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Question from Shahzad
21,October, 2006, 4:34 am
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dear ms faal

i hope you are well

first of all i would like to congratulate you on your website, i have been following it since its inception, and it has proved to be thought provoking and interesting on many occasions

ms faal, the question i have is regarding a text from edgar cayce entitled : “the children of the law of one” i have the text but i havent read it yet. i was hoping you might be able to provide with me some sort of perspective i can keep in mind prior to reading it

i look forward to your answer

all the best



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There is much to our knowing of the concept of the Sons of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial of which Mr. Edgar Cayce has spoken of.

There are many names, of which these are some, of those who battle between human beings and the dragons of old, but which are not old, they want to make you believe, if possible, that they are not here.

In your wordings to myself there is myself knowing that your path is a correct one in the knowledge you are seeking.

But do not be to assured of listening to writings, even myselfs, or others….it is to yourself, inside of yourself, but outside too, that will show you, always, the correctness of your being.

Do this without fearing, for fearing is that which blocks the doorways inside you, the dragons know this.

Comment by Sorcha Faal

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