Sorcha Faal

To Your Death I Now Speak
21,October, 2006, 9:56 pm
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In my musings on the Western mind there comes to me the lack of knowledge of death these people have. 


Why is this so?  Do these people not know that some day they will die?


Would one not think that for an event as important as their death that there would be knowledge? Teachings? Instructions? Guidance?


These are also a people that though they do not teach of death surround themselves with deaths decorations.  From their most popular movies, to their writings, to their waging of war, the specter of death haunts them, but of death they know nothing.


Their preparation for death consists of forming beliefs during their lifetime from other sources, mostly religious in nature.


There are many of these people who believe in Heaven, a place they say they will go when they die.  But where is this place Heaven?  What does it look like? 


Many, likewise, believe they will go to Hell.  But where is this Hell?  What does it look like?


The answers to these questions are many from those who believe in these things, but curiously, no two of those who believe will answer in the same way.  Why is this so?


There are others who believe that when they die they will cease to exist.  Why do they believe this?  What is their basis or knowledge for believing that what they are now is all there is?


From these most common of beliefs, to reincarnation, to the human soul is energy (and energy cannot be created or destroyed) to a life beyond death to be lived in other galaxies and universes, all of these, and more, comprise the confusion of death present in the Western mind.


How can the single most important event that will ever happening to a human being be obscured to such an extent as this?


In this question lies the answer.


What do you believe?


Sorcha Faal

21 October 2006


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To be guided and to know is a bad thing not to have. Seen through the lenses of joy and love is death an excuse (for me alone to understand though) not to take a stand what should be right. I would prefer not to complate about death, when life has the opportunity to share mutual love with a loved one. When two have found each other will death be if the other do not love their spouse or spouses. Then left behind shall all understand (in my understanding) what sort of luck had those had, who had found their true love to share as a couple. Westeners have no time to love, and this could be why Westeners do not understand why death is out there. How can anyone understand these lines who has not lost children and their spouse- they lack (as I understand) the understanding that life can be a meaningful thing to live by. You have to risk to be ridiculed by your spouse, to win yourself in her eyes, if this spouse (man or female) risks her or his life to be together as one. Mutual understanding is to give yourself in to the hands of your beloved one. If you not risk or you have no time due to that lifestyle, which is prevailing in the Western World you cannot be as one- I believe that death is a border that tells that love is out there. To even share with the beloved one outside in eternity. But my beliefs comes out of mine mindset- and I am a Westerner by definition.

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

If we don’t know who our true leaders are, then there is no standard to know what is true. Everyone is left to wade through the vast puzzles of life on their own, and that’s a bit much to handle when the day-to-day keeps most people busy to the last minute.

I’ve learned that after death people remain stuck in the same mental habits that they have cultivated while alive. That is Heaven or Hell, depending on who you are.

I beleive we incarnate to offer ourselves the opportunity to change ouselves more quickly. I suppose that implies that after death, on entering into eternity, it may become harder to change.

What then, is the body of your habits, the song you are singing with the life you are living?

Comment by cran bob

I think it is interesting how certain religions do the math on a Holy Trinity. If there were only 3 then you would see only 2, but perhaps that is what the world is 4. All love has an end, perhaps all of love’s energy is spent defending us spiritually. Scientifically not even light can escape a black hole.

God is “AlieN” not A beginning or N end, not to be confused with “AN lie”, even though symantecally we are asked to just BeLIEve creating a fact that Eve Lied to Be, or why Mary was Raped by God as a term of Eternity that created the creator.

Thermo-dynamically or Theologically, interpretations can come to the same conclusions, but that would conclude life and in those terms life is just a Quest for Ions leaving Questions to be answered after death. To define a better Question while alive is to Divine a faster answer and find peace on earth as the reflect-ions mirror heaven.

Why would anyone want someone else to answer their Quest for Ions and likewise why should we have to listen to the truth be used to control people’s lives and subdue their own enherent beauty? To come to know that the truth is always there for you even when you don’t know that it is there for you, or how it is there for you, or why it is there for you, this just lets you be yourself!

That means you are the 4 Given in the equat-ion…

Comment by Megalithic Mystic

Everybody has a free spirit to begin with. And should spend his time on earth reclaiming it. Let the troubles of the day be sufficient for the day, then death will hold no fear and failure will become the path to sucess.

Comment by charlie

My death has been going on as long as I have been a spirit trapped in here to cause this dead body to live and feed archons. Death and life are two energies locked to gether to Seperate them, materiality falls apart the show is over,but energy remains because it is neither life or death.

Time is the cracking of the flail of Abraxas,marking out the moments until I go. I am not afraid. But I must prepare.
We are not of this ever living, ever dying ,traumatic controlled world of pointless cycles of birth and death. To me when I die it’s liberation from jail. I will have to evade the Archon who before I was born in the body I am in now, slammed me,like when Satan knocked 1/3 of the angels out of heaven with his tail on the descent.Birth is a horror . So as a child I swore to myself I will not cause birth and trap another soul here hence I have had a hysterectomy. Well what is my death, it’s when I go home. It’s when I fly like lightening,It’s when I am free.

The Astral worlds are collapsing, and so, the asmosphere is fizzing , because the energies are being freed by spirit. As more spirit vacates ,the more Earth will appear to die.The elementals are breaking free,water is free this is why the droughts..the tidal waves, The archon cannot control the elements without the spirit of ithe element trapped..soon the Earth will be another abandoned rock silent in space. For it’s death is the next step, the earth is the shell, the inside out cave holdding us..for spirit’s escape and the end of the archons.that’s why Earth dying, for it is learning it always was dead and living an illusion made of illusion spinning cages and self perpetual machines . Birth is death death birth..This time, one brane links to another, one barrer torn asunder until we see our source..whichever source we are of.. That is what we will see. People don’t realize that there are two kinds of consiousness in two very similar appearing but very very different overlapping realities ,one is a cancerous parasitic and predatory reality on other reality..and without holding energy of the spirit reality captive the predatory reality cannot hold it’s form and maintain it’s balance and repeat pointless terminallly insane cycles by itself.

When the population of spirit infused people reaches the same number of angels Satan threw to this world as he fell, that is when it begends.

Death comes the great liberator, the gift of lucifer’s repentance She gave us death so we would not be here forever in the garden of eden. Time is speeding up..The truth is becoming apparent this reality will crack asunder through the destruction, of one body at a time, Judas whobetrayerd Jesus was Christs let the spirit out with the last breath.. Like a vinegar and oil salad dressing body death stops the consiousness’s constant agitation of being trapped,The body settles into it’s original nothingness and decomposes and likewise so seperates the 2 realities, and a spirit goes home if it isn’t seduced by cycles of rebirth,If you have a spirit spark and this existance hurts you .. you have a good source, you are of the tree that makes good fruit, On the other hand if you are without one, a klippoth you have another source.This world.The bad fruit tree , and you klippoth will in your muderous ignorance, will free us all… The gates of hell will not prevail against the spirit , but a gate swings in two directions..Which side of the gate are you on whern it shuts that’s what matters here.And the gate is closing very fast.

I move through lightning. I carry worlds inside of me.To liberation. A spirit spark evacuation team , I am multitudes hidden in human flesh.. Upon escape when this body goes and the brain shuts down,the bubble that is my consiousness will explode like a firework and each spark that rides within me will be freed.Including my spark. Which isn’t my body mind or soul.

That’s my death.

Comment by Underground Panther in the Sky

there is a lot of confusion. What is off soul, what is off spirit. What is off carnage and off body. What is off body and soul and last and not least what if there is no spirit other than in your inner self. Do your maths- exchange these variables and put them all into one equation. That solution will be that death is not a part of the equation as it is “=” or the border to divide to be here or not to be here. In a sense is nothing here but for body and carnage is everything here. The spirit of here and of the other side of this equation is the very same that thinks you to be in either form. The soul is your “Ich”- your subconcious is your body and carnage. Your spirit is the “Über-Ich” right in your middle off to be here and there- behind the veil which conceils herself from your understanding. And this is the truth that you are born into death but reborn into the light of spirital enlightment.

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

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