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Iran Call For ‘Borderless World’ Creates New United States/Russia Military Alliance
3,November, 2006, 3:10 am
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Your comments on Sorcha Faal’s 2 November 2006 report Iran Call For ‘Borderless World’ Creates New United States/Russia Military Alliance are welcome.


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if this statement:
“Despite the power of hard-line clerics and Iran’s factionalized politics, Khatami managed to engineer a transformation that no previous politician or movement had achieved. The reformers’ electoral triumphs realigned Iran’s politics by making the public the indispensable actor of the nation’s future.”
Is true, then I like this Iranian proyect. This is just the kind of freedom and democracy i love to see.
What kind of interest could USA and Rusia have, that they need a fractured world?

Comment by Hideki

Hey, I have been thinking it over lately. I have a political degree and some years in the traits of world politics.
One thing that I have learnt is to ask wise people before I have my decisions. In my career had I went to Memphis and Athens to ask a wise woman of old age Cassandra what lies in the future.
I have also learnt that she has very advisable arguments onto which I want to comment.
I hope that you have understood that Cassandra at these times is Sorcha Faal.
All the ways had churches the best well paid secret agents in the line of duties.
This I tell because I only want to hint there an agenda.
No offence though- please, understand Sorcha I do not want to offend. Keep the Webmaster at bay.
I am a politician, this trait I understand.
Let us differentiate as I see this to be.
Let me set aside the religious issue.
We have political forces regaining old powers that rightly belong into the hands of those.
Russia and USA as indicated does not form a new alliance- there interests are too wide to bridge in this issue Iran.
I want to focus here onto the rise of Iranian identity that they had lost through wars of CIA and KGB there mainly in Pakistan. Afghanistan was a by-product and a pawn not to attack Pakistan and to start there a Third World War.
The proxy was the Council of foreign Relations being then at the disposal of Bank of England.
The Second World War was in its final year as the world was divided into sections to form then UN.
At Malta had they not very much time due to the frail conditions of those politicians. This had the post-modern world wrongly divided. Would they have taken their time and would they not have coughed so much had a lot of bloodshed been spared.
Russia had been sold out- bought through phoney money being made in German and Polish KZs’, onto which two countries was bought. At one UDSSR and of course at two Judea of old.
It had almost an entire generation to pay off these phoney bills.
Through Pakistan and Bangladesh went the dividing line off billing.
There was simply not enough money to pay off their political elites.
West and East of the world was due to lack of money divided somewhere in Afghanistan.
Drug deals were initiated to have that east region to be bought out off poverty through Westerners buying drugs at a price tag all too heavy.
Iran and other countries were flooded by fortune seekers- even Russia as well. By the way in West were the people told that there is a Cold War to fight. Money was extorted from taxpayers and bills were not paid.
Now has a political elite come to be that are well informed and not bought through phoney money of old Dragon.
By the way, I would say that Bush and some of his men- as to this are Putin not off- have decided to take a right decision- as I tend to understand it. They are more or less focusing on the issue to divide the Cold War into a peaceful one.
Putin and most of his men are specialists of conducting foreign affairs.
On the other side are they in US newcomers- this have I understood. As to Putin, I do not think him to be as evil as they at the counter party in US try to portray him.
The Neo Cons seem to loose their grip and I do hope this not be too late.
Things are turning now to its conclusion and I hope that I can convey more if granted.

Comment by Ceasar the politician

Your topic of discussion is too bizarre to comtemplate at this time. The US-Russia alliance is not on George Bush’s agenda according to his public statments.

Was hoping your chat room would be a place to learn more about the world, not meditate on death. Too many people my age are into that trap. The majority of your site visitors are looking for news or hints of news that help them live in today’s world or plan for tomorrows. In fact, the best example of religion and death visible to the world is Iraq this week where people are killing each other over variations in the same religion, literally slaughtering women and children who have harmed no one.

Are we helping stop the wars and killing by pondering over “couch” questions?

Comment by Ruthann Mills

Are we doing anything ‘pondering over “couch” questions?’

I am making my mind. I am deciding what to do with my on life. I am making my own criteria.

So, although for we to discuss ideas dont do a thing for solve big world problems, it do help me to take a real and practical decision about what can i do for make a better world.

Its very dramatic to say ‘literally slaughtering women and children who have harmed no one’, but as such things has happend over thousands of years, then (sadly) i am not that impresed. But then, how could we aspire to behave differently (i mean, to try to solve problems without killing people) if we dont search for new ideas?

I want to think we are not arguing about ‘how many angels could get into a nail head’ but about how the forces in the world are moving.

For example, if Bush’s public statments dont state something that something still can be true. Even more, Bush may state something and that something still be false.

In other things, i am curious about the meaning of ‘divide the Cold War into a peaceful one’

Comment by Hideki

I see, but there is more than to kill and to slaughter when you wage a war. I would like to start a discourse in the art of war. Clausewitz and two of the authors of Tanack had this idea. War can be just if a war is meant to prolong politics.
There is this notion that Bush could be a liar- why not. If he does not want to wage war but has to, then would he be a liar- in that sense that he says to lead the world into the wars off all wars. A war to consume the world would be the political outcome. There do we have Clausewitz. If you tend to forget history then are you doomed to fake once again a false decision as to what Putin has tried not to do.
As to the bible- as to me now the Bibel of old- did Ester and her foe have her agenda to kill a quarter of the people of Juda in Judea of that time.
lf you roam around killing in the course of 120 years a considerable part of population on this planet- to call then this period a peaceful and a period of prosperity is euphemistic in the least to say. History books in the West says that only two WORLD WARS were- this as a starter is a lie and an hideous one as well. If you say we want to have a World War to consume everyone then will we have a peaceful one. I your Agenda is to kill every human on earth not to fear your enemy then at last have you waged a peaceful one. As to the say that politics is to wage a war through politics of fear. Here is disclosure and wisdom to come.
Ah, as to me is to sit here and ponder- sadly enough do people not understand that politics do matter. If you fear your neighbour would you normally ask him if he or she is dangerous- but there in the land of free do they buy weaponry and means to kill this neighbour before he or she will kill them or her at first.
As to Putin to be an expert in the skills of foreign politics- they tend to ask “Hey you bully man or woman of weak mind, are you dangerous for us”. If they or she tells back off we are dangerous for you- then wash you ears as Putin or his men tells them to do. This is foreign politics as it had been the best solution ever yet to have been.
It is a long way to High Chapel of destiny- but what you “saw” you reap is my may to see things to come into fruition.
As once an old Chinese general said- tell your foe what you think, they would never think this to be true anyway. If then their ears had been washed then can a general stand there and tell: “See, I told you as such!”
Me Caesar stood once behind Rubicon, as the bridges was not opened up- due to holiday season- was the ears of that foolish waitress of that bridge washed. A Brute of a man threw then some zistersia into his broken lap of pride- this for playing your dices did this Caesar laugh.
And to Rome, did this Caesar tell, why did you not ask me at beforehand if i am dangerous. It would have spared me to come and to wash your ears back there in Rome.
Luckily enough have we in Rome Rosebuds to pave the streets, did that Caesar tell.
This Caesar wants to learn the lesson of history.
As all streets leads to Rome today and tomorrow will a summit be there to end a war of wars soon to be free and roaming there in Middle East.
India broken, China history, Australia washed aclean, shores and cities of riches a wast wasteland all washed with a ear cleaner of multitude- this will be as Caesar bows his head in Jerusalem.

Comment by Caesar the politician

“War of wars”

Unfortunately, too many people have bought into this “end times” nonsense. Now I’m not saying there won’t be an end to this world… or of mankind… because eventually the sun will grow and singe the little beings off of this planet, regardless of anything else that happens. And none of us can know exactly when that will be… and really it’s not important.

What is important is that comments like, “bows his head in Jerusalem,” just indicate a self-fulfilling prophecy. The evangelical christian types believe the jewish people have to control Israel… and further, that they have to rebuild the temple of solomon, in order to further the “cause.” But to do so would cause a great backlash by muslims… since the site of the temple is one the holy places in the muslim faith. So, they attack Israel, who retaliates with nuclear weapons… and then brings the other nuclear powers into the mess.

Oh yes, your “left behind”-reading evangelical christians will be vaporised in an instant… but it will be by nuclear fire, not the “hand of god,” if that should happen. But they won’t be alone.

This tit-for-tat game that the religions of the world have played for thousands of years could be stopped if people stopped telling other people that they’re wrong in matters of faith… and people “at the top” didn’t have as much a vested interest in seeing “the end” as they do in controlling oil fields.

Comment by Keelan

Keelan you have naturally understood what is meant to have Americas of Old to stand for. Now as US had given the answer that has me to understand how you view issues of grave importance- am I confounded with joy to have you to understand what the real issue is about. Money and not faith is the issue did you answer- grateful for this insight.
I know this of course to be the case.
I know of course that you can not understand what I told off in my essays.
You are of course a man of insight that tells that US is an imperial colony of greedy colonists and as such have I understood this to be the matter.
As to religion- of what you told that religion is the core of evil. I hope that you do not mind me blending metaphors of your holy bible into this comment. But as always known does things come back to haunt if you loose the knowledge of old and so- once again I had waited form an answer as to knowing is not enough.
As for the case that things tend to fall on your head- of what is adjoining of Quarks and dark matter do you belief.
I know that false religion in your schools has formed that religion- but this does not count as an excuse to slander you, I know. But you said tit-for-tat game. I am happy to soon give a really mighty excuse for US to chew on.

Comment by Caesar the politician

Caesar could you write a bit more clearly please? I don’t understand what you’re saying, and I can usually understand things. At any rate, I am not alone in failing to get much of your meaning.


Comment by David

clearly, do you ask.
Do you in “USA” have a Nazi regime or not. If yes have you understood what I am telling.
If not, am I sorry to tell you that I cannot understand you- either.

Comment by Caesar the politician

(1) BORDERLESS WORLD: Surely not! Maybe only if they did manage to kill all enemies. But that
still wouldn’t be borderless world but rather an expansion of an empire swallowing the rest of the world.
Right now, Israel has apartheid policies segregating certain within the state. Look at Georgia border
fiascos right now. Look at the new EU buffer states (Poland, Csechia, Hungary). They’re nothing more than a
hard border. They’re border reinforcement. Look at the EU growing immigration isolation. Fences, walls,
and hardened borders are in fact going up, not down.
(2) END OF WORLD: This is David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Anthony Hilder, Mike Tsarion, etc, territory.
It’s filled with symbology, numerology, astrology, psychicism, etc. Without discreditting any of these pseudosciences,
it must be agreed that none of them are able to answer any real tangible questions. For exampls, who was George Bush Sn
speaking to when he announced the NWO in 1991. None of these modern day alternative thinkers have an answer to a real
event. So the end of the world scenarios, as gripping as they may be, are no more than entertainment. We
strive to separate politics from entertainment. It’s hard and blurry but we should try. People get a bit hung up
on words like the illuminati and skull and bones. It makes no difference that Bush is a reptilian
shape shifter from another galaxy who through secret sects on earth is controlling the planet. So what?
This may all be true. What needs be addressed is the mass murder of Iraqis and Afghanistanis. As operating
in the human realm on earth, he is subject to human laws, and should be held accountible. People tend
to forget the long list of crimes in the exploding swirl of Jordan Maxwell-like occult revelations

Comment by commentary

I hope that this will shed some insights onto what is happening in the political realms of these days.
In a comment recently stated here in this chat room is there a lack of commentary about political developments, which now engulfs our world powers.
Maybe was only meant that this room of contacts was designed to analyze coming future events out of the perspective of faith and not out of logical reasons as perceived in the realms of knowledge.
This had I been understanding to be the case- who though Sorcha Faal is do I not know.
However, this is only academically- in the end though.
Bush has lost but has he lost? No, he has regained political momentum. Politics are now shifting and domestic issues will be at their interest in US. I know that no one seems to believe- beside the troops in Baghdad though- that the US presences in the Far East are soon to end. The new war front will be built in USA but there is only little time left to evacuate the troops out of these areas of polarity, which now are lead into Civil War. Through the corridors Syria and presumably Iran, could there be an evacuation but this is surely brokered out now. Japan and Korea will have to sort out there difficulties- there is enough money there to feed a starving community of desperate humanity and there will be surely a solution. However, that period of opportunity is closing pretty fast.
China has to work out a deal brokered out with Russia and its satellite structures to secure a mutual understanding during an upheaval, which the people of China will regrettable be forced to live through.
Australia has to concentrate to feed their inhabitants during a worsening crisis of food. The food shortage, maybe the lack of potable water as well will have the interests of that part of the world to share what can be shared. This time frame of opportunity is always closing pretty fast.
The Antarctic and some dominions at its borders will run through a period of instability (possible soon to arrive) and this will have them to run for cover. I would advise to repair Tsunami control mechanism there. In South America will domestic violence surge if the leading parties or elites will not comply to have to poor to participate with the vast riches of land and legal properties.
There are plenty of opportunities to have South America to prosper.
The Middle America is in the middle of the fight to survive events that is rooted in a criminal extortion of their wealth through elites north and south of their properties.
There is at present a Cold War of Civil Unrest in Mexico but time is closing in here as well!
USA and Canada are trying to get Mexico to comply with the New World Order but NAFTA is surely doomed to fail due to their intended layout.
I do here skip the Agenda of USA to proceed with the Agenda of Canada. There was a brief period of an outbreak of War between US and Canada- as US has not declared war with Mexico yet.
Canada had to learn that US hegemony could cost their dear and cosy life.
This is why the politicians are going to the ditches to survive the anger that their citizens are unleashing onto them.
Greenland has through melting of ice and warming climate vast riches and this will surely attract greedy people. This will have the government there and in Denmark to alter immigration laws.
In North Europe will the cosy times alter and these countries will for the time being prosper, as they will attract the fleeing elites of North US and Canadian Judean-Christians.
Europe as a whole will alter their political outset to form an alliance to step in to save the world from greed and hunger.
America is on the brink to break and to loose all its hegemony. This is due to secret that there is nearly no potable water and food to eat there in US. Those changes will quickly sweep through the world- this has nothing to do with Apocalypse but this is in a sense man made politics that had only the interest of the ruling party and not the interest of its people depending onto wise politicians and wise elites!
Global Heating is a myth but as the whole universe is heating up- will fires drop down onto the earth? This makes no sense but this is what surely will happen.
But this is a completely other story.
The wall in Europe will break and a Super Continent will emerge, as the old Roman Empire will everywhere fall!
The Middle East being the catalyst of these events will suffer heavy as all troops of fleeing soldiers are to come together somewhere.
Africa as being the poor brother of Europe will drastically change!
As to Bush is now- as to Blair is at present a window of opportunity to alter the course and destiny of their countries. This is why the focuses of world affairs are now changing.
There is now a real chance out there not to repeat the destiny of old Rome as the barbarians invaded their empire to take their wives as their wives!

Comment by Caesar the politician

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