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Russia Warns Israel Over ‘Madman’ Ascending to Power
27,October, 2006, 11:40 pm
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Your comments on Sorcha Faal’s 28 October 2006 report Russia Warns Israel Over ‘Madman’ Ascending to Power are welcome.


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the end is coming, this is no surprise to you. the end of what? some may say. no one can answer this, but an alarming trend of global destruction and human worthlessness is escelating to the point of no return. everyone is chosing sides. war is coming..then what.

Comment by darryl

It is closing- it is closing in. One last straw and things will be at place- set to hit.

The name Avigdor has the same “root” as Anubis in written hieroglyphs. ( There to see the hand of God above the cup of inequity.
Anubis: Anubis is the Greek name for the ancient jackal-headed god of the dead in Egyptian mythology whose hieroglyphic is more accurately spelled Anpu (also Anup, Anupu, Wip, Ienpw, Inepu, Yinepu, or Inpw). He is also known as Sekhem Em Pet. Prayers to Anubis have been found carved on the most ancient tombs in Egypt; indeed, the Unas text (line 70) associates him with the Eye of Horus. Anubis is the ruler of the underworld.
A lengthy introduction but a very accurate one- swastika turning its wheels to rehears an ancient decision. This article of Sorcha Faal has it hot on the nail. Accurate as I see it and informative as well. She combines three world wars into one article, referring history onto its origin then take it to US and there to end with Theodore Roosevelt. A name with the root of Rosicrucian entangled with a content resembling a hidden story in the story.
The question mark from me:
What has Bush to do with this- the answer lies always in the question! On the other hand, in a better term in the eye of the beholder.
All seems not to connect but they do! It is a final code sequence put into action- names adds to build a sentence. As to this has it Sorcha Faal right on track- as always very abhorrent right.
I bow before history as history is now put into motion.
I do not know this man Avigdor personally- I do not know Bush or Roosevelt personally as well. However, I know my maths; the signs in heaven are lit as well. Hermes is out there- the light beacon as informing as each of times tells out there, in the skies what is about to be.
Let us bow and pray that wisdom will prevail but I doubt. In a sense, will fires rain from the heavens to litt a light of knowledge? Alternatively, will reason prevail and the course of things will end this Cycle.

Comment by Wizzard of Ozz

I personally am hoping for a new beginning, but that is just my opinion.

Comment by Stephen

Sorcha, many people wonder about you. I, for one, think you have incredible insight and have proven yourself time and time again to be correct. What I was wondering is what you made out President Putins remarks about being envying of Israel’s president and his raping of 10 women. Do you think this is a distraction? After all, there are many reports coming from non-political people about Pres. Putin and his odd behaviours and secret society memberships. He was even heard to be quoted as saying that he’s killed “over 40 men”.

You can read about this hidden part of Pres. Putin when he visited the US and went rafting on the Colorado river as written by Jeffrey St. Clair.

Comment by mondo

Hello Mondo,

I am not to the knowing of President Putin personally, but his having been a past leader in the Комит́ет Госуд́арственной Безоп́асности (KGB) it must be understood always of the evilness involved.

Comment by Sorcha Faal

All governments today are Nationalist and Socialist. If one such government complains about another, is not merely a denominational dispute? How are Presidents Putin, Bush, and Olmert significantly different? All are nationalist and socialist!

Nationalism is an ideology that holds that a nation is the fundamental unit for human social life, and takes precedence over any other social and political principles.

Socialism is an economic system based on corporate capitalism, where the state is an active market intervenor, responsible for planning and for protecting the vulnerable. Property and wealth are subject to control.

Comment by jb

Well said- very well said.
Do you mean that we shall seak a third solution or to seak a new world order.
Two sides of the coin accounts for “well-being” in a society derived through control and distrust. Is this what you hint at to be the case with these three so called opposing factions in this with jb signed discussion entry?
Would the third way be a sort of adjusted and subcontrolled society or something new. A hint what is meant by your comment would be wellcomed.
Or is it only a comment onto a decaying old myth of old.
If not, do I understand through this formula of yours that you have insights that we should share.
this topic has not been discussed off previously!

Comment by cato publius the elder

There will be a time just before the big bang when nations will work for peace but peace will not come and only destruction will befall the earth and the people of the earth will grind their teeth and descend upon each other like a pack of wild wolves they will devour each other
untill every last one has perished
for those that are unwilling to see the truth that is all around them and to redraw their futures there will only be torment ,hate and death.already America must resort to stealing the oil of other nations to cope soon even this will not be enough and then like a thief in the night there will be no where to hide poison will be everywhere

Comment by David

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