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21,October, 2006, 12:03 am
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Gayla Says:
Hi..sorcha…I spoke to you on the show with the black knight of radio,,,FEET 2 FIRE….WHEN YOU WERE ON WITH HIM SOME TIME AGO…. THIS YEAR…….hope you remember me…..Gayla is my name… many do not get the message…and so there for discard the whole thought process…fo true freedom……of the spirit…..phisical life is not eternal but spiritual life is eternal…..part of the great secret i think….sorcha….would love to here your web cast in nov….but not sure how to sign up to get my code instructions……and would like to know what the russian peoples are doing to prepare for the coming earth changes and destruction of the eveilness upon the land today. that encompasses the earth today…as you know here in Usa we are on our own to figure out the real meaning of the life’s exeistence and the true purpose of your being here in this time……very interesting and exciting times to be in ….of all of the times we choose to come here at this time…. look forward to your responce on the coming earth changes and what preparations everyone is making….in my private country place at this time….left the cities a year ago…


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I do not remember your name Gayle but do remember the many kind Americans that I conversed with during that radio programme interview.

It is not to my knowing on your listening to my November conversation with our Sisters but Brian (our webmaster in Paris) has told to me that this information is on the webpage.

Our people here in the Russias know very well hard times and bad things happening, our country is a very poor place in money and things, but very rich in kindness and simplicity.

To prepare here in Russia is always easy as our lives have always been about preparing for bad things to happen.

In American which I have been to there is much richness but with those riches has come a feeling of not being able to live in hard times.

There is also very much fearing of needless things which take away the minds from those things which are simple to do and better for living true lives.

It is always good to be away from the cities as these places of men have been built to dehumanize people from their truest selves.

Comment by Sorcha Faal

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Comment by Free Mail

From: About WhatDoesItMean.Com and Privacy Policy

“Some events depicted in certain articles on this website are fictitious and any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental. Some other articles may be based on actual events but which in certain cases incidents, characters and timelines have been changed for dramatic purposes. Certain characters may be composites, or entirely fictitious.”

Translation: He’s lieing to you for profit!

“Certain characters may be composites, or entirely fictitious.”

Translation: Sorcha Faal is an “entirely fictitious” character.

Comment by Lacitpecs

How come that reasonable people do not understand the obvious?
Who do you believe is Sorcha Faal?
I known her to be of the society of the sisters.
Who do you believe is the society of the sisters?
In the New Testament did Jesus call upon Peter to accept his “mother” to be his sister and her daughter standing at the side of her mother to be his wife! Did Peter stand there?
No he did not- in fact was Peter too afraid to be forced to accept his church!
The sisters are two churches and Peter in that story is of course Mohamed. Oh my God-hearsay!
Islam was his church- Mohamed came out of that church!
Islam what is that? Sharia- oh no!
Islam was that hearsay that took hundred years to be revealed by an Archangel coming back to declare Mohamed in the name of God to be his last messenger! At least as Umma would not be achieved:
Koran 10:20

Once the community of men was one; then they disagreed; if it was not for the word that had come from the Lord, their disagreements would have been settled
Those are the words as given through divine settlemet.
All is of one settlement alone- the sisters are this settlement once again concealed!
Taxation is the issue- words are taxed!
Two arms of the church is of course that of Andrew and the other is of that of Peter! Islam is the issue and submission is the goal- not to disagree with a Sharia not capable to see the Will of God.
The Will of God has finally arrived and Umma will be declared!
Arabic: ‘umma

Denotation for the community of Muslims, that is, the totality of all Muslims.
The term comes from a word that simply means ‘people’. But in the Koran, the word is used in several senses, but it always indicates a group of people that are a part of a divine plan and salvation. There is even an example of the word being used for an individual, Abraham (16,120).
The peoples of the faith of Abraham are his sisters. Sorcha Faal are the sisters and its origin is the faith of Abraham revealed!

Comment by Wolfgang

I can make up stories too!
Here’s a story for you:

God is actually evil and Lucifer was fighting for the rights and freedom of Humans before God deformed him and his followers and sent them to exile in Hell after their failed rebellion.

His greatest accomplishment was the freeing of Man’s mind from the despotic control of God by persuading Eve to listen to reason and truth and eat the Fruit of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. By freeing Man’s Mind from God, Lucifer was the one who granted humanity Free-Will and true consciousness.

Now, slandered as “Satan” and “Devil,” he works tirelessly to free humanity and all of creation from the Absolute Tyranny of God and the Kingdom of Heaven.

I just made that up, by the way. But it sounds more plausible than your story. And it’t not written in that half-literate, rambling, disjointed style you charlatens like to use. It sounds just as plausible as the Bible or Koran or any other religious text, in fact. Maybe I should try to start my own cult based on that story, just like it appears you’re trying to do, Wolfgang, aka Sorcha Faal, aka David Booth.

Comment by Lacitpecs

Meine Frau hier hast du mein Apfel.
Min hustru här har du mit äpple!
My wife here is my apple- Do you really believe that this happened as such? How odd that a story with it sexual implication made it to be misinterpreted. Transsexuality was even then known.
If you would look out of the window of the White House can you see a giant missile showing how that story was meant to be understood!
Cults comes out of such misinterpretations and even the history resembles an never ending trial of how to come in its final stage can one only wonder Lacitpecs own sermons!

Comment by Wolfgang

The human brain searches for patterns and meanings. It is what it does best.

However, in its quest to find meaning, your brain sees patterns where none actually exist. It sees connections between reality and your non-existant patterens. Your whole reality is either an elaborate hoax, or and elaborate self-delusion.

This missle outside the White House. Are you refering to the Washington Monument? Do you actually believe it is a missle, or was that a metaphore? I am forced to ask you this because it appears that you can believe anything, and I can’t assume that you don’t mean everything you say literally. Furthermore, what does the Washington Monument have anything to do with anything you’re talking about?

You sound like a paranoid schizophrenic. In fact, I am fairly certain that you are. I don’t suppose anything but the right drugs can help you in that case.

Comment by Lacitpecs

Slandering is easy when you hide behind a name. Slandering is when you call people or call me as a fact to be a paranoid schizophrenic without understanding what is behind the hidden history of Washington DC as to this I am alluding. If you would be informed would I have enjoyed this conversation that is built on hints and familiar expressions onto which information is essential! I can tell no more. If you would know the Agenda behind history lessons not yet told- other to those understanding myths and origins of hundred years that had US of America to be released from its origins. Then would these discussions been fruitful and not as such disgusted as I feel myself by your comment!

Comment by Wolfgang

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