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Russia Urges International Red Cross To Classify US Republican Party As ‘Nazism’
6,November, 2006, 10:51 pm
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Your comments on Sorcha Faal’s 6 November 2006 report Russia Urges International Red Cross To Classify US Republican Party As ‘Nazism’ are welcome.


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It says she used her service rifle most likely an M16 or M4. On Sept 21, I also put a firearm to my head, but I used my pistol, Beretta 92FS same as issued to our US military. For whatever reason it did not work, the gun would not fire. Actually, it all began on the Sept 16th, but my family is sufferring another tragedy now from another of the youngest of Seven. I hope she is well. Incidentally I found out later that Beretta means:

bi·ret·ta also be·ret·ta or ber·ret·ta (b-rt) Pronunciation Key
n. Ecclesiastica.
A stiff square cap with three or four ridges across the crown. Birettas are worn especially by Roman Catholic clergy and are black for priests, purple for bishops, and red for cardinals.

[Italian berretta, from Old Provençal berret, cap, from Late Latin birrus, hooded cloak, probably of Celtic origin.]

MSN Encarta just says Beretta means Christianity. Interesting name for a pistol. When I got out of the mental hospital my brother offered up his revolver 44 magnum and said “Perhaps you used the wrong gun” and dared me to try again. I declined.

Comment by Stephen

What i like about this, is that there is always contradictory signals everywhere: Russia condemns Republicans, USA seek Russia alliance, Israel supported by USA but in war against it because middle east issues related to the equilibrium with Russia. China the big trade USA partner , China the next big enemy.

Maybe ‘Star Wars’ is just a fancy fiction movie, but it has a a big true: often, people end becoming what they originally fight against. Thats my feeling about American government.

What an interesting laberynth. i do wonder if we really, really need all this complication.

Comment by Hideki

I’m reminded that the Nazis dabbled in the occult, trying to manipulate events based on their interpretations of various prophecies.

Today I read in numerous Associated Press news articles that the number of troops has been reduced from 160,000 to 144,000. Iraq being Babylon, I see this not as a simple coincidence.

Perhaps we’re on the verge of the sacrifice of 144,000.

Comment by Lily

I know that things seem not to add but they do- they do.

Stephen, Hideki, and Lily this adds as well.
I know that history lections are a pain in your guts. As scholars always say, when does our teacher stop squabbling around, to come to the core- and us into life we go.

There was once a great conspiracy concerning the Republicans of Rome. Cicero my predecessor had been at Sanhedrin to tell the lie there on the Wailing Wall that Pharisees were recapturing Rome- that important province of Juda. The Sadducees there in Jerusalem were bickering and bickering- actions had to be commenced. Money, large sums were dispatched and Caesar won the succession wars.
He was, or should I say Cicero the true Caesar was a tricky son of a man. Jesus Christ smiled as he left- these greedy priests would pay heavy to be hanged. Nazi were they in that sense as Republicans in US are now- this of course did Jesus Christ understand. A deal had been struck and the evil was behind the veil- the first crusader on the hunt to save the world from being engulfed by Gog. Magog had to come and a Nasty Republican came over Syria to conquer and to kill one third of Juda at 70 CE.
But this was for no one to know and Cicero smiled (was this a sardonic smile? – or not; this you decide) and he went back to Rome to offer Caesar a kingdom of wealth and prosperity to come.
The Republican versus Sadducees was if you would put two pit bulls to haunt each other through thousands of years.
Cicero asked for a post to be the librarian as he called himself. He was in charge to recharge Bona Dea, and to oust out Caesars second wife was Jesus Christ set out to be. The Dragons of old was set out to hunt down the Dragons of Old- or was it the other way round?

As church was founded to be the core of evil against all Dragons roaming around on the whole worlds. In the eyes of the Dragons was that Church of evil trying to hinder them from regaining powers over the souls of poor little humans.

That fight gained momentum as the Republicans of Rome in disguise came to powers everywhere and anywhere.
This fierce war left many dead and many martyrs there in the sands of destiny.
Let me see- who was the church fathers?
St Stephen was Caiphas i.e. Germanicus the Elder, Saul was his brother or Lucius Vitellius III i.e. Artebanus or St Brother of Jesus i.e. the shepherd of Juda.
St Peter was Artebanus son- his adversary St John the Baptist was Seneca the Elder i.e. Jesus Christ.
I could leave more data for you head- as someone I know tells to be.
But, the inner core of this history of tragedy and bravery was the fight to fend off the “Feind” or you foe in destiny i.e. your inner self from regaining its momentum.

There we are, I am allowing myself to regain momentum, once again.
Mmmh, I do tell too much but when asked politely, I do tend to tell.
Cicero told too much and he was killed in battles of regaining momentum in Rome.
Caesar was killed as he told who his real enemy was i.e. he told that Republicans or populus romanus was to be abolished. Emperor Augustus was told to adopt a little boy called Lucius Vitellius II and so comes things together.
And now have we arrived in dire times.
They call these times back there in the White House the end of time- I personally think that they are a bit hasty there.
But as times are in the end of time precious have they called for “armed to we get our mortal enemy”.
Sounds this familiar- Yes it does. “Blut und Boden”, “Jews are the enemies of the…”, “Christians and atheists they scoff our holy GOD”, “Jews are our mortal … “, “those indigenous there in Americas have to be taught…”, “to the fires of righteous for Pharisees”, “GOD tells us to kill”, and I could tell and tell!

To the question, does it come together that?
1.) What I like about this is that there are always contradictory signals everywhere: Russia condemns Republicans, USA seeks Russia alliance, Israel supported by USA but in war against it because Middle East issues related to the equilibrium with Russia. China the big trade USA partner, China the next big enemy.
Maybe ‘Star Wars’ is just a fancy fiction movie, but it has a big true: often, people end becoming what they originally fight against. That is my feeling about American government.
What an interesting labyrinth. I do wonder if we really, really need all this complication.
2.) I am reminded that the Nazis dabbled in the occult, trying to manipulate events based on their interpretations of various prophecies.
Today I read in numerous Associated Press news articles that the number of troops has been reduced from 160,000 to 144,000. Iraq being Babylon, I see this not as a simple coincidence.
Perhaps we are on the verge of the sacrifice of 144,000.
3.) MSN Encarta just says Beretta means Christianity. Interesting name for a pistol.
You wage war with the foe that is in reality your inner self. I know this is not clear enough.
Here Russia a bear, there USA an eagle, there China a reddish dragon, there Israel a sort of a dove and of course big money, really big money paid to “…” there in the House of Commons in US” to smoothen out problems.
A big mess but as Cicero did say it to be true- looking into wrestling hands, this church is my berretta and I am content with this little beacon that I am now glad to take off my head. Its itches, here in Jerusalem is to hot to hide yourself beneath a Whig and a beacon to hide ugliness.
There in his hands were some books that he had found at Alexandria and he had something to have Caiphas to be his friend.
Ugly or oddly enough did republicans everywhere and anywhere have this occult books in their hands and always were this little beacon out there- they call this Vatican (but this is a completely other story) to have them, these fascists or Nazi’s to loose control over the forces that summoned up gives powers to tell then why they failed. That’s all- you only need to fear fear. Faith has always prevailed- in the end. This was the little beacon of light that Jesus Christ has given humanity to survive dire days.
Oh, you never believed that Jesus Christ exists- think twice. He is the ultimate fear monger for all dragons around. Fear you see everywhere and anywhere- he must be around. He simply must be around- this would have all to come together. To add up what is happening to the world is to have faith in his arrival.
This ends a truly sad story- and for those who does not understand what I am saying. I do not understand them either.
As to my knowledge does he sit there behind a Wailing Wall pretending to be guilty.
He is maybe just peaking around the corner, to ponder why his children do not believe in him? I CANNOT SAY THIS TO BE TRUE- I AM MERELY SUMMARIZING MY DOUBTS WHY HE IS NOT HERE!
Ah, are you full of fear? Why take a dose of faith and the doctor will surely come to sing a lullaby for his needy little children to fall into the slumber of safety and love.

Comment by cicero the librarian

All of this has happened before, all of this will happen again.

Comment by Lily

Dear Lily- do not dispair. there is hope out there. It is a tricky one but there is a loophole in history. Would you want that someone specialised in deals with words and numbers shall think a away out? As there has not to be a complete failure in voting structure of House of Common. By the way Stephen has a way to cope with difficulties, this I understand from his comment. The sisters of his family do I hope are well as well.
Happy Halloween for you all. this enigma is, as i hope, easy to solve.
Times are dire but let us come together in faith and all will be in the end as desired to have been right from the start of Creation.

Comment by cicero the librarian

I agree, in a cycling universe, everything is a cycle inside a bigger cycle.
But remembering the topic about the meaning of ‘freedom’ , i would say that although we can not change the cycling nature of life, we can do affect the cycles themselfs. If ignorance means to repeat history, then knowledge open the posibilty of open new (maybe better) cycles.

In most mystical issues, i am impresed, 12^2=144 is a significant number, you can find it a lot here:
I suppouse history is not only cyclic but fractal. Maybe thats how we can read the signs of time and not only the signs of weather? should we look for the Beretta in the mirror?

And Ciceron, i do beleive in the Christ, but i do think we should not build around its figure itself, symbols can be stealed, and christiantiy was already stealed once by Constantino…
I do think Jesus Christ do exist, but i think that the important its not the name, but the fact that we could build a good world, an amazing world. Paradise, hell, heaven, good and evil means nothing when you realize the incognoscible and the unthinkable is all around us.

Syncerely, Hideki

Comment by Hideki

Amazing are these dire times- but I would not emphasise that we are on the slope of total annihilation as I have passed that conjugation.
I hope that you Hideki and your great sisters understand that I have conjugations to follow. I think that I have lost somewhere my time key and that I have to render time as non-eternal, in retro respect eternal though. I am at present entangled with the trait to accomplish a living saga- I am readily admitting this for a fact, I am stuck in the question does God love. Funny but onto those who do not scoff I am caught in a time fractal, which likens a huge room without doors to escape.
Someone else has the key, which unlocks this riddle that I am forced into. Please understand I too am entangled in a labyrinth- my spectacles are though useless as anglo-terrestial realities make me a confounding enemy of myself.
I grateful for that site that you had pointed your attention onto- my Spanish knowledge had me not to search there.
It likens a God leaving behind in time a clock that ticks to have my younger brother and son to understand nowadays time travelling sequences.

As to me Cicero, you are to the core right as to Constantine and to the underlining issue not to focus on the godlike image of Jesus Christ. I am grateful that you had understood that someone had not lost his critical self-reflection but I had to build a story in a story; to tell later a fractural sequence deriving out of this quagmire of interpretations who is God or who is off God. I have regrettable to stick onto a script laid out there in time to be unriddled due to the course of time soon to be here.
You Hideki are a true fan of Hellenistic anthropomorphic Theologian origin being transferred to a theomorphic anthropologist in the end of your eventful life?
To thus do I want to tell that if even a spirit walks around does this not mean that this spirit is of evil- please understand these implications?
Cogito ergo sum- but this secret please has to stay with you. Far and near does this as well.
There is a self-fulfilling prophesy around the corner and onto that do I want to refer to as I ask, for permission to stage the second ignition of knowledge.

This do I emphasise: the Son of Man is not the core of history IT is the beginning of a new story.

I would like to see IT during his ascendancy it to be as such. Not the person per se counts:
IT is the Crown that will be of importance as I see it to come into fruition.

a world united under the authority of two corners of life- duality to form the autocratic self-resilient core of humans to steer destiny of humanity.

On one side there, to control powers not to be as of Dragons has a Duality of priests with a sort of a CHURCH to have authority of morals. Backed by forces of authority given through symbols i.e. given through the Hands of The Almighty One to secure the wellbeing of little children lost through generations, when times will turn nasty once again, will this Symbol of grace control counterforce.

On the other hand, there under the augurs of the vacant Crown will there be a council of a brotherhood of men, presided by a primus inter pares with the authority of the bloodlines to steer ethics and political decisions not to be of moralising character. Thus is solemnly the duty of the Duality on the other corner of life.
Hideki I hope that you see the implications in these thoughts as there has to be built role models to show how things shall be.

If you do not mind, would I later form my thoughts to the Duality of CHURCH as to the fact that this has to be in its proper way to be a role model. Please no offence, as I too will have to respect the structure of that Duality to be formed. Thus would if not heeded lead regretfully to a complete failure in the courses of times. This cannot be and it is not the intention from HE who has me to think here.

A theosophical society is not to be blended to form a unity- thus would sooner or later lead to a theocracy of bloodletting structures. This experiment was a complete failure.

One: the Crown has to stay vacant to let the Almighty One to steer destiny.

Two: Duality on one corner of society and life to decide and address morality of life.

Three: the political side of community and unity.
The council of seven and commons to form together with primus inter pares an umbrella of unity and ambiguity to counter divisions and counter divisions.
Unity has to be in primus inter pares a man and a woman being married to share two sides of reality. There a wise woman to tell her husband what love is, as he has to be rational part of that equation.

Four: Democracy in the commons of natural parts of the world. Commons is an autocratic structure responsible for actions commenced by their political forces underneath their Jurisdiction. This responsibility will be a heavy one as to those will there be a special envoy i.e. priest who reports to his Duality if failures were willingly commenced or inevitable done to save ethics from being overtaken by Moral standards.
Under this four level will democracy be.

Five: I would like to rest here.

Hideki tell your sisters that I am grateful for their devoting time and personal wellbeing for a world soon to be.

Comment by cicero the librarian

One day, i asked to myself: what is the reality? I end up feeling existence; cogito ergo sum, ergo i exist, ergo existence exist. I dont want to keep this secret, but how can i really express the deep of this realization? unless you feel it, how can i share such secret? 😦

I realize we are just a little chorus in the symphony of this particular universe, in that sense its obvious that we need to armonize with the world around us, and in that sense there is a no-human force dictating what is good for us. Still, i do think that is a very human need to realize what the rules are, and how should we organize ourselfs to efectively armonize.

Does God love? but what is love? I think the real question is: Does God care for us? I feel that the very fact of exist is a great gift, but also to be able of be conscient of existance is the most big gift we may wish for. We may have pain and suffering but still, we are in paradise. Now lets take advantage of this generous gift and ‘learn to play the game’. The active side of infinite already has give us so much, so i think its important to dont get confussed and suppouse we will get ‘saved’, we have to find our own path by ourselfs. Maybe, we may find some force that may find convenient to help us. Thats ok, but also, THERE ARE many forces that will have no doubts to eat us, using whatever unfair tricks they have. I say that is one important rule to learn.

Why should we end this nonsense of wars and divisions? because if we dont we may not have the force to survive in this universe… We are not the core of history, thats for sure, but we must be responsible for our actions. If I look for my allies between homo sapiens, is because homo sapiens are part of each other (in a very practical sense) and i a homo sapiens.

How things shall be? homo sapiens doing what is best for them by its own will, because they have decided its the most convenient thing to do.

I vote for a fractal democracy.

Comment by Hideki

When will they be held accountable for what they did to US?

Comment by Robert Duncan O'Finioan

But RedCross is a western anglosaxon barbarian dominanted organisation. Seeking
RedCross help in any action including a verbal slamming of the US is no different,
as equivalently pointless, as the Palestinians seeking the US to slam Israel
for murdering them.
RedCross, much like the US, is overtly cooperating with the US assault on humanitarian
laws and global peace. Neither organisation, specifically assembled and paid to
assure due process and international compliance of treaties and conventions, have
completely failed in doing their job. Both the UN and RedCross fully condone the
US torture camps, and the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent
George Bush was on TV where he nonchalantly admitted to “30 thousand civilians”
being slaughtered in his illegal war. The man is still in power and has not even
been accused by either organisation of any war crimes.
RedCross and the UN are working for the US Rep party. If the Rep Party is Nazis,
as per the article, then so is RedCross and the UN.
This would be known to Russia and they would not waste time in seeking Goebbles
to condemn Hitler for fascism.

Comment by peteHavlasa

It often bothers me, help everybody the most to blame everything on the Republicans.
I am an American and I watch what happens in my country every day. People in this country don’t pay attention from day to day. The truth of the matter is, the Democrats instigate most of these offensive policies.
if one were to objectively look at Democratic policies we would see direct correlation between their activities and those of the Nazi party of Germany.
Unfortunately in America, the citizens are tought that the Nazi party was little more than anti-Semitic thugs. When in truth they were national Socialists who exploited European hatred of the Jews to unify society to their clause. They claim to be the People’s party fighting the oppression of all the good German people against the oppression of the Jews.
This sounds eerily familiar to the Liberals spew just a few replaced terms.
The Democrats are famous for pushing their idealism and if it backfires they blame and on the Republicans. We don’t see the Republicans throwing childish tantrums demanding recounts when they lose elections. We do not see Republicans trying to use the judicial system to subvert the elect Orioles system when they don’t get their way. The conservative American right was not the ones who introduced psychology into the court rooms. We did not see the Republican Party instituting social services to terrorize parents when trying to raise their children.

It has been my observation that most people around the world do not comprehend that America is split into two factions. On one side we have the old classic conservative America, on the other we have what are commonly call liberals for citizens.
These liberals are concentrated on both the East and West Coast and it is their policies that are undermining traditional American values.

In respect before one decides to draw a conclusion about Americans in general. Please consider the source and have truly reliable it is. As a rule never take anything too seriously from an idea for a person originating in a university or place of higher learning in America.
The higher education system in America is the breeding ground for these Nazi Ideas. If one has any doubts as to Ive said please feel free to go to any major university online and read their curriculum.

And just like the Nazis of lore America now has concentration camps called private prisons where the Liberals send those were politically incorrect. You will stay there until you complete all the classes taught by psychological therapists who will decide whether you have been rehabilitated. Sound familiar? Please feel free to research correctional Corporation of America and Whackenhut corp.
when will find plenty of human rights violations in the shadowy corporations that hide in a gray areas . Prosecution is nearly impossible because if you perceive them as a state entity they claim to be a corporation, if you perceive them as a corporation may claim to be union under color of the law as a subcontractor to the state.

I should know I spent 8 1/2 years in one of these concentration camps.
And for the record the American Civil Liberties Union and so-called champions American freedoms and liberties, one of our great liberal institutions. Adamantly refused to lift a finger for the over 5000 hostages involved in that one particular relocation and education Project.

We know who the enemy to the constitutions are, we also know who’s in charge.
We live in this nightmare every day we see our country torn apart every day.
Please take the time to learn the real enemies are, unfortunately the bad guys don’t wear black hats anymore, they hide in the shadows and use misdirection to stay hidden.

Comment by David Todd

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