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24,October, 2006, 11:21 pm
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Dear Sorcha, 

I am curious about the way you have phrased the above response…you speak of the ‘dragons of old’. Could these be the reptile like beings that are reported as working in underground bases (Dulce) They are purported to be aliens, but I seem to recall stories from over 40 years ago where they were mentioned as inhabiting the inner earth, as a resident species. Can you provide more information as to what we might be able to do to learn more to better guard ourselves? Or do I misunderstand you, and you actually are referring to a celestial body like a comet or planetoid which passes our orbit ?Thank YouMark  

Sorcha Replies:


The subjects, and issues, you raise in your writing are very complex, and in fact to answer fully would take many years of both instruction and private reading on your part.


The greater issue, though, lies in how important is it for a human being to know everything about everything?  And the answer is it isn’t. 


Every one of us human beings has as our first destiny to remember who we are.  Once that is done, and a memory is restored, then the path of your life, not my life, not any others life, but your life will then be set before you.


If your path is to the knowing of the dragons, to the hidden places of our Earth, then those things you will need for this knowing will always be put before you.


It cannot be discounted, either, that in your asking me of these things that this is indeed your path, and which then obliges me to provide a direction for you.


There are very few alive today with the remembrance that the first nation invaded and occupied by the Nazi Forces of Germany was the Himalaya country of Tibet.


When the Russian Armies entered into
Berlin almost 3,000 Buddhist Monks committed suicide.

Why is this so?  If this is your path to the knowing of these things you will find these answers.  Once found please come back here to me and we’ll talk more.


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I would here like to comment onto this issue being once a favourite of mine.
As a starter, I had been living in Germany during a period of changes that ended then in the Fall of Berlin Wall.
Germans were prior to the tragic period of Second World War a people of knowledge, which had been brought forth through scientists, and philosophers of various directions. This had ended as the German Elites started to experiment on traits of Black Magic.
Thus and of white magic have I as a curious scholar been studying under the supervision of my mentor-lately though deceased through his own hand. German Elites had their specialists, who had not the knowledge to control the pit holes of black magic- white magic is not always white but this is here, to my knowledge not important. The ways of Black Magic needs a certain type of priesthood that could at these times only be found in Tibet. To shorten it up- Thule was the school system that was then in act. There is a great deal of secrecy behind that of which I want to tell, but to keep this essay as short as possible do I only mention the name Alexander Crowley- the founder of MI 6, CIA, some obscure ones in the middle east, and of course Reich of Thule.
I the course of my way into the different arts of dark and white knowledge was I introduced in certain forms of bodily self-reliance and this had those monks to perform in Germany. Without these techniques had Germany no possibility to counter the efforts that the Dragons had been enforcing onto the Germans leaders, ensnared in them was then the reality of schizophrenia. By those techniques of Old had Dragons of Old being “humans” with that old knowledge put death into the society of Thule. Eventually having Germany to pay the price that USA has to pay now. This is no excuse, only an explanation of what happens behind the scenes- this answers also the question off who the Dragons are. Dragons are a mindset living bellow humans mindsets ready to take over if invited. German Elites did that willingly, they had at first the specialists being monks of another colour (this refers onto how the gowns were coloured). In the end as the Germans had ousted out most off their with Dragon blood infested evil minds- to be sent overseas, had they called for counter experts from Tibet. Their gowns had a different colour prior to those monks having summoned up the Dragons from the depths of Schrangliah. To shorten up this story had they as my mentor of German origin told me, that they had committed mutual suicide knowing that they had lost the battle against the Dragons. They are now the dark masters being hold at distant only by a few specialists hard to be found. Some of these deceased now where for example Barton. Only experts are able to fend off that sort of mind control, which once had engulfed Germany and its dominions to commit the most hideous crimes and atrocities that no human could even imagine prior to the regime of Nazi.
This ends a tour into a history of German guilt- never to be forgotten.
They was though not the first to have been ensnared by the Dragons of Schrangliah- opened up and hidden by something resembling a time vault through a special technique that only “priests” of highest orders. A technician, who had survived a war of knowledge of old, having the technological knowledge of a civilisation destroyed then long ago, at his disposal, once installed that. Onto those forces called Dragons of Old was a technological “spell” or time vault set- which at various points or celestial conjunctions opens up to be summoned by specialists, if they choice as such. There were though through time two factions at Schrangliah at work- one wanted that vault not opened up, the other were all to happy to put Dragons of Old back into the mindsets of Westerner idiots.
Schrangliah was a chain of monasteries, which was then destroyed. The technological traits were dispersed but those forces called Dragons were free to infest our world. This tells of technological traits- of spiritual realms that are of another story.
Sorcha Faal I do not know if you are free to tell of what I have been telling now? Maybe, have you a completely other insider story, but to my knowledge is this mine and my mentors truth.
By the way had that unknown technician used Atlantean Technology. Atlantis was a great civilisation, which was engulfed through Dragons of Old- that society was destroyed as well. And countless others followed. Dragons of Old cannot be killed, is can only be sustained through special technological traits, onto which once Tibetan Monks were “instructed” to use if necessary.
Through history has this been told- to be a secret and a warning not find certain secrets was “Adam” and his wife told. Even the bible told what could happen if this knowledge would be after sought. Through millenniums were specialists summoned to counteract if the vault would dissolve. Those monks in Berlin knew that they had summoned up “Belial”.

Comment by Wizzard of Ozz

I have a theory that all wars are caused by lack of sexual fulfilment in those that perpetrate them . could you comment on this

Comment by charlie

I have a theory that all wars are caused by lack of sexual fulfilment in those that perpetrate them .This is caused by lack of love obviously. Hence women , through Eve , could be the perpetrators of all wars, by jumping in too soon and breaking the spell and inducing Adam to follow. This is what the coded message of creation means.
Wars will end when men are happy at home, in my humble, wise, view. So women have a burden, to love to their capacity and beyond, whatever it takes, to create peace for all through the ripple effect of the spirit.

Comment by charlie

Women are the natural object of mens love (not sex) and their efforts (men) will be greatly enhanced by women emerging from their defensive spiritual paths in the relationship into a leadership of love. Women would thus see themselves not as devoid from political power on the world stage but at the forefront. for it is a spiritual stage, thats where the real power is and not determined by worldly dimensions of space, politics and wealth. What one does in a hut on a plain in Central Africa can have an enormous effect on the whole world without even knowing about it. Thats what prayer does. But prayer is a movement of the spirit in the direction of a much larger spirit which is in all things which resonates that movement with the power of spiritual nuclear fission. I’ve been priveleged to see the results one or two times and there is no place on earth not affected by it.

Comment by charlie

invasion? occupation? Rather an overstatement it would seem.

“The subjects, and issues, you raise in your writing are very complex, and in fact to answer fully would take many years of both instruction and private reading on your part.

The greater issue, though, lies in how important is it for a human being to know everything about everything? And the answer is it isn’t. ”

Such comments as these have always annoyed. I am not impressed with folks who state such things with mysterious ‘all-knowing-ness’ pretension.

It is important to Me that I know as much as I can (baring the limitations of ‘knowing’ per se for the moment).

Comment by dr richard

I find this interresting, on your web site you publish intricate and interresting views. However, why do you add a picture of an interresting and good looking woman to your web site? Normaly the human creatures in an Monatery are somewhat different, drwawn by there search for knowledge and mostly introverts. This dichonemy is perticular the the hollywood mind frame. Please explain. Borysko

Comment by Borysko

i noticed that you chose only the one of two meanings of the word monger the second meaning is as used as in warmonger or fear monger so the word fearmonger is a correct word and use of the word monger.
alot of your news is in fact interesting and i read it and look forward to reading your stories. i get info from them and take what i need and toss the rest out as either who cares or as duh all one needs to do is open there eyes and they will see that stuff going on around them but thats the thing people must open there eyes and look at whats going on. ya most americans have had there heads stuck in the sand for many years and the ones who dont and dont stand up are not loving what is going on but know that if they rock the boat they very well could end up taking a long ride to an unknown place and be reported as missing and never found. so tell me how willing are you to take that ride. when now new bs laws have been passed that state that anyone who is a disenter or disagrees with the thing running this country can and will be locked up in the many haliburten camps being built as i speak. tell me how can you win when your locked up how can you speak out when they will read and distroy your mail if they even let you send mail. so the smart people keep there mouth shut untill after the 08 elections and wait and see what will replace whats there now. if they have no problem of doing what happened in newyork do you think they would bat an eye on making anyone disapear. think about it for a second. what happened to the people?
so your outspoken stories are just nothing but like a child slaping a pissed off dog and that dog one day will get off its chain and then its pay back time. and we know this and so we dont go around teasing dogs. just because theres laws dosent mean the laws are going to hold back that dog.

Comment by john

wag the dog- before it bits your hands.
Who is this dog- is this dog an American voter or a politician, who they had not voted for.
Halliburton had been building by contract camps for those soon to be misplaced during an upheaval of magnitude i.e. during a serial of quakes that would shape US into a free roaming anarchy.
The military character of these camps is due to the necessity to govern inmates in their present gulags that they call prisons.
Due to contracts that has to ensure safety in these Halliburton camps had these experiences that has formed US prisons been applied into an organization called detention areas. At least have I understood this to be truth. Most of these detention “camps” are situated in quake proof areas, where masses of population can be granted food and safety.
At least are these camps as well to be processed and brought into the knowledge why detention areas are necessesary in US!
But what will be if millions and more millions are on the run can only Hollywood imagine! There lies the possibility that these camps would very well be real time Gulags.
Black smokers and other yellow or pink facilities at certain railway conjunctions tell though another less likely possibility of evilness- let us hope that US has wise politicians when things will turn worse! The US voters have taken their decision- let us hope that their politicians have more responsibility in their guts as their voters have shown off lately!

Comment by peter

Hello Sisters… I have enjoyed your web site for some years now, It is so sad others cannot see the forest because of the trees… Like you have been saying you have to become one with yourself. And then your true path will follow… I thank-you all for all your hard work and dedication.

Comment by Sue

Shame-on -me I forgot to mention something!!! THANK-YOU WEB MASTER.

Comment by Sue

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