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Freedom Is For Slaves!!!
1,November, 2006, 12:28 am
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I have for a long time been perplexed by emails received from Americans that call always for Freedom.  My confusion about this is because these same Americans have no idea about what Freedom is, and when asked will always give answers about Freedom that contradict each other.


This is not a hard subject to talk about, either, as the meaning and origins of Freedom are clearly known, but let’s start this discussion by looking at the word Freedom itself where it came from:


“The ama-gi, a Sumerian cuneiform word, is the earliest known written symbol representing the idea of freedom. The English word “freedom” comes from an Indo-European root that means “to love.”


So, what we have, and from the very beginning of the word Freedom, is that it means Love. With this being so then we must ask as to how Love became Freedom?


This search leads us to a French philosopher named Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and who influenced both the American and French Revolutions. 

Let us read a bit more about this man: 

“Rousseau saw a fundamental divide between society and human nature. Rousseau contended that man was good by nature, a “noble savage” when in the state of nature (the state of all the “other animals”, and the condition humankind was in before the creation of civilization and society), but is corrupted by society. This does not require, however, that humans act civilly; in fact, speaking in terms of ‘just’ or ‘wicked’ is impossible in Rousseau’s pre-political society. Human’s may act with all of the ferocity of an animal. They are good because they are self sufficient and thus are not subject to the vices of political society. He viewed society as artificial and held that the development of society, especially the growth of social interdependence, has been inimical to the well-being of human beings. (It should be noted that Rousseau himself never used the phrase “noble savage”.) 

Society’s negative influence on otherwise virtuous men centers, in Rousseau’s philosophy, on its transformation of amour de soi, a positive self-love, into amour-propre, or pride. Amour de soi represents the instinctive human desire for self preservation, combined with the human power of reason. In contrast, amour-propre is not natural but artificial and forces man to compare himself to others, thus creating unwarranted fear and allowing men to take pleasure in the pain or weakness of others. Rousseau was not the first to make this distinction; it had been invoked by, among others, Vauvenargues. 

In “Discourse on the Arts and Sciences” Rousseau argued that the arts and sciences had not been beneficial to humankind because they were not human needs, but rather a result of pride and vanity. Moreover, the opportunities they created for idleness and luxury contributed to the corruption of man. He proposed that the progress of knowledge had made governments more powerful and had crushed individual liberty. He concluded that material progress had actually undermined the possibility of sincere friendship, replacing it with jealousy, fear and suspicion.”


For brevities sake I’m not inclined to include the many, and often contradictory, definitions of the word Freedom itself as they are readily available to the diligent searcher.


What I will propose to you, however, is that this Freedom spoken so highly of by many, especially the Americans, is in and of itself a word without any real meaning as it pertains to human beings.


Instead, it is not an actual word with meaning, but is an empty concept that anyone is able to put into it any meaning they so choose.


Even more interesting is how this concept/word Freedom is being used in the World, today, by the Americans in their statements on spreading this thing to all peoples of our Earth.


Even more interesting is the vehicle these Americans have chosen to spread their concept/word Freedom, and which they call Democracy, and which is in fact a human control system wherein 51 out of every 100 human beings is able to control the lives of the other 49.


To the contradiction of a Democratic human control system ever being able to instill Freedom is beyond absurd, indeed it becomes farce!


To these things I ask you today:


What are the differences between Love and Freedom?


If Democracy is the vehicle that spreads this Freedom, what would be the vehicle that spreads Love?


As human governments are based upon Democracy/Freedom, what would one call a government based upon Love?




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Yes, the concepts of freedom and democracy has been abused overall by American government, and so, they have lost their original meaning.

But lets go one step further, ‘love’ concept can equally be abused. I dont think ‘love’ is the solution to government problems.

If no Democratic human control system will ever being able to instill Freedom, it either will be able to instill love. As in 1984, we can end having a department of ‘love’ taking care of hate, so i wont support any ‘love’ government.

I think that what we need is to people become responsible for itself, we need people to have their own criteria so they dont get tricked this easy by any doublespeaking government.

i ‘vote’ for give knowledge to the people.

PS what awful ideas Rousseau had.

Comment by Hideki

You were born free

Comment by walker

Freedom in this life is something only rich people truly have because with all their money they are free to do whatever they want and when they want. Everyone else is just borrowing time until their soul is set free.

Right Sorcha?

Comment by Joe

An interesting association…

“If you love something, set it free. If it does not come back, it was never really yours to begin with.”

Paraphrased, of course, but that old saying implies that in love there can be no freedom. (My wife would probably agree with that!)

Historically, the only organizations in society that spread love are religions, so I would expect a government based on love to be theocratic in nature.
Given that, I would say that a government based on love would be absolute, totalitarian, perhaps tyrannical… much the same way parents often take away their childrens’ freedoms (out of love), a government based on love would take your freedoms away.

Now, there could be the argument that, in reality, love wants you to be happy and (given a human one-on-one relationship as a microcosmic example) won’t mind you sharing your love with another… but I think trust must also be considered in that case. To love and to trust implies (to me, anyway) that you trust another not to share their love; trust would see self-censorship and self-control in a loved-one.

Specifically relating to freedom and democracy, I would say it [democracy] is the best option we’ve got. It’s not realistic to have true, unlimited freedom to do what ever, where ever, and when ever you wish (anarchy), because like it or not, we don’t live in isolation… there simply isn’t room on the planet for everyone to live in their own little cave and do whatever they want. Things would start to fall in place as soon as there’s an accord between two people not to kill each other… or work together for food, etc.

Comment by Keelan

Does it money gives freedom?

Suppouse someone wants health, and so, he pays the best doctor available, and this doctor recommends to drink mercury… and so this someone dies poisoned. So, money not necesarily gives freedom… it may even give exact the opposite. Also withouth other people, money means nothing…

Democracy is the best option?

Maybe… but what kind of democracy? i feel representative democracy is not good enough…
i think it would be better to have much more ‘participative’ governments…

Comment by Hideki

Hideki, seems to have things nailed into its true content. Here does my philosophical background come into fruition.
I am opposed to this form of democracy that US call the freedom of will and god’s gradualness.
US has come far away from its founders, once being of a secret society but they knew this French philosopher named Jean-Jacques Rousseau and there did problems come out of the closet.
He was at those times in his circles a well-known magician but he was a bad writer.
Through his Calvinistic origin, had he founded a Bavarian Society well known but a hush-hush secret?
He was a nail in the coffin of Vatican- Vatican had been in the retreat for a considerable time of about 275 years at those times.
Someone there in the Vatican had someone decided to take wrong actions onto a wrong issue.
Could it be that the young Americas were the safe haven for Antichrist did that man think. From a simple and grumpy philosopher was a person of agenda built that he never had been.
Sorry to say but there in Vatican had Jesuits taken over the affairs of how to conduct faith.
Those were those who had two empires to fall- south of US and China.

However, this is an old story and I would readily admit that Hideki should come forth and tell more off his thoughts- they seem to tell of insight.
Church and Religion should form an alliance to form a form of Justice System.
Politics- otherwise would I loose my job as to me to be fond of those traits, shall prevail but democracy must be put into its corner:
As once Perseus once said, standing in the hall of Athena- turning his hands onto her did he tell “People of noble traits, what if you would allow all people to choose their king- What then.
Athena would throw you out- you are put into this hall to give advice and counselling. To conceal your inaptness would be, to seek, and the people to decide what is of good for this great land of Athemnas”
What can I say. Perseus lost that battle and democracy went through the globe to finally rest as the party of wars. Savaging has this Dragon of Old even the elites- now and then.
And now am I exhausted- trying to find all these references in my scholarly Caesars salads.

Comment by Ceasar the politician

I did not mention, or mean, “representative” democracy… and certainly not in the form it exists in the USA today. That system was devised when people were spread out and communication was poor… and this is no longer the case. We have the technology to make a true government “of the people,” with instant connectivity. We could, for example, eliminate the electoral colllege, using the popular vote to determine the president… simply because we have the capability to do so.

Caesar the Politician’s comment about mixing religion and justice is chilling. From whence do the mores that define “justice” come from in that case? From a christian, who says if you have sex outside of marriage you’re a sinner? From a muslim, who says if you even marry outside your religion you’re a sinner? How does either jive with a society where a woman is most valued when she has many children by many men? (most pacific islanders held this opinion until they were corrupted by “missionaries”) Who is right and who is wrong? The answer is, no one is right… but also no one is entirely wrong.

Keep “holy” justice out of my government, thank you.

In order to have a true democracy in the USA where each person’s opinion counted, the current government would have to be deposed… and I doubt seriously that’s going to happen, and even if it were, we would be unlikely to find ourselves — the people — at the reigns.

Comment by Keelan

I follow the WDIM website daily and thank you sincerely for it, Sorcha. The inter-connected seems obvious to me now where I didn’t see it before.

As for freedom, Americans are beginning to see that freedom is a grand illusion that we purchase daily with tax dollars – and lots of them.

True freedom is a matter of the soul. To begin to understand what place we have in creation and the integrity to act accordingly. To me, that is when I feel most free.

Comment by Curious Universe

In a sense can be said that God has left the United Kingdom of US-Dollar to walk the thin line of true knowledge and there to summarize what currency this is to be paid off.
I know that there are the notion that money can pay anything. This is a lie as all lies runs down in US.
Americas has bought themselves freedom through taxing the bills outside of US. US was in a sense a Pax vocalis where everyone had to follow the tune of hegemony of wealth and military might. I understand that to see the truth that US had bought their freedom with agony and death all over the world cannot be understood as such. Especially for those who lives in abundance of wealth and food. The only currency that had US to run was not oil but blood and agony- even agony there in the land of free citizens. A great deal of US citizens happens to live in jails and other places where they are not welcomed. And so, are some though fully aware of the trait and destiny for a country that had dwelled in riches beyond every imagination and boundaries. Oh yes, this country had given opportunities this is only natural- as where things are in abundance something fells somewhere someone to eat on i.e. to feast on.
Alas, to my belief are you destined to suffer a backlash- if you wish this to be or not.
In old times were the blood or the heart seen as the origin of blood. In old times did the elites understand what has a society to work with.
In this regard is this nowadays society numb but hungry is America, this can everyone belief to be true.
A hunger that could not be satisfied through wars, natural disasters, belief systems without reflection of itself, and not least on TV, DVD, Hollywood, and company wars of global reflections- were not enough for their leaders to feast on. Their citizens applauding their leaders are now loosening their faith in them.
Sorry to see but US is consumed through fear- fear to dark to imagine, thus has US into agony.
If you consume too much soul out there- if you know this to be true or not- does come back to haunt. The veil is being uncovered, those who do not understand these lines are surely to be doomed but there is one way out. Do not scoff those who warns you as that could be the last that you here in this life.
Fear mongers are those in US who tell out there are fear mongers. To end these lines has me to ask, why have you not taken heed.
You call religion crazy and opium for the people, this has a survey conveyed to be as such. You laugh at your pastors as they preach death and gloom. Why- they tell what some in US and somewhere else had done onto all; even onto your neighbours had you done this. This is surely not the right opinion poll but someone has to tell this to be the case.
This I had to tell.
your definition of freedom and democracy is a false way to understand fundamental needs that humans need to have. Over a billion had already died for that definition- this cannot go on. This simply cannot go on. this counts of course for a whole world- I think US fits as an example how things went astray and how things can reverse. It must reverse, it must reverse- it as simple as thus.
Oh by the way oppression is not the answer for the needs of humanity, nor the answer to put a whole world as a hostage as you had done.

Comment by Plato the thinker

Hi Sorcha,

Interesting questions! Lately I’ve been reminding myself frequently that, as David Icke says, “Infinite Love is the only reality. Everything else is illusion.” The Love that is Light. My way of seeing things at this time in my life is that all other spiritual qualities, realities–Truth, Courage, Compassion, Joy, Beauty, Peace–and Freedom–and others are all manifestations of Love, and are also pathways to Love, the Light.

I don’t think there can be a truly free society unless the prime directive–Never interfere with another being’s free will–is followed by every human in that society. The Iroquois Confederacy, the living together of 7 tribes in harmony after the great prophet Deganawidah brought the message of Peace to the tribes by visiting and talking with families around their fires–I think the Iroquois Confereracy is the closest I know to a true democratic society. The Elders, both men and women, were respected.

The vehicle that spreads Love–Compassion? the awakening of the Heart?

A government based upon Love would be called Paradise, I think.

Comment by Kathleen

As Kathleen notes, Love is the essence of the universe.

Freedom is the human condition, but along with freedom comes responsibility. Maybe if we’re all one, all in it together, then by abusing our freedom we hurt ourselves. Certainly with maturity comes the desire to direct one’s freedom in ways that might be described as “appropriate”. What are we here for, after all?

The politicians have focused on our ability to use our Freedom to live a life of debauchery. Well that’s their freedom but we don’t have to listen to that garbage. When they tell us that we must blow up this or that far-away country to keep the price of gasoline from rising, they confirm who and what they are. As thinking being, it’s our responsibility not to be fooled by such word tricks.

Comment by David

I think is a mistake to think that love is the big solution.

Love is the only reality? love is the essence of the universe? Love is a great good feeling, love is something that this world really needs. But lets do things rigth from the beggining. Love is a feeling, an understanding, maybe even a perception, but love is not going to feed us, love is not going to stop death. Ofcourse love can make this a better world, yes. But i do think you are confused.

If love is the essence of the universe, how is that our only option to eat, is to kill some other being?

If you induce a ‘love feeling’ by drugs, you are still getting an empity worthless reality.

Universe, reality and existance are rich, complex ‘things’ . To think that we grasped them with the concept ‘love’ is… innocent.

More than governments of freedom or love or whatever, we need truly democratic governments, where people do make decisions and execute solutions, where individuals are responsible for themselfs. Where people dont wait seated at their houses for an ethereal being called ‘president’ or ‘God’ to be good and save them from hurricans and wars.

Maybe instead of ‘presidents’ we need ‘coordinators’
And also, we may not only need ‘freedom’ and ‘love’ but also knowledge.

Comment by Hideki

As always has it Hideki on his spire.
David had though a thought worth to be contemplated on.
Love and universe do they cope.
On one side here irresponsibility i.e. “love” and on the other side Ratio and “eternity”!
I do yet wrestle on the issue love and its essence but on the other side do I as I believe have a lot to tell.

Sometime were someone in this forum referring that all talk off Virgin Mary but focusing on Jesus Christ. That reader of Sorcha Faal did not understand the fundamental issue to have a female companion to sort out what is such a mess all around us.
This is a hot issue but I dare nevertheless address it.
These times does not account for women understanding themselves, as the inner core of family and healthy moral integrity onto thus a man has to abide onto. Sad are these times were a man has to fear his spouse to leave him for a penny paid somewhere else. Men are of course to put things straight not innocent in that account but someone has to be responsible for this hatred onto humans put onto humans. There is no love out there- that is all.
Who could be a role model- all derives out of role models. I do not refer onto symbols as they tend to be stolen for various reasons. Many thanks to Hideki to have pointed out this to be a fact.
I can only see a role model to be of divine origin- although in this reality humans act not Gods when they respect their mutual love for each other.
This divine origin do I only see in Virgin Maria- for the present though to have been scoffed at.
In times were people and children, spouses and their partners are dispensable objects of lust has there to be a corrective i.e. a divine role model.
See, there is a wife, mother, woman ready to suffer for the cause of destiny in humans.
Men they are at present left to be women as there is no one caring for their children and spouses.
Women roam around pretending to be a part of a giant re-socialization program to put humans into slavery of debauchment.
This had someone to choose side- as there are angels to be attended onto i.e. your underage children, could it only be that men are hold responsible for family values that women for billions of years were the soul to be.
In the inner self of men were genders changed to fit the world of social slavery and evilness.

Thus led to upside down movements onto which we are subject onto.

There has to be of course freedom to choose but not were children are in the harms- there have freedom to end! There and there do I stand will responsibility be taught once again!
Once again to tell why there is a role model to stick onto- how annoying do many women cry. Men are guilty do thy scream- THEY ARE RIGHT as THEY ARE MEN IN THEIR MINDS. This as an explanation, why I do not know if God has love in him!
And thus tells why God should have a feminine part in his character.
Here on earth does gods tell that genders are for wimps and social inapt persons of old.

Comment by cato the slanderer

can’t buy any of your books – either with paypal or with my cresit card.

So…it made me think that something is trying to…

stop us from talking/making contact/corresponding/making friends/

allowing the light from the three-fold flame within our hearts to foster stronger bonds between us than that which exists at this moment/

prevent two lightworkers from opposite ends of the planet to meet/ (because whenever ‘two or more gather in my name’ – the result is exponential…

bringing together the far-reaching fabric of our existences does not merely double our reach – but increases our ability to be an open door through which god’s light and love flows through to all life everywhere…

and together we will both find the holy grails within our hearts to be filled with god’s light and love, and our comradeship will in turn allow that when our cups are filled to the rim with the elixir of light we can then give a drink to all who may thirst.)

There is a ripple in the body of light even as I type this comment. Please do a google search for warren Leggiere or Warren Chokurei to find something I may have written, but please feel free to correspond as I feel called to reach out to you and perhaps we are two jewels in the ‘Net of Indra’ which need to fill a tear in the ‘body of light’. You will find my life, my light and my love palatable and guided by Lady Donna Grace amngst others.

I AM a chela of Shamballa, and have colme from the Temple of the 64, and one of those of the ‘Golden Robe’, and have loved free all discordant energy which has ever harmed me and have received the same in return for all life I have ever harmed.

I AM with the ascended ones, of the seven rays and more, the cosmic heirarchy, the body of light, Nebadon, Salvington, Havona, Blask Mesa, the great Central Sun – which is the sun behind the sun behind our sun. I AM Helios and Vesta, I AM Alpha and Omega, and more…I AM that I AM.

If my words resonate within – please keep in touch. If not, How can I buy the Children of Winter, as the website does not allow me to.


Dobriey Veche,


Comment by warren chokurei

As for the true meaning of freedom… American’s don’t pocess it, never have had it nor does it look like they will keep this thing they call freedom. And I agree with Roussean example… Noble Savages… It’s all about the ego, there is no love and very few people posses the true meaning of love… Because it stems from the concept of me, what is in it for me. If love truly reined there would be no wars, it’s all about greed and self… And the only being I would say that is free is a Ferral Chid.

Comment by Sue

Thanks for your great post i am doing a study on this and you really helped me out here



Comment by Jackie

The freedom that Americans alude to is their freedom for children to bring guns and bombs to the school yard and the freedom of their teenagers to take drugs and act like prostitutes
this is the freedom that they want
it is like the freedom of (sadom and gomorah (sic))
it is the freedom that allows their govt. to rape Iraq and Afghanistan and soon Iran, seria and mabe even Russia and China
unknown to the American populace is the fact that
they are being led to the slaughter like lambs
the American govt. has bombed America with untold nuclear bombs it has waged war on its own people in the name of the rich since it’s inception
and there will never be a time when Americans are free they have been led to believe this through myth
even the story of how a rag tag bunch of farmers beat the british is to me a myth I dont belive it it was a ruse to make the american populace at the time think that they were free when Britain has run them and controled their foriegn policy since day 1
Is there anyone in their right minds that thinks the mighty British empire at that time could be beaten by a bunch of backwards farmers while
all the american officials at that time were freemasons and enjoyed the british hospitality
But this is exactly what every American believes such is the extent of the illusion
NO I say it is all myth although this is conjecture on my part this is what I have come to believe
The British struck a deal with washington to appease the people of America in a secret meeting the british told Washington we will let you win and you will gaurantee a portion of the taxes which makes perfectly sense of a country giving up its right to make money as we have with the fed
there is something so perverse that the politicians in AMerica better not speak in condemnation of it or the all seeing eye will attack them
like they did to JFK

Comment by David


Comment by LOLA

Put it this way. Freedom is the ability to pursue those things that make you happy…family, a home, spiritual fulfillment, material wealth etc. without having to worry about someone trying to deny you those things through coercion or theft. It’s the ability to have public discourse with those who disagree with you about politics or religion without fear of reprisal. For example, if any of our top leaders enriched himself through corruption and theft from the public treasury, an ordinary citizen could bring it to light without fear of being poisoned with polonium or shoved out a window.

Comment by ab

Sorcha, you consistently tear at Americans for losing their freedoms and giving in to a police state of control. Is it now true however that so many European and other of the world’s nations have gone so much farther down the road to captivity?

Yes. Americans are apathetic, and too often allow their government to run roughshod over their rights and their true governing documents. However, don’t you actually in many ways live in a more controlling and less “free” nation?

If you open your eyes to the concerns and anger of so many Americans aren’t they just as actively concerned as any other group of nationals (people) in the world? It does not appear that many are standing in the way of what is happening world wide and all around us.

Yes, perhaps it is because the Americans have the most to lose, and have had the most already taken away? …

Comment by Matthew

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