Sorcha Faal

No Phone Call
20,October, 2006, 11:19 pm
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I never received my phone call, at least that which I was aware of. Too, bad I had the most amazing things happen to me, unfortunately I might be condemned because of these things. I have good lawyers, but in lawyers nor people do I trust. Steve


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To your not receiving a phone call I am sorry but I am not to your knowing of this. I travel very much but always checking my messages left at my London phone + 44 20 7193 8503.

I do not know about your being condemned and my prayers are with you Steve.

I am happy of your helpful lawyers that you mention too but say that in trusting of others is always a good thing.

Comment by sorchafaal73

I thought I might clarify what had happened to me without incriminating myself too much.

On September 16th at about 1:00 am CDT Something or some being or some energy came to me. It woke me up in my sleep and my head felt it may expode. Then compulsions I long thought had left me started to assert themselves over me. This time they were much more powerful. I had been reading some from Gnostic books. But I really was just trying to understand more after seeing Michael Tsarion’s Destruction of Atlantis. Well I began performing rituals unknown to me and on the 19th I had the sudden urge to confess my infidelity to my wife of nearly 9 years at the time. I told her of my affair. I performed one more ritual with my with my wife and daughter. Please understand if you can that the words that were coming from me were not my own. Best be described as channeling I guess, but it was so powerful I had not the will to resist. My wife it seems was also captivated. Well on September 21 about 4:30 pm cdt something horrific happened to me. I should be dead by all accounts but for some reason something or someone spared my live. Even on more than 3 occasions. I wish I could say more but I fear it will be used against me in a court of law. I left a message for you perhaps you may call me, but I certainly feel like telling someone. I always fear that when we talk about things that are or may be supernatural that I may be labeled insane. I am definitely not insane but these things did happen. I’m looking for some answers.

Comment by Stephen

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