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Be Afraid….Very Afraid!!!
27,October, 2006, 9:58 pm
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I get many emails every week wherein the writers, always Americans, accuse me of being what they call a ‘Fear Monger’.

These are interesting words to understand, and as you can see by their definitions:

Fear: A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

Monger: Someone who purchases and maintains an inventory of goods to be sold.

One should also note that the definition of the word Fear refers back to the word Afraid:

Afraid: Feeling fear.

By these definitions we can see that Fear means Afraid and Afraid means Fear.  But what do they really mean?

As to the word Monger, by and of itself, it is simply a noun, but can have subjective meanings, such as one being a gossipmonger, or one being a fishmonger.

The point I’m making here is simple, and that is that Fear is subjective (existing in the mind; belonging to the thinking subject rather than to the object of thought) and therefore resides in the minds/thoughts/opinions of the reader, and never the writer.

I cannot make anyone afraid of anything, neither can you make me afraid of anything.

What I choose to be afraid of comes from within me.  What you choose to be afraid of comes from with you.

If I were to say, “Tomorrow gigantic Green Monsters will descend upon the Earth and gobble up all of the little children” would this make you afraid?

But, if I were a teacher of small children and said those words would these younglings be afraid?  I would say yes.

In this example, though, is it I who is making the younglings afraid?  No, their fear is coming from within themselves.

In this example it is also important to note that the teller of words does indeed have an effect upon the listener, as one with authority, or apparent/perceived greater knowledge then the hearer, is more able to induce (to lead or move by persuasion or influence, as to some action or state of mind) fear than someone of equal or lower standing.

But, this does not take away from the fact that Fear comes only from within a person, it cannot ever come from without.

Let us now take a greater look at Fear:

“Fear is a basic emotional sensation and response system (“feeling”) initiated by an aversion to some perceived risk or threat.

Fear also can be described as a feeling of SO BAD extreme dislike towards certain conditions, objects, people, or situations such as: fear of darkness, fear of ghosts, etc. Personal fear varies extremely in degree from mild caution to extreme phobia and paranoia. Fears may be a factor within a larger social network, wherein personal fears are synergetically compounded as mass hysteria.

Fear may underlie some phenomena of behavior modification, although these phenomena can be explained without adducing fear as a factor in them. Furthermore, application of aversive stimuli is also often ineffective in producing change in the behaviour intended to be changed. Fearing objects or contexts can be learned; in animals this is being studied as fear conditioning, which depends on the emotional circuitry of the brain. It is one of the basic emotions and is linked heavily to the amygdala neurons.

Some philosophers have considered fear to be a useless emotion; other thinkers note the usefulness of fear as a warning of potentially unpleasant situations or consequences. Still others consider that fear is the fuel that feeds the ego’s (as in “separating/judgmental agent”) engine. Note that “fear” in the sense of “God Fearing” means “To regard with reverence and awe”.

Let us also look at just one of the dangers of fear:

“Young female rats afraid of new environments developed cancer tumors sooner than their more adventuresome sisters, a new study finds. The researchers called the difference “striking.”

The apprehensive rodents died sooner than others in the study because they got cancer earlier in life, on average. Importantly, however, the study found no difference in the length of time between onset of cancer and death in the two sets of rats.

The findings suggest research is needed into the possibility that human personality could predict cancer risk, the researchers write in the current issue of the journal Hormones and Behavior.”

Now let us ask these questions:

Is Fear a natural state of human beings, or is it an induced state?

What are the advantages to the rulers of human beings by having a population live in Fear?

Can living in the absence of Fear be taught to human beings?

What would be the consequences should human beings learn to live without Fear?

I would be most pleased to hear your thoughts on these matters.


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Fears come out of fiat esse- Latin is its true origin. Fears are of course a mean to control-a mean to have those who dare not to ask to take actions as desired for them to do.
Its true origin lies in the eye of the beholder- or the eye of Anubis. He is of course not the true source but from within you comes the notion of fear. A notion onto no one is equipped to withstand if he or she is not in her middle off where to be. Thus has fear to be a sickness of withdrawing yourself from yourself to rest in believes that other tell them to believe in.
Sorcha Faal you are right telling that fear is not a natural thing to hold onto- as “Angst” is somewhere in the subconscious of mind not in its middle and/or above these mindsets.
To be labelled a fear monger is to tell someone to be responsible for that man’s or woman’s own inaptness to face his or her own shortened mindset.
It is too easy always to give you, me or anyone else the responsibility for the life that a man or a woman has to live for themselves to share.
America or in their language the land of free and the land of mighty is under a spell so deep that even their politicians have fallen to its deeper pray. The dark light is been put over them- even if there are people, rich or mighty being aware of how handy fear can be to reign- does this not mean, as I understand things to be, that they are evil to their core.
Nine eleven tells a truth beyond knowledge of those being there outside of themselves. There were men in planes being dead before hitting and there were passengers being told to die at beforehand before even things were set into motion. These of all were set to put fear into a land of “righteousness”. Physics was bent and fear made the buildings fall down- yes fear let those buildings fall. Not what evil men were doing in those three towers had things to be- fear was the motive which had a hole society to be put in a mar dream.
“Esse” was and things were set. They of course call others fear mongers as they live in the land of the living dead. They wake up seeing in the faces of their spouses’ hatred and call this love- they fear responsibility and fear atrocities to haunt them. A whole land captivated by mongers being though themselves. Who is to throw the first stone- I see none. However, I see that reason can prevail if after sought.

Comment by Wolf Tanzmeister

i h a question.
i am blind & i need the truth
can you get this book for free from your websight in audio god bless

Comment by shahparas2323

We need not fear the one who can kill the body only fear the one who can take our soul. Shatan wants us to fear him so he can be like the most high. His name is not God he has a name “YHWH” and his son Yahushua! If we don’t even know his name how can we call upon it when we need him.

Comment by Phil

Hello Shahparas,

I am sorry but there are no books of ours published in audio. This is a very expensive thing to have done for which we have no funds for. I will also caution you as to ever believing that our books, or anyone’s, contain truth, they do not. What books contain are perspective and instruction, truth can only come from within yourself.

Comment by Sorcha Faal

Why fear for what is to be.
Why fear for what had been.
Why fear for what is to have been.
Why fear for what all say “Fear it!”
Children they fear for what is there in the cellar or beneath their bed, or in the closet in their big rooms.
Are the mighty ones fearless if they call for vengeance- as the perpetrators are themselves in disguise.
See in the lights and all are blinded with fear- this is fear!
Although times are dire and all in USA are angered- though with blood they are saturated.
Why is this?
I need to see there in countries paying the price for a fearless union of fear mongers all praying day and night “God, there in heaven. Why do those crusaders think them to be us, who are those perpetrators? Why our beloved God, have they the right to kill all of us, ’cause they are angry with us. They send children of dangerous astute to us, who fear our children to roam the streets as their children roams their streets at home. Why have our brothers to die to save their children from being downgraded into death by bulldozers of great magnitude. Why God, have you forsaken us. Are we less in your eyes, even less as the dogs that those fear mongers have in their lands?
Pigs they are and pigs we discern us to be as they treat our people in the lands far away. Our God, to be their God as well- Why have you forsaken our and your children in that way? What have thy children as we are to be in thy eyes, to pay the price of death- and they to laugh at our inaptness to defend ourselves. Even not to defend a capital city can we do alone. In the holy city we walk- there to pray onto thee, we do. Your humble servants we are- though yet no answer from thee! Why God have you forsaken us, your loving child.”

Tss, Tsss
Did I send you messengers or not?
Did I not tell through messengers on either side that I know. Did I not tell in the lands off ME to come? Did I not say trust in ME! Did I not say have faith and I will send once again in appropriate time- for ME to set alone- a messenger to tell that I know very well why those in the land of free are so afraid- THIS DID I TELL!
They are conducting surveys in the land of free if I exist- you out there have learnt that I must exist. Why this do you think? I have already lost my faith- Can I not see all the dead bodies there in the streets, treated as pigs as they show off our skulls in the hands of astute children.
They are dead as they already have told- over 55% tell ME not to exist. Papa is coming- to let them see that I exist. But they will surely say as they had during seven years- “those are natural disasters ” had they told. Surveys tell this to be the case.
What shall I tell more than they hold death in their hands- with their hands they show off their hatred onto fellow human happening to believe in a God not to be theirs as they tell! Even down from the pulpit they tell, baptised have these “pigs” to be. Jesus only is the one, who can give salvation to open up heaven. They do not even read their bibles- as this a messenger once laughed at! There can they read that Jesus Christ is the one to come- cannot they read?
There was once a messenger, laying in the dirt, ashamed to his core- He hadn’t believed that God exist. How this, why had you not told at beforehand that you exist? I WOULD NEVER HAVE HURT THY PEOPLE IF I HAD KNOWN- did he say.
Tss, Tsss
I look down at you- small and mighty.
I see thy finger pointing at me- you are angered and you are afraid, this I see.
Tss, Tsss
Love thy neighbour, did I say or not?
Why cannot you stick to these commands?
My children they start to loose faith, I see this to be as well.
I have here a problem- this I see.
What would you do, if you were in my eye?
Lord behold, what do I see?
This should you ask yourself- do I see natural disasters and no God out there?
Do I loose faith, due to the wickedness of this and that worlds all around us- Why should I?

Comment by your holy mother in heavens pray this tune

Is Fear a natural state of human beings, or is it an induced state? I believe it’s induced for the benefit of the emotion that is produced. It would only benefit the entity that feeds upon it. Much like heroin is to a drug adict.
What are the advantages to the rulers of human beings by having a population live in Fear? Again, because of the extreme vibration of the emotion that is produced by fear.
Can living in the absence of Fear be taught to human beings? Absolutly
What would be the consequences should human beings learn to live without Fear?
A world in balance, peace, harmony, and love…………………but it’s not existed in the current world of human, and because of genetic memory may not be possible.

Comment by Bill Schuster

is there a postal address or telephone number i can use to send a donation?

i don’t want to use paypal.

Comment by choosey

John the Revealer!

Rev 1:11 Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and, What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea.
Rev 1:12 And I turned to see the voice that spake with me. And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks;
Rev 1:13 And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.

Once again do I raise my voice onto the seven churches.

My name is John- once was I John the Baptist- once was my name Seneca the Elder- once was my name Plato. I taught Herakleios and I taught Europe to be a woman, to be a bride for the Master of Creation!
Clovius the I was my name- I had names in the Legions of Allah!
I am in the name of ALLAH, our Almighty Father- HE to be the One and Only in and on Universe all EVERYWHERE and anywhere in times!

I choose the name Johannes to mark me to be the Son and his second name of my father did I take.
My father being a Jew shun by his people had a mother with an Aryan Certificate, showing that my father was a progeny of Aryan origin.
My father knew nothing of being the son of Adolph Schicklgruber- his mother told that his father died too young to be known by his son called by her and himself Werner Johannes!
All Jews hated that man, who knew nothing of his ancestry to be a Jew. That man survived the WWII but did not survive to be a Jew- after all had we all an Aryan Certificate effectively proving his family not to be progeny of Jews!
His father Adolph had a father, who came out of the English Court and criminal Justice. That man fathered a baby boy, who would be next in the line of to be the Kings of Kings in Great Britain.
John the Revealer decided at the age of thirteen not to be the archetype of Evilness- to serve humanity was his decision!
An Archangel asked Adolph at his fourteens year into being- onto whom will you serve?
Living in Lower-Bavaria in the heartland of Illuminati had he decided to be the Chancellor and dictator of Arya.
All this lead into that the Lion of Judah did not inherit the throne of Great Britain then!
Jack the Ripper, being in real life in the Progeny of the king of Europe had a child and this child had Great Britain to loose India.
The Aryan Reich was divided and even its origin was lost- how decisions form destiny did I only want to tell!

Here do I sit, asking myself why did I decide this to be?
I have no free will, this to be the case!

Standing at the Court of the Living God are two candleholders lit!
Seven candlesticks each- at the left and to the right of the Court of Almighty FATHER are they lit!
Each candlelight being one angel of seven- at the left HIS “the dark angels”. At HIS right seven angels of divine light!
The seventh at the left and of the right of HIM is a man of divine progeny coming out of earthly evilness- born into knowledge of whom to serve do I stand before you all!
I John humble myself and I bow in front of you all- WE ARE IN REALITY OF ONE AND ONLY, this is why I ask myself do you deserve to be in HIS LOVE?

I burn in hell and this is what I effectively am doing!
My forehead is radiating and my chest is broad as daylight!

I have made mistakes onto which I adorn HIM to have done this in me!
Some do I regret but those are of those onto which I bow myself onto HIM, the One and Only everywhere and anywhere!

I have been telling and I was brought to Justice by man- and I am marked by a knife onto my forehead. They have cracked my scull for what I told them to be!
I was murdered through medical neglect and malpractice- still do I sit here, to write down a story, which tells you that a man can walk through times. Yet to be dead am I! Still dead am I!
I can hear the voices calling me a lunatic and a liar!
Nevertheless, are those who know but I stand to my commitment nevertheless!

This to be Adar and the feast of Purim will be in the light of the evil moon!
The Morning Star will arise!

Michael, Gabriel, Asazrael, and your Soul are standing at HIS COURT!

Let me report what HE tells into the one and only living to hear HIS VOICE!
Be grateful not to stand in front of HIM!
Righteousness is HIS feature- steadfast is HIS IRON WILL!
Harsh are HIS DICTUM!
Harsh are his WORDS and let me now tell!

Sons, daughters, and my little daughter hear my verdict!
“I am!”
– these are HIS WORDS! Nothing shall be taken out other than these words.
– No human is allowed to alter my will!
– No angel can change the course of destiny and history.
– No one;
– Even I will follow onto MY VERDICT:

Tell my people and to the seven churches that I am the Living God, your’s Almighty God. Your garment am I, I am even your thoughts. I am anywhere and everywhere do I am!
My little children are calling for revenge- this do I understand you to be!
You have forgotten that you are all my children.
You have forgotten that I send little children into the world and into the wombs of women do I send these little angels of mine. You call these angels your right and your body as to be your own basement and house do you call this to be!
What heartless bodies do you have- morning after pills and abortions freely at hand, easily conceived this to be your right have you Jezebels decided to be as such!
You reject my little angels and they call for vengeance!
VENGEANCE WILL NOW BE everywhere and anywhere in your lands!
I have sent my Son into the lands to have you to understand- the Son of Man did you have!
I have sent Archangels into the lands- I have sent remnants into your lands.
I had even sent your signs in heavens, signs on earth and signs anywhere and everywhere to understand that I AM and that I WILL ACT accordingly!

Physics will alter, your environment will alter.
Your houses will no longer belong to you- into your minds, into that of that evil Jezebel mindset of yours will I send anxiousness, uneasiness, fear-gripping thoughts, and even the voices of those evil thoughts and little angels will I send!
Into your world will I from this very moment stop sending signs alone- I will send Judgement into the lands onto that you know whom your Lord is off!

Let me start to tell, what I have decided to be!
I will break the backbone of Jezebel- all rights that you called yours to be will be relinquished and called to be no more!
No more male slaves to follow onto your mindset will be- you will be left to die or to follow your male companions, you will perish if not heeded!
You deserve not be loved by them, by ME and by the Son of Man as well!

Listen my churches!
Listen onto my verdict:
All churches to unite- into my HAND alone under the one and only Umbrella this will be- or all your houses and spicas will be torn down and trampled upon. Never to be found if not heeded!

Listen- all mighty men and women:
Listen onto my verdict:
Give all your wealth into the hands of the Son of Man- He alone will decide what fate those riches will have!

Listen- all politicians and deciders!
Listen onto my verdict:
Only one leader and one voice how to decide will be! He to be the Son of Mine progeny knows what I will have to be- this is why give all powers into the hands of that Son!
The King of Kings will he be called!
He will share these powers and wealth with those elected to serve together with him ME!

And now spake Son!
i AM your Soul:
I am mourning- I have torn my garment into two halves. Out of its centre will the Black Light of Judgement befall this Event Horizon!
Once was I a plant. Once was I a horse, once was I a dolphin, once was I a female spider and a male “mice” was I as well. In the Great Cycle of Noah was I at first at approximately 52.000 years ago a Neanderthal- then was my name the lonely One.
My brother was a Roman of Julian-Claudian House and ancestry- you call me to be Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, my name was Lucius Vitellius II as my father Lucius Vitellius I was a friend of Germanicus the Elder- this infamous mass murderer was called by his followers Caiphas or Joseph Arithimae was he called as well. My mother Maria Magdalene Arithimae was killed by this stepfather- onto who you call Caiphas. My stepbrother called by his followers Artebanus took my name and he took my wife Roxanna as well- to have with her my son Aulus Vitellius. This Aulus Vitellius was martyred and this man do you call the pope Peter I.
I had once two women- my only love Roxanne Arithimae this to be an evil wife had me on the cross. She told that I called myself God! That was a capital offence back in those days and at 33 AD had I to believe that she my only love loved me but she had my Roman wife a Vitellius in her arms instead.
I went to the cross and my stepfather Caiphas and my “son” Aulus drank my blood after they had washed themselves with my blood.

I AM NOW, once again am i.

What shall I say- no one seems to understand that I was!

All seem to understand that Judgement has to be- all seems to be as such!
I look around; there in my compound are only music. A lonely tune that you call this reality to be.
Humans have adored their own wishes and all was given freely. The Age of the Serpent has now ended- the Age of Adar is now completed. Purim will now be!
Esther this evil woman has her say- this Goddess of Rome is no more.
Her name is the infinity in her own destiny- that woman was called through ages Kali, Persephone, or the black princess was she called as well!

Once did the Sages seek a baby boy- the Morning Star in the Heaven being the moon turned into a reddish face had shown them where to find that little boy having survived the Ages of the Serpent and the Age of the first Adar!
This day to mark the festivity of Purim has once again a moon eclipse staged over Jerusalem and over the worldwide Beth-le-heims.
“There will be a total eclipse of the moon on the evening of March 3/4, 2007 that will be visible in Europe, Africa and the eastern through mid-west United States and North America. The eclipse will be seen in its entirety in Europe and Africa. The moon will rise in the eastern U.S. with the eclipse already underway. The total eclipse runs from 5:44 to 6:58 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on the evening of March 3, as seen from the United States.

This eclipse is very similar to the Blood Red Passover Eclipse as seen from Jerusalem and as a dark eclipse from the eastern through Midwestern U.S. on April 3/4, 1997. This eclipse should also be a red eclipse as seen from Jerusalem and will occur on Purim.”
The position of the moon in the constellation Leo (Arieh) around the time of mid eclipse at 1:30 a.m. as seen from Jerusalem:
Arieh represents the Lion of the Tribe of Judah or Messiah, or the Tribe of Judah. The Lion is making war with the water serpent Hydra, or a beast from the sea. In the ancient times of Adar I, had that Hydra seven heads.

A Blood Red Eclipse represents in the reality of your Event Horizon the atoning blood of Messiah and also blood and war on His enemies. Understanding the signs in the Sign Scorpio since this past December, this is Messiah making war on His enemies being His Archenemy the Age of the Serpent and her dominionists i.e. her priests in USA and in her lands of US-A.

This eclipse occurs on Purim, which is the time that the people of Judah who lived in the land of Persia were to be destroyed by Haman’s deceitfulness, but instead, the armies that came up against the Jews in the land if Persia were destroyed. Read the book of Esther, the queen priestess of Hasmonite and Sanhedrin. The everlasting “One Night with the King the Age of the Serpent”. Once and then was war against the enemies of Yahweh’s people at that time and in these days as well, and those enemies were destroyed. Haman was hanged or put into four parts after hanging his legs and arms in the four corners of Jerusalem.
During the Adar was Michael i.e. Saturn (this to be his nickname, which was given by Hydra the Princess of Europe):
The planet Saturn came into opposition on February 10, 2007. When an outer planet reaches opposition it is on the opposite side of the earth than the sun, or 180 degrees from the sun and very near its closest approach to the earth for the year. The planet is also seen at its brightest for the year at that time.
The position of Saturn above the feet of the Lion (Arieh) at the time of its opposition was the hint to see what IHVE was up to.
The lion represents the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and Saturn represents Satan the Adversary in the war between the woman and the woman’s seed against the serpent and the serpent’s seed. The lion’s feet are over the head of the serpent Hydra about to descend upon it and crush it.
On this same date of Saturn’s opposition, Mercury and Venus were high in the evening sky and shining brightly in the constellation Aquarius (Deli), which represents God’s blessings being poured forth on His people. Mercury (Gabriel) was in the water urn and Venus (the Bright and Morning Star in the Heavens) in the water flow representing the blessings of Yahweh being poured forth to His people through His Son the bright and morning star in the Heavens Y’shua or the moon:
The Morning Star in the Heaven is the moon and the Morning Star in the Heavens are …! Zedek (Jupiter) was in Scorpio, which represents the war between the woman’s seed and the serpent’s seed. Mars (“here to be the true Michael” represents Michael or War) was in Sagittarius, the conqueror going forth conquering and to conquer. This is the constellation that the super-bright Comet McNaught passed through in January.
(My regards to for giving a helping hand for this analysis.
Post scripted: Michael was a double agent in the Heavens- here on earth is he Messiah!

The next new moon (likens the New Moon of the Abib or “Arabia i.e. Mecca!”) “sighted” near sunset on March 20, 2007- this to coincide with the Spring feasts in Jerusalem. This marks the arrival of al Mahdi onto the Olivet of Jerusalem- these sages to know was this has to mean!

We have now at to this date 02.03.2007 only “minutes of God” till He in His Sovereignty will ACT ACCORDINGLY!

i know perfectly well that these masses of information are heavy to digest. Nevertheless, are Judgement on the lands.
The War in the Heavens have effectively now entered into our Even Horizon and even if there are those mocking these lines IS THAT AS SUCH!
Please prepare yourself- I beg you prepare yourself. Nothing will be withheld on that terrible Day of the Lord:
This sayeth your humble servant and Prophet John.

Comment by About divine judgement and Intervention

The only thing to be afraid of, is fear itself
Those who are afraid have themselves to blame. It is the Americans that have been living in a bernays (sic) bubble now for too many years .Those that can not or will not see the truth are afraid to visit the truth for fear of being shaken to their foundations and trembling before the God almighty.

the pain and suffering that is being foisted on the world in the name of the American people should make the Americans very afraid , for the barbarian horde is at the gates of the empire, and the people of America are sleep walking into their arms.IF by chance someone should try and warn the Americans of their plight, you bet there will be fear and accusations of fear mongering as they have no idea what is in store for them in the course of the next few years
It will not be meteors and comets that will be their demise but the Barbarians at the gates that have already invaded them by the millions
to loot ,rape kill .
Americans as we speak have in exactly the same manner that the Romans invited the barbarians into the country so to is America inviting the disaster that is befalling them
there is such similarities that it leads one to believe that the coming decline of the 4th Reich(usa) has been planned for a long time by their own Govt. in the name of the richest Americans the poorest of them will wither and be made to wear shackles
the new world order can not proceed without at least these 4 things occuring
1)radical islam and radical isreal must be brought down
2) the constitution of the USA must be brought down either by the AMerican govt. or by Force of arms
3) the people of the world must all be on equal footing which means that Americans must be impoverished
4) all firearms in all countries must be rounded up and destroyed to prevent any chance of resistance

America is no longer able to fend off the barbarian horde illegal aliens infest America and will destroy it as we know it
there will be more spanish speaking people in America than english and these poor mexicans have little or no education there is no finer example of barbarian anywhere in the world today.

In the end it is the Americans that sleep walk while their empire crumbles all around them prefering not to see the truth but to remain in that burnays bubble they will be seen sleep walking mumbling their national athem long after the barbarians have conqued them such is the truama that burnayse and freud has left them
they are as helpless as a newborn child to defend themselves they have replaced god with matrerial blessings of Satan . the Day of the Lord is upon them and they will reap what they have sowed no more and no less

Comment by David

if you want to really study fear and its components then I suggest you go to palestine and interview the people like the rats in the cage you mention they offer a more accurate account of what fear is to people

Comment by David

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