so on for food and other pleasures.
These alien intruders told that there would be a change of universe that they would have elected members of human saved if they only would consent in to having their fellow men, women, and children as food reservoir due to time to come! Chipping tech is for human cattle- this did these evil humans think would be Ok to install!
Israel had its share and from there did blending of human DNA with alien DNA start to be formed.
There is a lot to tell, for example had the aliens some human governments under pressure because they had huge rocks above their capital cities to fall onto their citizens if not willing to comply!
It likens a kindergarten, when the Father comes with his greater stick i.e. ship did these aliens flee!
Lately after the counter forces had been gaining momentum in US were there some attacks by alien insurgents coming from outer space but they were all killed and burnt at sight!
I would personally not believe a word coming from Greys or Brownies, as they are pathological liars!
They are at the least to tell hungry (eat “human cattle, would suit them”) but this do I not tell for the sake to press a joke into my brief comment. If you or some of those reading these lines would believe me to be fear monger and a pathological liar, then would I well advice you to look into cave drawings of former humans. They had seen these aliens hunting down their families and doing more evil things that humans or Hollywood could imagine!
That space ship above your head had been around for several times to ensure survival of the children of Noah at some occasions back in times!
They knew perfectly well after this House of the Lord had finished off those hunters of fleeing Israelites that there is an Entity to rely on! Nowadays world do not believe anything- what a pity, what a waste!

This leads into the question mark number five-

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Idiosyncrasy OR idiots is:
Image analysis
The content analysis of images is accomplished by two primary methods: image processing and pattern recognition. Image processing is a set of computational techniques for analyzing, enhancing, compressing, and reconstructing images. Pattern recognition is an information-reduction process: the assignment of visual or logical patterns to classes based on the features of these patterns and their relationships. The stages in pattern recognition involve measurement of the object to identify distinguishing attributes, extraction of features for the defining attributes, and assignment of the object to a class based on these features. Both image processing and pattern recognition have extensive applications in various areas, including astronomy, medicine, industrial robotics, and remote sensing by satellites.
(Encyclopaedia Britannica from 2006)
Sorry to have been offending you but I tend to shorten off when I try to describe what I mean!
Knowledge is of course the opposite of “idiot” as you already had stated!
I must say that our all FATHER is at times childish- I hope that you understand he told you all to be “tahoud”! Excuse my misspelling but “taffat” in Swedish was the language as the Lord spoke with his prophet!
That prophet made then a Hebrew word out of this!
Please understand that the Creator was really- in fact was he mighty proud to have you built!

As to this have I to tell- The Almighty Father told the Creator some times ago that you were a complete failure and this had your Creator onto his knees. This can I tell- he was told that his concept of free will had been wrong from the beginning. The Creator was confounded but The Almighty Father he cannot be wrong and this is why the whole humanity and his children are asked was your Creator wrong? Are you evil out of design if yes would your answer be the last answer that you would give.
If not than have you to prove the creator that he is right in defending your definition in front of The Almighty One!

To tell the truth knowledge is for you as a humanity to be grateful or in a better term told thankful to have been created in their image!
His Image contains of four Elohims being four female living persons walking on earth to represent the female part of Gods personality and two male counter parts to stand in the limelight’s of your scrutiny. The latter are in a sense not here but someone has to be a living Myth! This would be the male part of Gods personality on earth.

To your question onto global awakening onto the entity of the dragon on earth:
They are here on earth called by them to be the brotherhood of Malkuth!

There are organized as a five pointing star- one in US (outside of New York), Israel, South Africa (at present closed), China (Peking), and last and not least China (Shanghai with its branch in Hong Kong). Emerging markets had them to build a new centre there in the South of China.
All lodges and witch centres are obliged to follow onto their orders.
Why follow onto their orders if you do not want this to be?
It is as easy as such!


The US was once and is at present once again the headquarter of this decaying organisation. They would love to have their God or Lucifer, Apollo, Malkuth, and so, and so on to pray onto. If I would give away the name of the late devil there in USA could they start a new devil worship- this cannot be!
To be the devil is purely a decision done by a man out of that bloodline to want to be the devil.
A man dies and then can somewhere else a baby be born- to eventually be worshiped by devil worshipers?
This would initiate once again a vicious circle of evilness- lodges and covens would derive their powers through a ring of magic coming out of them having a reliable boss.
One hint and no more- that man who died in the fifties was sold by his mother to evil men! They had found out that their god had been born- this woman betrayed her son. What would you have thought if been betrayed?
I cannot throw a stone, when I sit in a stone house!
The current dragon has no true reliable devil to worship and this leads to the conclusion that the current dragon is this headless brotherhood of Malkuth!

Onto that friend of yours who want to know how 9.11 was conducted will I surely tell later.

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Thank you again. I am reading/studying your replies. Thanks. I’m gonna have to ask you to
wait too. 🙂 I will respond as soon as I’ve read it and wrapped my mind around it.
This is a very very very very difficult concept to grasp. I am not the kind to believe
stories just because people claim. As such, I remain sceptical on UFO, witchcraft, NWO as
some secret alien-backed or wicthcraft faction, etc. But I do not rule that out because
what is happening is NOT human either. So I am lost and seek the truth or some part of it.
The media is lies. The gov’t peddles lies. Textbooks are proven lies. It’s all been
one deliberate lie. That’s the only thing I am sure of.

Now, back to reading your replies… Give me a few hours to digest this.

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The true story of 9.11.:
As told by GENESIS:

Under the code´name Isis was in the end of ’99 was certain actions commenced.

In the B’nai B’rith branch of Echelon were some discussions weighed as they had been requested by CIA to support a stern supporter of the kingdom of Arabia. They thought him to have been a Trotskyite but their contact in highest place of CIA told them a completely other story.
Their brothers in Mossad or better told the military branch of secret police state agency of Eszrael had been reporting some alarming signs coming out of fundamentalist Brotherhood of Islam. There had been a regrouping after the recently clampdown in Egypt and in Yemen to build a revolutionary struggle i.e. to establish vanguardism in Islam. This was meant to be in Islam a strategy whereby an organization (a political wing of Sharia or the body of Islamic law) attempts to place itself at the centre of the movement of emerging Islam, and steer it in a direction consistent with its ideology being annihilation of Esrael and Israel as a whole.
An aspiring young man had reformed all branches in the leftist and extremist Brotherhood of Sharia! All or most elders of that previous organisation to fight Israel with all means had been completely devastated and two specialists of Brotherhood of Malkuth met with three of the new powerbrokers of leftist Islamists there in late fall of ’99 to sort out things.
It seems to be a joke but they got along very well and after some binges and lot of mutual use of drug inhalants were they ready to start World War III!
There on the floor in a five star Hotel in Egypt had they after sharing some sexual enterprises concluded that GENESIS was the blueprint to have the dumb Americans into a war to wage in the middle of Europe and Mesopotamia of old Eszrael.
There were lot of acclamations as they told themselves how they are duping these idiots of Americans. Have them to pay every expense and those to applaud them had been the trait of B’nai B’rith of Brotherhood of Malkuth (not to confuse with the actual now operating B’nai B’rith).
The Independent Order of B’nai B’rith (“Sons of the Covenant”) is not The Brotherhood of Malkuth as they in a sense are to be the oldest continually-operating Jewish service organization in the world. However, some of their top officials were recruited to build a subsidiary of the B’nai B’rith branch of Echelon hidden in their structure!

Now will I start to tell their history and then to conclude with those final years that lead USA to believe that their enemies were Islam and not Israel!
In the late forties had former Jewish Waffen-SS members of highest order of sons of Darkness been regrouping in USA with old foes of the old “Wehrmacht” which together with Vatican had ousted out Hitler during a brief period in late December 1944-45. This “Dolchstosslegende” had the Waffen-SS Brotherhood of Darkness to flee in December to various countries all around the globe. They had then taken with them Hitler’s then two years old son and in the early January of 1945 did they sacrifice on a ranch in Texas that boy of Hitler’s blood and genes to write down a “bible” of Darkness!

The dream of Greater-Germany had been temporally put out of hold and grasp but things tend to come back to haunt successors. Hitler was a complete failure- if he had been Messiah, had no one had victory over the secret inner Sanctuarum of Sanhedrin, which had been in his or her hiding for so long.
The Jesuits had hundreds of years earlier been overtaken by that secret Sanhedrim as the Middle Ages had wiped out there in Spain the two last remaining Masters of Black Art!
This was a great loss as the Chief Executioner of Vatican in Spain had tried to persuade these men to change faith to be “good Christians”.
This man of Vatican was the first real Freemasonry in the mission to accomplish to build the Kingdom of the Devil right in the heart of Rome!
He had though to have these two Masters of Black Art at his side- blood was not the issue as he could easily kill anyone, everywhere, through anyhow means.
That man, whose name and embodiment is an epiphany of the face of the “Entity-solution” or a maximum of Entropy of Evilness that engulfed Europe through hundred of years to form what history recalls the dark ages of witch-hunt!
He was a scholar of Black Art, who had duped his pope to believe him to be a holy man- what an irony a lesser devil in the eras of high entropy of Evilness had gained powers to even scare the pope!
What he wanted was to be Jesus Christ as he thought himself to be was the true knowledge of Black Art!
Those two last remaining Levi priest of Sanhedrim were the keeper of a holy book of knowledge never to be seen by profane eyes!
That book would enable anyone to finish off Creation- in that book was the name of God or better told the secret name of the living God IHVE to live on earth spelled out. To summon this name was the ticket to end the world did the cover manuscript tell! Only two living Levi i.e. Sanhedrim of the Sanhedrin in the Diaspora could read the name of Messiah telling of, how, and when he would come to build Israel in the Northern Province of Germany. The succession of two secret vessels was to secure that when HE comes that they or their successors would stand at his door hailing Messiah to be Messiah!
They had killed Messiah and that was why they were sent into Diaspora to mourn their sin to have killed IHVE on earth.
They knew that is why Jews was so hated and hunted down on fires and even more evil things bestowed onto them, as they were responsible that the Devil was the leader of the world.

Would IHVE once again choose to come back and to forgive Sanhedrin would two Levi lead the world into the kingdom of God and IHVE would forgive them!

If they would fail in their mission or ever let this book to come into the hand of a living devil would there be never be forgiveness and their people would be cursed forever to be meat for the devil!

Nothing could have them to tell where this book could be found- they were the two living Masters of the Black Art and of course the two living Masters of the White Art!
They died through the hands of gleaming devil worshipers and that bible was “destroyed”?
No, but this is a completely other story!

There were two different factions of “Entity-solutions” being the two-sided coin of Entropy of Evilness, which waged wars for about two thousands of years.

ON ONE SIDE WAS LOVE AND HAPPINESS, on the other side was evilness and misery!

The bible says he will sit at the right side of his Father- I WILL KNOW YOU NOT i.e. left side of Magic- COME TO ME AND BE MY BRETHREN ; THERE IS LOVE AND HAPPINESS in his right hand!

This was a dive into history but there is more to tell what really went on behind the curtains of rulers being on either side of the secret coin of knowledge!

I know this to be far fetched but Messiah is a bit disappointed- no one came to his door to hail him to be Messiah. However, this is as well a complete other story but one more of disappointment:

His church believed him to be the devil- how could anyone believe in the church if his church had not the guts to believe him to be saviour. See with your own eyes and you understand why churches are so empty in Europe! Even their own priests tells that Messiah and even God is an evil myth- when even his church tells that Jesus Christ is the devil, how would anyone think that he would not regard that church not be his! That is why the churches were setting themselves into hands of the devil worshipers!

This is an old story and I will now follow the path of knowledge why 9.11. happened there in USA!

You never knew that Hitler had a child?
The Vatican knew very well- they had that child baptised although they believed that this child was an offspring of the living devil! The II Duce was a stern Black Magician and utterly crazy but he had at least given the Vatican a seat to sit on when Messiah would come to them did he tell! He smiled as his gloomy bold face laughed the laugh of the living devil. The pope of that time, he himself a scholar in the traits of “knowledge” knew that here was a price to pay. What harm could there be to baptise a little boy- and he leant himself over to kiss this little boy on his forehead!
Without knowing this to be true had that pope signed the death warrant for an truly innocent child- the principles of the Black Art is entropy of evilness not to be controlled by anyone being a living human and the Il Duce had this boy handed over. This had then this Duce to pay a cruel price that was worthy that of Brutus an old friend of mine did Cicero the Elder always say.

Sadly, enough did this boy travel into USA and a man, not well informed though, thought that friends have to have a nice place to stay. His money and influence had paid well off during the Second World War and this “bushy” man once again duped had those “friends” into his compound. This had his sons to pay the price onto which their father had unknowingly agreed for them to pay- later though!

Things do haunt in generations- this have I forgotten to tell!

This book was and is the holy book of the Brotherhood of Malkuth!

This Necronomicon being the remnants of Lovecraft’s sick fantasies was laid out and pasted was it into a new book with the blood of a little boy and all prayed that the DEVIL was satisfied!
Here is the dragon you have been searching- only a book but what went behind there was the core of Entropy of Evilness!
I have to rest a sec:

This book has now lost its powers!

These powers were always derived through the principles of Black Art as practised through a pair of Levi Priest. Out of twelve families that had been ruling the world were always (not always in the true knowledge off how things works though) two priests singled out to serve the DEVIL although they knew nothing of that sort who he in reality was!

Once did they really have their hands onto one of them but his fondness for Nazi did not match his hatred off Jews and this had the Brotherhood of Malkuth into malaise.
Although they were known high-ranking Nazis, where they as a fact Jews- even Hitler himself being a full and legal Jew had been admitting this to have been a problem!
They knew all the way that Messiah would come and finish them all off- all true devil worshippers knows this as a fact but they did not know how this Jew would surface!
Somewhere in Hungary would he be born had their astrologist told (that astrologist was of course later killed) – his mother had to be a Jew (legally seen!) and this had them to start Holocaust to kill Messiah before birth! No one did especially know his name and rank of his family and so were virtually no Hungarian Jew spared!

This Shoah was initiated through an American branch of the society of OSS before it was even orchestrated to be the forerunner of nowadays CIA and Jews in a gang of Nazi Waffen-SS had this figured out how to participate in all money extortions that so many Jews and other organisations had to leave behind! Why they there in USA believed that Hitler was not the awaited Messiah had slipped their attention but the idea was a “good” one- did they tell Hitler? Hitler shrugged and told them to stick to their tongues- his best friends had once been Jews did he tell.
But one or two nights later after encountering the true devil in his brain had Hitler figured it out!
Jews had to be exterminated- a mastermind plan had to be commenced. After all how had he known this before- he could now explain why he had written such nasty things in his biography so long ago. Hitler was a demagogic Trotskyite- being Jews had they never meet but some letters had been exchanged between Hitler’s mentor and Trotsky!
This leads me back into a luxury hotel 1999:

Those men being in the lineage of Nazi had found their common interests- to start a new Holocaust.
This time though Christians!
Secretly did the Trotskyite Brotherhood of Islam tell that Christians, worshippers of Qu’ran, and all Jews to be backend in atomic fires would lead to peace and prosperity.
Secretly did the Trotskyite Brotherhood of Malkuth tell themselves THAT Christians, all Islam worshippers, and all Jews beside themselves though should be baking through the fires of living hell- to have the final call for their DEVIL to come and to reign in perfect harmony for all times to come. Only those who would worship the DEVIL as their GOD would have the right to survive, had they thought to be appropriate!

The true Entropy of Evilness had a triumphant day there.
Somewhere in Middle Europe was Messiah having a hard time- his wife told him that he should be taken away all rights to be a citizen. His properties taken away to be together in perfect harmony with someone else than her husband, was he told to understand!

There was vast money dispatched.
Isis was to be revived!

Did I tell that the God of the Brotherhood of Malkuth or Isis was a man- she was not. Malkuth is a female goddess in the disguise of a male interpreter being her Chief Priest!
This was always the inner core of sexual induced magic to be conducted through a Chief priest and a living woman or preferably a female goat to have sex with- then in its essence to be Baal or the Chief Priestess of Bona Dea or Kali or… on earth!

For those reading these lines are things coming together, I know but let us follow what happened later on!

A fund was raised containing approximately one billion dollars. In the first weeks was then this raised to exceed 11 billion dollars.

One could never imagine what 11 billion dollars in hard currency can buy!

One or two generals or was it four generals (?) had been bought. The whole House of Commons in Greater Eszrael i.e. in USA was flooded with money. But- oh my god, where they greedy! They started to engulf a trade war to have 30 billions of more dollars to pay off expenses that started to amass societies!
These greedy and needy for hard currency did not even stop to visit the High Priest himself there in the outskirts of New York- they started to threaten that “holy man” of money extortion. He had his book there in front of him- as always sexually dissatisfied (goats they smell evil, this joke goes on me- sorry!) humming the lines of Necronomicon:
“This Conjugation…Hmmm… Ah, I have it here.
Then at last- CIA, all secret services paid off, even politicians in the vicinity of Bush had hold their hands open (but Bush II was not involved- he was a Christian did the Brotherhood of Malkuth tell, do not trust Christians, especially if we cannot buy off their believes!).

Some few days prior to 9.11. had their secret nearly been blown into pieces!
Excuse me for leaving crucial details out- I trust that they are at present out there to find these evil doers. This is why I do no name-dropping, as these would surely read these lines knowing perfectly well that they are on the secret list!
I must admit that I have other means to tell than through writing things down. However, what is right is right and let us walk on this thin line of accuracy!

Bush II did ask some funny questions!
Had anyone informed him- dispatches were sent and even the High Priest of Malkuth went to Bush II to try to find out. Did he know anything that would have this number 9.11. action not to be!
As always was this special envoy of evil entropy greeted with joy of dissent but Bush II did not know why this fellow should not be liked. As always did Bush shrug this notion of top-secret knowledge of his!
A glooming happy face of the devil had that man of Brotherhood of Malkuth i.e. the “Initiator of the Sons of Light” to wear. All thought this to be this his trademark of earnest due to his official duty to serve America the Land of Free as they call this land of Devil Worshipping!
Mossad was always around the corners, as someone had to put explosion technology belonging to ET’s there and everywhere to hinder an American president being “crazy” enough to take actions to be the true enemy of the state of Devil!
All Black Magicians know perfectly well you need a true believer Jesus Christ in state affairs to have a state of the Devil to prosper. This is a dirty secret that Black and White has to be two sides of a coin.
This was why they had bought through fraudulent decisions a man of Jesus Christ into their midst after having thrown out a lesser one!

With this now said do I now end my lines- hoping to receive …

In reality has all been said as the Conspirators have told by now everything- back in their chambers to specialists and trained secret service agents. I will let the American people decide or better said a president decides- maybe will we all read what I had left out.

I am content with my knowledge and I had been trying to have all to see why USA had fallen pray to complete evilness!

My “Werk” is done!

I sincerely believe that humans are not so evil as the Almighty Father had put is so delegable for me to understand.

After all- it was only an evil book that had you to be HIS dragon?

Comment by Comment on Comment

I thought it was gonna be just hours. I’m doing some cross-reading too. Please give me
a bit more time. I’m crossreferencing it and trying to make sense of each bit of info and
how and where it fits. I’m very thankful for all the info. Thanks again! I’ll post as soon
as I digest it.

Comment by commentary

This is going to get very difficult very quickly. I am thankful for your posts!

In general I cannot argue the supernatural information regarding both the almighty,
god, and the devil, as you call the entities. I have no idea if any of is true
even, so I cannot even engage on that level where you claim these forces, these
super (I mean super in terms of those beyond human capabilities, not like something
that’s fantastic or great like the US marketing uses the word to peddle its products)
forces have actually played active role in shaping our lives today.

However, I can speak to the idea in general terms.

(1) I strongly disagree with the explanation that it’s down to free will. If this is
true — and I’m not saying it is by offering a view on it — then I charge the creator
with the worst possible crimes. If I had the opportunity I’d tell him a few picked
words. In any case, the idea, as you explain the slaughter of innocent children on
this planet in regards to free will, makes me angry at the creator. Let me explain:
On this earth, there are laws precisely addressing this very issue. It is illegal
to watch a crime in progress. It is further illegal not to offer help to someone
in distress. (there are good samaritan laws in most countries) This means, that
if you happen to see a rape in progress you are, by law, obliged to help. And if
you do not, you become an accomplice to that crime.
Here, you’re telling me that god is watching these bastards rip children to shreds
and slake themselves on eating their organs without doing anything to put a stop
to it? He’s breaking our law. I don’t know about his laws nor do I care. I am
of this earth. My realm is this earth and the set of morality I have. As such,
as god is then operating in my realm, in human realm, he’s breaking the law. He
is then the ultimate perpetrator. He is evil as those who commit these unbelievable
crimes. Free will or not, god is participating with full knowledge in the most
cruel slaughter, rape, maiming, and crimes.
If this were the case, it would be illogical to ‘love’ this entity. Anything but
These arguments of the existence of these super powers break down logically very
quickly. See, so I cannot even go beyond the general broad strokes to address
these powers and the human side where through witchcraft certain super powers are
gained and used to commit things like 911, Iraq, Afghanistan, WWII, etc.

The second big problem with this is that the methods used, although you say, it’s
all ET’s technology and witchcraft which enables a mere human to gain super powers
(of whatever degree). None of the methods appear to be supernatural.
You see, the kids of Iraq are killed by bullets. By rockets. There is no evidence
of super forces murdering them. It’s just Americans shooting little children,
raping them, and murdering the parents to try to hide the crimes. It’s just Americans
tying leashes onto prisoners and beating them to death for fun to take pictures into
their little family albums. No evidence of weapons beyond the silly human capabilities.
THis includes the DU polution as well. No evidence of ET’s at all. No evidence of
witchcraft for that matter. After all, Bush monkeys have been defeated by bullets and,
if there is witchcraft going on, then all the black art powers have been defeated by
simple bullets, made by man.
This shatters any credence for powers of witchcraft and alien technologies.

I know the “passing the buck” on to evil Grey aliens or directly to Satan is very
popular today, i.e. David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, M Tsarion, T Maars, W Cooper,
A J Hilder, etc etc etc.
One, as I state above, in general there are serious logical errors with the idea.
Second, it does NOT at all solve my problem.
I don’t particularly care who Bush is working for. Another popular scapegoat,
beside aliens and Lucifer and secret Bilderberg clubs of evil corporate magnates,
has become the AIPAC. I am not defending anyone here but it makes absolutely
no difference who the US/West regime is working for. None whatsoever.
I don’t care if Bush was told to start Iraq war by a green, grey, or brown
little alien who descended here in a blaze of light from Mars’ Cedonia compound.
It makes no difference. Bush broke the rules. Bush and the US gov’t has
knowingly violated the international treaties and humanitarian code. It’s
the US that has killed 700 thousand innocent people.
The motives are interesting, don’t get me wrong, but quite secondary. I
don’t care why Ted Bundy murdered tens of kids. Surely he had a reason.
Who cares? The crime of Bundy is so beyond any realm of thinking that
trying to explain this degree of sickness, aberration, or total violation
of everything that is human is rather pointless. It may make for a interesting
academic debate but no more.
Equivalently it makes no difference why the US govt did 911 and is playing
a part in the concealment of the truth. I’m not against asking them once
arraigned but at the moment what matters is the crime and its perpetrator.
What matters now is that the criminals are stopped.
Green aliens, returning Atlanteans, Lucifer, God playing his little free
will games presumably out of sheer boredom, the secret art of black magic,
none of this matters. Children are being slaughtered with their parents.
That matters. The rest is just drivel. Big Bang theories. Laws of quantum
physics. The complicated processes of star births, black holes, etc.
Quite frankly who cares? But I care about the innocent people getting
killed. I want that stopped. And I’m asking how the hell do we stop it?
If you do talk to your master, ask him. I want the crimes stopped.
How do I F@$$ do that? I don’t care about Democrats, Republicans, God
or Lucifer, reptilians, Greys or crop circles. It’s all just cheeks of
the same dirty arsehole.
I want the hell this planet lives in done with. As a warlock yourself,
as someone with the ability to use super forces to some level, can you,
is it within your power to actually affect anything? Or is your knowledge
confined to just understanding the immensely complicated history of our
human predicament on this planet?

Hitler. I think you’re giving Hitler too much credit. Hitler was not
the ultimate culprit here. It was the West. The same folks waging
war on the world today. The subjugation of the world by the West has
always been the anglosaxon barbarian raison d’etre.
They’ve known for a long time that Russia is in the way of it. That’s
why numerous attempts have been launched by the West and its proxies
(as the west always fights through proxies) on the people of Russia.

We have Napoleon. We have WWI. We have 1917 Trotsky/Lenin revolution.
We have WWII that very nearly succeeded. We have Berlin in 1945, a
military attack on Russia by the west. We then have the Cold War,
a economic warfare, much like the one waged on Iraq by Bush I and
Clinton (Bush proxy) for 13 years deliberately murdering 2M people.
We have Afghanistan attack on Russia led by dear US ally Laden. We
have Basayev, Chechnia province proxy attack on Russia. We have
the early 90s or the “grabitisation” made possible by US agents
that put the effective control of Russia into western talons.
Amazingly and without anyone’s help, Russia fought off all the
western attacks. With huge losses, some 25M in WWII, but Russia
is still the force has stopped the west from executing its
diseased plans to subjugate the planet. It is thanks to Bush II
arrogance and unfeigned primitivism that the agenda of the west
as well as crimes have been fully exposed to the world, even to
the western peoples, who have up till now lived in dellusion
that their riches come from their work.
So Bush attacked Russia through Ukraine to no avail. In a year,
Ukrained changed hands from Bush claws to become an effective
Moscow nation. In Georgia, the events moved more rapidly.
It took Moscow what? three weeks to go from a western proxy
attack to the effective collapse of the western proxy.
No doubt Iraqi Resistance is a proxy of Russia today and so
was Hezbolla. A war is on. A war of proxies for the control
of the planet.
I think that’s pretty much true but whether there are aliens
with technologies capable of destructing the entire solar
system(s) or even more powerful entities than that is of little
consequence to the victims of this brutal assault by the Bush
II regime on the globe.

I could be missing something integral in your replies but I
don’t see relevance between the war of the dark and light
and our current human predicament. You are in the same boat
as me, if you’re a human, that is. Surely, the pictures of
maimed children, the direct product of US/West export, must
bring tears to your eyes. You are suffering too then. And
we all know the culprit. Aliens and god is a nice fable
or truth perhaps but irrelevant as 700 thousand have already
perish and hundreds continue to perish each day.

Anyway, I intended to write about Hitler and how you portray
this episode. I get carried away and go on tangents. It’s
a very difficult debate. Too much ground covered.

Hitler was a proxy of the west, of the US specifically. THe
US made Hitler. The US made Hitler machine. The US fueled
Luftwaffe, that was killing civilians througout 1945. US
provided trucks that hauled Nazi equipment and probably
prisoners into the camps in Switzerland and Vichy. The US
was behind Hitler.

THis does not exonorate Hitler but it removes the idea that
it was black magic or Lucifer himself guiding this guy. It
was just the US corporate world, no more.

Second thing that’s inaccurate about Hitler, largely due to
the lies in the western media, is the Jew attack. We have
6 million jews falling victim to Hitler. But we have 8
million nonjews falling victim to Hitler in the camps. We
have 55 million people killed by the Hitler machine in five
years. 22-25 were Russian. So Hitler’s killing of 6M
Jews makes Jews 1/7 of Hitler’s victims. Hardly then it
can be said that Jews were Hitler’s main point.

If one reads Mein Kampf, Hitler’s own words, Jews don’t
hold a monopoly for Hitler’s targets or pet hates. They’re
1/7 of Hitler’s murder reign. It’s not negligible nor do
I intent it to be. But it’s just a mere 1/7th of Hitler/US
crimes. THe media and not even you spare a single word
on the 6/7th of the tens of millions of people (some near
50 million people) who perished in Hitler’s crazed assault
on the globe.

The implication that Jews were Hitler’s only victims is
as factually wrong as is offensive in every humanitarian

I don’t want to fight with you. HOnest! I’m stating
what I know and objections to some of the things you write.
Lots of it is down to typing and the blog format, which
allows relatively limited debate. A far cry from having a
beer and talking this out in person. But thank god for
this technology. If 10% of what we talk about is useful
then it’s doing its job. I don’t care for the arguments
and blog insults and all that. I don’t give a damn, you know.
It’s OK to insult me, I’ll just go. And I mean no disrespect
or attacks on you, so if something is construed as offensive,
it’s not meant that way.

(5) 911. Again, I’m an earthling — obviously. I have no knowlegde of
occult magic powers and no experience with any super powers. I’ve never
seen anything that looked like some flying saucer or have had a contact
with an alien so I must, remaining true to the only reality I know, stay
on the ground.

I realise that Tesla, for instance, spoke of the automaton, which is what
you say when you talk about the eternal collective power binding all life
to which we’re all plugged into and so on. I’m a big fan of Tesla’s so
when he spoke of these things I paid attention. I don’t believe it simply
because my mind doesn’t wrap around it. I don’t dispute it. I just don’t

See here, with 911, you talk about again forces beyond those in the obvious
seats of power. I now elect the same argument as above. So what? Suppose
the things were orchestrated through a network of high priests and magicians.
Perhaps! But we have very tangible and obvious places that failed and we
have evidence that places very tangible people into the suspect position.
We don’t need magic for this. No Boeing can fold its wings and squeeze its
body into a 10X16 foot hole and vanish into thin air. Bush tells us not
only this exactly supposedly happened at the Pentagon but two Boeings
happened to vanish that day. Two! Bush himself states on record that
there were explosives at the WTC. Bush admits to it. And no charges
have been filed. Why? Are the black magicians working overtime keeping
the US citizens braindead? Or is it just a media job?

(6) In general I lack any evidence of super force involvement. The govt,
as in 911, London7/7, and Madrid cases is just doing a snowjob. It acts
like a mafia. It rules with a gun. With incentive $, then with blackmail,
then threats and then gun. It’s a very simplistic organisational method.

I would expect something completely out of this world if indeed magic or
any super force was used. I would not expect these street thug methods.
Yet clearly that’s all that there is. Very predictable methods of

Equivalently, much has been said about Atlantis. Yes, stone buildings
in the Sargaso sea are strange, inexplicable, and relatively hidden from
the public (as most things) but stacking rocks on top each other is not
evidence for some amazing technology that’s claimed to exceed ours today.
It’s just rocks. Yes, it’s impressive. But space travel should leave
more traces behind than just a pile of rocks, whether in Devil’s sea off
Japan, in the Carib., or in Egypt.

(6) What happened with Gen Byrnes? Can you tell me? Remember Utah 2 yrs
ago? Bush had him go for some alleged “sexual” offence. We have a 70′
crater taking out a truck full of explosives. Where is he now? Didn’t he
have powerful mates at the Pentagon?

(7) You say Mars had squids living there 8 billion yrs ago? That’s twice
as long than the age of our planet is believed to be. Did Mars move?
Was it closer to the Sun? What’s that asteroid rubble? Was that a planet?
When did Venus get stabilised in its orbit?

You say there was a prison colony on the moon. I spoke with Erich von Daniken
a year ago. I remember talking about the systematic signals from the moon.
He’s changed his position on it I think now. Pretty much withdrawing all the
claims about the the strange happenings on the moon. The story originated
in the US, some guy said it and Daniken seems to now think he’s been had on
that one. Equally, Tex Maars… I think he’s full of it. He’s made some
statements that shatter his authority. So I don’t know.

As you can see, I operate from a position of not knowing shit, pardon the
explative, it’s very appropriate here.

(8) I wracked my brains but to no avail. I can’t figure out who was the
devil incarnate that died in the 50s. The hint didn’t help me. If you
cannot reveal the name, can you please tell me why you cannot reveal the
name? Do you fear for your safety? Would the revelation cause some
retribution? Why?

(9) Can you expand on the destruction of the US and the West? There’s
camps lying in wait to be filled. I thought Alex Jones was stretching
it a bit but sure enough Bush gave half a billion for just 2007 to
“expand” US civilian internment facilities. Though in press, it went
completely unnoticed by the US public I think. I cannot speak for
the US people but I’m in contact with a few US folks. It appears they
genuinely believe Democrats will save them. They failed to do so
thus far, in fact, voting for the stripping them of their rights but
this does not bother the US people. Odd. Why is the US nation, some
300 million people, so daft? What’s keeping them from understanding
that they’re in for the same that’s happening in Iraq today. Torture
has been extended to US citizens. Why is the once mighty nation
accepting the noose so peacefully? Was the belief that the US nation
was free, mighty, and wholesome just another lie? What forces are
maitaining the stupidity and complacancy in the West?

(10) Pyramid shaped space ship now parked in the orbit? Either you’re
serious and my questioning this must make me look laughably silly in
your eyes, or… it’s a joke. Again, no fight intended here! I
must however ask about this. What? How? What? How do you know?
Wouldn’t we see it? The orbit is what? 500 miles at most. Routinely
you see satellites crusing by. Surely someone would have seen this
by now.

(11) With your super powers attained through witchcraft and your
vast knowledge of what has been happening and how, what are you
doing or intending to do to save the children from getting murdered,

Comment by commentary

Dear listener:

How things tend to be copied is frightening in a sense that you cannot imagine. I know perfectly well that you want me to stick to worldly affairs but let me stand here or better sit:

I stand here to be in trial.
This time though- the last time was that man, who you call Jesus with his alias name Lucius Vitellius Secundo without his Father’s help. Caiphas had him cornered as you have me cornered. Logic on this world is not the LOGIC that he and I live by.
Then was his judge talking and yelling at him in Greek not in Hebrew of that time.
Words came but Lucius kept his mouth shut- if your FATHER does not talk through your body then are you OBLIGED to you keep your mouth shut!
This as all!

However, this time does HE as well stand in front of his judge, this time do you not call yourself Caiphas or Germanicus or…!
There had always been a pattern and this is called the last supper. You cut yourself into your left hand to fill the bread with your blood there to show off guilt to share. Then do eat this bread to show yourself that you even eat your soul.
Then do you stand up and ask your loved one, do she or she love you? If her answer is, stop begging! Then is time to die!
Excuse me for starting these lines with these odd remarks but I have to explain why I cannot type accurately due to the fact that my left palm hurts intensely!

Full disclosure is under the way- I am Jesus Christ, al Mahdi, Messiah, or which name you choose. That is up to you to decide.
I am only allowed to give my NAME away when our all FATHER tells this through me to be!
That is not the issue and this is why I and HE in a sense stands in front of our all Judge!
That is what you mean but do you really understand the consequences for you as humanity?

Let me have you to understand- this blog can be viewed by the whole humanity!
This is why my FATHER and I stand in front of the whole humanity!
This is why you have this perfect abnormal technology to hide yourself from my face!
Your anger or disappointed view of the world would be washed away would you see my face- but does this matter. NO!

Am I angered by your insulations- NO!
Do I understand you- YES! DOES THIS MATTER- YES IS DOES!

In a sense do I agree with your arguments but for me to stand in the realms of all creations that all had been, am I guilty of you had said- YES I AM!

Your short Cycle of approximately 12.055 years was made to have ME to stand up and to tell why this all had been!
I am switching off all light bulbs to leave behind a world so vast of emptiness that even I would have to wonder why no one was ready to answer my questions!
Why have I alone to stand in front of MY MAKER; humanity has its responsibility as well!
I as well point at you but MY finger will surely blow you all into hell!
This is why you all live in hell!
This is living hell- it is so evil and you are so off evil that even a Devil is ashamed of what you do in his name!
What you see, hear, smell, and understand is derived through the condensation of your own selfish will to have more off more.
See, this is why you get more of more.
See and understand this is why I have been here to tell you that I am ANGERED!
I am so angered of your hatred towards what was meant to be a living paradise- if you had taken your time and taken into responsibility. But you behave childish and irresponsibly towards your fellow man, woman, and child! You even tell yourself that no one but yourself exist- and so does GOD not help you out! Without GOD would you not exist- it is as simple as such!
However, GOD, does HE need you- NO!
Who on earth is taking your complaints onto his shoulder- Hey! Wake up; you have not much time before you all will die!
Allah, HE does not need you!
You need Allah- wake up little children of mine. Those in West and US are so evil that you are all obliged to do something- was this your say? Should Allah answer as such, or not?
No living soul on this earth would survive 1,5 billion believers following the call!
You in the West could never kill as fast that you could have 1,5 billion to hinder to follow this ultimate call for REVENGE!
Allah stands in front of trial and this would alone lead that billions would stand up- and kill all Westerners. If they stand up and fight when the messengers is insulted- HOW would they react understanding that the West has put Allah on the block!

Lately had I let the Vatican to defend themselves as they can be a messenger themselves- never before in recorded history was the reaction in Italy as swift!

You know and I know this to be a fact. In an instant can anything change- but do you want to understand this to be as such?
Maybe you and those who contribute with what you had written can- this yes but does this account for those others who do not know off what grave importance onto which I am here referring onto!

Here stands I:
I am, this am I- referring as my name!

How can this world understand anything when they even do not know how short tempered this I am is!

I will now conclude these lines with a say coming from my heart:
“I am lonely, I have been betrayed, I have been lied at, spied at, cheated at, scoffed at, spitted at, and no one to trust- this was a long journey for the Messenger in the time of end! In a sense am I a bridge between MY FATHER and you his little children.”

Point one of accusation:
The Almighty Father told this to have been a crucial mistake to have humanity free will! You tell me this to be a mistake?
The Catholic Church said for some years ago that the free will is a sign of God’s love and caring for his folks!
I am confused- at the least to say!
If there is no free will out there- then understand is no need for Creation. Here lies a logical or legal dispute?
At one:
FREE WILL is here in this world an entity of decision derailing system i.e. highly professional entropy of Evilness derivative command system!
Phuuh, what on earth does God mean by those words?
Take or leave it, in your terms.
If your primarily expressed will is to say “harm” then is all set to harm!
If your primary goal was to say help a needy child then walk to this child and help it- why wait till God comes to save it or you.
Do not shrug the importance of these simple words. As simple as they are, no one goes and helps needy children. If they would all go and help needy children- Wow, at once would all evilness stop and no one would hurt (at purpose) a needy child.
This is commonly called civil courage!

At two- i.e. legal dispute:
Here on earth are laws set into motion- they are called the Ten Commandments as all are called to abide onto!
From these Ten Commandments as said “!these are the Words of I am!”- derives all legal laws based on ten moral indisputable commandments. I must say as standing as God on trial has me to think are you gaga! You or better said- please take this as no offence, you personally have surely that insight but here stands God at trial!:
These laws onto you refer are ethical not juridical and onto these am I not to put on trial. You humans are though- after all have you broken MY Ten Commandments. Have you not (I know that you have) read what hefty response God gives if his Commandments are broken.
Look around and you see hell! That is why hell is there and that is why God tells:
Clean your acts or I will!
I have taken my time to tell that I watch everything committed but in a sense is my natural body not big enough to slap everyone, who harms needy or greedy ones!
If you not love thy neighbour how can God love you!
You are humans blinded by things before your eyes that you cannot see God. But He of course sees you- sorry to stress these words. I know perfectly well that you want to read about worldly things. I will come onto this subject as soon you ask me why not love me?
“If this were the case, it would be illogical to “love” this entity. Anything but love.” Those were your words in (1)

In your and this said as simply as I can (sorry once again, I do not want to offend but here are really important things told off and this is why I seem to be as bitchy as you maybe think me to be)- with these words have you derived a decision that God cannot love.
I work on the basis only to be what you wish me to be or better said on the basis that you say or here write to me how to be!

In a sense are you God amassing his powers through your telling how he is!

Here we are to tell and to dispute about
“These arguments of the existence of these super powers break down logically very quickly. See, so I cannot even go beyond the general broad strokes to address these powers and the human side where through witchcraft certain super powers are gained and used to commit things like 911, Iraq, Afghanistan, WWII, etc.”

Onto your logic- presumably though (please, no offence- I know who you are but this has to be a trial and so on) is to say that God cannot exist as this stands on the contrary of logic that humans have.
My last trial was 15.08.33 CE and it was a beautiful sunny day- this can I tell. This day were I am is a foggy and very dissatisfied day. The autumn has befallen my mood, I look out of my window hoping to find a solution that in reality has no solution, and this is why I have chosen to stick at the truth. This truth is the truth that you and no one ever had heard:
Years have passed with no one telling the truth- I am here and I am Jesus Christ!
If you want this to understand then are you as well Jesus Christ but you cannot be God- this you cannot be!
As God do I know all there by the realms of my LOGIC and I know every one of my magicians, witches, evil doers, of every one do I know off! Does this explain anything for you- NO! But you could have faith- this even can I take away from you!
I can take away anything that you cherish, I could show you how I truly perceive you- Believe me no human can stand how GOD perceives a human!
I could choose to alter your appearance to show how I perceive you at times!
Nothing could save you from my Wrath! Nothing could save anyone from Wrath coming out of LOGOS!
I could think one or two thoughts, you, your family, and all of your former friends and foes would all never have been around!
I could have this world to sink into blood as high as Troposphere and even higher!
I could turn this world around and throw you all into the emptiness of this empty Universe- I could even take you to dive into the core of this reality right into the core of this world to be burnt by millions of degrees of melting stone and diamonds!
I could even choose to leave you behind and see you understand as your seconds dwindles into an eternity to then be seen by you- but it would be to late for you to ask me for forgiveness! I have chosen to forgive you though- Why cannot you forgive me?

Point two of accusation:
This is a senseless but I want to tell that what you can see is what you are meant to see. If you see of what you tell that you see- why do you not go there and stop it to be?
See, this is a logical dispute- even if some cannot understand due to the fact that they are blinded not to understand this to be as such. If everything were as such as you told how on earth could you not go there to hinder bullets to fly around?
What hinders from having those perpetrators not to be put on trial. Free will is there do you tell- if this is to be true then for God’s sake go there and stop them! Take your time, go into the politics have the politicians to change what they give orders to be handled as such.
No offence, I know that you do but here are more in these words as seen at hindsight!
Have you and this is only for a starter counted how many bullets are shot to kill just a person.
I want here to stop to tell that in Lebanon in this late war was everything put at hold. IHVE had decided to intervene on the behalf of the fleeing Israelites being this time though the Lebanese themselves.
On TV was told Israel had bombed 40- and thousands to death and then was it only 40 or fifty that actually had died. You have to understand that this is only said due to the fact that you as well must understand that for God is everything possible IF ALLOWED by the help of his people!
The Special Forces were forced into South Lebanon and all was full of hatred but those young soldiers not- they were all genially or generally afraid! They felt no hatred; they were all on orders by leaders that were themselves afraid what IHVE would say- if IHVE would speak out!
Then were these young soldiers caught up in unfriendly fires deriving from their own commanders, who were mislead to interpret where the enemies where!
They saw ghosts as they reported to their superiors and their superiors reported back to their handlers- God are out there, let us end this enterprise!
Politicians called them whacky and had them immediately removed from their posts- two or three were even shot reciting IHVE’s will to stop this war and bring them back their men! Those superiors were shot with their faces brought down onto the ground and their heads severely beaten up had those murders a laugh as they shot them into their guts and then at last into their mouths! The name of God is not for them to spell out were they told.
Rage did then mount and it started to wrap up- there in the field did several times five or seven special and highly trained soldiers shot at only two men standing there at about fifty yards with a Kalashnikov in their clumsy hands. Those soldiers trained to hit anything at 300 yards range with preferably a single kill shot- shoot and shot what they had for some fifteen minutes, even grenades, mortal shells, and fired even with fire what they had. Nevertheless, did these two men- they operated on the basis of two and two- stand there upright and then did they aim at those young soldiers and shot them one by one! Shot them with two sometimes jammed Kalashnikovs but this had others to flee. They hid themselves behind cars- those bullets went through these cars as if there were no cars there. They hid themselves in houses with concrete walls as thick as my arm but the bullets went through those walls killing these men!
Just read what survivors tried to tell their superiors before an unseen hand hitting them into their faces finished off them! Two men went and went everywhere and Israel stopped to send in men power.
They sent in machines- those were destroyed by grenades. Those machines had been designed to withstand three atom driven DU-Grenades hitting at the same place- this was impossible that this could be had the technicians told their superiors, yet were those machines destroyed by single misplaced non-exploding grenades! I said non-exploding grenades and I mean as such!
Under hefty fire did about thousand Israel soldiers die to have these machines back into and from enemy lands but the superiors fell onto their knees- their machines were destroyed and no one was left in these machines. Not even a bodily resemblance was left over in some of these machines!
US was called in- deliver more of these weapons. More of sophisticated weaponry had to be sent- our common enemy is God! Or could it be that our enemy has better weaponry as we have?
Impossible did all technicians tell- politicians in Israel were on the edge to kill themselves, as days seemed to doom their country!
They had their toys sticks pointing their missiles onto concrete building- not very well built there in South Lebanon. However, those buildings had been built with the notion coming from God’s own fighters that these should secure children, elders, and women there! In Command posts in North Israel were they cheering their hits- fire balls as high as ten store buildings came out of two or three story building built by freedom fighters of God’s will! They knew there in Israel that there were there in these building innocent fighters of God or Allah in disguise of children, elders, and weeping women and they had their fun as they saw the fireballs!
But what on earth- what on earth was this. No harm had been done onto these buildings and they those poor children ran then around crying for their mammies had those evil men down South not hit the building or not?
Secret (I say really high level Top Secret) technology deriving from ET’s was set into motion- what these murders in Israel had built was set into motion. The tests had shown that everything at about 140 feet’s below the ground would be ploughed around; leaving nothing alive was their knowledge. However, nothing at all happened- this had to be!
Allah or al Mahdi following the advice of Allah stepped back to let things to happen- this was to be, did Allah say!
This is why they in Israel had all their weaponry thrown into Lebanon- they did even secretly shot at their own people. Into their cities in Northern Israel did propelled rockets hit people- as we all know was it Arabs who took the hits. Some rockets where as always mislead to hit their own people and there in Lebanon where soldiers sitting waiting that Allah would step forth!

If you do not believe me, is this up to you. All is perception as I had been telling by Idiosyncrasy.

I am now really angered this I can tell.

The DU pollution as such that had this been a reality that someone had not cleaned up as such it had been would all humans- I say all humans already died!
I am so angry, I cannot control my anger. I am hitting my laptop with my fingers and it hurts me to tell you that you maybe do not believe this to be as true as I tell you to be!

In USA is someone at present writing articles regarding the physical resemblance of the so-called Watchers, who control the realms of quantum physics. This physics is my realm!

All small particles being of your reality consists off family groups out the family groups of The Almighty Father that is in us- due to HIS WILL alone.
If HE says back off, do not use ME to save them there on earth- THEN DO I BACK OFF!
I ask HIM to understand why I want to save you and those all around. Even if you mocked or want to mock me- even if you believe not a word of my saying am I obliged to what I am.
HE laughs, saying me- my son I said as such, they do not deserve you my son!
I sit here with nothing in my hands and my left palm hurting though and I try to stick onto a story that you maybe do not believe to be as such. Once again, I could not condemn you for saying as such as you too is FROM MY FATHER!

I cannot condemn anyone as to the fact that all is in MY FATHER’S PALM.
I will pay the price as I always have done!

If an American soldiers makes photos from child molesting and dismembering has MY FATHER HIS FAMILY STRUCTURES TO FORM THAT PHYSICAL REALITY THAT his evil man or woman to do as such.
Who am I to condemn MY FATHER to have you to allow you to act as such.
After all is HE allowing you to be as such!

All you have or consist off is of HIM!
This means that you are a part of HIM as I am!

Point three of accusation:

Comment by Comment on Comment

Point three of accusation:

I will here change my tone to adjust onto real matters that can be discussed on the level of “human” containments!
Man, women and children are in a sense a humanity that lives on a planet full of real-time actions.
Onto these do you refer when commenting that these crimes are to end.
Sadly enough is a perception an interpretation having humans to see what we can see and not to understand what is left out to hear and see things come into be!
I know that you cannot be content with these lines but if a president in US cannot see what others see, does this for him though not exist in his own set of mind!
With this do I not want to offend this man, as I happen to understand him!
Nevertheless, are there millions who are rightly upset with his decisions- Maybe even billions to tell the truth.
But this have I to stress, there are some hidden facts that has probably slipped the radar of the knowledge of these.
I know perfectly well that you know this to be but this is not the time to exchange gracefulness!
I have set out to tell the truth as such not perceived through a non-informed public and now do you have me to turn onto the matters of humanity as if there were nothing above or under their heads and hearts!

Your strait forward question if I were such a warlock, who could end this your as rightly perceived hell on earth.

Yes, I could and I will- be assured! Be assured I will!

Forces that have other to be reassured that I am thinking things over and over oblige me. I am reassuring them that I do not think lightly when I once will act, will I surely act in a swift way!
How this, could you rightly tell me- screaming this as a truth into my face. My brother long ago had ears but they screamed so loud into his face that he briefly lost his hearing capacity!
This man commonly called Jesus was caught up there in Judea in a war between two factions of Nabathean and Sadducees in controlling his abilities to be the warlock that you referred onto had though his agenda!
Onto this agenda am I as well bound!
We to say the truth we are seven of a kind to be in a period of 22,5 billion of years. All of us had to be a progression of truth or a progression of knowledge. Onto this knowledge can I tell that I am trying to share with you- not in that way that I had to receive this knowledge though!
This is why I did start to give away my knowledge and even the knowledge to commit or omit magical traits as told off!
Through billions of years has this knowledge led at one:
That all could participate in controlling at certain extent the powers of God and to hold those in their hands.
Said in other terms to be then a part of a program having access to source codes in “GOD”
At two:
Were the knowledge caretakers capable of messing with this open source code into an extent that had nearly the whole program that you call your reality to actually to derail.
Onto that do I want to rest, as I understand that you are surely upset with the notion that someone is allowing evil to be.
Evil was and is not the intention, why this program is out here in the opening.
Evil is a program element to hide a truth that to grasp needs some consideration how humans ought to be, but in this reality are not as such!
To shorten these discussions could I just tell what MY FATHER told me be HIS truth:
“Son, you are on the other side of me. I am the pure Goodness, as to this do you have to be the opposite. BE Son”, was his words.
This is at the least not fair but those were HIS words!
Let us rest here, there to rest in these outrageous words!
Did HE say that HE wanted to us HIS Son to be outside of the FATHER?
HE said “you are on the other side of ME”- here lies a logical dispute and of course a solution that you would surely want to understand.
Simply come back to the FATHER and you would be HIS Son there as good as HE is, this lies in these words.
As I had figured this out had I only to switch off the light bulb of your reality to come back to HIM!
Such an easy thing could anyone do- and here I am standing here or by the way sitting to tell you what this has to mean for you!
Just remember and if you so wish turn the bulb of your table lamp. What you see is before it actually had turned out of light is something gleaming angrily- this is a shift in light frequency to explain physics of this reality!
This is what you see- please understand one breath of GOD is one whole humanity. Onto this, understand that you are this humanity of Homo sapiens- a new humanity was born 12 years ago. Creation has been restarted without your knowledge this to be a fact!
This highly disputable analogy of a notion of God turning off a light bulb has it in a nutshell!
You are so evil before your light really goes out of order!

I have only to sit and wait for you to die?

Is this what you want me to do for you?
If you simply wish evilness to vanish- this is in reality of God as simply as this!

If you only would understand what has me to be rushed into angers- MY FATHER has me into angers. I am not here- you can see me though through this motion eye in my Sony Vaio VGN-AR11S, which portrays a man, who believes he to be “God”. That do you surely believe- is he crazy or what? Is this what you think?
Just for the sake of reasoning, would a whacko keep on insinuating to be guilty?
Do you call me guilty or have you made up your mind- this do I ask myself in you!

MY FATHER tells me not to be ashamed to be HIS son!
But I am ashamed off what I am guilty off- although I only do what I am said to do as such!
I see at these little sons out therein this reality trying to be good men, women, and children but God does he want them to be evil?
Why on earth do you believe this to be truth? Just through deduction of facts do you say- do we or I know this to be a fact.
How and who told you this to be true?
I must repeat and this do I repeat “You are idiots”- your idiosyncrasy program of assessing two different sets of information works as such to perceive as such. It is as simple as such!

Your assessment and processing information have you to see only what there is to see for you- so that you would not burn out or overheated, your mind would be!
If your brain would – without God to say- contain one cubic metre or length equal to 39.37 inches alone to access how to stand upright and walk two or three steps!
Let alone to drive a car would take with these processing units that you call brain 12 cubic metres- to stay alive during 12 hours of a day would this brain off be off 0,5 cubic mile:
Your design is “tahoud” is I told you to be as such. Fit extensions are one interpretation but this was not what I meant long ago!
You are a temple of GOD! In a sense are you toddlers- please, no offence but you toddlers, trying your first steps, then ready to fall if not God would step in to hold your tumbling hands would you immediately fall down and hurt yourself dearly!
Why should you want to see HIS hand do you think?
Would a FATHER step forth and tell his children that they are nothing in HIS sight- this would you perceive as such would HE step forward!
I must say that you are sometimes ungrateful- me I am sometimes really angry with HIM but HE can harm me with all that there is to give. I know this to be true- I am used to be hit at by HIM and I know what HE can do!
You cannot as this tells why I at some times tend to be “harsh in my words”- small children, as you know; they do tend to tell what their parents say onto them! Moreover, I am really a small son!

This was a lengthy introduction for point four of accusation:
Dear Putin, no offences but you are in the core so right that I bow my head and beg on behalf of my FATHER for forgiveness!
These your lines have me to rewrite or paraphrase what I had wanted to say.
Where to start- here where one says what I once had been crying out my eyes, as I understood the implications what had to be done!
Let me presume that you are Putin and let me presume Russia is neither on the culprit nor the issue who is to blame why WWI.
Let me presume that you had been studying German literature, East-German and by the way Austrian mentality, very alike as to say. Let me paraphrase only for the sake to have a common insight as to be that is as such as I have stated.
Let me rest in these thoughts and let take a look onto America, which as a great country had bought them freedom to kill at sight whatever they like or dislike! A country that had bought itself youth, science, and knowledge from abroad for over one hundred years to foster for its children richness beyond any capacity ever to have been. Had lead countless off millions (I know the number, but for the sake of simplicity is there no number attached there) into misery and death all around on the world. Why this- although there are so many churches and denominations to count would have computers to spin endlessly? How can there be so many calling themselves Christians yet do they applaud millions of children dying in the streets in foreign countries that would not even care to know which name these have! Yet do they cry for more detainee camps outside and inside USA to crush those, unfortunate enough to be there, their guts and balls- as someone had wanted to write down earlier though!
How this land over hundred of years had drained Europe and Russia and all so many countries from their brightest and so by doing this robbing these countries from having a bright future?
Let me turn my attention- right for the sake to have my point spelled out. In England young boys and girls filming each other killing innocent bystanders. In a country were not so seldom young men and women (being twelve or thirteen themselves) take out of malls little and very trusting little boys and girls to kill them. Just to hear and see how death comes into those little bodies- you know surely onto what I refer here.
I know though for a fact that the gardener Tony with his maiden Cherrie tries to stamp this out with force- and now will I arrive at the point:
You cannot stamp out evilness with force. This thing of a self-reliant insufficient program acts jealously when someone tries to stamp it out with force.
Let me put it once more:
Americas has been playing the police of the world to wipe out evilness somewhere else!
This gardener- please no offence Tony, I know that you did this not on purpose but the effects are the same.
Everywhere is now the Coalition forces on the run- but no one says this to be!
Nowhere can these forces rely to be saved as a whole world is on the brink to explode due to angers that have mounted as deep as a well can be- out from there does a small shepherd boy scream:
Help me out!
Someone had “me” into there as Vatican went to have sin paid off for money there 1200 AD.
In USA do all (some?) go to Sunday church or Saturday school to learn there that sin can be paid off.
Let me see- Amen, Amen, our Lord gives us his love….the collector is this phone number. Be aware if you not repent then will God “not” rapture yee.
Amen, Amen, Hallelujah were are saved! Down payments are done; deduction or other phoney bills reduce the price when you are saved!
No wonder that these denominations call for nukes, to torture innocent- preferable little children would be fine. As this would surely teach those sinners there in somewhere, far away country that God is good. Maybe would they eat the bibles that we send them? Food, this do they not deserve. Here in the land of free do we eat and to be fat is this “evil” or not? Funny, nothing makes us to stop to feed and steal from others. In the land of free are we on our own. Here can idiots get so rich that they even cannot be satisfied having 30 billion dollars!
Insane richness and people that are even more insane watch them on TV applauding there in their empty living rooms these monsters.

I watched lately on TV about Lets, who told that the occupation of their land of Russia had been of good. Of course were those telling that new times were of good. Maybe but they were lonely this could even I see!
They talked off there in old times were one caring for the other but now are times turning and things were getting colder.
Do you get the point!
In your logic and this is not meant to offend- not at any means to offend but is oppression evil or not?
When God oppresses you than are you free to choose to take care off needy ones. In your logic or better said in Western logic is this evil and see in the LOGIC in my realm I cannot press my point other to scream into your ears. Freedom is evil!
The oppression by people over people that is evil!

Do you get the point!
In USA, Americas and now in England is “Freedom” of Gods oppression but not the oppression that people do over people.
In Russia and some other countries do God yet oppress you by having USA to oppress you had you an inner freedom that these in USA since over one hundred years never had!

They are utterly dissatisfied in the Western countries as they call themselves the land of democracy!
In Theocracies are some really silly things (as for an example cutting young women’s faces, when they had forgotten to put on their chador) going on but there is wisdom in having God to lead you! People should not oppress people as “such”, as this will surely lead that God stops to oppress you! And then will out from these countries forces be leashed out to play the role of police to oppress others as well! And so on- this vicious circle goes around and goes around. Engulfing through thousand of years one society after the other to have a tit for tat in having each other in misery.
As I had been trying to tell- it is only idiosyncrasy that leads you into disarray in understanding what I have to try to tell you!

Let me stand back and tell you that you are right in your assumptions but this had I to leave behind to tell that evilness is an Entropy that people do onto each other, not knowing why on earth have I to do as such. Why on earth do these people that I had liberated from religious oppression hate me as such? This do these young murderers in Iraq tell themselves. “If they hate me then will I not stop to kill them”! “Torture, mutilate, strangle babies and all of these things will I do when I come back in my homeland. My superiors had sent me into this quagmire and they have to pay there at home!”

Let us say you were actually Putin- just for the sake of arguing my point here:
I know that you are rightly proud what you had achieved during the reign that you had there in Russia. I know that you disliked Gorbatschow but he had some points as he nearly engulfed a nuclear war in the midst of Moscow to fend off a well-fed Jew not to take over for Greater Eszrael Russia. Some of his seniors told this to be case but and there you hate him!
He did not take a stand leaving Russia in shambles as you had told me!
He did not, “I” told him to back off- someone else would finish off this job!
Forgive him, he is not that idiot and wimpy person that you thought him to be- sorry to tell of old days as I see them.
I did just want to tell something that you did not know off as on other points are you right onto the needle, could one say without being ashamed not to have grasped what you are saying!
Here in the West is this as you told off not as known as you have told.

One more thing in my youth did I visit for days and months bibliotheca to learn and understand rise and fall of Roman Republic, rise and fall of Russia during the period of one hundred years, rise and fall of Napoleon, rise and fall of Hitler, rise and fall Western Ideology!
I was surely a scaring youngster reading a book of hundreds pages in one or two hours knowing what went on in these books. Then to stand up to go to a shelf taking that book with one swift grasp having the right expression contemplating for days and moths just over one or two sentences. Coming back reading with a swift touch and then to seek another sentence to contemplate about this in an inner discussion for days. I had no friends just me and MYSELF!

I lived there in these times- I went around talking with these figures and I did not feel any remorse when I killed them in my thoughts.
I was a young man and I was used to this- I never asked if others did the same. I just assumed this to be true.
You ask me if I am human- I thought this to have been. I never realised that I had countries and political systems to fall!
I did never realise that as I talked with Lenin, Napoleon, Hitler, Caesar, and others- by the way even with Stalin did I talk. I was angry with him and I had then no idea why!
After all were these discussions with these figures merely my imagination as I thought it to be!
I took those sentences to philosophers debating with them what they had meant and told what I mean.
For me was this a trip into science fiction and fantasy- for them was though “God” talking with them! I was so eager to be human- I had not understood what I had done!
I was dangerous- I did not understand why this to be.
I am not dangerous anymore as I talk with my fantasies once again- or am I dangerous?

Let me state here one thing before I turn my attention to Bush! If this is a mere fantasy then who are you in me?
See fantasies does the world go around but is there love out there- are real people out there?
For those who believe in themselves that they exist- yes!
However, there does only need two to think things to be!
God and his FATHER and this are as easy as it always has been.
To end these maybe useless thoughts- there is only ONE there and HE can think us to be here. If HE chooses us to be here- then will you and I be here.
If he chooses you not to be here then will you surely not be here but your memories would be a part of HIS REALITY and this accounts for what happens all around the world.
One cannot think outside of HIM and all what HE thinks in us to be is for us to be!
If he thinks that anything could happen that defies universal laws, then think twice HE thinks these laws to be as well!
I cannot state it more clearly- it is HE who has us to be!

This leads to accusation number five:
Dear Bush,

Comment by Comment on Comment

Well, there we are…. I suspected you’d reveal who you are though
I never asked, nor do I particularly care. I’m neither fazed nor
am I impressed, by the way. The question pretty much still stands.

Why the hell — if there are super powers, be it alien — are the
purveyors of these incredible crimes allowed to continue to rape
the earth?

What we have is a group, a faction of humans, who led by Bush I
announced to someone, some other faction, that their agenda, the
NWO, as Bush I called it, is on and will succeed. Today, 15 yrs
later we know that NWO is about total subjugation of the world.
The result of this agenda as officially launched by Bush I on
Sep 11, 1991 (FACT: youtube, Bush, new world order speech) has
been the brutal demise of a nation, 700 thousand innocent people
including children. These people who have infiltrated governments
around the world and kidnapped the entire West today, have
brought back mind-bending horrors like torture and have made
them legal. Fact! US extended torture to children. US citizens
are now subject to military court. Fact! See detainee bill passed
by Democrats, the very people who the US citizens are now
ill-believing will somehow save them. There are concentration
camps in the US today. US govt has appropriated half a billion
to increase their capacity in just 2007 budget. Fact! Google it.
Keywords: Chertoff, 2007, detainment.

Now, it makes zero difference who you are. If you’re taking
credit for this however, for unleashing this swill of humanity,
or for creating it, or for allowing it to go on, you’re an
accomplice in all these crimes. You’re a criminal as well.

But that’s off the mark and of no importance to me. And like
I said a bit too far fetched to be taken seriously. But I’ll
refrain from advising you to seek professional help ’cause
I don’t care who you are or think to be.

Also, I never insulted you and have expressed the intent not
to clear every so often in my posts. Your saying you’re
insulted is baseless and I accept it as provocation. I have
interest to mince words on the subject of who you are or
how you feel insulted. All I care about is what the fuck
is going on and how the hell do we stop it. The rest is just
claptrap. Even if you were the ultimate creator itself, it’s
all just claptrap. There’re kids watching their parents
murdered by US troops today. There’re kids getting killed
right now. Your identity, explanations — as bizarre as
may be — make no difference to them. So I’d like to talk
about what we know to be truth and speculate what can be
done to stop this madness that’s leading to WWIII. Any
posts from you that aren’t on this very topic is pointless
to me and I’ll just skip it in your posts from here on.

Unfortunately, your post is devoid of any relevance to
the topics I raised. It circles around god, a subject
that is of utmost irrelevance to me. So I have no more to
ask or answer.

Anyone else out there? Who was Bush I speaking to when
he announced this new world order menace in 1991??????

Who is this other faction that has proven to resist
the NWO threat thus far?

Comment by commentary

This was what I understood as well- I tend to take the position of Advocates diaboli (i.e. the devil’s advocate).
This, please understand- I was in my terms telling a sort of a reverse discussion aiming for you or anyone to understand how I understand things to be as such.
I know to your belief was something else, but in the course of an academic discussion did I take the role of God or Messiah, or even al Mahdi to court. For this discussion did I blend myself out- not paraphrasing that I am not these figures!
I thought myself to be an academic playground of definitions that I myself have been thinking to be true.
There was of course but see me as such- not meant to offend you or some eventual readers of these lines of mine.
In the end of mine excursions was the urgent need to summarize events that had befallen the world in this ascendancy of a WWW III agenda.

You are right at hindsight:
I had lost my first amendment to tell why and who is in this reality is to my knowledge behind what happens. To this is of course politicians, mighty corporations, women, men dedicated to secure the wealth of this society but some tend to loosen their intention to serve humanity. I had been thinking it through for so long that I tried to form the role of an Advocatus mundi or Advocates diaboli in this forum.
Sorry to have offended you- sorry to have lost my footsteps in things not burning in my heart as you wanted really in yourself to understand- onto which is truly burning in your hearts.
Let us be friends and excuse my behaviour pattern- loosing myself in academic and fruitless discussions without turning the attention to the basis of knowledge what happens in this and our universe.

Comment by Comment on Comment

You have read enough about sophisticated lies and onto these do I now want to address!

In these days already gone as described in Word War III: are in detail what you want to know.

In the story of CHIMERA is in other words, what now is told off in the ascendancy of the beginning of a World War III long ago:

In the Weblog from Alvin Miller:

Is the best description, what could happen if no one understands that things do occur, when humans do not see the repeating of the same actions as they always befalls societies when no heart of love are in them!

You wished to understand why and when murder, torture, and dismembering of innocent children and so on comes into fruition finally will end.
Onto this is only to tell that this world has no love to recall!
This has been earlier- in the myths of old civilisations, or of ancient indigenous people are some actions that led into these dire times told off. The true content how things came then and now into be was a description not to tell off so that coming generations would not take the same dire direction- out of sheer curiosity!

There are always artifacts left behind that tells of civilisations that had our insight but failed not to repeat the same mistakes.

Heaps of stones are those remaining of those as described in:
I know them to be in the least questionable but all has already been and all seams to be once again.

None answers your question, why have innocent to die in various places- this I know.
Nevertheless, is here the question why has it not to end?

It will surely end, when this civilisation ends. Do you want this civilisation to end?
As I have understood, did our predecessors want this to be!
This led into their annihilation- leaving behind survivors asking themselves how to have the next in the row of axing off their heads not to have to do the same.
This is only logical, as you have told humanity has been around as long as you had told that being your own predecessor you would want that your children shall come out to have a better start and life expectancy as themselves of old had.

To ask the question, who is to blame is the roadmap to have the same mistake done- this then will lead this or other civilisations into its end.
NOT YOU WISH THIS TO BE- it comes or derives out off the wish to stop evil from being around.
All who are guilty are as such guilty- no one is without guilt. You maybe tell yourself not to be guilty but the call to have this to end- ends with the annihilation of this and our own civilisation.
It is man made- it is only in a dreadful reality of our all reality to be only logical to want these atrocities to end (I would want this to end as well). The price would though be the same- the end of civilisation. This would be the end!
When no one lives or there are, only minor tribes roaming the savannas then will human truly live without fear for each other.

Only an understanding figure called God can have humans to think otherwise- not to slaughter each other as they truly do.
All experiments that have humans into its centre core had them to fail- all experiments that God alone in its centre has always failed.

A new society could be but when?

Comment by Comment on Comment

yeah I don’t know. Seems like no one else reads these here parts anyway. Not
even Sorcha Fall. Just me, my questions, and Jesus, the magician of the
magicians. 🙂

Personally, I don’t give a damn for fights, personal crap and all that.

I really want to know: Who is on the opposing side of the NWO folks.

Obviously, the NWO is not succeeding. In fact, their arrogance and bullheaded
approach to stick to the mad agenda, they’ve brought not just the US but
the entire West on its knees. Amazing failure. Bush II has brought them
amazing failure. Probably beyond their wildest nightmares. And it seems
that they never even considered the down side. Amazing arrogance and
amazing stupidity seems to lead this faction.

In 2000, Bush/Blair ink out a conquest of the world centred on retaking of
Central Asia (Caspian oil and Persian Gulf oil) control with which to curb
China’s ambitions. The entire West (US/EU) plonks down trillions to
finance these crazies and their Hitler ambitions. And here we are. 6
years of hell later, the US goes from the most liked nation to the most
hated. The US falls from the most admired markets to the 30+th in terms
of freedoms and opportunities. The US goes from having a monopoly on
oil and thus the dollar to having been challeneged by TWO new oil
exchanges rippling a wave of dollar dumping around the world. In 6
years, the US has not spent a dime on itself making its own economy
a dying carcass while some 500-700B have evaporated in the Iraqi
assault. It’s far worse than this, of course. Some 60 thousand
soldiers have perished and the US machine has been challenged and
brought down by guerrila fighters, something that no one in the world
would bet on just a few years back. 6 years ago, any talk of US
collapse would seem like the most utopistic nonsense. Today, it’s
reality. Thanks to NWO, the entire world including the US know that
911 was their own stitch up and that the entire western media machine
is nothing but a bunch of filthy liars engaging in constant diseased

So unless the goal of the NWO was the destruction of the US and EU,
they have failed miserably and they have no way of even putting things
where they were before the maniacs embarked on the planetary assault.

Iraq will never belong to the US again. Getting hands on Iraqi oil
will be more problematic and costly now, especially if Iraq splits,
than with Hussein. Israel is a Middle East power that now stands
fully challenged. Russia has risen to the top of the heap in every
respect and every field driving the entire global agenda. The EU
has become a silly rectal abomination now forced to play a two-faced
politics as the US arse-slurping resulted in no real tangible results,
other than torture affairs and getting pushed into military debacles
they never wanted to be part of. The EU is finished in an economic
sense and it’s down to Moscow’s mood whether the EU will have gas
to heat their tea on or not.
The last EU stand-off in Finland where the 25 clowns prepared
arguments to press Putin into giving Russia’s might away to the EU
turned into an unprecedented farce for the union. The only one that
hit the nail on the head was Chirac with his threat to Russia that
if Russia yanks on the energy reings, the EU will plunge into

So the desperate US NWO neocons tried assaulting Russia through
Chechnia, then Ukraine a year ago, first stealing the election
like in the US, and then turning Ukrained against Russia.

A year later, without a single shot fired, Putin took over Ukraine
dismantling the crazed NWO missiles-against-Russia idea.
So the desperate pack of NWO wolves tried an attack on Russia
through Georgia, eager to play the western fool. It took 3 weeks
and Georgia has been brought to tears, now begging the EU, the
very same people that pushed the little nation into the mess
to begin with.

So now, the West has once again taken over Poland and Czecho
Republic, the eternal buffer states of the Anglo-Saxon policies.
They became their protectorate and now their toys becoming
nuclear bases of the US against Russia. And Russia has
responded with an “asymetric” response.

Iran’s oil, which the US wanted to buy and develop in 1998-99,
will never belong to the US at all anymore. Instead China’s
happily guzzling it giving it freedom from the US dictatce,
a scenario that was supposed NEVER have come to pass. But
alas, the US interest rate is now in Chinese US T-bills and
the trade dependence runs a trillion a year now and increasing.
China alone can dump its export just to burn US arse if it
needed. Russia alone could dump dolllar reserves just to burn
US arse devaluing the dollar and plunging the US into hyper

And what’s next? Instead of Washington realising the losses
and starting befriend someone quick, they continue their
assault of everything that’s human. That’s a noteworthy
arrogance here. The US has lost its freedoms and will
never again be synonymous for democracy, freedom of speech,
or anything that it was routinely identified with just 6
short years ago. On the contrary, despite what the US
populace wants and voted for, the war conflict is widening
and the US is looking at a draft, a WWIII, which the oceans
won’t protect the US from anymore. And oddly, it’s the
US people’s fault. THey’ve been let down by Democrats
on 911, on Iraq, on Afghanistan, on economy, and did
absolutely nothing safe for voting them back in. By
the time the US realises it’s been had, it’s gonna be
too late.

So the power, money, monopolies, everything in 6 years
during one single reign of the Bush II monarch have
all shifted to Moscow, Beinjing from the US and the
West. The West has a lot to thank Bush for. Maybe
perhaps that’s the reason the Bush family has bought
a getaway in Paraguay. Who knows what horrors they
have planned for the West.

If you think I’m wrong on something tell me. I think
it’s pretty much the case. Of course, reality’s gonna
be far worse. Just US steel, a wrecked industry,
jumped 11% up on a rumour that Russia could buy it out.
The US is on garage sale and the US stock exchange can’t
wait to start selling to solvent hands. That alone
should strike fear into every US dweller. Of course,
it doesn’t because their TV is lying like no other
machine has ever in the history of mankind, bringing
propaganda truly to new depths plus the US, in general,
is so ill-educated that they actually believe that a
Boeing could fold its wings and squeeze itself into a
10 foot hole. Had the US had any brain at all, 911
could have been solved by now and the world could have
been spared the atrocities and we wouldn’t be facing
the growing potencial of WWIII.

And so my question again is who is fighting these NWO
crazies led by Bush I and now lead by Bush II? Who
has ripped their plans to shreds and who has bled the
west to death? Who is the opposing faction that
Bush I was addressing in his NWO speech in 1991????

It seems that Moscow is the counterpower today and
the only reason why Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and other
nations are still intact but in 1991, Russia was
in shambles. Who’s defeating NWO?????? Why isn’t
anyone even on the fringe like Sorcha Faal, David
Icke or other such authorities asking this question.
Everyone talks about this Luciferian order but
clearly there exists some other power that has
not only managed to resist the NWO assault on the
planet but actually managed to turn the tables
and bring the west to its knees. Why is it
remaining to be nameless? Who are they? What
is it?

Anyone? Any ideas?

Comment by commentary

Hi, there Comment!

I know that I made some mistakes but I had my plans laid out as I was 13 years old. This was a starting point in my life.
If you call me Jesus the Magician of the magician of the magicians or not- I do not know if this would be off importance or not?
I made mine mind up- I sat there in a public garden and was asked by an inner voice if I would serve humanity or if I would be worst dictator onto this humanity had ever encountered.
Funny I was told that what I ever would imagine would be mine if I would take heed and walk with HIM?
I rejected and I said no!
Ever since had I had no really friends- what does this matter did I say onto myself. After all was I only a disgruntled youth- youngsters are at some times very discontent with their superiors. This went on and every one had been telling me then how dreadful the life of mine must had been. I nodded telling them to back off- there are things of more importance than to be content.
I had made my mind up and many were afraid- they were really afraid. In their faces could I see this to be true.
Why do I tell- I was absolutely sure that I was the culprit.
Later did it strike me:
To be the magician of magician to stop the Devil to take over the whole world has to be for me to study a trait so old that even the knowledge alone would have one into agony and death.
More of importance, you have to be absolutely assured that you have these powers- other way can you not to have them.
I trained myself in all sorts of traits- and all sorts of absurd rituals had me alone to turn myself into white and black knowledge.
After all had the Devil wanted me on his side- that had surely some significance did I tell myself!
Enough of this:

The Culprit was that all small devils were afraid of me!
This had I figured out- I knew that they were around. Funny how others cannot see them- this did me not strike to be odd!
I saw them in children, youngsters, and in old people. At their outer resemblance were they humans all right- and then did I watch TV, radio, watch people, and I watched saw them roam around.
I saw politicians talking but I saw devils in them telling things and I could actually hear them to tell the truth. I heard them in my mind and heart- what the heck did I tell myself.
Maybe am I crazy- no one did see, smell and hear what I heard. This was a living horror film going around me- as such did I see this world to be!
I must admit I taught myself to be sly and keep myself- after all, everyone especially those devils would love me to have me put into an asylum.
I took a decision- and this made something turn around. I taught myself the art to have devils to actually kill off other more evil doers being devils themselves as well!
This did I imagine in my mind alone and true and “funny” enough- did these fall dead by the hand of others and then was I really scared- to tell at the least scared. The Devil had tried to trick me to want to act as He does and so did I change tactics!

I would change them from within was my decision!
In politics and around did things occur that told me that this was working but I was not content with the pace. I knew that things would ramp up and I knew what would happen if no one would stand up!
Then did I change tactics once again- this time did I travel and I travelled all around the world. Actually, with my body as well but a man with lots of fantasy he can travel in his mind.
I needed actually to look people straight into their eyes- all were then afraid but I had issued a directive onto them to serve the CAUSE as I told this to be!
Lately, am I now capable of to look them into the eyes through TV and “other means”!
The cause of mine was to have them to fall prey for their own greed! The Cause for the others was to fight the NOW or NWO of the Devil!
If you would call me crazy or not- this do I accept, if you would believe as such. However, was I not very effective?
I recruited a whole army of believers as I saw them to be!
Oh boy, what went on the Church did I tell myself and this had me to start a crusade of thoughts and a bombardment. In my imagination had I them into a chastising orgy to harden their souls. After all, War was out there- the War between the Devil and me. Excuse me if I seem to be crazed with this obsession but the being around of that Enemy was not a fictional or academically fruitless discussion for me then at these times!
The Enemy of humankind was really having a ball; this was unacceptable!

The question was, who is hindering the ascendancy of NOW or NWO of the living Devil in humans.
Let me tell that they are greedy as hell! In German is this called the “Achillesferse” of the Dragon and now into media res! THEY themselves are ensnaring each other- driving themselves into agony.
Let me ask you, is this not more effective than to have those to finish off themselves?

Who is hindering the Ascendancy of NWO in my view in this world of reality is a group of Templar:
Those Templar are the core of a “dream” that I as a youngster had (and I am sure that they as well did the same!) as I was in a romantic mood reading Ivanhoe, The Knights of the Round Table, all sorts of sagas were the Good had saved the world from the invasion of aliens!
To rest here would not be fair!

A one-man crusade ended here!
I WAS A TEAM, did I tell myself!
I am a very romantic “devilish” Christ and so did I make a sacrifice!

Okay if I am Messiah or al Mahdi as my FATHER told me to be- after all had I been chastised through my life, will I follow onto what the FATHER tells me to do.
I will never take any action against the WILL OF THE FATHER!
Okay my Son did this FATHER tell:
Last test!
“Then will I fight with your cause as well- they cannot win”. The Devil cannot win if I the FATHER has humanity to act as One and Son tell the Church that you are the Devil, tell everyone that you are the devil and by the way tell everyone who you are!
I, your FATHER will tell your CHURCH that you are the Devil and they will try to kill you. If you do not survive this then will I, THE FATHER DESTROY THE WORLD (IF THEY SUCCEED THOUGH) and if you will survive, will I have all armies to march for your Cause!

Done deal!

Did I survive many attempts- Yes I did. Then again, this “is” only “an imaginary thing” and so are things befalling the whole world.

In this reality though had things turned really sour for the NWO-boys.

The only thing that for me was left out was my queen!
There was I being tricky!
I just asked if Russia would represent Virgin Maria as I call my queen to be on this reality. After all was the Fatima prophecy around that told this to be!
And Russia and by the way China as well had been chastised by the NWO-boys and this has many things to come together.
Were do these NOW (NWO)-boys live?
I went there- several times. I tried to enter NASDAQ, Wall Street and other money temples there. I was always rejected and I staged there at the spot some nasty but by them unseen rituals! After all do I call myself the Master of all Magicians! I even travelled by car to a remote place in the vicinity of New York where the centre of Brotherhood of Malkuth was situated and again did I mutter some nasty spells!
In London was I as well, muttering some really heavy and nasty spells. What these NOW-boys can do that and this can I do better!
By the way, in Paris, Munich, Rome, and so on was I muttering everywhere nasty and heavy spells to have them to loose their direction and will!

Behind me were my loyal troops then ready to take some real world actions!
There is an unseen war going on, there behind the curtain of “decency”, this can I tell!
Masterminded by the Templar and subordinates were secret services worldwide countering a Trotskyite revolution being around to have the world to accept the Greater-Eszrael being not as such as the big guys of NWO told their followers to be an actually country.
This was meant by them to be the KINGDOM OF HELL with the DEVIL as their supreme Commander!
I know an Enemy when I see one and so did these Templars follow my trait- this was an easy trick did I tell myself as such to be!
In the wake of my thoughts, were troops dispatched and secret actions commenced. Embassies in many countries were raided and papers were taken that lead those NOW-boys to loose their commanders!
Somehow had specialists in the affairs of secret services made their way to be Templar and their subordinates were well instructed- the NWO-boys had since about 1997 been on the run!
I must say that I at the least was delighted to read in the lines in World Press that my secrets were shared- the NOW-boys were on the run!
Some times though were losses in the line of “my” troops declared- after all had I meanwhile a place to read on a daily basis what does it mean things are there around!
I could even read that troops were begging for reassurances and so did I call for additional forces at my disposal. After all had my FATHER this to be rightly for me.
Funny sometimes did it strike me as if Sorcha Faal was asking me for help- but this did I shrug off as of a lunatics thoughts believing himself to be so important. After all did no one really know that I was not the Devil!
Her articles made me to grasp and to take additional precautions in the CAUSE.
In this real world did politicians loose their grasp how to keep on lying!
They even stood up to tell the truth as I saw this to be!
Their spin-doctors had a hell of life to have this to be undone!
I had my laughs but somehow did I feel pity for them- after all were some of them working for the Templar!

They were all afraid to be identified as Enemies of the Devil working as the devil lieutenants in his service!

As to the Commentary:
A man of the Holy Church and Sea of MOTHER as such to be surely in leading succession of Templar- and I am eager to talk with them and him eye to eye.
After all will things ramp up.
Maybe are the enemies reading these lines- surely they are!
Nevertheless, I would advice them these small devils to change their fellowship or otherwise will they in the ultimate end loose everything!
Only logic tells this to be true and onto this will I now tell:

1.) The 2000 Agenda of Bush-boys has on all fields failed. Why? That ink was not worth anything as it was bought and paid by blood! Had it been bought and paid by love had that Agenda never come into be but there had been instead an Agenda that would have bought humanity a fairer chance to survive the last Judgement fully in motion at present:
2.) The Westerners are loosening at all levels but they are gaining at the same time through coming chastising the love that had them in the first place to be around. As “being” the al Mahdi am I grateful for what my followers are doing at present. I know perfectly well that behind the Sharia is the Devil’s last stand in my people trying to distort the Living Word!
The Holy Word of Allah tells to love the enemy and to fight off the Devil being within every true believer of the Living Word. The Holy Strive is to wage within oneself and not to kill everyone or anyone- especially your trusted friend but this time is Allah calling his followers to step forward and to tell who the enemy is!

The Enemy will step forward and he will attack- self defence as given by GOD is a holy act of how to follow onto God!
I am not calling for mass murder- this does the enemy do onto all believers in faith!
I am calling the people into faith and self-reliance in God’s WILL!
All will be accordingly to the scripture- I have cut myself off the board of the script holders!

In these final hours of quickening will the Devil show off his face- at every level had I been around and in this reality have my, our, and your troops been around to dismantle the devil’s strongholds!

This is a War of all Wars- if it would not be so melodramatic could I say that GOD are at our, your, and mine side but on the other side is no one actually in charge.
Why this?
The Enemy had missed their leader- he, this leader was the Great Defector!


In our reality are those things all happening as the Commentary has told as such.
USA is crazed with fatness and inaptness to cope what will happen onto them. EU will fail- as even Virgin Maria told they will do. Once when this queen has her place at the side of the King of the Kings will the world see why the Enemy is so full of hatred!

A new CHURCH OR MOTHER will arise- a Caliphate never heard off will eventually rice, and a FATHER being the Kingdom of the world will take his seat!
His and hers children being of the MOTHER and the FATHER will form a society where righteousness will not be a word to scoff!

All what the Almighty Father has been promising will be but before this to be are things to be done- Let us be at His Almighty service and let us stand up and act!

Comment by Comment on Comment

This is a beautiful planet. Is it any wonder that it is coveted by many?

Comment by eric swan

1. ( ) Mercury, with no confirmed natural satellites
2. ( ) Venus, with no confirmed natural satellites
3. ( ) Earth, with one confirmed natural satellite, the Moon
4. ( ) Mars, with two confirmed natural satellites

just a comment on some elusive astronomy reports. without referencing the sourcebook project, my memory says…

7 known intermurcrial planets

venus and mars are moons of terra firma

the later is from the the aram school of math

and welcome to the new age, best, buzzy^

Comment by Buzz Kimball

in the end times the followers of the truth will be percecuted
and the wicked shall do an abomination that will engulf all of humanity but the lord will not let the earth pass and the wicked will heeve to and fro in their panic it will all be for not
what will be left after these times
songs of redemption
hosanahs and a time of heaven upon earth
praise the lord
may he have mercy on our souls

Comment by David

Could it be that someone is dying- could it be that the living Christ is in sorrows. Could it be that many have missed Christ setting his feet on earthly soil. No one there as he landed- no one even caring his teachings as he was there. Could it that the greatest secret was not disclosed- that he went to all religious leaders telling them who he was. Could it be that he went to some political leaders believing in himself to be Christ- would that be an explanation for their eradic behaviours and some answers for what is happening in earthly realms.
Just imagine Christ being around and not believing himself that he could be Christ. There is a saying that says that Christ can only be identified by the heavenly Father or by his followers.
What would happen if his followers would not follow him?
Probably what is happing at this very moment- that would happen if no one would come to Christ- just saying thank you!
Saying, earthly father we love you.
Even saying excuse us earthly Father- please christ turn not your face from us. We are lost without you- I BELIEVE THAT TO BE THE CASE!
Someone is dying- maybe does Christ not believe that his Father loves him.
That would surely explain why this world stands at presence of its final demise- even if things seems so okay. The last walse is set into motion- Christ is surely dancing without anyone at his side. Music is fading and at the very moment that Christ changes into Antichrist- then what? What have you done, my eartly children what have you done. This would he surely ask- if he had been here. How could he ask his Father to forgive his little children- after all had that heavenly Father sent his only begotten son into the living hells. That does not account that anyone could ask anyone- please forgive me, I have sinned.
Heavenly Father forgive me- I have sinned! I have sinned by helping these bastards with no heart in their chests- this I know now. That would Jesus Christ surely tell there on his cross. Someone must be guilty- this is hell! That is a fact- even Christ has to acknowledge this to be a fact!
A short story- that would explain the menaces that are around us. A WWIII and no one to survive these days- not even germs nor these bastards of HIV-Viruses.
What a finale would that be?
Anyone out there, what finale would this be?

Comment by John

In ten years time a great Meteor as large as Mount Everest will penetrate our Planet like a sperm entering a woman’s Ovum. After six weeks of the meteor entering our Planets center core magma, a comet will crash with our Planet. My book will be published very shortly, with all referrences and reasons.

Comment by George

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