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Steven McDougall Says
24,October, 2006, 11:20 pm
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It seems to me after visiting your site that you’re just out to make money, after clicking on several of your links it says buy the book after about 20 or so lines of text.


If this is not the case then why don’t you just put these texts online for all to read and then give people the choice to buy, even maybe a few chapters of these books online might be enough for people to judge if any of what you are saying is true or not.I would love to read more about The Children of Winter but i don’t really want to buy a book just to see what this is all about, who these people are and if they are contactable real people  

They’ve been manipulating our DNA for far too long; I for one Remember the good ol’ days.  

Sorcha Replies:


Our placement of books to be sold on our website are indeed to make money, I would think it foolish for us, or anyone, to labor to write, edit, translate, print, and then provide to other people their work for nothing.


Here in the
Russias we have stores where many books are offered for sale, from the oldest of writers, to the newest of them, but we cannot just walk out of a store with a book we have chosen without expecting to pay the shop owner for it.  I know this is not any different in your country.


Your suggestion of making available on our website a portion, or certain chapters, of the books we offer is one I have never thought of, but that does appear to be a very good idea, and one which I’ll have our webmaster explore.


The essence of your statements, however, speaks to a much greater issue, and which is, what is the correct balance to strike between knowledge and money.


Because I know more than you do, are more educated than you are, have seen more of the world than you have, does that then put upon me the responsibility to give to you freely all that I know and have experienced?


For what you want of me, am I also able to claim the same from you?  Am I free to walk into your home and take possession of what you have made, the product of your labor, simply because I want it and believe that you must give it to me freely?


What is money anyway?  It is simply a representation of your labor, your work.  Money in and of itself has no other meaning, the use of money, however, can indeed have both good and evil connotations.


The selling of my books, or indeed any product, anywhere, is a simple exchange of labor for labor.  The advantage of money allows different people with different skills to exchange their labor for those goods and/or services the need to live.


Money is not the only means of exchange either.  Here in the
Russias we rely more on bartering than on money.  Last winter my automobile needed repair and there was no money exchanged for it being done.  This was because at our home is much land, and which the owner of the shop asked to use a part of to store securely a number of valuable automobiles that he owned.  I am sure that where you live these same types of transactions occur.


For anyone not able to exchange the representation of their labor, money, for the works of my labor, books, I am always open to an exchange of equal worth and value.


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“Because I know more than you do, are more educated than you are, have seen more of the world than you have, does that then put upon me the responsibility to give to you freely all that I know and have experienced?”

another annoying trait of yours. Do you really know more? Why is it that you feel compelled to point out your belief in this matter. Do you always compare your knowledge with others and seek to surpass them? For what do you compensate?

Oh, and by the way, I give many services for free to those in need and without the ablity to pay. Perhaps you could squeeze out a few chapters of your ‘truth’.

Comment by dr richard

If you want money for your works and at the same time make them available to many I suggest you make downloadable e-book versions of them at modest prices.

That way many more will buy your books and won’t have to wait weeks or months for them to arrive.

I for one want to know more about the Children of Winter and hope to be able to read a downloadable version of it.

Comment by Gunnar

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