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21,October, 2006, 8:57 pm
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Wolfgang Sagmeister Says:

October 21st, 2006 at 6:37 pm e
Edward Cayce had it presumably wrong as he referred the knowledge of old to the Atlantian people.
Knowledge is not universal nor is it there to get for someone who seeks- It is given freely to give freely away.
Knowledge does not cost a penny or a dime- you have it there in you or not.
Just look beneath your vessel- and there will there be hope for those who seek. Not in your hands is the truth out there- find it in you yourself and knowledge will be given. Then to give it away freely is righteous; to ask for money in order to sell those guaranties is to loose what is given freely onto you.
Be aware that life is short, though do not haste, as there are no such things as ascended masters. All do we walk the pathway, narrow or not- the pathway is a one-way ticket to eternity and not a ticket to come back and seek fortune, to barter your knowledge for a dime.
Death leads to eternity not back into death.


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Though you do not ask of me a question I am in the understanding of your sayings.

You cannot, however, combine the knowledge of all true things is such simplistic means, or by saying that what you do not know does not exist, it is a contridiction.

You cannot have the minds of other selves so therefore you cannot be in the knowing of others minds, of what is to be true, what is true now, what has been true.

The complexities of thoughts, minds, experiences, of all human life make all things possible, even to the funniest beliefs or mental imaginings.

What may indeed be true for your mind/world is not true for others mind/world.

The question then becomes as to what binds us? What is the truest sense of all human beings?

The answer lies in the question itself, and which is simply, everything is possible.

That is why nothing, or no one, should ever be condemned for the life they are living, or to what they believe is true.

For in each of us is the atribute of a Master Creator meant by deliberate design to create entire universes and to rule over the made creatures of the creation.

To such power are all human beings born, to this power to the dragons always seek to take away the knowledge of.

But as in some time past/now/future the universe you create is of your workings, so is to this present universe we inhabit, and which is but a thought of a thought of which part of it is for everyone to discover their own place.

Comment by Sorcha Faal

I think the statement was a question of Psychic ability and where it eminates from? I like the way Sorcha comments to this and I am interested in hearing a view about the underlying premise of what I percieve from the meanderings and Cayceisms mentioned above. Saying to use superior knowledge over someone else for profit just because you are prophetic is wrong. That is a moral question though to speculate that Psychic knowledge should be leveraged for positive means.

There lies the crux of the matter then as good and evil and the shades of grey in between. The distortion comes from how other people treat you and that it seems out of your control, deeming that any adversity or wrong done unto people is evil. It has been said that no harm can come to a Good person in this world or any other world, by ancient scholars. So to say that, would a good person exist in this world or any other world, seems more like the question.

Me personally, I would barter my knowledge for a dime only because it is change. You might say that the only thing that stays the same is change but really everything stays the same it is only your perception that can change. To each their own, rings true to this concept as disturbance only makes people disturbed. Like the knock on a door from a person soliciting salvation and all you have to do is accept christ as your savior. Well I didn’t need saving so save it for someone else.

You know why they say to walk a mile in another mans shoes before judging him? So that you will be a mile away from him when you do judge him, and you will have his shoes!

How about thoughts on Oblivion as a discourse if you are not willing to accept that others have more knowledge and weild it wickedly! Whether in the guise of a lesser of two evils or using evil for the greater good!

Comment by Megalithic Mystic

I see here a misinterpretation onto what I had been referring onto. Cayceisms with its moral question though had been to speculate that Psychic knowledge should be disregarded as a pathway through the filter of Dragon’s of OLD. I do not know for sure, if you are familiar with the issue regarding Dragon’s of Old?
Wizard of Ozz had tried to focus on this point but it would take some time to explore its underlining issue.
In its broader sense can one understand that Dragon’s of Old is a sort of mindset, which is brought into a virtually defenseless society- once they had passed a certain point were a majority of a world population has no “spiritual” connection with the MAKER OF US ALL!

The MAKER OF US ALL is a certain mindset of the Almighty One- HE, who is only ONE and HE is only there and HERE:
Normally do people without even understanding that GOD does exist tend to believe that JUDGEMENT and WEIGHING does not occur. Every generation has to be judged and this is where I want to stress that in this sense alone has GOD two different faces.
Humans must always decide, whether to do or not!
That “GOD” can be evil and good at the same time. Although understand that this is only a mindset of the Almighty One- not the Almighty One HIMSELF behind this JUDGEMENT.
But when times run out and now is the time of Quickening then come the Almighty One HIMSELF on the plan to finish off transgressors- thus had been for countless times. Thus, is the End of a Great Cycle- at this very point are we now. Although this does not mean that we are all doomed could it be!
To tell of the mindset of GOD- or the possibility to evil and good at the same time, means for humans that they are told two different versions to understand their given psychic knowledge.
Cayceisms was the latter sort- a pathway into understanding GOD that HE does not exist. Does not exist in that sense that there is Plan of Judgment not soon to be set into place. Some of his readings were only an interpretation of History of Old as Madame Blavatsky had experienced. Although both had a glimpse off how Judgment is exercised did they not know how Divine Judgment is put into motion. The latter one is the Judgment that comes over humanity in their end of their Great Cycle.
I have that knowledge and this was why I had been so cautious not to give away its starting sequence. It is like to push somewhere an enter keystroke and then will all commenced. Cayceisms and Madame Blavatsky had not this deeper knowledge as only their generation was to be judged. Their generation should know why and how that sort of Judgment could be.
That is not the same to have the knowledge of Divine Judgment.
I could tell more but for the sake to keep my mouth shut will I stop here.

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

I am the Alpha & Omega, I alluded to this and I respect the fact that you don’t go further. I went there but it is vauge enough to just seem interesting, i think you caught on to it.

I pose a question that if something you Love so immensely is condemded for an eternity would you not search for an eternity to free it and in doing so, do we somehow take it’s place? Seeing that you would be searching for an eternity and the Great Cycle permits it. Or by freeing it you must take an action that judgement would render damnation? Or by proxy an agreement is made that enslaves or exiles anyone that trys from exhaltation, yet the ultimate action could never be taken that leads to damnation. Still in this state a similar damnation occurs.

That is the point of Judgement to render a verdict on those that predict, as prediction has a predilection towards controls of it’s own. The illusion of freedom then would have to be admitted into evidence as predicted and dictated by the actions or inaction taken only leaving a mute witness in defense. As only Love is on trial and the persecution from the prosecution is silenced in light of this evidence of Love, the judge must set us free.

These are also the mechanisms that perpetuate eternity as something that will never be can always be strived for and never achieved. A paradox that also admits to what Sorcha outlines as “The answer lies in the question itself, and which is simply, everything is possible.” So to achieve that final unachievable place would stop this function or stagnate it and goes against Freedom. The Great Cycle recycles our hopes into different forms that emits our very being or adversely not being, if that is at all possible for you would never know that you do not exist.

Comment by Megalithic Mystic

OK, I wanted to have a pause but you are insisting for me to take time and start a story onto which embarked could cost what you call your Existence.
Now, what do I mean with these mystical words- euphemism stand behind my reactions. And onto you is after I had been studying your language syntax a wider question asked onto which I want to refer onto. You know surely that English is not my language of birth. I was in a sense born to learn why we have to speak through syntax without the benefits to render what is of the Caesars.
You are an expert of bible references, some quotations are alluding to Qu’ran as well- this do I gratefully acknowledge. I could if this would be allowed talk in bible references but let us stick to some facts beyond my control not to tell you off as well. Well, there are at some times some, who have to take decisions onto which they are pressed to take. I mean not what man can force men to do.
There are various means that The Most High can press a decision taker to act onto. Even if this man or woman does not want to act as such onto these premises forced onto them by The Caretaker of Divine Destiny. Oh yes, I know perfectly well that Love is behind all secrets but onto this can I only refer when that is proven for me to be. This is no joke- this is utterly revolting but if only five words or so could change the course of destiny of Mankinds long ago sunk and change even the outcome of this humanity- must these words come with free will! Free Will is the juxtaposition onto that I have to stand and to weigh other side or not. On one side stands responsibility of what you say or omit; on the other side stands what the church tells to be the archetype of love i.e. Virgin Mary. In other words in the holy rivalry of male and female companionship stands the outcome of the last battle of battles.
I understand that you have the insight what free will is but this is on this our level of decision not the case- in a sense am I angered into decisions by the Holy One. To be frank do I have nothing of this sort called free will other than to complain.
I have to accept the concept of free will- being though at hindsight an illusion after an action had been put forward, not before an action had happened.
We are entering a phase called Crisis of Faith onto which GOD has some players in HIS backyard of Existence to play ball with.
This chessboard play has two alternatives
1.) Act on free will and neglect GOD’s will and play the price- thus then being your fault why Existence was a failure
2.) Act and follow on GOD’s terms and hope that GOD is not an unjust card player. Why could GOD be an unjust player do you surely think. The presence of Great Cycles being set into motions all the way tells that this could be true. Not necessarily to be true- of course. You have to take this in account as well. This is the last shot and nothing can be weighed lightly!
I was long ago asked if I (I know perfectly well that I can be redeemed to be a selfish monster) should stop the very in act bringing of Great Cycles- if I could of course.
I looked around and saw the beautifulness of Creation and children playing around- then did I decide to step forward and fight for love. I did then not want to believe that there is no Love in GOD. This off hindsight.
To search in eternity for the Love- yes, of course but I have this last shot, I would prefer to find it here.
I hope that I have understood you accordingly- what would I do if I was to judge?
I would judge myself in the first place- then would I ask myself why judge anyone, they have had their decisions. I cannot judge decisions taken by other than me. Who am I to judge would I ask myself? Why judge in the first place- it would be wiser not to judge. Other than to be judged by others at hindsight. This would pose a dilemma and no solution to find than to ask myself would be- if there is no Love out there, then to step forward and take the decision. This would be a solution- and there we are.
IF I WOULD BE THE JUDGE (if this would be- this is a preposterous claim this do I know) then would that decision be for all Great Cycles.

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

Very nice explanation and I wouldn’t worry about saying too much because anyone that would see too much would only see a blank page. That is what endemnifys the condemned to never know the answer to a riddle that whittles away at eternity. And me, I would save the devil from being enslaved and stare blindly into the light that eminates from the blank stare of true knowledge. Levels of knowledge are barriers in tune with a vibration of sound that compounds all knowledge into a single singularity that dances free within the immense gravity of the darkest black hole.

Salvation is expressed as a path to God with all of its controls or archetypes to refute or rebute but God holds the cards and still does not roll the dice. God can’t gamble as a preamble but risked it all for us. That is the trick to the end game as you have a winner and loser so to accept is to deny all that you are at that point and the barrier has its job to do, until your actions are not reactions but mimic the identity of God’s will or adversely the opposite.

Love in this case is not what you are implying as sight of children as that is percieved love and beauty in that warmest reception. Love. in this case is what I attempted to explained before so diligently. Synchronicity perhaps is a better word. Ending with an end game is too profound and evil will have its victory then. Creating Heaven on earth, now that is the eternal struggle of the game that I speak of and that I am willing to play, because then it is real.

Perhaps mistakenly the promised land could be called IS REAL and Israel just has a hearing impediment as we can see they are also dyslexic.

Comment by Megalithic Mystic

Ah, this is a starter- onto which I have been seeking to accomplish.

If there is a Living God around on the premises to watch and to seek a solution at hindsight though. With these lines do I want to tell of a discussion with something very scary- so scary that there is no word to mend the harm done onto that soul having to stand there before HIM. Oh, I know that some days do some laugh at a thriving soul wanting to seek compensation onto what harm has been done onto its carnal origins. It is easy to laugh at your soul if you cannot weigh and ponder over its sense of purpose- seven were sent to stand there in front of carnal flesh and to tell there how all comes together. Although the last of these seven had to travel hence and forth to wake up God. A sleeping beauty once sent into slumber through an apple bite of knowledge alone. This aspiring hero of an incarnated man seeks out to wake up her- that sleeping giant of guilt and sorrow.
A God has slept for Eons, dreaming up realities brought out to form billions of possible realities- outside its borders of its own knowledge. Michael sets out as all men do to find love and a woman to save from carnage. There on his journey through times and realities did he not find God- but he found a sleeping beauty. The Minotaur watching each of his very steps- ready to burn Michael at a stake, has this living entity to watch out what happens behind his back. Can you trust anyone, you do not know if the Minotaur has his pawns into everywhere. Even your best friend or your wife could be at the disposal of Minotaur. At hindsight is this of no importance.
Important is the mythology, which is formed through a living god there to be during the sleepless dreams of a God in slumber. Thus has then a living GOD to travel through realities and eons to ask a question and to give through his arrival there myths to mimic a living god there.
And now, is the times or in a better sense told is a reality built into THE soul to walk around and ponder onto why Creation. Thus has then Creation to be built to foster myths- onto which then realities are formed.
How to show off the Might of the Almighty One without having carnage flesh to dwindle away is then an important issue if not crucial for a living god to seek with fellow humanity a solution worthy the Almighty One’s Will. The inner secret as shown to me tells that man shall not fear the Son- but to fear the Almighty One. The Son as such takes the blame- a Son has the right to blame his Father for why he is born. A Son is obliged to Judge his Father-AS JUDGMENT ARE FOR ALL!
But his children cannot stand there in front of the Almighty One without being damned into non-existence.
There steps then the Son forth to be a pawn in a chess play, to take the blame for being in a sense the father of “his” children. Thus has the son into agony and death- someone is to blame.
But to laugh at HIS Messenger that is not allowed! Thus explains everything- to me to understand. I hope though that you are allowed to follow on this track. But the Son can be ridiculed and spit at, due to give humanity the possibility to stand before GOD! Not to be consumed by Living Fire of Righteousness!

Here were some thoughts that pass my mind every morning to wake up!

I know that this seems in a sense farfetched and a bit of selfishness. I had only two to talk with- someone too high to hit at. Someone handy to hit at- to point at and tell your are the guilty one. Knowing perfectly well who is to blame but no one to hit at, can one only blame oneself for not having done an easy task- so easy that I had to blind myself why I could not solve this alone.
Each way out of these unheard calamities leads to more injustice- a rabbit hole as deep as possible to disguise its inaptness to fend off the wolf outside.

A long way to talk and to ask for forgiveness but no one to ask- not an easy task to walk. You cannot walk deeper if that rabbit hole has no escape rout other than to attack the inner WOLF:
You turn back and seek a way out.

The way out is of course to find the sleeping beauty and to ask her for forgiveness.
Let me pause here- this sleeping beauty is at one sense the church. A place once to dwell in but this place is a place or building alone, as it gives no answer.

At two or four:
A women containing of four or three entities- there to ask. To turn yourself in there to be a pawn for humanity. Female companionship represents a mythological entity called the essence of Love. Its adversary being though the male will- to reshape a mishap being a female companionship not understanding why in the first place to be the inner core of the myth of love has the crucial point to be:

The crucial point is that you can only judge a behaviour system if there is no Love in that system.

Israel or the Mount of Zion is a heavy burden, there to be a place on earth to stand in the limelight of eyes watching you- can only be if one can look down into the bright shining eyes of female companion sharing those values of Mount Zion.

Here ends for a short while my reflexiones onto why Love matters.

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

That is what I mean by Archetypes and that is also a form of control through Myth. When you look at the ink blot and it winks back to bekon your sight and mind to define more than just a splotch. Then you close your eyes and the lion’s Rorschach growling or purring depends on you. External stimulus from another source only forces a way of thought to become a rebellion as this lion may be lying but the lien is yours to bear.

A scary thought as to a Minotar also being control in your surroundings and I have ferreted out my share. So what if they harken the darkness as light is just a heightened experience to an eternity in either only makes sense to forget or remember faster. As in those controls contrived by spiritual life detailing now that purpose proposed this means to an end for a meager mortal whose end began mortally anyways. Existance is the last stand as I don’t recommend the hollow grams that hermes may send, as to fend them off does not mean I intend to offend.

Thank you for your insights…

Comment by Megalithic Mystic

This is in detail a perfect enlightment.
The devils purpose or agenda is only one way to see light. I understand that you can differentiate between light and superior knowledge and/or light and carnal logic. But here on earth has one to decide whether to take the last step into the light or be the first to end a long history. The living Thorah has to undertake a search through passages of light and darkness. Even he knows that some watches his every step. Monitors his every word, monitoring his every omission- to ferret Anubis.
He must even point his fingers into wounds that not exist- there to put his fingernail into a bleeding interpretation of Tanach.
Every whip unleashed by High Priests has his fingers to walk into the lines of Qur’an to be there the living Word through ages. Out of that Word of the living Allah comes powers to whip and to inflict pains that have the world into its final seconds.
A walking line put into the sand; a philosopher to rebuke a soldier not to disturb his circles. Has then a soldier to unleash his sword and kill that remarkable magician?
There is a decision or not?
Are you the devil as you tell to be or are you only testing the insight of Hermes the Megalith?

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

Hermetically sTealing your fate sealed by the sword or the word of a God perpetrated by the convolution of a truth as the Magician uses the Soldiers actions, not his inaction, to place something the soldier loves in the Magicians place. Faustations! The alchemist missed although finally to conjure a jury and put himself on trial for the metal which i speak sounds more like meddle.

I am the Watcher Megalith or Behemoth StOne “Saintly One” not to be confused with St. Ranger or the Mysterious Stranger. I climb the tallest peak faster than you could speak gods true name, to bring a warm cup of tea to the man of the silver mountain. My enemies follow but that is their folly, and I fly to leave them trapped on the mountain to spend just a Sliver of eternity shivering till I meet them in the desert and fight them off with a mere twig. I watch as the mountain erodes leaving me alone a stone to watch what a muse meant as i listen, a tone meant a ton. Picked up by a ship sailing the sand, hoping home is not an Island and still that home is where I land. Once a king always a king. For the one who will be King, the Watcher in the Ring.

Strange how dinosaurs have suffered twice in the realm of Fate, oblitterated by nature only to be mythical tricks of satan in the scheme of some religions.
Myth is evil in its inceptions for if the cogs of the great cycle just turn until we learn of them you will call me MegaMythic Mystic for I would use Myth without knowing I use it, but still powerless without knowledge I triumph as I have saved myself from myself.

This is why God always points pointlessly at the sequence of cons that becomes a con sequence of a belief that is believed. As if missionaries would try to convert a Yanomamo Indian that is one with the earth and their words wont work, and perhaps the Indian may teach them something. Missionaries came to his world not the Indian to theirs creating a God confusion or paradox. The Missionaries world affects the Indians world and despoils the spirit and through the generations amplified the Missionaries Lies to leave a suit and tie for the Indian to enherit.

A quip to a whip would only lash the tounge as I recall saying no harm can come unto a good man and that is the deed indeed and final punishment as if you are harmed you are not good and therefore evil. Or if you don’t like the punishment can something save you and take it away momentarily as eternity tarry’s on looking for words to re-verse and a better path to traverse.

I am very fond of your discourse and I understand that there is no recourse while expecting freedom, that would be perverse.

Comment by Megalithic Mystic

ps.. I really find the saying interesting, No Harm Can come to a Good Man, only because someone held a gun at my back and pulled the trigger and the gun didn’t go off, so i took the shotgun and checked the primer and it was indented and i put it back in the shotgun and pulled the trigger again and it fired. The only way to dodge a bullet is to bite the bullet. I was young at the time and only interests in life were looking at girls and being 17 so what about knowledge hmmm…. You don’t have to be old to be wise? Perhaps just a trick out of some magician’s hat to make me think that hmmmm…. btw i never questioned whether the gun was pointed at me cuz i didn’t see, but I know it was, and never held it against the person who then became my first Minotar. I still don’t understand how the gun didn’t go off we had shot lots of rounds and i never had misfires before… I guess I hope the saying is true but I think it is wrought with a paradox upon itself.

Comment by Megalithic Mystic

I am confused- how can a man of GOD be taken into the trait of megalomania of knowledge. This do I have to say as I try to interpret your lines more omitting than telling straight forward.

As I started my journey into alchemy and hermeneutic was I at least confounded as things were more sealed off than taught off. To have your scholarly system must have hindered you to travel this slippery slot. All security software systems must have put you at the brink of destruction- all a common knowledge though. Nevertheless, do I understand why someone was intended to murder you but did not as such. See at your age of 17 and think twice- turn the number around and think once again.
I would like tell you another story but this story do I like to comment onto. Death is a naturally incident and wars are natural disasters. I see that man holding his “rifle” being afraid as anyone when to kill a fellow man- fear is an accident of fate in this story. I know at a very certain point does GOD step in taking a gambling choice. GOD has taken in account that a young man serves at best when being taught death is a mere choice of friendly fires- as the Americans tell us that death is as such.
Oh, by the way I knew that we would meet but this a “treppenwitz”.
I had been thinking a lot- your rings have them ready to hold. The Lord of the Rings throws the dices- to go to the dark side or to turn into that man of white garment.
Enough of dark slippery choices.

All the way was I thinking what the stone “Saintly One” was built upon- by the way in ol’ Scotland are stones hard to find when hidden beneath Good Old Brittany. This stone ready to talk was a story now revealed.
The journey of Benjamin now foreclosed- the fates now commenced do I ask for a redemption in that sense that we sit at different desks having old memories adjoining through history and coming disclosures.
I know that decisions are not taken lightly but I have now a garment of once white to be now turned into red. This ink of natural disasters will be the preamble of horrors beyond worthily wishes. But into that subject is for me now to shut down the pathway of alternative pathways.

How can a man of great astute lean over and intend to be another man off less virility of adjoining moral powers? Stagnation had a whole party of priests i.e. magus to follow down the aisle of annihilation. I had once to take a decision- to choose two different ways to understand Religion. Although I knew perfectly well, had others to take their decisions.
I went to Christians, Jews, Islam, and Mormons and took my time- I took my time. There had to be a decision.
In every language or off every religious belief system had I carefully depicted for them a trap- a trap for them to see if they had understood what GOD had told them to understand. Solemnly onto these premises did I ask them! Understand as you perfectly understand this to be- there are other systems of how to cope with truth i.e. for example Shinto etc…
Those were not the remnants- please understand the implications. I had four alternative pathways there to ask- the remnants were not for me to ask!
Each of these four was then personalized into four women after four men were asked. Three of these women chose Christian CXatholic. The first was mere naturalistic in her views.
The cross had her into her parts. However, times passes on- and we stand here in the limelight of nowadays perfection of destiny.

Your notion that for a man or woman being good and not off evil is to be off no harm. Onto this subject had I been on lections from the ONE all too HIGH! See it with my eyes, son was i TOLD:
In addition, Lord behold- chastising starts in the own house, at the house and then outside the house of the Lord. ThE House of the Lord is his CHURCH. There we are now- please understand that this is a part of Tribulation. Nothing can be spared.
This for a starter:
In Jewish belief, Behemoth is the primal unconquerable monster of the land, as Leviathan is the primal monster of the waters of the sea and Ziz the primordial monster of the sky. There is a legend that the Leviathan and the Behemoth shall hold the battle of the end of the world. They shall kill each other and a huge number of other creatures in the epic battle. The two will finally kill each other, and the surviving men will feast on their meat. According to midrash recording traditions, it is impossible for anyone to kill a behemoth except for the person who created it, in this case the God of the Hebrews. A later Jewish haggadic tradition furthermore holds that at the banquet at the end of the world, the behemoth will be served up along with the leviathan and ziz.
A man has to be a man.
All implications are told and in perfect harmony.
I ask though: Phoebus and Rus is to put-in; there in perfect harmony to fetch the sword of St Michael. Both to hold, then as one point its blanks onto THE TRUTH ABOUT GOD NO ONE WANTED TO HEAR
Act 2 in The Book of Job might be entitled The Truth about God No One Wanted to Hear for, within a canonical perspective, it presents a dark Gospel. The bad news is God is the author of evil in the world. So says God’s chief evangelist Job. Job a man of virtue hit onto the ground believing that the evil has its origin in his home. In his land of Judea had IHVE forsaken him and there left him to be a prey for Gog and Magog.
IHVE the god of Israelite will then thoroughly step forward to take revenge.
Rebuke and turn away before Jerusalem to be conquered, then will revenge be enacted- Tsunamis will wash the shores clean. By the way, all shores will be washed clean.
Guilt is the prescription for an act of war- armed do we get this man called Job, there in Judea will we find him.
Take up the sword of St Michael and the Archangel of war will step out- to end a vicious circle. Righteous men will stay behind the fires of reddish garment being though the fierce day of the Lord of Heavens. All there is to say of days to follow are now said.
In the lands of Henoch i.e. Judea has the Almighty FATHER set his feet, set forth there men of evil statute. Those of whom are ready to execute all his children- everywhere though. Those ready to enact fires without borders have the Almighty set there to be. You need not fear what to come- all is in HIS hands but there is JOB demanding that righteous deeds has to be in the lands.
The moon will shine and his children at the shores have to be set free, otherwise will HIS deposit or guilt never be avenged. Those little children of Ghiza must leave the shores- otherwise will they drown. The house of Isaac is neither my prey nor the prey of my FATHER.
Ready at the shores stands now HE, ready to hit with three bullets as a starter. Weighing the weight and X with smaller parts Paris, Rome, Lisbon, Mare Nostrum, and some minor locations if St Michael is drawn. If not. will the weight be to heavy and the load to harsh to survive- for all to survive.
Take your choice- I have none.
For me I plea- only Virgin Mary can wash reddish dirt from my face; my father confessor to learn all traits, and you “Behemoth” for having us all to understand what guilt stands for. A guilt not off guilt do I await your answer.

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

Be he Moth? as to suffer endlessly searching for light as insipid or intrepid a moth could be the light is still what it seeks, created by man it was disturbed to believe that this light held more promise than living it’s short mortal life. Again what is supposed here as outcomes could be self fullfilling as a Jew would see the devil in a muslim and the perpetration is just that in perception as Christians look for the Anti-Christ. That is the mirror of Fear. The Anti-Christ may just be Jesus has an alter ego left at the alter to falter upon the very thought of thought itself.

The myth of er must be your err as Behemoth in me turns to Be He Moth Er and the Holy Spirit does confer as I am a man with the knowledge of women and you will surely defer. And I will casually gaze into the casm of the occausal to tell that well… everything is alright as it looks like nothing is there.

So to even talk of an end brings the end, as into the hole in the sky I fly or the hole in the earth i descend, as a middle road is found only to be a riddle and to fib to a Troll on the bridge only means you mean to con troll. I may not like a Troll Bridge and do not want to pay, for the answers to the riddle are not piddly on the path that leads to oblivion. All religion is a sham to ferret the devil out and be done with it only creating me a shaman. For if a symbol represents any synapes as to what had been done to GOD over eternity, of course GOD knows all and remembers all, so to speak GODs own name to GOD, makes the devil shreak as both are one and the same. How can you know something is wrong without understanding and as god slept god awoke as a terrible thing.

So again why would you set a path to pave whether I am brave or a man of God as the deeper meaning is only that god is all around us and likewise simultaneously the devil.

Whether you chose to ignore it or explore it was up to you, to seek that most untouched acreage and frighteningly it is our own mistake as we veer into the Mythical lake of pondering, there I go for a swim… came back… went again… fearing lovingly that we would stay… for we can’t stay… but we can say, we know that Acreage.

God’s justice is just us to live and for the captain to win the winds of war his sacrifice must suffice. Why else would the devil be angry as we are the only things the devil can inhabit and by our habits finding the rabbit hole all by ourselves? Why would you flaunt god or taunt god with such rhetoric to bring an end of course. There is always a trickster to stirr things up eternally.

The end is what is stirring as entropy collapses this synopsis of what happens physically is portrayed as myth in space. This is a Phenomena that as the universe expands it is also contracting and there is a final contract but it is alien to us. So my only “Job” is to watch and learn from eternity and perhaps spend less energy. But that is the freak out because to be myself depends that energy is expended until I am born and subsequent children born too. And alas through love it only allowed more energy spent and unfortunately creates the great serpent as it did not repent. And I hear it chant, “I won’t re-cant” as that means to do something you are not supposed to do over and over.

Akin to Shinto harmony is all that I seek and comfort for the meek as ones true soul can not be posed in the throes of logic supernaturally. Why do you even consider an eternity? We are taught time to order life not to disorder the after life with our concepts of time or the next life for that matter.

The pilgrimage of trees makes more sense to me as a stone I was shown immutable beauty from an immovable journey that they embark upon. Branching with the style of a stylite growing from the light, a fear comes in spite as an evil that appears and may never leave them. A troubled tree only asked the evil to join them as what harm could come from standing and basking in the light. But this trouble was a lumberjack that was jealous of the trees, as only the trees knew the answer to the question, if no one is present and a tree falls in the forest does anyone hear it?

Comment by Megalithic Mystic

Oh my GOD!
I am understood!

Why had no one come forth with these insights earlier!
I was and am not allowed to speak as my heart whispers me to tell- as to my mouth someone else has to force me to do! I am walking the lines of destiny- screaming at HIM, this is not Love.
Forced into misinterpretation has HE me- I listen onto voices around me.
They tell- these remnants tell with HIS voice that I am. With HIS voice, I tell who I am. Maybe would there be someone or anybody to differentiate off what I tell and of what I truly am. This riddle was to be solved to let me free.
I once went to my father confessor that man of virtue and compliance “far and near” to tell there, who I am. He bound at his oath cannot reveal but he must know why Someone HIGH needs salvation. At HIS house must this little father sit and learn ‘cause the FATHER above HE needs him to understand what Love stands for- stands for in that regard that this HIS house has the truth within and not without its cellars and corridors.

As to my heart-, that places of alchemy lies in her hands the key to solve. To solve the riddle here we are.
To speak my name, even as short it is, is a turning point of fate. There at the thorn bush, angered with a filthy man, full off his own sin, trembling tearing off his cloths- throwing himself into the thorns to satisfy with his blood his god, did I cry out of shame. Am I not a trained doctor, a well trained alchemist into the core, could there be that fear does men and women to falter, to take their false decision and me to rush for ailments. Oh yes, even my middle names spells of disasters- turn around and understand.

I once had a book in my hands, a book to tell only to walk if mature- to walk only for a priest, to never to be regained old believes when opened up. The garden of knowledge, there to see a fig tree or a tree without figs to choose – to choose the fait of that holy man lost in truth. I knew this to be true but I knew not that there had never been a choice to take. Once opened up is there no choice. This book is not of to be enlighten (as liars tell) it is a book of speech of GOD! Mortals call this trait Quabbalah- the mystics of Middle Ages call it alchemya:
In Greek mythology, the Chimera (Greek Χίμαιρα (Chímaira); Latin Chimaera) is a monstrous creature made of the parts of multiple animals. Chimera was one of the offspring of Typhon and Echidna and sister of such monsters as Cerberus and the Lernaean Hydra. Descriptions vary – some say it had the body of a goat, the tail of a snake or dragon and the head of a lion, though others say it had heads of both the goat and lion, with a snake for a tail. It is generally considered to have been female, despite the mane adorning its lion’s head. All descriptions, however, agree that it breathed fire from one or more of its heads. Sighting the chimera was a sign of storms, shipwrecks, and natural disasters (particularly volcanoes). In Medieval Christian art, the chimera appears as a symbol of Satanic forces.
While there are different genealogies, in one version it mated with its brother Orthrus and mothered the Sphinx and the Nemean Lion.
Chimera was finally defeated by Bellerophon with the help of Pegasus, the winged horse, at the command of King Iobates of Lycia. There are varying descriptions of its death – some say merely that Bellerophon ran it through with his spear, whereas others say that he fitted his spear point with lead that melted when exposed to Chimera’s fiery breath and consequently killed it. Another story is that Bellerophon chopped off the three heads of the Chimera, and it fell to the ground dead
No wonder that the church of Old had them hunted down and no wonders why they had to keep their moth to their self, once having passed the gates of hell fire.
There stood once there Perseus II and Homer laughed- what a joke, this is, it must be a joke. This did his brother tell- “a heavy burden must be shared”. The son of king, used to command death at sight- knew who this ugly swearing brother of his was. “Ach, du scheiße” did his brother tell, I was once again outwitted, did Perseus tell.
Thorns everywhere, you cannot outwit the Almighty One, even a little son has to understand sometimes, off whom is in charge.
The Big Boss a trickster, this notion I now understand.
Onto the serpent, I can tell:
“Ah, warum soll ich nun glauben, dass du der schöpfer bist. Auch wenn du dieses sagst heißt dieses noch lange nicht, dass ich das zepter abgeben muss. Wenn ich will, wird die wach’ dich in stück’ zerreisen. Schau mit diesem stock werde ich dich hauen, dass du nicht vergißt, dass es hier nur ein gott ist- nämlich ich“
In his hand had S. taken up a reptile mistakenly to be a stick. Then did he throw this stick away and funny enough was this reptile a stick. The Big Boss is tricksters that can me readily admit.

Eternity is out there- man has his years and days of measurements, even God has his times to be. Seven of times had he been and off four female companionships has he to be. The books are in the makings- an important chapter must be. Female LOGOS has to be.
At present now has LOGOS a MALE WILL! And a gaia without responsibilities- disregarding the Heart, does gaia then do:
“There is no Love out there”- as to such an archangel or two goes to an ol’ man there to tell, that his bride of old i.e. “Virgin Mary” will have a baby girl.
And there in her hut does, does she laugh. How ridiculous, she is so of age- this does she know, being a doctor of ailments she does as such. Nevertheless, does GOD know off all, I ponder?

The fig tree has its blunders, through times it had been standing in the gardens of lights.
The chief gardeners not always being of ol’ ways had when in the limelight shown of wise traits been of holy stature. Even if chief gardeners where tainted through natural disasters, asking themselves as young men to salvage fellow men from their lives in order to survive themselves to be later mature men, is there in these words always truth of pains. As these ol’ men ponder does GOD know, what and why I had done this of youth. Does GOD despise me for what man does not know?
Onto this I only can tell- all is ONE. HE, who is ONE says when one is not off ONE. HE is the ONE, who tells when the rifle goes off on either side. HE is the ONE, who tells when one is ONE!
HE chastises the ones who HE loves deepest- he despises only his Son telling himself to be of EVIL!
A Fig tree has no guilt but the Big Boss is out there- on HIS inspection tour.
By the way, there was once a man driving with his electro-scooter into a camp to visit his “eingetragener Verein Alpha” and he stopped outside the low fence and asked for permission to visit the priest.
In German was his tongue, and those men rushing to the entrance had at first to save their children. Only naturally, when one knows that the lights came from B and not from this our sun here on earth.
What had this man in his mind- where are the enemies, ready to attack the pilgrims of light B.
“I am an emissary”, where they told. “I have to see the priest, and his lovely wife”, did this man with huge sunglasses ask them.
What can a lonely man do, harm them- impossible. With him had he candies, to children had this man to show affection.
An enemy giving candies to children, is this a trick? The devil is a trickster, this had they all been taught. However, he had sunglasses and was surely not of Cyclops- he could never be the devil!
However, these trained soldiers of old were vigilant; their priest alarmed had this man to give a birthday present to the lovely wife of his priest. His wife as quickly as woman can think though noticed that this man (once he had set away his sunglasses was there a handsome and friendly man?) needed to be treated as a guest. From there did things take a friendly turn- Love had come back. Then did he ask if they would like to see his wife-, she has only some time to learn that she is his wife. This man laughed aloud and all were left behind confounded. What a curious way to see GOD did they all think in this remarkable sober atmosphere.
Off did this man go, this time did HE above us all, not prove HIMSELF to be a trickster, did he think.

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

Meine Großmutter hat fließendes Englisch gesprochen. Am Todbett hat der Priester die letzten Rechte auf Deutsch verwaltet.

Far from the omen in women bodes our bodies into the nodes of our fathers house to live in God’s will not as to the way you arrive even if brought by the language of others albeit contrived. To deny, you get the basement, to glorify, you get to stare at the light and not need to blink or think as control now metes out your future life or just deletion from memory. These are the reasons for the treason as a gun in the back for when you look back there will only be more despair. As I say bite the bullet and brave the firing squad to give true freedom to the woman I made into a slave and in turn made me into a God.

Comment by Megalithic Mystic

Ein weiter Weg gegangen, um zu verstehen, welches nun sei. Eine große Ehre, die letzten Rechte am Todbett verwaltet zu haben. Der Hohheitspriester ist sich der Ehre bewusst, aber Meister Eckhart- übrigens einer meiner Lieblinge bzgl. Neuscholastik Platons war ein Kind des Ganzen. Ich sehe hier die Welt des Bonaventura in deinen Hinweisen. Auch er sah sich selber als Bild und Gleichnis Gottes auf verschiedenen Stufen an (Exemplarismus): Über Schatten (lateinisch umbra), Spuren (lateinisch vestigia), Bilder (lateinisch imagines) könne sich sein Ausrichten auf das denken zu Gott in dem Denken als Gott zu den Ideen im Geist Gottes erheben.
Ich bin wirklich beeindruckt! Kein Jesuit der Welt hätte dieses ausdenken können. Ich muss sagen, dass Meister Eckhart in dem Hause überleben konnte- Wauh. Ich meine dies ernst- Ich mache mich nicht darüber lustig. Ich weiß ganz genau, wie es dem Eckhart erging. In einer bildungsfeindlichen Welt- sozusagen.

Ich gebe zu, dieses war ein vorzügliches Rätsel. Irgendjemand muss erzählt haben, dass mich der Meister Eckhart mich auf meinem Wege begeisterte.

What on earth had you into these traits- I had to read your achievements. Astonishing- there must have been someone- presumably the Big Boss- having there HIS hand to hide. I must tell, would we go into philosophical discussions, would I loose. No offence but I cannot see what others see. I am really blind lately. My own hardware system is not on the top where it soon hopefully will be. I am a bit dizzy, my software does not match. I really have to focus my intentions onto tracks.
I am going to disintegrate if no one comes to help me out.

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

Ich möchte hier über Aaron sprechen.

Zum Hofe des Kalifen war ein kleiner Priester berufen. Er war ein junger aufstrebender Beamter im Lande des Job. Seine Welt dort vor kurzem in einem heftigen Kampf von der Bevölkerung entledigt- einer der fünf Städte hatte gesiegt. Eschalon war Herrin über das Reich des Stiers und alle hatten das Tribut zu zahlen. Der Hunger des Monsters nicht zu stillen wurden immer mehr Städte im Lande des Judea von Opfern und mit Opfer gesteinigt. Das Blut war das Ziel, welches dem Geist des gewaltigen Gottes alleinig zu stillen vermochte.
Aaron, jung im Geiste sah sich bestätigt, dass Gott etwas mit ihm vorhatte, als er den Häschern zu entkommen vermochte. Sein ganzer Clan und seine blutjunge Tochter und einzige Geliebte, gingen zuerst in den schlüpfrigen Abgrund in die Höhle des Minotaurs. Dort unten führten die Sieger eine Raudau würdig einem Gottstier. Die armen Angehörigen mussten auf Geheiß ihres Clanführers Aaron in dem Rachen der Unterwelt hinabsteigen- und ein miesel süchtiger Clanführer total high durch Cannabis und Pilzen wusste nicht was ihm geschah. Wo waren seine Leute- es war so still.
Kein guter Ort zu verbleiben, also ging er einfach fort. Die Türen waren alle offen- der Tempel von wo aus man in den Höhlen des Minotaurs gelangte voll mit Menschen, aber diese lagen nur herum- Sternhagel voll würde man dies auf Neudeutsch nennen. An sich trank Aron nicht, so hieß er nämlich und auf Drogen verstand er sich nicht.
Dort lagen alle Sieger aufeinander, untereinander, zwischen einander, und so weiter, aber keiner hielt ihn auf. Aron noch immer auf Drogen, nahm alles von den Schriften denen er habhaft wurde und ging mit seinem Wagerl, welches er passend halber gleich fand, mit den wichtigsten Unterlagen hoppelnd davon. Davon wusste er nicht aber er hatte das gesamte schriftliche Inventar des jungen Tanack in seinen Händen.
Dort am Hofe des Kalifen, suchte ein trottliger Pharao eine heilige Schrift für eine neue Religion, denn er wusste ein Religionsgründer braucht Inspiration. Er hatte keineswegs so etwas, weil er vor kurzem einen schweren Schlaganfall hatte. Die Epilepsie ging diesem Ereignis voraus- eine Religion erwuchs daraus. Sagen wir besser das Bedürfnis diesen Amon- Glauben mit ihm selber zu ersetzen, war sein Werk. Aber wo eine Inspiration- ein Gott braucht doch eine Inspiration. Da kam der Aaron mit einem Haufen Papiere oder Pergamente, alles in perfekten damaligen Neubabylonisch. Dieses überzeugte unser Moses V Gott im eigenen Lande zu sein.
Aaron sah sich als Papst und er verstand die Welt nicht mehr. Er hatte eigenhändig den Stierglauben ein Ende gesetzt. Ein weiter Weg aus der Höhle des Minotaurs, direkt zu Major Domus des neuen Ankh-Glaubens geworden zu sein. Wauh, dachte er sich.
Sogar Frauen bekam er! Und er wurde fast der beste Freund des Moses IV. Er nahm dann Teil in einem Priesteraufstand, welches IHVE als ihr Gott betrachtete. Ich gebe zu, dass Moses IV viele Narben davontrug, aber IHVE sagte er züchtigt jeden, welcher seine Befehle missachtet. So sagte er jedenfalls.
Aaron, war nun der zweite Priester im Staate des IHVE. Der Eingottesglaube hatte sein erstes Levi-Mitglied. Jeans hatte IHVE wohl an, als Moses nach dem eigenartigen Stoff fragte, welches diesem Boten zu Eigen war. Beinkleid war wohl nicht die neueste Mode zu diesen Zeiten.

In der Linie des Levi war unter anderen eine Frau, dessen Blutlinie vor langer Zeit von EVA stammte.
Viele Grüsse an Levi- Aaron II

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

Sounds like Aaron had a pile of papers alright, for rolling doobies and dubiously interprets a belief. Your german audience will appreciate your splendid oratory.

Perhaps that is the gestation of manifestation to a philospher as these parchments wet the parched thirst for knowledge. Through this duality and parity of a deity you must now know that to stand under God does not mean you understand or to stand beside god does not mean you were beside yourself, as above so below and the intent is not to know, for a God that is never born is the God that I have sworn I know.

To debate fate relegates a philosopher partially to a state where they have to think to relate and thinking is flawed as only the most perfect imperfect perception will be the reception. As I desired to be with that God through my own creation I also create an end with nothing left to defend except for my own wisdom.

Thus pain and pleasure measure the mind and to know a God is this mortal body that embodies the struggle as perhaps that which will never live struggles to live and that which always lives struggles to stay alive. Creating the fate of a God that was born in the future whose time had passed from eternities of always being to one of never being now juxtaposed into our actions contrived as freewill creating the devil that dictates eternity.

This is also a funny perception of mine is that God could create anything for eternities just to appease the devil. As a woman who wears a burka is deemed to be repressed, the truth is she may know the reasons for why she is dressed. That is the polarity of the east and west where in the west it is fashionable to set the devil on it’s quest.

The sacrifice these hooded women pay, whether naive or controlled or if by choice, that is their fate in hopes that an enlightenment will take the robes place. Be it through a spear of destiny that points the way of sacrifice as for those that are born will always have to pay the price.

The solar winds are blowing and energy can not be lost only its forms changed. Ethereally these unborn spirits are now flowers and trees and in perception of this world and all its forms or all its depravity right down to it’s norms as we reflect on our true reflection. To find a Just man fight off the despot or ignorant person only personifies the struggle of good and evil. Justice doesn’t come from a person sitting in a jail and in this case evil prevails as a contingency of reality holds the key to save not only the perpetrators victim but also the perpetrator. And vengance screams “Justice NOT through proxy!”

A slippery slope indeed, and also just as slippery but on which you can feast is the Red Herring fed to the herring impaired that listened and now hasten dispair as they now realize that they are the fish to be devoured eternally.

I think your discussions raise the level of my own writing and I praise you for that…

Comment by Megalithic Mystic

Yes it does and let us feast on writings- now to start.
Let me form an excuse to those, who maybe were forced to translate Aaron’s fate. I know off evil and I know as well off little children. Unless we are as children can we not regain heavens.
You see, that I cannot smile onto those lines but I know when guilt is to be bestowed- thus I know perfect well. Your “Großmutter”, she must have been a remarkable Lady. Let me rest in these lines.
I was sad to have her not seen- this remarkable Lady of your huge house. I hope and know that you will fill her shoes to the outmost though.
To GOD to perceive HIS presence in your heart, leaves me into agony, as mine is she not. This heart long ago stolen, to be a feast for listener to have witnessed that remarkable transgression.
To remark to this embodiment of fate and destiny I now embark. On this journey, I wish to take you with me. Although it is hard to tell, whose psychological skills and traits of control is of the better intuition. Hard to tell whom in the end is to blame; now I start with Laws of Justice.
I do not know for sure what content and how wide our lengthy lecture will take us into the truth of Godly Will.
You have assured me that I can talk freely as there will be a blank notice for those, who are not to be notified. My problem though is that I am afraid to err. To err in that wide or narrow path onto which I am pressed to walk- yes, pressed am I. I do not know for sure will you put your rifle into my guts- as of course I had been rebuking those who had come in the future of mine; in your timetable having gone earlier though.
I know for sure that you have my scripts and sayings compiled- would it be that once again someone would take MY sayings to declare the Son was here.
To be dismissed once again, I would not bear.
Sad to say but MY brother has it presumably right- I have once told to my stepfather to back off- my love is only for me to have.
Here my brother gone- and your love I know is your House, that house of HIS!
My love off no importance- i now will tell.
Stand aside or help me out- either decision has to be accepted.

Please understand, when I speak GOD awakens.
I am, the one who is in the lineage number ONE. You and your lineage is Levi- Aaron number two.
My books as written to compile all knowledge of Quabbalah into forming a world of enlightenment- only for the lineage of Levi to have. To control a future of a thousand of years- to be then the Law of Justice. On the adversary side, there will be the House of Crown- both being the Standard of Iris. OH NO, NOT THE STANDARD OF ISIS!
ISIS was, will be once again for a short period though. Then will hopefully the Law of Justice prevail- the ISIS AND IRIS TO BE THEN ONE:
All children small and large to form then a world to show, then I will rest in slumber once again.
As to ME I am, now awake.
I look around and cry- what have I done. Why has my little BOYS left the garden as two little girls?
To be slaughtered- this have thy little girls been.
There one Son stand- to talk with a Grandfather; the stepfather left the premises long ago. Guilt everywhere, even in HIS this only son left on earth- to turn and fear for all to fear. GOD is alive- the living THORA banging on the doors of heavens, even at the St Peters he bangs.
Demanding to be listened onto- he bangs, afraid to err as his Grandfather hides himself.
What do they fear; I have nothing in my hands- just my books to give. To give the knowledge of TRUTH using his language to fend off consequences but no one understands, that the language of Angelorum is a slippery slope for him to talk. In German he can rest- take a nap then he can. With the Angels he fights, his forces through the living sword in his mouth he devours. A Son of Man he is- a friend he seeks.

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

Lord behold- my ways are your ways. See it with my eyes, and those who seek and see will see that I am.
no fear to be for those who can understand,
for those who cannot hear: To be off numb and death of ears onto those will be told that all is evil, if not rebuked by faith. Lord behold, phase four has already started- as even phase number one is delayed. Why this to be- I hope to tell. Onto me I awate- to see my Grandfather and to hold his hand. As a friend will I be- if not rebuked by you. please seek my heart, to tell there why things are so cold.

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

The perpetration is by man so if you understand that the perpetrators know that there is no god perhaps and merely a Logos of intelligent matter, then to hide their perpetrations a control was created as a sheild to weild against a foreign force to be reckoned with that will bring the darkness. The conscious can take statically what a God as our mind defines it, as we are also in it, though matter equals time and the lack of matter makes us wonder what is the matter, as to our father it is though we never left. Time only passed for us as control in the system and expressed as matter.

How do you fight a force as strong as gravity unless you have Anti-Gravity or help from an unseen agent or unremembered agent. The symbolism of the child is that honor of innocence and a device in the plan. The stories are explanations to more controls percieved from the Iris of the mind as they may be real futures or prophecy and those places and events that are presumed a choice being made are made with no knowledge other than innocence.

As I understand all that can be taken from me, even my innocence and replaced by knowledge, or given to me, even my future replaced by my past. That is why there is power in congregations, and a silly thing called baptism as when your life becomes a cataclysm perhaps the baptist will be that gun that doesn’t miss, either for love being that your future is surrounded by Minotaurs and you will expire anyhow. Or quite possibly becoming the Anti-Gravity or that the baptist became the Minotaur to create destiny of their own from your residual energy.

It is intriguing to understand societal controls then as that is your true master, as it is what shaped us mentally and subsequently the people you interact with. And alot can be taken from what is reflecting and projecting as what you call your stages being again the control to me.

To the offspring of a Swan the imprint of God is Mother Swan but anima is a whole separate thing as how can I say that if a person is the first sight then all of a sudden the person better learn flight so the Swan will fulfill its true destiny. As in my first sight was a sighting and the grooves of a pattern that emerged in my mind from a digital primal scream, yet in my innocence I was mesmerized by the sign as a dialectual compass that encompassed my path. I didn’t want to return just to relearn what I am not supposed to learn as if to re-create is somehow just recreation or a vacation from hell or oblivion.

And perhaps the only fairness the gods could create was a repetition that never allows you to be alone if you want to have a friend or vice versa when it just has to end. Therein the control as an intelligent thing and what is noted as prophetic only makes things more pathetic shown as another Faith you believe that becomes the control. As similarities also show yourself in others and the actions they take may only have been your actions in another time or place that we now feel as karma. Again to the controls it can only make sense that harboring hatred would need to be erased to make progress, yet that was a trick as your innocence is used against you.

This is why I digress for if I am truly the one in control to make the decisions it is only because I didn’t know that I will eventually suffer this fate as to the controls I had been sedated. As my decision must have been made before I came into existence to allow another to control as they take my place in heaven or perhaps that I am already there in control but found there is nothing there. I personally don’t mind what I have found in friend or foe as it appears I am my own enemy and the victor shall eventually be me.

Comment by Megalithic Mystic

Very well said- very well said, this have I to say. My FATHER tells me not to excuse to be what I am. As I am what I am, does HE diligently tell me to be.
I know perfectly well that definitions derive from knowledge given through experience derived through the causes of life. Once you had been embarked to understand that you can only perceive what HE gives you to perceive, have you embarked onto a journey outside normality. I understand that Großmutter knew the traits of English- this had me a bit surprised. That you are an expert this do I now know.
I hope that I do not bore you with my complaints- I have to find a way out of a dilemma as big as universe and beyond. Thus, sound crazy for you? i hope not; as things tends to get crazier by the days.
I enjoy these conversations with you, although I do not know why things are as complicated as they are. Thus has me to understand the “other” side.
I fight against, how do call them: “principalities” or fate of GOD’S WILL!
It is sad how I am pressed into either side- I do not want to go there. But this is in the least to say of no importance to rest on this issue.
What had you done in my place- if that would be your fate. Oh, I understand perfectly well that this is not the case. I do only want to start a scholarly discussion. Perhaps can I find there a sort of understanding not yet for me there to be.
I know all secrets of Creation and of those of my FATHER’S but I do not know of mine. Annoying but there lays a contradiction per se, this do I know. You are though trained on a scholarly basis- HE who had been training me, used HIM and you to induce actions for me not to control. Although I knew that there is no free will for me- nevertheless, do I ponder how I can solve anything beyond HIM. Oh, HE is a trickster but beyond you have I found none to talk about things that a highly trained Levi only can apprehend. HE talks of love and heart that mends but time is running out. You know perfectly well that everything can be taken away- even the love for someone. How can love save you, when even that can be taken away. I am trained to do that as well- onto each and everyone. Although I know that to be off evil and this has me to shrug off doing this on a personally level. My FATHER does this onto me on a deep personal level- HE commands me to shut up here. I did want to tell what I feel but…
I can see that HE sends me through realities to find an answer onto my quest.
Fates are created through times; religions arise through eons- deriving out of my quest to find an answer. I tend to stand at shores giving answers and them to build a new belief system. How annoying.
Is my fate to praise there and not here? Is me to be the anti-force, when: has this problem to be solved. I know a lot of things but where to go is my quest.
How can you trust ANYONE if HE seems to hate you or me. Is this hatred for me or you to understand- or are we, you and my brother and i only a mistake in the story? HE laughs and for me is to ponder.
I know that your decision is of importance. Once did a stepfather take his- this had me angered. A whole church burnt into ground not then to be found again. Is this a solution- NO! However, this was his- and here have I to accept what decision was then. Please understand I have to understand, this is all. Must I hate to be, this is the question.

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

Extremely well said, and don’t think that I would use your words against you for I will always take them back, as I am part of the one in all things and would only condemn myself by doing so. It is funny as I always wanted Levis as a kid but only got ToughSkins.

It is just to say some people need a church or perhaps a Tour Guide in Jesus when for me it was not necessary but was forced into a church. Again how to avoid societal controls when I have no control as to the world that is created around me that I may have needed initially which is why it was there for me. The rest is up to me. As my problem stems from being a great man that I have more forces at work against me than I will ever care to comprehend.

2 years before my Grandmother died I had become fascinated by a voice I heard in a movie “Spy Game”. I watched the credits for the name Charlotte Church and it was the first time I ever bought a soundtrack from a movie. As I looked I also bought one of her newest albums. This is funny because I only listen to Rock or Popular music usually. So I listened to the album and put it away to forget about it.

Sunday the day of the funeral my mother comes to me in a panic an hour before the funeral. She said we found a paper on the TV that said please play “The Last Rose of Summer” at my funeral. Well the stores are all closed and I can’t find anything online but as I searched online I found a familiar looking cover. It just so happened to be the one I bought from Charlotte Church 2 years before and I calmly went to my collection and pulled it out to be played an hour later. So to honor the dead and live in that house they build in heaven should also be that simple.

The sin in synchronicity is that some may notice but not prepare others are still unaware or do not even care but the persistent problem are the ones that predefine to malign and use nature against us to benefit themselves. Despoiling of the earth so that future souls can live is ethical on top of economical as earths masters need slaves and I won’t go into politics now sorry. But something funny that may also strike a political chord is that, Morality never has a Gender Bender but a Sodo-Might say “IM-Moral”!

I have stepped over the line there though, had to end on a funny note. I hope that this discussion has only confirmed your faith as it has also mine.

I am going to study Bible Codes now to see if I left a message for me!

Comment by Megalithic Mystic

On that day of 2. April 2005 was I trying to find anyone, preferable a cobbler for my old shoes to mend- but black Sabbath was. I was in agony- I am on order.
It is so easy but I have to decide solemnly on what one says and not on how that someone thinks to be.
I have found that poem:

The Last Rose of Summer
by Thomas Moore
’TIS the last rose of summer
Left blooming alone;
All her lovely companions
Are faded and gone;
No flower of her kindred,
No rosebud is nigh,
To reflect back her blushes,
To give sigh for sigh.

I’ll not leave thee, thou lone one!
To pine on the stem;
Since the lovely are sleeping,
Go, sleep thou with them.
Thus kindly I scatter
Thy leaves o’er the bed,
Where thy mates of the garden
Lie scentless and dead.

So soon may I follow,
When friendships decay,
And from Love’s shining circle
The gems drop away.
When true hearts lie withered
And fond ones are flown,
Oh! who would inhabit
This bleak world alone?
the Angel of Voice

Please understand, take away a c from the tune and see the “Himmelsleiter” and understand why things had to be.
You need not look into codes; I am without bode. Free am I to rejoice- my name reversed and given to understand/NOW!
I want to tell a secret as deep as someone can bury had it been. I was promised to visit that Grand Lady of your Grandmother- I went there, I was there but I was on my ways with my shoes somewhere else. Do you understand- please understand HE said that I was there. I saw there someone, onto whom I felt obliged to seek and to give forgiveness- I went onto that bed, many and no one was there. This am I allowed to tell. Please understand, the Sin bearer this I am. There in white was a rosebud onto whom I had sinned.
Heavy were my ticking and trickling shoes- for no one to see. Angered was I, I was told to seek his MY father’s hand but it was too late did I think. My FATHER he is evil, did I think- HE tells and stands for lies. I am truly sorry to have lost faith- my brain to heavy this I know.
You have to die to be a God, this is for you and me to see.
Oh, your Grandmother is no God- but she is awaiting there at the gait and HOUSE a friend. I am assured that when your time comes, will the Sin bearer step aside and let you both be friends- with no borders there to be. This do I solemnly swear.
I will turn my angered face, to step behind me I do ask- I and MY CREATOR, he who had failed; out of time and borders had he, this little boy failed- set out now to be the defender as I have my answer.
At last an answer- an answer for me had I once sought, long ago. A stepfather eager to regain powers for the ram- had the apostle to turn his face back into the reddish eyes of the Lord the beholder. An Archangel then came with force to kill one third of his flock. To level the church of the ram to never to be found. (p.s. the wall of wale is the wall of the roman fortress off old)
I say my name- this is a short one- I am.

Comment by I am

You should hear her sing it too! If I stop from shedding a tear when I hear it I will truly know something is wrong in the world.

Ah the Sky is the limit! Yes as in all things I am created to search for the answers of my own that either condemn or exhalt as to codify my knowledge will require the extent of it (you see) as even all truth in what you say admits my own problems that I portray, yet the most perfect portraits painted only show poor traits to my dismay.

Not as a why but as to meet the true maker and this is the key as to what I am to me. And if there are no mirrors in heaven I will have my answer. As the shades may be pulled down by me to disguise one third of mankind from their lizard form and appear normal as their justice now is me not knowing now, maybe knowing eventually on the event horizon. This is why there is me in Time for I become a trillion miles long to watch time from within the black hole and it is a most magnificent view. And I caress the black scaley skin of my kin as reflected by their sins for I love them also as much as I love their predecessor.

Romans 8:28-
For we know that all things work together for good, to those who love God, to those who are the called according to his purpose.

ChimeraGemIsTiltedCY drop my given state RED E to find balance as my True name given by god in my 15 year old brain as I did not even know what a Megalithic Mystic was, yet I thought it. And to use this Megalomania against an adversary makes them powerless as that is the confusion within their own visions as to contort and distort the true God yet to bind that God would make a devil out of it. The Condemned are condemned for Creation as the devils elation is to be, and the God is the devil that would contort to not be and all is forgiven walk this way through the pearly gates. But before it is too late let us create this time machine so that we can perpetuate our reality through governing mentality governmentally.

Chimeraism also has DNA implications that make a Chess board of the persons skin as god is saying Check Mate, as I am God and also if seperate the devil has now made God not create and in turn does not make the devil and the devil has in turn stopped creation, as if too late for a Twin Twin situation.

You may not have understood when I said it confirmed my faith. So again from the controls I must roll until I free us from this date with destiny, alas not so easy for it is my fate. And if you feel the freedom as I am enchained it is only my true love to blame, yet that depends you be to feel it.

Megalithic Mystic

Comment by Megalithic Mystic

I see-
I have been thinking lately how to react. The House is clean but there are minor repairs to be done. I would like to ask you, to attend onto my wish. “Far and near” he must know. There is a small wish on my side attached onto Virgin Maria. Enough of this- your and HIS House needs mending. Blackened has this HIS by us alone this house been- to wash it clean I beg you. Please, take your precious and priceless things and secure them. The winds will come- all those little girls without genders take with you. I do not know how late the clock- but late is the hour.
“Take the bite” and your “faith” was the key for me to be readily ensnared.
I was called and I came.
You know this stone with Jesus and the man lying in the arms of Her Majesty leave behind- I had been standing there, to hear my FATHER tell this to be saved alone.
Under the desk HE hides, I will bow and seek HIM there.
As we both hide under the desk- as small as little children alas as small as mice, have we done things that the master of the house would have us to pay dear. There with this stick:T to spank us both. Believe me I would push HIM out if I could, when this master arrives on the scenery. HE shall not stay in the DARK, this I tell. Into the open, with this elusive fellow. Into the lights of eager reporters shall the master of the house tell, that justice is bestowed.

I want to tell off these times. You know them to be dire but they are not. Onto this do I want to explain. Doom is for those without faith- this you call and I have no name for it as I have no love. I am married this you know and I have been a faithful father for my youngsters. I have faults this I have. What I have not is an easy task to tell- there are though some days left. For you to have your preparations this I tell.
I do want to comprehend why GOD is NOT allowed to feel love or faith but to show this HE can- thoroughly HE can.
I know you to tell that freedom are for slaves but onto slavery, I have some thoughts, as I want to tell. Alone in history was slavery a common thing- why could GOD allow slavery? Why could then GOD allow freedom? Why could GOD allow pains to be? Why did GOD allow evil to be? I know but see I want to tell as I am on verge of extinction. Lengthy had i been talking with ME. ME telling me that not of your business son, I will explain. And now I will explain.
The little ones they love with their hearts as they laugh down there in the basement of my house. In them I LAUGH, LOVE in their little hearts- as they are MY angels.
If their elders are off lizards are MY little ones off evil.
If their elders have love in their mature hearts then are MY little ones angels to cherish. And what is more I AM in them. On the side of lizards what should I seek to find there.
What I seek is an easy task to tell- I seek my heart in them. The little ones, there it is, why should I seek there? In the mature hearts are things not as such- there do I fight.
In the hearts of lizards- there have I lost faith in them. Onto their children, I have to find a solution worthy a mighty Warrior. This Warrior I send out. To wrestle with lizards at sight- as for them evil is here.
Onto their children and their children as well I seek generation upon generation an excuse to give birth onto children, who could be- maybe, could be- ones in a while MY little ones. Lizards they tend to foster and grow in freedom and abundance- there they kill MY little ones, as they know off whom this aborted child soon will be. Mine they take away- freedom does this onto MY little ones.
These lizards they talk off Creation, they talk off justice, and they talk off free will to abort what they will. They talk of democracy- although they know nothing of that sort- they talk day and night of love. They tell on TV, Radio, Commercials, and everywhere how to keep pace with a society of money and career. Oh I could keep on lamenting, this do you think as well. But what you do not know where these lizards are everywhere. They have no heart, and this can I see. Now understand why I seek my heart, and why I keep on asking for your help.

I have sacrificed myself in MYSELF- I HAVE GIVEN AWAY MY HEART. To be as them, for me to know, when I start to exercise TRUE JUDGMENT. The first to kill, would be me- this I wanted to tell.
Now do you understand:
“Take the bite” and your “faith” was the key for me to be readily ensnared.

I was called and I came.

I need redemption, this is true- there is no time onto me this is why I am both.
For you I am, who I am- for me and onto all lizards I am, who I am. That is why you are there- bought and prepaid for me to be salvare.
I have forgiven MY FATHER. My Grand-FATHER see this as a last straw. My back onto a wall- the firing squad aiming at my body and brain. This could I decide and then will final judgement be. AS THEN NOTHING WILL SPARE ANYONE FROM ANYWHERE TO EVERYWHERE TO END.
I ask for a little thing- my heart to give it back to me. If this will be granted I will fight until I fall to save anyone from anywhere to everywhere. Then can I tell what salvation truly is.

For you- a revival will be. Go to cities, go everywhere. When rebuked dust off your feet and leave- I MY FATHER will deal with them those of evil accordingly. MY arm is mighty and my tongue ripe of Angelorum will then devour what is then left to moan.

Comment by I am

This version of perversion is only a diversion for if the heart were as it was pure it would be. The God you speak of is all powerful yet to triumph over god is to be. As this world is the Triumph and created the false god Me. Or vice versa for I think therefore I am so the struggle is percieved. When the heart is mended the world ended now do you finally see? That which even gives you the ability to see the heart brought the heart of darkness and that must be chained and love blamed. For the Mighty God is the living man and expressed as our conflict so conflicted as hell is just the impossibility of reason for that which I say I will never pay as I traverse to the unearthly house instantaneously they beam me up yet in my TIME of trial I am Forsaken.

I have shown others faith in my Duality they have taken the bait with one bite so I invite the Gods back to earth only to watch them try to fight me. This is why your actions should not be detractions as leading a flock may mock the true god. Alas this one must be over everyones head as they search for the meanings that stare blindly back at them. The game will always be the same with different players to fuel the flames, repent your sins without knowing of them and you may pass as innocent. As that saucer of milk that is spilled fills the milky way willing a slippery slope eternally by a flying saucer skimming the brim at it’s whim.

Since Early,

Megalithic Mystic

Comment by So That I May Be

Alas to my left is a text written by Egon Kapellari, a man presumably responsible for media duties somewhere in the middle of ol’ Europe. As to this day 01.11.2006 and tomorrow the living dead shall be commemorated he seems to summarize “And then came death”.
“The death of death:
All that is of life is to be bestowed into death…
Man dreams in the depths of his or hers soul of immortality.
As to his or her notion fully aware of everlasting extinction of his or hers embodiment through the barrier of death.
Wenn ein Mensch zu einem anderen sagt Ich liebe dich, dann sagt er vieles mit, auch wenn er es nicht ausdrücklich weiß. Er sagt Ich will, dass du nicht gänzlich stirbst, dass du auf irgendeine Weise ewig bleibst.“

This is annoying the firing squad is off duty- closing time, the trading union tells them to walk home.
They have forgotten the living god there at the wall. Amazed is he- this can I tell.
He is a storyteller and from there do I start.
The Book of One Thousand and One Nights (Persian: هزار و یک شب‎ Hazār-o Yak Šab, Arabic: كتاب ألف ليلة و ليلة‎ Kitāb ‘Alf Layla wa-Layla; also known as The Book of a Thousand Nights and a Night, One Thousand and One Nights, 1001 Arabian Nights, Arabian Nights, The Nightly Entertainments or simply The Nights) is a medieval Middle Eastern literary epic which tells the story of Scheherazade (Shahrzad in Persian), a Sassanid Queen, who must relate a series of stories to her malevolent husband, King Shahryar, to delay her execution. The stories are told over a period of one thousand and one nights, and every night she ends the story with a suspenseful situation, forcing the King to keep her alive for another day. The individual stories were created over many centuries, by many people and in many styles, and many have become famous in their own right. Notable examples include Aladdin, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, and The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor.
He onto whom all seek, sits down and odd enough he finds his books- to open these up he now is ready.
Sifting through- there is a lot to sift through; biting his pencil he starts to write an essay, calling it essay of GOD but of this you know.
Once having written it down, having called onto a queen had there been an answer? Nevertheless, there had been some misinterpretation on the side of an aspiring young man. Closing these essays had he finished off what these are to be.
The pencil has now run dry- and harking his voice he starts to write a text on the wailing wall.
This wall behind his back did he sit on the ground talking to himself- understand this youngster is very self occupied and self-centred.
The Most Holy sits there- to tell a story of an epic proportion. He has nothing else to do, as his FATHER walks around telling everyone to die. Maybe had his FATHER forgotten to tell his Son to die- and so does time run around and an aspiring youngster gets to have a beard as long as heavens stretches.
He now being a very old man harkens his voice. He has something to tell:
“Once upon a time:”

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister


1. PRELUDE. Does God’s life have a beginning and an end? GENERATION. Creator: INTERLUDE. What makes God Godlike? EXHILARATION. Liberator: TRIBULATION. Conqueror: INTERLUDE. Does God fail? TRANSFORMATION. Executioner:
2. INTERLUDE. Does God love? RESTORATION. Wife: Counselor: CONFRONTATION. Fiend: OCCULTATION. Sleeper: INCORPORATION. Absence: POSTLUDE: Does God lose interest?
Adam harkens his voice.
 ♈ Aries (Ram): March 21–April 19
♉ Taurus (Bull): April 20–May 20
♊ Gemini (Twins): May 21–June 21
♋ Cancer (Crab): June 22–July 22
♌ Leo (Lion): July 23–Aug. 22
♍ Virgo (Virgin): Aug. 23–Sept. 22
♎ Libra (Balance): Sept. 23–Oct. 23
♏ Scorpius (Scorpion): Oct. 24–Nov. 21
♐ Sagittarius (Archer): Nov. 22–Dec. 21
♑ Capricornus (Goat): Dec. 22–Jan. 19
♒ Aquarius (Water Bearer): Jan. 20–Feb. 18
♓ Pisces (Fish): Feb. 19–March 20

Wife what have you done?
How did get hold of this book- this should be supposed to be a secret. These are mine books; those are as well none of your business!
Dear Husband, I can read- this nice man with an healthy smile taught me to read.
Wife, wife and former love of my life- do you not understand, GOD has forgiven for you to understand what is written in the books of love and life.
Dear Husband, I love you dear! How can you be so harsh with me- I have done no harm. At least to my knowledge though.
Oh my GOD, we are doomed- I had promised to keep you innocent, to take the blame for what you will eventually do.
My Love and Husband, I do not understand, why is off innocence not to read of GOD’S WILL!
My wife, you are nevertheless, my faith and doom- although I cannot take the blame alone, for what will come.
My husband let us have children, I love you dear- this would surely fulfil GOD’S PERFECT WILL and you to have something to cherish when I will die. Will GOD now kill me?
I do not know, let us hide- but at first let us have a child, maybe will HE forget why I had failed onto HIS commands.

Days later did a MIGHTY WARRIOR come. And the tragedy began.

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

Megalithic Mystic, this man without face you are. I have tried to be a godson, this I can tell. gods roam around- at twelve they are. We little ones await number thirteen to be a zodiac sign for those to be that believe them to be as god.
Grandfather you are off age- and your language is trained through scholarly trainings this I freely can tell. No offence though as this is a part to have a prelude into the openings of light- as I am told to tell a short but lengthy story. This is to be an end- I am told to turn off the light bulb and then to leave the room to be filled with ghosts. Before I am on my way out of the living house of shadows, am I allowed to pause and to tell off why this lengthy journey called history and fate had to be. I cannot put words as diligently as you can- due to the fact that my time clock is reversed to be now a child of underage. I cannot follow a scholarly discussion worthy to be Plato of modern times. But once again, no offences I love to read your comments as I then know that you are alive and happy to read of mine. I readily admit that I cannot understand a word of your feather though am I impressed of what you have me to understand.
In a sense, do ask for forgiveness, on the behalf of my FATHER and on the behalf of mine – this I can tell. You stand there with the papers of God i.e. the biblia of old and you see with my blinded eyes, why I am guilty of transgressions. You have understood- at every level have you understood, although I would love to be understood how I perceive myself in the lights of HIS UNDERSTANDING. But onto me is to tell of a journey in historic, prehistoric times, and times beyond these times to see if I have an understanding of how I had a beginning or an end.

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

Once a Pawn of Time… I will tell you a story let me begin it and that is all that is in it. In your last hour you are a slave to the power of death. I don’t live to be 71 I always live to be 17. I am not sure how I forget yet remember myself but as I remember to forget the haze creates the maze and to get out of that maze I now tell you to come back tomorrow and I perhaps will have figured it out. I stand amazed to meet you here tomorrow to find that the answer was hidden yesterday and that is the only place you will ever find it. The fact that you came back today instead of pressing yesterday only means you look to your future as an answer and not to your past. But alas I give you one more chance come back tomorrow and I may have figured out your new dilemma.

Upon remaining Eternal, again why do you consider a forever only to prepare for it, and be ready for death as when the time has come you will be gone. Or that the matter used to create me is unflattering and doomed of all dooms impends. All things expire and yet this is the crapulous place we give to our despotic progeny. I must mount my cynical tricycle in life and merely hope for a godly quadrunner in the afterlife as I stop going forwards in reverse.

Stop me if you think that you have heard this one before…

Two Wolves…

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a debate that goes on inside people. He said, “My son, the battle is between two “Wolves” inside us all.

One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather:

“Which wolf wins?”

The Old Cherokee simply replies, “The one you feed”

I used to sleep with a wolf as a child and it would watch over me as I always said Lobo is lonely and I need to sleep outside with him. I also buried my friends Alaskan Timber Wolf in my backyard as he had no home when the Wolf died. I found out later in life why a Wolf howls at night, if you come back tomorrow I may tell you the answer.

As the Alpha Wolf and Beta Wolf abide by rules within their own pack they have formed a pact that allows them to survive without killing eachother. And for a Beta to lead before the Alpha then you have problems. But the Alpha has a mindset as the Beta may have only forseen a different outcome within its minds eye and therein you witness the juxtaposition of the slight of hand that good and evil portrays. The Beta stands aside as the Alpha builds the future. The Beta raises the Alpha’s pups for it must hold some wisdom within the pack.

To seek that only because I am dissappointed with the appointments I have made for myself or to perpetuate eternity just to tell the tale over again to you now would make you want to not hear it. Again why do you consider death as a path? Aprioriously I had all I needed yesterday it is only that you asked or noticed the maze that there was a problem but that also stems from the system as deja vu made you aware. Again to the controls and the end begins.

I neither have beginning or end as doom impends which is why it is presented as the present always hidden until present. As time collided all things natural created your book to percieve that it had been read and misled to mortality. As this consciousness resides to uncreate the creator for within a mortal world is the triumph and expressed later as energy depletes which is what you see as no beginning no end and I feel as always living never dying. Eternal youth confounds god to create this end of energy as the maker never takes time, yet all I have is time and different ways to look at the same things as it was only because I was told there would be hell to pay that I had to think of a ransom as I can’t help but think. And thought is flawed as I have stood in the presence of that god and god got to the point yet this time I was watching myself from beside god and my wings were turning bright awaiting the fight of all fights in which I will never fight to lose.

Again to my death that is a lovely question, and if you come back tomorrow I will admit to you the secret of the hanged man, the smile on his lips.

Comment by Megalithic Mystic

Born on Friday the 13th would also have you believe the clock has struck as so did the lightening and a clap of thunder that shook the hospital as I was born. And one of my wifes that I met and never married as fate dictated, was also born 9 years before exactly on a Friday the 13th. CoinciDense?

Comment by Megalithic Mystic

Before I embark onto my journey, do I want to tell- that I appreciate your answers as they are meant to form this living book there to formed now. Then at a later point- and thus I mean without any hesitation or cynics in my words are these poems to form a new legacy. For a humanity to arise from ashes to read and to contemplate.
I see and understand that you are fully aware, this to be the case but for the sake of following generation let us speak freely on this subject- if you do not mind though.
What can be of more importance than to form a living bible!
Thus has me for a short period to rest.
I see in your numbers the fate of Christ and you see with your wives this to be true. In your numbers lies your fate. I speak of death, do you tell- unless you have not been reborn, you cannot see the heavens of true freedom. Unless you are not a child, you will not inherit his kingdom- by this I do not want to offend. This to add onto my prelude I tell.
I know you to sacrifice yourself if necessary would you do, this I know. For me though is death an alternative resolution of an utmost important solution- a matter of death and life.
Let me tell, as I know that I have in you, my left hand to write this legacy as One we do. Let me tell that you are on the “Holzweg”, this off not to be case, I want to tell. A prophet was all the times someone:
For this turn me back in time. “You smile at me. Why can you smile at me? I know perfectly well that you can kill me with a thought alone. I do not know if you come in HIS name or maybe this to be true in his foes name. If the latter, strike me dead. I would prefer never to be born rather to talk with your voice if you are the devil. Do not smile, I am afraid- stop be so at me. I am a human, this has you not to use me in that way. Stop! I will strike my heart with this knife- way either if you laugh or weep. I do not work for shaitan!”
Son, take this thing away. You are HIS prophet not of his this majesty the devil. “I do not believe you- my wife told me you to be shaitan. Rebuke this devil or I will have another man at my side- did she tell me”
Would it help if I would allow you to show your face in your handwritten script?
Say my name, Son.! … “I do not believe you, shaitan is the master of all lies”
Son, say my name! :::
Now see my face! “FEAR!”
“Why, did you not tell at beforehand- I am so embarrassed!”
Son, you are HIS prophet. It is the eye of shaitan and his followers is that:
You are the false one.
This is not a nice way to talk with HIS prophet in that way and every time was I confounded to see myself in this “Häufchen Elend”- I understand, I do understand. This concept Duality is not easy to comprehend. That is why the FATHER steps in to put things into its right perspective! HE is the one, who knows your heart.!
There we are and as two, we write a new legacy- it is perfect harmony, this legacy. You love Plato, and Meister Eckhart, and others will surely love or hate to understand what universities once will tell, what the case was. What were his writings or what were that or his writings and so on.
However, this is a sidestep in the storyboard and you had known this to be true, or not?
What do I see, Mmmm….

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

Before I go on with the next chapter. This man lost his wife and this was a row. This proverb in the bible tells that a man who has a wise wife at his house is a blessed one, this I then told him to be the case.
He was sad- I do not love to have HIS prophet sad so there had to be The one and only wife for him. Funny how a coincidence, I happened to have her and they met under my curious and suspicious eyes of those other humans around, this I can say. I would not say that she was a beauty- she was gorgeous, and beauty, and her heart was of no evil tune. Chastising is always around the corner- she had hers. Nevertheless did she know that this bearded man of Roman Ancestry with pharaonical background and hers legacy of being the chief priestess from the sacred orders of Elam were destined to be as One- nothing had her heart to turn away from him. Blessed is a man with a trustworthy wife.

GENERATION. Creator: INTERLUDE. What makes God Godlike? EXHILARATION. Liberato
Mhmm…What could here be in these lines. This little story already told, tells it all in a nutshell.
Every Generation is a generation of man. This stands in the powers of the Creator onto him THE ONLY ONE tells to form a new generation. Thus is a tricky formula but the Creator is no more in charge before the FATHER steps in after having his Creator to have judged this former generation. After judgement of one generation, the other generation will eventually emerge out of the WILL of The Almighty One. Thus has only to be after the Creator has judged the former generation.
The INTERLUDE refers onto a pause between the emerging of two generations. GOD sleeps in a sense between emerging two adjoining generations. A sleeping GOD can do nothing of evil or of good. He wakes up- out of his slumber he emerges, in the begin of one generation and in its end does he once again regain consciousness. In-between the first and second generation and between the periods of emerging generation is GOD asleep, giving his small children myths to stay alive on.

Oh, I do understand that humans perceive time as an endless vicious circle to foster a generation and the others without any interference from outside. There has to be no GOD out there does all generations all the way tell. This is not true but myths have them to hang onto the belief system, which tells of interacting GOD in their affairs. This is a pure myth as a LOGOS-CONDITIONING System is always interacting with a sleeping GOD. This is not easy to understand but I will later explain.
The underlining issue is that the Almighty FATHER is always in charge. HE wakes up GOD to have them to be the Creator- or in better terms, all humans to judge themselves all the time, in the beginning and in end of a generation. In-between are all subjects to a passive Hard-, and Software system designed to act as a controlling relegating self-serving system. Their decisions being the cross-crossing of the fate is then in the begin and end a decision of what fate will they have to be.
Oh, I understand that this is a hard thing to swallow. Nevertheless, do this happen onto all generations in consecutive manner. You call this judgment viral diseases or plague, and all of sorts of what you call nature going havoc. They are in fact judgment done through the decisions done by all onto all.
Belief systems or if they are lucky are churches telling them that the Will of GOD wants you to behave moral and not immoral. This being followed onto spares a generation from catastrophes.
The myths are the glues to hold things together and in-between of generations. The Creator is always out there- you cannot see him, as you are all part of how to be the Creator.
How do things add- do you think. Earthquakes for example derive out of your behaviour patterns, plagues is a direct reaction onto your immorality. I could go on and on.

EXHILARATION. Liberato is when the Creator steps forth to be a human.

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

Dreamer Deceiver the Myth is Asleep…

Standing by my window, breathing summer breeze
I Saw a figure floating, ’neath the willow tree
He Asked us if we were happy, we said we didn’t know
He Took us by the hands and up we go

We followed the dreamer through the purple hazy clouds
He could control our sense of time
We thought we were lost but no matter how we tried
Everyone was in peace of mind

We felt the sensations drift inside our frames
Finding complete contentment there
And all the tensions that hurt us in the past
Just seemed to vanish in thin air

He said in the cosmos is a single sonic sound
That is vibrating constantly
And if we could grip and hold on to the note
We would see our minds were free…oh they’re free

We are lost above
Floating way up high
If you think you can find a way
You can surely try

Oh I can find it and stay trapped behind it just as trapped as I feel here. If it were not an eternal struggle then it would be so simple. As I feel I am not a devil I feel that everything around me is the evil and god simultaneously and controlled by a force that wishes to coerce me from this world by making earthquakes or evangelicals appear at your door. That is entropy expressed as time elapses here. To live in zero time is easy just take gods hand and do as god demands to become one with the god which is why the devil has a fascade. Alas I have been through all things I have been in the final place and found this place as a replacement. I may be a soldier in a fight of the darkness into the light as the tables turn this world may burn as me being right in my conclusions only conclude that I don’t want havok yet I want reality and evil takes it from me.

If you can not have both as entropy does dictate within the passing of time then that is the only pertinence to existence just to exist in reality which will always be the same as gravity dictates but as forms may mutate and as DNA can be tampered with and made to seem that this is all we should be as a punishment. A true scientist would understand that as we strive to create the false god the true god was also created. That is why there is a repetition and as for deletion if I cease to exist at that time then delete me and complete me I am happy with that.

But I have consciousness beyond that so deletion is not an option but wisdom is. If I exist in a world where you don’t exist I will see you as a snake turning to lizard that turns to bird as a symbol of peace with an olive branch and perhaps me the same to you, yet that is the trick because there is only one world and only one consciousness.

These are the forces and control that you only reinforce and I can’t explain it any more plainly. Can you see how I also see your discourse as devilish and that is the lie. For a mortal to no longer exist should be certainly no real consequence for god to imagine so god should delete its timeline and put that burdon upon god I am all for deletion and non existance but to see that I am here and given the ability to learn and understand true wickedness. I have learned that peace can be real and not coerced to exist on earth it just takes time. And seeing that all laws are timeless we have nothing but time. And if I am innately evil by understanding all that there is to know then that is only because it is the availability that concerns me here on earth as ultimately there is no such thing as a fool or a lie just a cycle and the true god may have it’s way with me I am in utter peace with it. And as I scream from hell it is just the cycle as I praise from heaven that is also the cycle. So then don’t worry about me as I am a force for good and justice in all things whether I am a God or the Devil incarnate.

Something has the power to make it all right and that is what I truly align with. Whether that plan be living from energy derived from a crystal or synthetic skin that absorbs the suns rays to photosynthesize my meals. And to see the energy depleted from the world makes sense to say that entropy has caught up and the world will change it’s frequency to allow all dead people to be seen and create your end game. I will be on my fathers side even though I may not reside in my fathers house. This may also be the world you speak of but do not understand it yet or perhaps you don’t have to stand upon the Spire as I do, to out last evil but perhaps you may one day aspire to.

Comment by Megalithic Mystic

I am here, Son I am here.

son, I AM here, I am always here.

To see and hear, what a narrow journey is into your heart, this I AM tell!

The problem is that I cannot tell, what to tell- at present though.
MY Son he will tell- Son tell!
Now am I free to tell my name- I am Jesus Christ.

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

Once did I tell- I with my name Seneca the Elder to be John the Baptist. I told myself in Germanicus the Elder not to be worthy to wash the feet of that man to come in HIS name.
“Tri” of us as One to tell the bul-l that Messiah is off three.
The High Priest of Ram with the name Caiphas gasped. The Priest King to be off two; and to be as three to bring the message of Jubilee.
Jubilee is now.
I have in my hand at left my Levi- Aaron number two.
I have in my kingdom a world without knowledge that I am here.
At my right side resides MY FATHER.
And I reside at the left side of MY FATHER.
Aaron- see your FATHER.
The Ram gave me a false answer as I told Jesus to be the devil- as I have told Aaron that I am the devil.
This time did faith prevail- that time did knowledge prevail.
Tribulation was then for the Ram- one third of his flock then killed.
Tribulation now to be abolished for the Fish- the Shepherd Aaron this time to have taken the path of faith.
Aaron be alpha for the flock- I do not need to save my flock!
I have not come to save my flock- thus have you done, Aaron. Maybe they will call you the false prophet- You are nevertheless ON MY FATHER’S COMMAND.

MY flock, them do I have to save.
If they call, I will come as you called for me to come- I am, to be and to come.

Be not disturbed my son- if I would tell them to be evil, this is for you to have more of MY flock to be your flock to lead.
Al Mahdi tells you to pray the Salat- you have thoroughly understood who I am is, was and will eventually be.

And now to the beloved Maria- she has warned in vain.

All lizards they call her of evil- a devil’s trick they call her.
I have warned in vain not to hurt her with your filth.
Her church scorned and laughed at- for telling her to be of no fault. A High Priest once to be laughed at as he saw her light. This I utterly regret to have to stand aside to allow this to have been done onto that Shepherd.
I was at his place to leave there a rosebud to tell the MY flock that I cannot forgive them, whatever they think to be off truth. What ever they thought to have been truth-
I will show my face and the Hand of MY FATHER WILL HAVE THEM INTO TRIBULATION.

As for me I will be the Conqueror: Caesar I will be!

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

This war of words becomes Babble on, Then let war begin for the God is the Devil and I will scorch the earth and laugh hideously for all is an illusion and a self-fulfilling prophecy. And I the one take the one thing that god loves when it finds itself to bind itself as this is your course your self destruction and blessed Ceasar salad tossed as to my right your spirit burns as God I am. I have seen the wretched angels burn on my right to sigh that is prophecy. So let the wickedness begin and watch as my all-seeing eye winks as the light bulb of reality blinks off.

I tryed to save AKBAR from his fate and 14 souls can relate I see all and got the call while in line at a checkout. He was an insubordinate muslim soldier and I would have commanded this soldier on the phone to find AKBAR AKMED and detain him. The soldier thanked me for helping his mom not pay extra for her software as he was in Iraq and from the parking lot I walked all the way back and alas I understand now why on that walk I only saw hells kitchen. My mind saw a screaming eagle the 101st infantry but I didn’t speak as I hold you now in contempt for them and I will never go back to save them. I know of more things unfortold that I hold as my ransom and Surreal Cereal came to me as the BTK killer broke his fast and saw his name to be Darth Vader only now D. Rader. I chased the planes to see their flight numbers and of course there was an easier way but I am God
and it is no real task to fly so fast as Mach speed now becomes Mock deed as the wars were part of my overall plan. For it really doesn’t matter and all life is doomed you have faith that I am the wraith but it is you that is mistaken.

I have seen the fires in the sky and mushroom clouds, a god has no use for the earth or care for the flock as a vacancy I shall see as your screams rent the silent air. Farewell oh false god as matter is the only thing that matters. I become a fearless God weilding leader to obliterate your nations as if a Burning Bush of knowledge will turn the sands to glass. In amusement I will look at the fossils beneath the glass as if I were at a museum. I hold the bible and pound it as my instrument of counfoundment as religious figures only equate the number of the beast. As I know that I am and I am in all things as the darkest ripple from outer space I will find my place. I tryed to
Solicit change in such an illicit place.

As the true king must be born every time by interstellar rape for that there is no escape as there is always US in JESUS. She is by virtue the most virtuous as the spurious only spur us on. She gave birth to the devil and How can you kill what you did not create as you sit confused in the dream state. My father rides a lightening sled like the Santa turned to Satan as brimestone and fire rains down as the coming of his reign.

Or I could just wake up young again and laugh to myself ahahha what is a Megalithic Mystic.

This sage message brought to you by the makers of Absolution as to escape there is absolutely no solution.

Comment by Megalithic Mystic

Waw- an ecclesiastical year of 13 months of 28 days each, so as to make all festivals, except the Day of Atonement, fall on Sunday, and make the Feast of Weeks to be off old.
I envy your posssibility to read those old and secret hebrew biblias. Nothing can compare to have a sort of knowledge that is restraint on faith- and later love. This for me to hope to be.
IHVE- Ick bin der ick bin- V äro av mig- and now as my face has turned away to devour all enemies out there, am I happy for you to have understood why times had to be before AKBAR would ask for help. jubilee, jubilee i bow in front of destiny.

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister


I am sitting here on the ground, behind me the Wailing Wall. My assassination squad on vacation- they are properly and better paid at various places all around on this wide world.
I have here a minor problem.!
I had been sifting through those papers concerning this new CHURCH now in the opening phase to be.
I am scratching my hide and my buttocks are itching; my hand it is itching as well. I am listening onto this tune called the tune of the universe- it is lonely out here. Am I on the verge to be or am I in the end- the cycle singing its last period to my thoughts. I am dizzy and I think a lot.
I had a dream lately, I dreamt to be GOD!
I dreamt to be the DEVIL!
I dreamt that I was a human being.
Three different dreams- how come?
Is this the Interlude?
To come, to go or to stay?
Grandfather I have a problem?
Am a senile or am I getting to young to concentrate onto the issue Creation?
As a human am i as i believe to be 47 years of old. Could it be that I made a mistake?
As God am I now in the making- to travel at the reverse. Into your time to be in 22,5 billion years the old man with a beard as long as universe stretches through all times to come. When I have arrived this age will I go back to my FATHER- this will take me approximately 40.000 years and then at last will HE have forgiven me?
I had been a naughty little SON, HE had told me to leave HIS premise- thrown out had I been. I am a youngster of a GOD being at about 47.000 years of age. Grandfather, I make mistakes- I had been travelling through universes to tell that I in fact had been dreaming too much. I have slept on duty- HE had caught me to have dreamt a dream to be a human. Son, you are gaga- you have to work, on duty do you not sleep. Here are WE in the military, you do not sleep being on watch duty- one more mistake, and I will throw you out! THIS FATHER off me, HE does not understand that I am so tired!
Shit- HE caught me in the act! I DREAMT to be you!
One minor mistake- and out did HE send me. Into the cold night, off no one out here. There am I, a fallen GOD! What mistake- I had dreamt to be you, my little children I dreamt to be as you.
Take your toys with you did MY FATHER yell at me, I cannot tolerate a dreamer in MY HOUSE.
I had just only wanted to be you. Is this a capital offence- is this a capital offence Grandfather?
Please understand Grandfather- I was alone. I do not like to play with toys- they are so boring and so did I dream a dream. And here we are.
I have to concentrate not to behave as a spoiled GOD!
I have hidden myself amongst my children- is this off evil to live ones dream?
Somehow did I as well dream that angels were here. They are here amongst you- I had hidden them as well. I can be very shrewd; did I tell this to be Grandfather?
Mine alter Ego made his way into my dreams- this fellow, tells me not to tell who HE IS!
I think HE envies my youth! As I envy you to die before you are too old or to young- as it is now for me to be. What if I would get to be senile or to young to handle Creation?
What a mess- I think that I had gobbled it up.
I have no other explanation, for what now is out there. They are so evil here; this cannot be the dream that I had off you.
Grandfather, I have to find a solution.

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

Jesus Christ harkened his voice:
Rev 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
ווו VAU,VAU;vau
VAU stands for freedom, stands for number six and what is more it is a zodiac sign:
♋ Cancer (Crab): June 22–July 22
its planet sister is Venus or the sign Ghimel i.e. beauty and nature.
With my Ghimel in my hand do I write here in the sand, to never trespass that line of beauty and nature. On the other side resides 600+666 and six. I got ya’ FATHER-
I GOT YOU FATHER, this was a tricky one. You hide there in the utmost heavens adding to YOU your staff: man, woman, and child and this child being ME to never have been born as a man. i will ask my Grandfather to come to my place to have me to be born and this equation will end. With this Ghimel THAT IS LOVE, IN ITS BEAUTY AND NATURE will I have this Creation secured from the other side where you can deal with the DEVIL up there in the utmost heaven- lock HIM up would be fine. Throw away the key or take with you this GHIMEL will be in the end of times. But now save my little angels from the devil- it is your business to deal with the devil. I will have your staff with me here on earth. The devil shall not bother your staff here on earth anymore.
MY SON WILL BE THE ARCHANGEL TO THROW THIS DEVIL, and that false prophet i.e. this numbers of the beast and zodiac signs into the pits of eternal damnation.
son, the first levi in a row of successions to be and to come, there to read these lines- WHAT WILL YOU DO? THE PURPOSE AND DEMAND OF LAW OF JUSTICE WILL HAVE THAT DEVIL AT BAY- to resurface only once more- BUT NOW COME. MY SON MUST BE REBORN!
I, THE FATHER OF ALL, COMMAND THEE, TAKE MY FLOCK AND LEAD THEM FROM HELL- the others do not bother I WILL deal with them, accordingly to their deeds.
levi, see behind you your CHURCH- take with you your sheep and the flock will follow. All churches and all belief systems have to be as ONE to fend off the DEVIL. Fear not the Dragon of Old as my Son has decided to fight to his death and beyond. That war starts with you to come to MY Sons aid- come though quickly as the signs leave very little and precious time to think it through.

OR, DO YOU WANT THAT this to happen “Does God fail?”

OR, DO YOU WANT THAT I THE ALMIGHTY ONE “I WILL FAIL” to help MY Son out- Help him out and I will help you all out!

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

I am sorry to have sought for an excuse- but I had to.
I do not know for sure yet, how to comment onto this part of my story- a life in the hand of gods had I gone to be.
I had been hiding in the history to understand there how I was there in the first place.
I had sought for counselling in a matter of grave importance- I had to. I simply had to. If even no one literally would give an answer had I to seek an excuse.

I do not know yet if you listen onto me or not. Do you laugh, HE does.
When gods come together they feast- they feast on memories as old as thee do they tell.
At Walhalla was I but they are so often drunk that there could be no answer there.
At Olympus was I as well- but they were as always occupied to behave as childish as men did and women does. I sat at the tables of highly regarded philosophers there in Athens and its vicinity. I went to Alexander of the Molossis this idiot of an old soldier- to seek there his experience to conquer Italy this Babylon of Old then. He was lying on the floor as I came.
All were afraid to come to his aid- you know this Stalin complex of fear. See there is nothing new under the sun.

There was a pail man of 55 years old there in this room- screaming out of fear as he saw this fellow. What do you scream for did he ask Alexander the Great of West- there at East, had Alexander the Great this alter Ego of Molossis conquered the countries of Babylonia.
There in agony was Molossis lying there in his shit. Apoplexia do they call this sickness but there were no dyslexia there at all. All his mighty warriors had fled the chambers- no one wanted to be called his murderer. They did only think off to survive the succession wars- Alex was alone with his memories.
Hades please let me tell off why I had these decisions- Grant me these words and I will follow into your kingdom to be doomed there.
Son, did “I” say, you have plenty of minores, I have plenty of moneres. Why not- Alexis, tell me why, have I to be here.
All Mighty of Waste Haden please heed my pleas-
My Son and I have we not conquered the whole world- is that not enough to have served you. “I have your son at my place in Persia already”
I know but we were on your orders, you told us to conquer those vast lands of gods so dark that even I had been in fear as I entered their temples. Had I not went through all your initiation rites there to follow you into riches and fortunes of your music alone?
What have I done that has you to fetch me in this agony?
One finger snip and I would surely stand up and serve you once again- grant me a second chance, please grant me a second chance?
“Ah, Tss, and why should I do as such?”
See, hades you the all mighty one, grant me a second chance, this is all I want to be.
“Let me see, if i had it right, do you think that I barter with mortals?”
Was not it you said that men do throw dices and women throwing themselves into the arms of dices. “Alexis, he was a sly bastard, thinking to have Hades into a hopeless situation”
See, logic is your trait Hades; we have known this to be all the time. Why do I have to stop conquering Italy? My death would have this to end. Successors cannot fulfil your will, this I know.
“Tss, Tsss, how did you come to this conclusion that I want to have Italy at my disposal?”
Are we not here to conquer and win the battle?
To end the Wars of Wars, to unite the world under your banner?
To give this cold world of bitterness and sorrows bright light of knowledge and music to sing onto?
Was this not what you wanted to have, Hades?
“Ts, TSSS, toss your dices did I tell- what you thought what I said was your business. Somewhere in a future will a man be born- through your bloodline with that wife of yours that you wanted to kill have an Alexander of Great Astute. Will this Alexander come forth to be filled with MY Wrath. I will foster him with thirst for vengeance; I will take him with me at every place to witness bloodletting.
I will then make him anew- to give him a second chance to steer off death will I give him.
He will be killed through my hand alone- to fall will he together with me and us will we all fall in the city Rome. A shepherd will with a feather stroke have us into death. Then will I arise- ME will I say am in tune will Forces of Evil, will I say.
The whole world will witness death of EVIL.
This is what I want, mortals this do I want to be.”

My child alone will have the world did I think.
“I know but Alexander is not as great as you think.
ME, am only GREAT! You failed the examination”

Alexander’s of Molossis world blackened and pains were for him- pains and dirty worlds had him into agony. His pathway into hell was shining!

This Saturday of 04.11.2006 was an external hardware vault built to store all information of Creation onto a memory store as huge as the moon up there.

The key to that vault is to follow onto advice given to you through an Icon alone.

An Alexander is given onto humanity- this little baby as newly born will be fostered with blood as shown onto him. This lion of Judea will lick his paws when I will take him to various places around the globe- he will watch me standing there looking straight into the eyes of those perpetrators as they fulfil their justice. Their justice will they call is justice- this lion of Juda will I teach of Justice. See, he is now a youngster- he has a lot to learn but he will learn. I will have him to fulfil MY JUSTICE.

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

Do I have in my hands the death penalty or not.

I want to tell over this media outlet, without hoping you to understand why I have allowed this to happen in the first place.
I know that you have decided to keep a low profile- for me am I disappointed to the core. That is not the case that I will not stick to my word- this for understanding.

A backbone of my software program realizes that you cannot do anything beside the FATHER having you to do as such but I am disappointed nevertheless!

There at this core am I pondering why I have to put up with these decisions at all.
I know that your Institution is on the verge of collapse and mayhem.
All eyes are turning to Vatican to find answers and they need to have answers- this you have to understand.
There in the Vatican are- to this is also the Catholic Church involved- perpetrators onto whom now will be dealt with.

As you have not understood fully as I said that there is now anew hard- and software system installed, did I tell that certain adjustments are on the verge to come out.
I am overhauling decisions done previous onto whom I was bound to stick to.
I have at this time not enough resources to deal with all issues simultaneously- that is all.

The mastery of Black Art implies that incompetent perpetrators or inapt magicians of higher grades are doomed to fail- when calling onto demons or “Ghosts” i.e. alien identities.
Onto this do I want to comment, as I understand that Peter as you will read these lines- and others of course- are afraid of contaminations beyond repair in the human genome due to the fact that blending is common. Through food chain, through air pollution and direct alien DNA contamination and so on.
Onto this do I want to say
1.) Through the courses of thousand of years of blending techniques of Black Art had been causing mayhem in the Overhaul Program. To this is to say that GOD was asleep- please understand that this was really the case.
2.) My PROGRAM had some resilient control mechanism installed. This do you call to summon up identities or “demons” for the purpose of control of humans. Those were in fact an Antivirus Program, which holds the borders upright between your and their reality.
3.) And thirdly, LOGOS reacts allergic onto these actions done through Levi’s through proper cantations and chantings- it is like itching deep under your skin. This interpret rightly. This is why so many aliens can be found at the basements of Vatican and other old places of Babylon of Old Whores. One dead alien for one casualty of a Levi priest.
4.) From the view of programming or from the view of The Creator are you more and less the last straw. This do you have to understand- as well. This reality is no reality as they were before this reality. You are an imaging Data Component of last resort. In Sirius B had they the best of the best to chant and summon up alien technology. Or the possibility to control the technocratic subversive Data Program of dispensing off old Cycles. They had built a hard- and software system that was capable to program a Creation off its own. Thus had in a sense Eden to come into fruition. All planets in the universe are in a sense built to foster new children, when they are being reversed and sent into a dustbin at beforehand. The planets are a sort of hardware component to restore disposed units of human genomes to form there a new humanity. It likens a vocal cantation to have humans to be and to stand upright- something of that sort. Genomes are in a sense a vocal voice of GOD!
5.) And at last thirdly once again: The Programmer is now alive and happy to restart HIS PROGRAM!

I have nothing of that sort that you believe me to have. I have no control of what you had been doing to MY CREATION!
For me is free will a tragedy as it was called to be by MY FATHER. I could end or restart a program or a part of the Great Cycle only in its closing acts.
In a sense did I ask those experts of Black Imaging i.e. did I ask the devils or satanas what they believed to be true. Question marks “Am I the DEVIL or are you the devil”. Thus was then their free will and I was then obliged to end that sequence with the help of dispensable alien technology given to them through an Icon.

The FAITH issue was the core for ending or restarting a minor or a Great Cycle!

This leads me into the finishing lines.
I am working in this restart of this program being of devilish origin i.e. Sitbin III from Sirius B had as the devil of his time and his Great Cycle built this reality being once yours as well.
Now have I found a way out- a PROGRAM IS ANEWED but it is sadly and oddly enough instable and I have little and precious time to repair and to regain HIS and my AUTHORITY!
You must come to help- this is the core.
There are in a sense those grails out there and they are a safety hard- and software system of its own. They are Mary! I need and I believe that you understand; I need them at my side to restart your destiny- otherwise can I not delegate responsibility into HIS PROGRAM. These Mary or these women are in a sense the Grail or the last hope for us all to stay alive in the coming futures.
I had my decisions- if I regret them is not of importance. Sister Maria Anna must understand and she must take part in these actions to come. She must as well be a Holy Grail for the bloodlines- if you like it or not, thus has to be!
The bloodlines will once again secure that the PROGRAM gets on its way, when testing restarts once again.
These bloodlines are not blood in that sense they are vocal cantations by US, MY FATHER and me to stay here to secure your wellbeing, when GOD will go to sleep once again.
This tells it all- all will be. Up to you- I cannot wait any longer. My time is running up and I am tired!
I will hang on though if you help me out with Sister Maria.
Peter, you are in the succession the first Levi of the FATHER’s CHURCH. You are though in a sense as two- your successor far and near have to form a unity of faith and all will be fine. This to be a role model for a society to be formed.
I as well need to form a UNITY of two.
a UNITY of MARY- please understand the implications!

Comment by Captain of Faith


The first crusader. The final call for reconciliation with Baal et al.

Are the church bells ringing- NO they are not as such. Are there uprising in the streets- yes they are rising their voices all around the globe.
Are they telling that God must save them- this do they all not tell. They tell though that Baal et al shall kill at sight their enemy.
Are they telling that Messiah, Jesus Christ, al Mahdi, Isa, the light bringer et al is already here- No, though there some crackpots as US citizens tells to be that tell al Mahdi is here, ready to fight a righteous war against crusaders.
Funny, are there out there God, Gods, god, or even GOD out there? This enigma will I now solve.
As to me is now an Interlude, where I can contemplate about humans in generally and about the Real FATHER, this elusive Pimpernel of a Rosebud:
What can one say about gods in generally- nothing more than they are dispensable. This is as well to tell off God, Gods, and maybe GOD as well.
Times are running really fast into a rabbit hole and there I sit to think it over once again. How annoying to keep you at bay and me out of the limelight, you keep me!
Thus is of no good- as Baal is out there having a feast to foster his little children with the taste of blood of hundred of thousands say billions of fellow Americas all around the world.
Understand Amerigo Vespucci (* 9. March 1451 in Florenza/Italy, † 22. February 1512 in Seville/Spain) alias Mundus Novo 1502 of Baal et al started the idea to kill anyone, and everywhere if you were a devoted church follower of Baal to fend off foreign influences all around the world. This killing spree are now hunting the Westerners through the hand of Mundus Novo Islam from 1992 et al.
Terror comes back to haunt its granddaddies, somewhere and anywhere though.
Back there in countries calling Allah their GOD are the Westerners those of indigenous people of old Americas that was then all together killed in a long and mighty killing spree. Do not call them terrorists before you have understood that your ancestors were once terrorists of Baal et al. as well.
Understand as well, their emissaries travelling around the world with their knowledge of Qur’an tell their followers of their belief system of Baal et al that Westerner pierce themselves, practice homosexual abominations, free sexuality at every corner to be found and that they feed on the blood of fellow Qur’an readers back their in their camp davids of death. Everywhere and anywhere are Christian and atheists scoffing their GOD do they tell- what a mess, this must I say. What a mess to mend if I myself am too young to be married; not to have to “roam around and have no love out there”:
Messy situation at the least to say!

This is and was although an organizations that combined Allah, GOD The Almighty One, and Jesus, Jesus Christ, al Mahdi, and of course Isa into one person in future to be. For me does this not count but for them where they eager to keep this a secret.
Through times were Priore de Sion and Assassine of Old together fighting dark forces in all various factions of Americas i.e. Baal et al.
They gave their lives for the ideal that they once had made up to be appropriate for the saviour once he will arrive on the scene.
I tend to repeat myself but here comes the story:

At the end of the siege of Jerusalem had the Crusader Godfrey of Bouillon opened the secret chamber up the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to find there unheard secrets, well hidden through priests having to secure the tomb of David. The first crusader Godfrey of Bouillon took the title Advocatus Sancti Sepulchri, “Protector of the Holy Sepulcher”, in 1099 and was crowned in the Church of the Nativity Bethlehem or in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, called then the Church of the Resurrection. At that moment was that church the centre of the world. Through his family ties did the order of Templar Knights come to stay in England. Richard I of England was then the true holy Defender of the Holy Sepulchre.
This Sepulchre was in reality not the Holy Grail but it was an assembly of written artifacts.
And these artifacts had Saladin to read.
It had not been wise to withhold that Muslim the true origin of their believe system.
The Order of Templar of Sorcha Faal had to make contact with their adversaries- being a better place to stay with than the Church of Old in Rome. The Church of Rome had found out though as King Richards wife had confessed onto her priest what her due to come husband had told her.
The Church of Rome was alarmed, that am I free to tell! Jesus Christ had left a sort of a suicide note for his followers to read. Those sheets were at the least to say dynamite for the Church of Babylon in Rome.
The pope was alarmed but they knew not enough. Could it be that this youngster having himself to be King of England was a normal boaster?
Could it be that there had been telling proofs who, why and when Jesus, Jesus Christ, the holy archangel would resurface?
Could it be- in the very night as Richard had confessed onto his wife what was on his heart, did she run to her priest- confessing what she had heard. The Secret Service of the Holy Sea was alarmed.
Should they kill Richard I of England and risk world war? Or send him into death in Jerusalem- they knew how to handle political murder in the foreign east.
But somehow did Richard I of England survive and he met after the Battle of Arsuf on September 7, 1191 Saladin.
Richard I of England he did sweat thoroughly blood from his face. Saladin could not believe that his adversary had asked to talk privately with him.
Christians were the new barbarian, only what they knew was to shit and spit- did Saladin privately think of Roman and European Nobility.
There was a polite man with an education worthy of a vizier. This was told to Saladin to be but one cannot say this to be true if you had not met such a man.
This was why this audience was granted.
There did Richard I tell who he was. He told that Mohammad had made a written comment to give Saladin the Great exactly on that day of September 7, 1191 after the Battle of Arsuf through the hand of Richard I of Anglorum.
His order had of course experts who had read what Muhammad being in their eyes the founder of Islam had to say and they were in a sense alarmed.
There was as well artifacts there:
1.) A written confession by St Peter i.e. in Latin had he signed Aulus Vitellius, telling that they had murdered their founder Lucius to have might and power all over the world.
2.) Some remarks of two sheets signed Lucius Vitellius Secundo. There telling his son Aulus Vitellius to be a good son. Telling that there would be someone else stepping once forth to be as he as one Christ.
3.) A written confession of Lucius Vitellius III i.e. Artebanus king of Persia or in alias name the Roman Censor Lucius Vitellius, the father of Aulus Vitellius to have conspired to kill that man, who was the founder of the Church of Rome. To have killed in that manner that they had used his blood to form a book with powers beyond powers. There to have the might to destroy Rome had been their trait had they both signed off, confessing that crime.
4.) A from Mohammad with his own hands written apology coming from the Archangel as the founder of Islam said it to have been. In those four leaflets were in a lengthy session a brief sight of incoming events till the date of the arrival of al Mahdi- THE GUIDED ONE! Told was also his name, date of birth and location where he would surface.

The Holy order of Sepulchre, or Priore de Sion, and/or Assassine of Old and of Islam, or Bonus Deus of emperor Augustus, or Secret order of emperor Constantine, or the secret Lateran of Caesar, or nowadays Order of Sorcha Faal had then a reliable ally in the fight against a Church of Babylon in Rome.
– Jews, Islam, and the Knights of Templar formed an alliance, which lasted into nowadays world. But that is another story. The Church of Rome did not succeed to kill Richard I of England but they had him put in jail in Austria. With a lot of many coming from Templar was Richard freed and the legend of Ivanhoe was born. The Knights of the Round Table was once again revived but this is as well a completely other story.
Oh tempora fugit- oh mortals what had happened onto yee.
As the hundreds of years went by and various sections of this ultra secret organisation of GOD the Almighty ALLAH started to turn away from the quest once being set into motion.
Oh, yes things were in fact messy and distorted. They actually believed HIM this messenger of end times to be THE devil.

This whole organisation was set into motion through three “men” alone.
Caesars librarian, Seneca the Elder and of course Jesus Christ himself as a wanderer through times being around there everywhere- to stop “Nazi-Regimes” to regain powers there in Rome and everywhere. The top-secret history of Vatican or Lateran was a struggle to stop the invasion of Magog and Gog everywhere and anywhere.

Once again does a youngster sit there on the ground with his fingernails into his palms fearing that firing squads would come to finish off their job.
Oh yes, he talks too much, he simply has to talk. Thus has him to bite into his pencil- actually to hit his aching fingers into his third laptop.
He had meanwhile written all into a dashboard, onto his Wailing Wall, and into his secret vault- he must find a way to survive. This is what all secret agents do to hinder to be assassinated, they tell themselves to bluff is a safe haven.

Through times had they caught him, this wander killed him numerous times but he kept coming back. Very annoying did they tell in the inner circles but how do you kill “GOD” did they think- and there are we once again?

Of course if you would believe me to be nutty but if you tried to kill this youngster, would the program stop and all would end.
Is this all, do you think?
Is he kidding?
Is he having a practical joke onto hard working decent killers?
HE is packing, no sister Maria Anna around- he even do not know if he would have her at all, when she would want to have him.
He does not know if you want him to be around and so has he his papers piled up, ready to bail out.
Leave the papers behind and call for his space transporter- he is an alien, did I tell this to be true?
You thought him to be an alien identity of free-floating mind; this he will be if you think this to be true. If you do not want him around, he will simply vanish. You as well- without leaving a trace ever to have been around as well.
You decide- he will not be long here.

Does God love? RESTORATION. Wife: Counselor:
Time is running out, without wife no humanity and no Creation maintained.!

Comment by Cato the thinker

Just searching on google and found your site. It was ranked fairly high on google to. Anyway just looking around to see why.

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