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Earl P. Johnson Says
21,October, 2006, 8:56 pm
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Earl P. Johnson Says:

October 21st, 2006 at 8:47 am e
Dear Sorcha
Earl johnson from wisconsin. My question is, why do you thnk that americans are so uninformed of whats gong on in america. We see just what you see. We read what you read. Were very well educated. Yet your letters make it sound like were just a bunch of sheep being led to the slaughter. Please be aware that we see what is happening in the world and in America. And could you tone down your way of painting us as idiots and just unimformed cave dwellers. Also your words on the endtimes seem to point at Mary as the savior and not once have you mentioned Jesus who is coning soon. I dont know if this will go through but please treat us as equals and the world might learn to get along. Peace be with you and yours, and Boo Bye for know. Earl P. Johnson


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My experience with Americans is limited to a few visits to your country, American people that I know, and some I work with, and peering into your country through the window of the Internet.

The ranking on an international scale of Americans and their education system shows rapid decline in both historical knowledge and literacy, I am one of many who know that this is by design.

My writings to Western people are therefore based upon this knowledge. I must also take into mind the moral decline of Americans and Western people too.

The offense you seem to bare within yourself may indeed be accurate as to yourself, but it does not reflect your country as a whole.

I am not able to write my words based upon an individual knowledge of all who will read, but instead I have to find a place of average so that my teachings can be understood by everyone.

With this being so there will then come those who believe that my writings are either above them, or beneath them, that is the way it must always be.

Your question about Mary and Jesus is predicated upon a religious belief that you have and which I am of the knowing. To this question I can say that one cannot come that is already here, but not known is here, or where the place of knowing of these things can be found.

To the inside of yourself is to the knowing of these things as they belong to you whose path through this life are steps taken that are different from my own, or anyone elses.

Comment by Sorcha Faal


You are right on track we are a prideful buch of fools who think the sun and moon rise for us and the heck with the rest of the world. The pride we have blinds us from the truth and when the truth is presented to us we shrug it of because we can’t handle it. Our own pride is going to be our demise our creator hates pride because it covers up the blessing he has bestowed on us. We will not humble ourselves so he is going to humble us with judgement using our enimies to do it. If we would heed the warnings such as yours and others and repent he would heal our land but sadly we will not and will reep what we sow. Keep up your honest updates it is a light shinning in an ever growing darkness upon our land.

Comment by Phil


Thank You for the sharing of information. Surely it is an increasingly difficult thing to cut thru the fog and myopic vision of the average american mind. No one wishes to hear a spiritual truth, learn a correct history, or even less to open the mind. Many wait eagerly for your releases and find in them more than the proverbial kernel of truth. The times rapidly approaching us will engulf most either physically or spiritually, if not both. I pray that more minds and hearts can steer their vessel toward your beacon, and learn to assist the future. Thank You.

Blagoslovite Vas i Sester.

Comment by Mark

Americans are some of the brightest most creative robots in the world. We have been given a great gift of mind and some more freedoms then other countries. Yet we are programed from birth. I wouldnt say that Americans are idiots (although there is no shortage) I would say that there is a vast majority of brilliant people here who are completely controlled outside of thier own awareness. Then there is a minority who are somewhat aware then a vast, vast minority who are aware. I am sure though that this is the case in most countries, even Russia.


Comment by Edward

very big problems for americans have included the psyops perpetrated upon them for decades, the unreasonable avarice and indolence of the people generally, the self-centeredness, ethnocentrism and arrogance, the viciousness of the empire’s secret service actions in support of corporatist hegemony. And the list could go on.

I am an American and am very sorry for what our government has done in the citizens’ names. We are as responsible as they.

oh, with respect to the second coming issue. The godhead is in each one of us. Letting yourself see it is another thing.

Comment by medicis

America is a Pawn and Time is running out on the Fairy-Tale of Freedom, yet once a pawn of time is forced to move across the chess board squaring off in black and white truth, a pattern emerges from the pawns Actions divulging a mathematical victory acheived only as the masses are decieved.

The obese King gobbles up every piece and saves no room for the last Peace, yet stays thin as he is always Thin-King. If you think america is free that is your Fairy-Tale, like most who believe this illusion of freedom their will is enslaved to generate taxes exponentially in an economic con perpetrated to wage war from our wages upon the enemies of the state and its foreign ally’s.

The moves & atrocites committed on the chess board of war don’t lie and the master chess player disguises it’s true face through terrorism. An effective effigy called the Axis of Evil created as a distraction. The King has a bishop and hopes America will just take it on faith. But what I hear the Bishop try to say is, “America is Righteous!”. And I say… that is why they put US and RIGHT in the word RIGHTeoUS leaving EO looking for a place to hide in thEOlogy.

So now who really owns America? Corporations. Who owns the Corporations? Who knows? Saying Americans are dumb is an understatement, but why would you want to tell them. It is for smart people to benefit and free dumb people to bear the burden.

A perfect example is how that Geico commercial says “Save MORON, Car Insurance!” They call their audience morons and tell them to think Gecko not Geico, because by thinking Gecko instead of Geico then they don’t get the Moron joke and it seems that Geico had them from the Get-Go.

Even a Caveman would be smarter, which is why America is still looking around in caves and listening to it’s own echo off the dark shallow walls of perceived power, creating a very bleak future. Oh and btw I am an American.

Comment by Megalithic Mystic

There is a long way into destruction and utterly annihilation. I personally do not believe that your president is dumb and I do not believe that he is not aware off impending death and destruction.
But I believe that those who dared to take a stand (to read above in that column above) do not know that their “masters” i.e. politicians are perfectly well informed. Nevertheless, why do these politicians act as such?
This question rebukes logic! As the answer lies in the question itself.
I sit here and maybe am I a pain in your …. But I ask nevertheless, why on earth do they not act!
They know, they agree, they talk as such but they stare on the charts of possibilities now dwindling into annihilation. I know that they ask themselves what can satisfy a dragon- can he be satisfied when his emissaries are treated well. Can the dragon speak through his emissaries- no! These do not know that they are emissaries but they are as well a part of the problem, or not?
I feel pity for that great nation; I feel grief and sorrow for a land that God once had favoured. There had once God with his clumsy fingers been travelling through maps to find a place to dwell in. In great cities- I do here not laugh at anyone- were someone stalking around to tell some of its inhabitants how great they were. Someone sat in a plane to talk in a plane (to talk with a Mormon) of impending Judgment- and that man agreed. There at the side of that man did someone feel grief.
He had asked and his got his answer. People tend not to give answer, when asked directly this have I understood.

Comment by Wolfgang Sagmeister

America is a melting pot of myriad different cultures. As racial theorists might say, genetically none of these cultures have anything in common, or their DNA does not “recognize” the other as “family”. Therefore, “Americans” can come to no consensus as a homogeneous culture, since they aren’t one to begin with. This, with the “I’ve got mine, now you get yours” mentality, it’s a wonder how Americans even think themselves as some kind of unified culture. Of course everyone manages to act patriotic on certain occasions, like the soldiers home-coming, and July 4th. And then those who see what America is like wonder why their next door neighbor doesn’t understand what they are talking about. It is said by Albert Pike the Freemason, that America is an “experiment”. It is not a “country”; it is an “experiment”. Based on Enlightenment principles, since the so-called glorified “Founding Fathers” were of the Enlightenment period and held those ideas — and also many were Freemasons. Pike, in his Freemasonic writings, spoke of a One World Government, i.e. the “brotherhood of man”, and so on. This is the Experiment, and Capitalism is The Way. Money is Your God, as shown in the movie “They Live”.

Comment by Bluerose

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